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Expert in Brushless Motors, Motor Drives, Induction Motors, Switch Mode Power Systems, Battery Chargers

Expert ID: 728766 Virginia, USA

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Expert founded a technology group in 2009. He has developed critical understanding and published on a wide range of Motors, Motor Drives, High Frequency Electromagnetic Components, Electric Vehicles and Switch Mode Power Systems. He has co-authored over 25 publications in various refereed journals and conference proceedings and is an inventor on six issued or pending US patents. He has served on the Technical committee of the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC). He received the B. Tech (Electrical Engineering) degree from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, India. He received his MS degrees from University of Minnesota. He received his MBA from Old Dominion University.

Expert is a high energy individual with a difference; he combines technology excellence, leadership and professional management skills with his inborn entrepreneurial instincts. Over the years, Expert has successfully handled several leadership, management and corporate functions with hands-on experience in managing the growth and operational challenges associated with early stage companies.

Expert is a member of the Entrepreneurial Organization (Washington-DC Chapter) and is very keen on nurturing entrepreneurial talent in the field of Technology Development and Management.

Expert's company is a motor drives and power electronics consulting firm that focuses on highly targeted projects and products in both the private and public sectors. The company combines the best practical, consulting and academic knowledge to bring our clients superior project delivery and product development skills and unique competitive advantages.

Expert is absolutely professional. He manages to be starkly objective while remaining pleasant to work with. He works on only the highest-value portions of our clients' needs, guiding their internal resources as needed to address other aspects of the issues. Expert also tailors his methodology to his clients' individual needs, employing a variety of product development models from one to one counseling to small group workshops to large, team-driven projects.

Expert designed and developed several electric vehicle propulsion systems for a European client including motors, battery packs and motor drives. He engaged in technology evaluation of several emerging technologies for batteries, battery chargers, motors and drives for several investors and investor representatives. Expert designed and developed wheelchair propulsion components for key manufacturers.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Baltimore, Maryland - Frederick, Maryland - Gaithersburg, Maryland - Bowie, Maryland - Richmond, Virginia - Alexandria, Virginia - Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2008 Degree: MBA Subject: Business Administration, Project Management, Operations Management Institution: Old Dominion University
Year: 1994 Degree: MSEE Subject: Power Electronics and Motor Drives Institution: University of Minnesota
Year: 1990 Degree: BTECH Subject: Electrical Engineering, Power Electronics and Motor Drives Institution: Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2009 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: President/Chief Engineer Department: Electric Motors Division Responsibilities: Strategic Technology Group LLC was founded to provide consulting services in the field of motors, motor drives, power electronics and battery pack systems. Main research and development centre is setup in Pune, India. Current team size is 20. Engineering skill sets include motor, inverter and software design (8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit ST, Microchip and TI MCUs or DSPs), mechanical design, manufacturing and supply chain management.
Products: Several 3-phase and 5-phase Permanent Magnet Motors, Motor Drives and Battery Pack Systems.
Customers: Several German, Swiss, US and UK Companies
Key Results:
• Founded the company in 2009;
• Engaged in the development of several cutting edge products such as five and three phase permanent magnet motors, battery packs, and motor drives;
• Strong technical expertise, business methodology, infrastructure and project management experience in the areas of power electronics, motor design, controller and software development, mechanical engineering, testing and
evaluation, supply chain management, and manufacturing.
Years: 2005 to 2009 Employer: Electric Motion Systems LLC Title: Founder/President Department: Electric Battery and Motors Responsibilities: Built a company to 25 engineering professionals. Design, developed and manufactured 7-phase and 3-phase brushless motors and motor drives. Developed and Implemented unique FOC and SVM algorithms. Built manufacturing plants in the US and India. Filed for 4 patents.
Products: Motors, Battery Packs (NiMH and Li-Ion) and Vehicle Controllers for Light Electric Vehicles and Mobility
Products. TidalForce Electric Bicycle, MS1 Electric Scooter, E+ Electric Bicycle
Customers: Matra Manufacturing & Services, France, International Distributors, Independent Bike Dealers
Key Results:
• Founded the company and secured angel Investment and several development projects;
• Built business methodology, infrastructure and a strong team of 25 professionals in the areas of motor design, controller and software development, mechanical engineering, intellectual property management, product and project launch, testing and evaluation, supply chain management, manufacturing, customer service and sales and marketing;
• Helped Matra, France acquire Wavecrest Laboratories’ Light Electric Vehicle Technology and Patent portfolio;
• Communicated a clear visionary strategy regarding technology development across the organization - engaging not only the senior leadership team, but the entire organization in the business’s mission and key initiatives. Drove the
development and application of consistent design practices across the entire organization;
• Led the concept, design, development, manufacturing & market launch of E+ Electric Bike (Chassis Design, Motor, Battery, Vehicle Controller Technology & Systems Integration);
• Led the concept, design, development and manufacturing relaunch of TidalForce Electric Bike for Matra (Motor, Battery & Vehicle Controller Technology);
• Led the concept, design, development and manufacturing of MS1 Electric Motor Bike for Matra (Advanced Motor Technology);
• Setup manufacturing infrastructure in China to produce 3000 propulsion systems per month with excellent supply chain support and quality assurance methodology;
• Developed a strong quality assurance and management team;
• Drove continuing research and development productivity across multiple international operations and supply chains
(China, Taiwan and the US);
• Maintained a customer focused approach and understanding of the market to ensure market facing strategic planning and initiatives.
• Ensured a rigorous process in the execution of Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action of product and process issues;
• Personally developed and maintained key customer and vendor relationships;
• Presented detailed financial performance results to investors and stakeholders on a quarterly basis;
• Raised barriers for the competition by filing a series of patents protecting crucial innovations.
Years: 2001 to 2005 Employer: Wavecrest Laboratories LLC Title: Engineering Manager Department: Design Responsibilities: Directed a Team of 20 professionals in electromagnetic design, electrical engineering, software development, mechanical engineering, testing, supply chain and manufacturing management launching numerous High Tech Electric Propulsion Systems, Permanent Magnet Brushless and Induction Motor Drives
Products: Motors, Battery Packs (NiMH and Li-Ion) and Vehicle Controllers for Light Electric Vehicles and Mobility.
Products: TidalForce Electric Bicycle, Sparta Ion Electric Bike, 5kw Oxygen Electric Scooter, 20kW Electric Motor Cycle, 0.5kW Electric Wheel Chair, 4WD for NASA’s test mobile robot, 100kW Compressor Pump.
High Profile Customers: Accell Group, Netherlands; Matra Manufacturing & Services, France; Oxygen, Italy; US Army; NASA
Key Results:
• Hand Selected by VP of Engineering to lead aggressive commercialization effort;
• Strong record of technical innovation. Filed a number of patents;
• Effective practices in personnel management including hiring, training, motivating, mentoring, and retaining engineering personnel;
• Concept, design, development, and implementation of highly efficient propulsion systems;
• Effectively met aggressive project schedules producing high performance prototypes and production-ready power electronics in a limited time and with limited resources;
• Extensive Beta, First Article and Pre-Production Article Testing;
• Strong alliance with quality team to ensure rigorous processes.
Years: 2011 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: President / CEO Department: eMotors Responsibilities: Oversaw product development, project management, customer contact, manufacturing, financial management, legal, intellectual property development and sales and marketing.

—Strategic / Tactical Planning & Execution —
● $10 million in revenues possible by evaluating trends and developing advanced OEM technology solutions.
● 70% decline in the product development cost and process observed by sharing software and hardware technology assets across platforms.
● Transitioned to the use of AI technology in light electric vehicles by identifying hardware and firmware architecture and scaling the solutions to fitness and HVLS fan systems.
● 25% surge in income delivered by taking advantage of closely related market segments through the strict application of core competencies.
—Opportunity Analysis / Product & Solutions Innovation—
● 200% boost in marketable product portfolio realized by developing the high growth field of the HVLS fan market.
● 100% work force expansion produced in the last two years by pursuing US product development initiatives.
● 100% upsurge in team growth achieved by adding key departments for artificial intelligence, app development, quality control and testing.
● 60% revenue growth increase generated by penetrating the HVLS India market segment.
—Research / Engineering Team Development & Direction—
● 150% rise in resource utilization attained by instituting a cross-functional matrix organization.
● 95% reduction in manufacturing defects noted by implementing critical data collection and six sigma analyses throughout the organization.
● 75% decrease in the product development cycle recorded by applying 80 / 20 principles for each stage of the process.
● 25% cost reduction reached by installing key technology upgrades in light electric vehicles.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 2006 to 2009 Country / Region: China Summary: Set up multiple manufacturing facilities in China.
Years: 2009 to Present Country / Region: India Summary: Set up a powerful design center as well as manufacturing facility in India.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Publications and Patents Summary
25+ journal and conference publications and 7+ patent and patent applications

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Experience with Intellectual Property and Contract Legal Matters
Training / Seminars
1. Workshop on Advanced Power Electronics and Motor Drives Simulation Techniques using PSpice.
2. Lessons in eBike Manufacturing – New Product Launch and Supply Chain Management.
3. The Art of Commercializing Technology – A Case Study in Electric Bicycles.
4. Advanced Electric Vehicle Concepts for Designing Electric Bicycles.
5. Digital Signal Processor Basics For Power System Design.
6. Fuzzy Logic use in High Frequency Magnetics Design.
7. Computer Aided Design of High Frequency Magnetics.
Vendor Selection
Vast experience with vendors and supply chain issues in China/ India/ Taiwan and USA.
Marketing Experience
Expert in permanent magnet brushless motors, electric vehicles, light electric vehicles.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
Hindi Expert is quite proficient
Punjabi Expert is reasonably proficient

Fields of Expertise

alternating current, alternating current motor controller, alternating-current motor, autotransformer, battery charger, brushless direct-current motor, brushless motor, constant-current source, dc link converter, DC to DC conversion, DC-to-DC converter, direct energy conversion, direct-current amplifier, direct-current inductor, direct-current motor application, direct-current motor controller, direct-current motor design, direct-current motor development, direct-current motor drive, direct-current motor electric commutation, direct-power generator, electric generator, electric motor, electric motor application, electric motor control, electric motor design, electric motor development, electric motor failure, electric motor noise, electric motor prototyping, electric motor selection, electric power, electric power system, electric power system modeling, electric vehicle motor, electric-power conversion, electric-power converter, electrical-power system control, electromagnetic compatibility, electronic component product design, electronic product development, electronic product technology innovation, electronics, electronics engineering, electronics engineering instrument, energy conservation, energy conversion, energy requirement, energy supply, energy-efficient electric motor, energy-efficient transformer, ferrite permanent-magnet motor, flyback power supply, flyback transformer, fractional horsepower motor, frequency modulation, full-wave rectifier, gate oxide, gate turn-off thyristor, gear motor, high-efficiency electric motor, high-frequency electric power converter, high-speed motor, inductor design, isolation transformer, laminated core, linear power-supply circuit, magnetic component design, magnetic field, microprocessor application, motor controller, motor drive, motor drive design, motor generator, motor industry, motor testing, motor vehicle, motor vehicle dynamics, motor vehicle electronic system, MSPICE software, overload protection, overvoltage protection, permanent magnet direct current brushless motor, permanent-magnet motor, permanent-magnet synchronous motor, polyphase motor, power, power bipolar transistor, power conditioning, power converting circuit control, power electronics, power engineering, power field-effect transistor, power high electron mobility transistor, power inductor, power measurement, power metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistor, power semiconductor device, power semiconductor device new product development, power supply cooling, power transformer, power transistor, power-supply circuit, PSPICE software, pulse modulation, pulse power, pulse-width modulation, silicon-controlled rectifier, single-phase induction motor, single-phase motor, solar power supply, solenoid coil, squirrel-cage motor, switched-mode power supply circuit, switching circuit, switching converter, switching power converter design, synchronous motor, three-phase induction motor, three-phase induction motor application, three-phase induction motor control, toroidal magnetic circuit, transformer testing, uninterruptible power system, variable frequency drive, variable-speed alternating-current motor drive, semiconductor device failure mechanism, electrostatic discharge protection, sulfur hexafluoride, surge testing, direct-current relay, sinewave tracking suppressor, battery eliminator, electric power conditioner, rotary variable differential transformer, electronic gage, output power, passive circuit, sealing compound, dry-type transformer, inductive coupling, load leveling, resonant transition power conversion, electric current measurement, pulse-forming network, electrical overvoltage, direct current, electronic material processing, transient suppression, neutralizing transformer, high-voltage engineering, high-voltage, electric surge protector, electrical dissipation factor, alternating-current to alternating-current conversion, direct-current to alternating-current converter, high-voltage power supply circuit, electromagnetic-induction bonding, electric power transmission, alternating-current transformer, alternating-current to direct-current conversion, alternating-current frequency converter, induction brazing, amplitude-modulation radio frequency, quality high-power converter, high-voltage transformer, iron-core coil, field coil, switch, electronic rectifying element, synchronous converter, magnetic record, photovoltaic energy system, surge arrester, induction generator, thermionic converter, photochemical solar energy conversion, robotics, pulse transformer, induction soldering, electrochemical cell, circuit breaker

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