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Expert in Biobased Materials, Silica and Sol-Gel Chemistry, Green and Sustainable Chemistry

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He is an expert in all aspects of silica and sol-gel chemistry. His expertise includes silica films and coatings, silica insulators, fumed silica, spherical silica, silica supports, silica coatings for ceramics, silica in polymer composites and also hybrid silica organic composites. His expertise is very broad in this area of chemistry and has been applied to many businesses and new products.

Expert has applied this chemistry to drug release, crop protection, cookware, corrosion resistance and catalysis. He is an expert in surface modification, including the use of and manipulation of polysilicic acid, sodium silicates, silicon alkoxides, acid and base catalyzed reactions, and hybrid structure fro diverse applications -- such as scratch-free surfaces and hyrophobic surfaces to controlled release.

Expert has 73 issued U.S. patents, of which many are related to silica, silicate and hybrid applications. Expert believes his silica expertise can be applied to many chemical opportunities. He has also acted as an expert witness in this area and has several commercial products with his former company (DuPont) of 27 years.

Expert has significant green chemistry expertise, leveraged throughout his tenure with DuPont, and sustainability experience as well.

Expert consults for a range of companies in energy related areas, Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, Royal Society of Chemistry, Sinochem International and the University of Kansas.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Lancaster, Pennsylvania - Baltimore, Maryland - Gaithersburg, Maryland - Bowie, Maryland - Trenton, New Jersey - Camden, New Jersey - Vineland, New Jersey - Wilmington, Delaware - Alexandria, Virginia

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1980 Degree: Ph.D Subject: Chemistry Institution: Leeds University (UK)
Year: 1977 Degree: B.Sc (First Class with Honors) Subject: Chemistry Institution: Leeds University (UK)

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2016 to 2018 Employer: SAC TECH LLC (Sustainable Chemistry Consulting) Title: Consultant Department: Strategic Planning Responsibilities: Member of Sinochem Strategic Planning in areas of biobased materials and alternative energy.
Years: 1989 to 2016 Employer: DUPONT CENTRAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Title: Senior Fellow Department: Central Research Responsibilities: Expert increased sales by pioneering a new class of environmentally benign solid acid catalysts. He also developed a new class of highly efficient, safer superacid catalyst used in the pharmaceutical industry. He leveraged his noted expertise in sol-gel synthesis of materials -- ranging from hybrids of silica with carbon nanotubes, organosilicate modified perfluoropolymers to new types of fuel cell electrodes. He also leveraged expertise in nano-particle and coated particle technology; biomass conversion to sugars; biobased polymer synthesis (Polyol); and new kinds of bio-based tannin insulation foams.

Expert also led and initiated multiple new research programs, including new acid catalysis, adhesives, ice-o-phobics, transformer insulator paper, easy clean surfaces for cookware, diagnostics, media for inkjet printing, ceramic processing using coated powders, and biomass transformations.

Expert served as a Green Chemistry corporate leader and drove much of the organization's Green Chemistry programs. He developed product assessment for Sustainable Growth and served as a corporate consultant on sustainability.
Years: 1980 to 1989 Employer: IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES PLC/ OXFORD UNIVERSITY, INORGANIC CHEMISTRY LABORATORY/ EXXON RESEARCH AND ENGINEERING Title: Various Department: Responsibilities: Expert served Imperial Chemical Industries PLC (UK) as Research Scientist, where he developed ICI's program on high-temperature superconducting ceramic wires, which were used as a high-gain antenna for electronic applications.

Previously he served Oxford University's Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory as Postdoctoral Fellow. In this capacity he developed new electrode surfaces for biological systems for use in biosensors (electrochemistry group).

Before this time, Expert was Staff Scientist at Exxon Research and Engineering (NJ, U.S.,) where he developed new kinds of molybdenum sulfide complexes, which have been commercialized and used as automobile lubricants (heterogeneous catalysis group).

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 2000 to 2017 Agency: NSF, EPA, DOE Role: Reviewer Description: Review panelist on several projects

Career Accomplishments

Professional Appointments
Adjunct Senior Scientist Advisor to CEBC
Founding member STRIDE
International Advisory Board for the Journal of Green Chemistry
Strategic Advisory Board Member for Multinational Conglomerate - Sustainability
Review Panelist/merit reviewer: Department of Energy EPA
ACS Presidential Green Chemistry Award Prize Committee Member
Peer Reviewer: J. Green Chemistry; Biomacromolecules; Chem. Communications; Langmuir; J. Catalysis; Catalysis Today; J. Materials Chemistry
First China–USA Green Chemistry Workshop Member, held in Beijing, China
Committee member for NSF / GCI / ANSI 355 Greener Chemicals and Processes Information Standard
Summer School Presenter: Carnegie Mellon and University of Washington (Green Chemistry)
Nanotechnology subcommittee member “Agenda program for the American Forest & Paper Association”, presentation to the White House OSTI
PhD examiner and adviser, University of York, UK; University of Aachen, GE
Awards / Recognition
Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC), UK
Degree of Doctor of Science (D.Sc) for “Sustained International Contributions”, Leeds, UK
Research & Development 100 Award (R&D magazine 100, “Solid Acid Catalysis”)
DuPont Central Research Achievement Award’s (Acid Catalysis, Process safety, Patents & External Litigation)
Electronics Letters Award (EEE Society, high-gain antenna)
Publications and Patents Summary
Expert has 81 publications and 73 patents. He has co-chaired and spoken at a number of international research conferences and symposia regarding green and sustainable chemistry.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Expert witness for DuPont and represented the company externally (with external council) in the areas of sustainability and environmental issues.

Specifically give expert witness in the area of the improvements on sustainable materials using biobased materials with applications in polymer foams, adhesives and new types of polyols.

Provided competitive assessment of new products in the market place that claimed improvements compared to existing DuPont based product lines. Showed, based on the science, the new product claims were not justified and in fact an inferior product was being sold. This was linked to a sound knowledge of materials science and a good understanding of sustainability claims.

Also with my expertise in patent filing (75 US patents) often was called upon to offer expert opinion to either support or in some cases dispute patent claims.
Marketing Experience
Carried out detailed rapid market assessment in the areas of lithium ion batteries, fuel cells, new types of insulation materials and bio based polymers.

Fields of Expertise

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