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I am an engine and chassis engineer and hold Expert in Material Sciences and Metallurgy. I am an automotive executive with +29 years’ experience in the
most relevant professional areas of the industry incl. engineering, R&D+i, quality, manufacturing, purchasing and logistics, sales, marketing & PR,
operations and general management, gathered with 3 OEMs, 2 Key Tier1s and 1 large Tier2.
My advisory services firm provides strategic support to currently 93 automotive OEMs, Tier1s and Tier2s worldwide.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1998 Degree: PhD. Subject: Material Sciences and Metallurgy Institution: RWTH Aachen
Year: 1995 Degree: MBA Subject: International Business Institution: Universidad Simon Bolivar de Caracas and Vanderbilt University
Year: Degree: Master of Engineering Sciences Subject: Mechanical Engineering Institution: Universidad Simon Bolivar de Caracas

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Years: 2002 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Partner and CEO Department: General Management Responsibilities:

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alternative fuel vehicle, automobile battery, automobile engine composite material, automobile manufacturing, automobile noise control, automobile part standardization, automobile reliability testing, automobile safety system, automobile vibration, automotive brake, automotive cable, automotive carburetion, automotive catalysis, automotive catalytic converter, automotive chassis, automotive combustion, automotive emission control, automotive emissions catalyst, automotive engine, automotive engineering, automotive exhaust system, automotive filter, automotive metal, automotive plastic, automotive power train, automotive research and development, automotive safety, automotive scrap metal, automotive seat belt, automotive seat track, automotive sensor, axle, biodegradable oil, biodiesel fuel, diesel engine exhaust, diesel fuel injection, ethanol-fueled automobile, methanol vehicle, power steering hose, solar-powered automobile, car seat, automobile undercoating, automotive textile, automotive quality, automotive emission product, automotive electrical wire, aluminum recycling, automotive instrument panel, automotive interior, automotive paint, automotive bumper, independent suspension, automotive seating, automobile crash test, automotive emission monitoring, automobile air conditioning compressor, aluminum tubing, automotive fuel, automobile radio, automotive lighting system, automotive air-suspension system, automotive cruise control system, active suspension system, brake pad, automotive scrap, automotive electronic equipment, automotive brake material, automobile body, automotive test facility, automotive carpet, automotive power steering system, automotive suspension system, assembly line, automobile vibration analysis, automobile noise, automotive recycling, automobile corrosion, automotive ergonomics, automotive glass, automatic automotive transmission system, automobile driving simulation, automobile experimental driving, automobile driving, automotive engineering design review, automatic control device, compressed natural gas vehicle, automotive regulatory compliance, variable-assist steering, automotive fuel-economy technology, automotive emissions-control technology, automotive diesel engine operation specification, automotive diesel engine emission control specification, advanced vehicle control system, alloy corrosion, automotive transmission system, automatic transmission system, air pollution process, Society of Automotive Engineers, fuel injection, high-performance automotive engine, four-wheel drive, automobile racing, automobile, occupant restraint system, audio equipment, automotive exhaust, automotive ignition system, racing car, brake, automotive wheel, automotive tire, automotive steering system, automotive safety glass, automotive alloy, automotive industry, automotive electrical system, automobile sound system, automatic pilot, automated guided vehicle, automotive antilock braking system, air bag

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