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Prof. Expert, Dean of Faculty of Biotechnology - October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA) - Egypt Expert received his PhD from Cornell University, College of Agriculture and life sciences, Ithaca, New York. He then was appointed as a Researcher and an Associate Professor at the Gene Expression and Regulation Technology Laboratory (GERT), Agricultural Genetic Engineering Research Institute (AGERI), Agricultural Research Center (ARC) in Egypt. After years of research at ARC, he was appointed as the President of the University of Modern Sciences (UMS) in Dubai, UAE. Expert is a Visiting Professor in the School of Science at Greenwich University in the United Kingdom. His efforts in undergoing scientific researches where numerously awarded, where he received the National Encouragement Award for Advanced Technological Sciences that Serve the Agricultural Fields

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Cairo, Egypt - Dubai, UAE

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2003 Degree: Ph.D Subject: Plant breeding and genetics Institution: Cornell University - Ithaca, New York USA

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2013 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Dean Department: Faculty of Biotechnology Responsibilities: To lead/ manage/ supervise the learning enhancement and development process within the Faculty including all academic and administration aspects (e.g. Research, Teaching, Quality Assurance, Assessment, Coaching, Community Service, etc.), and lead the academic Faculty members and administrative staff towards achieving Faculty strategic and operational goals.
The Faculty Dean plays the main role as the executive head of the Faculty and as academic leader. As per the Egyptian Universities Organizational Law, Chapter 1, Articles 44 & 45, a Faculty Dean is responsible for the following:
• Running the Faculty academic, administrative and financial affairs.
• Implementing the University policies and bylaws.
• Implementing Faculty and University Boards’ decisions, as well as the Supreme Council of Universities decisions within the framework of these policies and bylaws. (p. 26)
• Submitting an annual report (after presenting it to the University Board) to the University President at the end of each academic year about the Faculty’s academic, research, quality assurance, community service and other achievements.
• Calling Department and Faculty Board meetings, to discuss any arising issues as he/she deems necessary.
A Dean is responsible for the strategic positioning and pursuit of strategic and operational goals derived from the Faculty and University Missions, the strategic framework and the MSA University strategic and operational plans, including the following aspects
• New academic development and effective stakeholder management.
• The Faculty’s portfolio and positioning.
• The Faculty’s student experience including, learning, teaching, and assessment.
• Reinforcement of student achievement and employability.
• Quality assurance and enhancement “British QA standards, National Accreditation requirements and ISO related guidelines and practices”.

• Research and scholarly activity, innovation, University-industry relationship and commercial engagement.
• The Staff development activities and Performance Management practices.
The Dean is responsible for achieving the financial targets of the Faculty, marketing the Faculty nationally and internationally and ensuring appropriate level of satisfaction among staff and students.
Duties and Responsibilities:
The Dean’s Job description is divided into four main areas of responsibilities
1. Planning and People Management
A Dean leads the planning, development, implementation and effective delivery of the curricula to meet the overall objectives of the Faculty’s Strategic Plan and achieve distinctiveness and effectiveness, and draws up a strategic and an operational plan for the Faculty in consultation with the University management and administration. The Dean, in consultation with the University President, Quality Assurance Director and HR director, is responsible for the effective implementation of the human resources plan and strategy of the whole University. In this regard, the Dean is responsible for the planning, management and execution of actions, processes and operations including the following:
• Developing employees’ performance and maintaining accepted performance standards and levels, in order to ensure the fulfillment of the service conditions and work agreements of all staff members “Academic and Non Academic” within the Faculty.
• Promoting, fostering and maintaining good personal and professional relationships among staff members and between staff and stakeholders “Students, parents and other”
• Promoting employment equity, integrity and fairness.
• Being involved appropriately in disciplinary procedures, grievances, and performance appraisal appeals and referring them where necessary.
• Conducting regular and periodical appraisal meetings with direct reporters/ subordinates to ensure that everyone has received timely and effective performance feedback.
A Dean manages all funds and research or projects grants generated and available in the Faculty, manages and controls Faculty’s annual budget, and plans in order to ensure effective use of resources and facilities. A Dean also considers, prioritizes and recommends all applications for funding opportunities in consultation with the University management and other Faculties’ Deans in case of multi-disciplinary projects.
The post holder is responsible for effective management “Use and maintenance” of the infrastructure and other assets in the Faculty.
A Dean is responsible for the management or execution of actions, operations and processes with the following aims:
• Recruiting and retaining new students in accordance with the enrolment planning objectives of the University.
• Promoting successful work and study by Faculty students “i.e. graduation projects, research, etc.”
• Creating, maintaining and developing effective communication with students.
• Welcoming new students and providing effective orientation with regard to Faculty activities, support, learning facilities, and student development opportunities.
2. Teaching and Learning:
A Dean plays the main role in the implementation of effective quality learning system and practices within the Faculty, in consultation with the University management and Quality Assurance and Accreditation Centre in order to ensure that all teaching and learning practices comply with the quality assurance standards and University learning policy and strategy. The Faculty Dean’s job includes the management of the following teaching and learning related aspects:
• The programme accreditation process “Nationally and internationally as appropriate”.
• The Faculty or programme validation.
• Learning policy, strategy and effective implementation of learning and teaching practices.
3. Research, Innovation and Impact:
A Dean establishes sound research culture in the Faculty, initiates and promotes ethically accountable research of high quality, and strives to increase research output. A Dean also manages the Faculty’s overall research portfolio, approves and recommends research contracts and agreements, manages and promotes service to the community as an integral part of the teaching and research activities of the Faculty. A Dean contributes to publications or disseminates research findings using other appropriate media in accordance with the MSA University Intellectual Property Rights “IPR” regulations, makes presentations at national and international conferences and similar contexts and events, acts as a referee and contributes to peer assessment, and updates his/her knowledge and understanding in field of specialty.
Years: 2011 to 2014 Employer: University of Modern Sciences - Dubai, UAE Title: President Department: Responsibilities:
Years: 2010 to 2011 Employer: Abu- Dhabi Chamber for industry and commerce - UAE Title: Academic Advisor Department: Responsibilities:
Years: 2009 to 2014 Employer: Agricultural Genetic Engineering Research Institute (AGERI) Agricultural Research Center (ARC) - Egypt Title: Associate Professor Department: Responsibilities:
Years: 2003 to 2009 Employer: Cornell University Title: Visiting Scholar Department: Plant Breeding and Genetics Department Responsibilities:
Years: 2003 to 2009 Employer: Gene Expression and Regulation Technology Laboratory (GERT) Agricultural Genetic Engineering Research Institute (AGERI) Agricultural Research Center (ARC) - Egypt Title: Researcher Department: Responsibilities:
Years: 1998 to 2003 Employer: Gene Expression and Regulation Technology Laboratory (GERT) Agricultural Genetic Engineering Research Institute (AGERI) Agricultural Research Center (ARC) - Egypt Title: Assistant Researcher Department: Responsibilities:
Years: 1993 to 1998 Employer: Gene Expression and Regulation Technology Laboratory (GERT) Agricultural Genetic Engineering Research Institute (AGERI) Agricultural Research Center (ARC) - Egypt Title: Research Assistant Department: Responsibilities:

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