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Expert in Combustion, Air Pollution Control, and Utility and Industrial Boilers, Air Heaters, Dryers, Furnaces, Thermal Oxidizers

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He has developed combustion modifications for reducing emissions of CO, unburned hydrocarbons, NOx and SO2, and specified and designed post-combustion systems for the control of NOx, SO2, HCl, and PM. These systems have been both prototype and commercial.

He can develop and apply strategies to comply with the new National Emission Standards for Major and Area Sources of Hazardous Air Pollutants.

He has designed multi-component air pollution control systems for NOx, SO2, CO a PM for both coal and wood combustion. These air pollution control systems have been for combustion systems with through puts from 16 MegaBtu/hr to utility boilers.

Expert received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1980. He later received an M.S. in Chemical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1986, while working for Riley Stoker Corp., now Babcock Power. Expert is a licensed Chemical Engineer in the following States: New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Over the past 33 years, he has worked in the development and application of technologies for controlling emissions from combustion systems. This activity has included the design and testing of systems at 2 to 3 MBtu/hr, 20 to 100 MBtu/hr, and large industrial and utility boilers. One of these systems was a pilot-scale multisolid circulating fluidized bed designed to test bed materials. His experience has made me familiar with combustion systems for pulverized coal, oil, natural gas, wood waste, refuse derived fuel, mass burning of municipal solid waste (MSW), and coal and oil fired diesel engines. These systems have been coupled with in-furnace NOx control, selective non-catalytic NOx reduction (SNCR), selective catalytic NOx reduction (SCR), CO oxidation and dry sorbent injection for S02, HCl reduction. Expert's work at Riley Stoker led to joint patents for Riley Stoker's CCV Burner and a reburning technology for MSW combustion.

In developing and evaluating the performance of emissions control systems he has developed an expertise in process simulation. His work at Riley Stoker required him to develop dedicated process simulators for commercial steam generation systems (circulating fluidized bed licensed from Battelle Columbus and municipal solid waste combustor). Later at Physical Sciences he applied commercial simulators in evaluating advanced power generation and pollution control systems. Currently, he apply Gatecycle™ for steam system simulation and ChemCAD™ for broader simulations and Fluent™ for fluid dynamic simulations.

Currently, Expert is the sole proprietor of (Undisclosed) Engineering. (Undisclosed) provides engineering services to other consultants, industry and power plant developers. These engineering services center around the design and evaluation of cogeneration power plants and pollution control systems. In the past, he has represented Process Combustion Corporation, a manufacturer of thermal oxidizers and air heaters. During the period that he represented Process Combustion Corp., he provided field service to them on a contract basis. In this capacity, Expert provided start-up, and problem diagnosis and correction.

He is co-inventor of the Riley CCV burner, and holds a patent for NOx and CO control from waste combustors. He managed a program to select a low-NOx burner for a 400 MWe oil fired boiler. He was also heavily involved in the development of heat release and absorption models for design of industrial boilers.
Holds a patent for advance mixing technology, near field far field (NF³) mixing which can be applied to overfire air and other furnace and flue gas injections. It enables simultaneous injection near the wall and far into the flow. It is being commercialized by White Cliff Technologies, LLC.

He performs diagnostic analysis for industrial burners and boilers, and recommends changes to operation and control design. This has resulted in a regular clientele who rely on these services for trouble shooting and annual certification.

In 2005, he developed a what has become known as near field far field injection (NF 3 technology part of a sorben injection project. The (NF3) technology sprung out of the need to adjust the injection pattern of sorbent to match the bulk flow characteristics of the duct, and to do so without interrupting the operation of the system. In 2007, (undisclosed) was formed to commercialize (NF3) technology. Expert also serves as Chief Engineer of (undisclosed).

He performs diagnostic analysis for industrial burners and boilers, and recommends changes to operation and control design. During site visits the operation of the combustion system is analyzed and solutions are recommended. Each project results in a written report for the client’s future reference.

He provides NaHCO3 injection systems for control of acid gases. As part of this service he has recently developed an injector for air in air born reagents.

He designed and operated emissions monitoring systems for NOx, SO2, CO, and O2 for prototype combustion systems. This included data analysis software to utilize the measurements. These systems included design of the gas conditioning and selection of the analysis instruments and data logging system.

He designed and developed combustion systems for coal, oil and gas for Riley Stoker (Riley Power). This included the development of the CCV burner from concept, through prototype and to eventual field installation.

He has developed burners for NOx coal combustion and staged combustion to control NOx emissions from waste fired boilers. His experience includes evaluating oil and gas fired burners for utility boilers. He has also designed and operated selective catalytic NOx reduction systems.

He is familiar with both baghouses and electrostatic precipitators (ESP). This has required specifying and operated baghouses for PM control from combustions systems. He has also evaluated the application of existing ESP to new systems.

He has provided service engineering for Process Combustion Control (PCC) Corp. PCC provides oil, methane and propane fired burners and thermal oxidizers.

He performs computational fluid dynamics modeling using Fluent™ simulating furnaces and ducts including chemical reaction and particle tracking; process modeling using Chem CAD and Aspen; and heat and mass balances using spreadsheets.

Reduced Emissions of CO from 0.12 to less than 0.07 lb/MBtu at a wood fired facility by adjusting overfire air.Developed new burner control algorithms at for a limestone manufacturer to more closely approximate the manufacturer's guidelines.Corrected various combustion related problems at a limestone manufacturer varying from fuel pressure to controls to equipment failure.Perform annual burner inspections for a limestone manufacturer.Service engineering for a process burner manufacturer including trouble shooting and new system start-up.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Boston, Massachusetts - Worcester, Massachusetts - Springfield, Massachusetts - Lowell, Massachusetts - Cambridge, Massachusetts - Brockton, Massachusetts - New Bedford, Massachusetts - Fall River, Massachusetts - Manchester, New Hampshire - Providence, Rhode Island

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1980 Degree: BS Subject: Chemical Engineering Institution: Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Year: 1986 Degree: MS Subject: Chemcial Engineering Institution: Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 1994 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: President/Owner Department: Combustion, Boiler Optimization, NOx Control Responsibilities: Expert was responsible for project engineering and management.

Consult a variety of clients burning wood, coal, oil, and natural gas on the improvement of their combustion systems and where appropriate, boiler efficiency. This includes annual inspections of burners, ovens and driers to comply with State and Federal Regulations and insurance requirements.

I have also consulted on a number of event resolutions including explosions and natural events to provide clarity on insurance applications.

My particular skills include forensic and data analysis, computational fluid dynamics simulation, heat and mass balance calculations, thermodynamic analysis and process simulation.
Years: 2007 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Chief Engineer Department: Engineering Responsibilities: Commercialization of near field far field mixing for which I hold the patent. Applying it to sorbent injection for SO2 and HCl control and overfire air CO and unburned carbon reduction.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers Power Test Code 47, Integrated
Gasification Combined Cycle, Chairman of the Integration Subcommittee 1994 to 1997
Rockingham County Christian Coalition, Founding Chairman, 1992 to 1994
Seacoast Christian Coalition, Chairman of the Voter's Guide Committee 1996
Patients Rights Advocacy Corporation, Member of the Board of Directors, 1997 to 2002
New Hampshire State Representative, Rockingham County, District 11, 2001/2002 Biennium
New Hampshire State Representative, New Hampshire, District 80, 2003/2004 Biennium New Hampshire State Representative, Rockingham County, District 9, 2005/2006 Biennium New Hampshire State Representative, Rockingham County, District 9, 2007/2008 Biennium New Hampshire State Representative, Rockingham County, District 9, 2009/2010 Biennium New Hampshire State Representative, Rockingham County, District 9, 2011/2012 Biennium
Licenses / Certifications
P.E. Massachusetts
P.E. New Hampshire
Publications and Patents Summary
23 publications
5 patents

Fields of Expertise

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