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Expert in Centerless Grinding, Computer Controls, Automation Manufacturing, Tool Room Machines, etc.

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He was involved with a lot of automatic loaders in a 4" length range and thought it could also be done with 8" long parts.

He remembered a work rest his father had bought at an auction years before and fitted it to a Cincinnati om center less grinder and designed a loader around this and it was very successful in loading and unloading steel shafts with multiple steps and forms without an operator.

He's also designed a pressure roll that is very user friendly and versatile and Can work with computer controls or manual.

Since the late 8o's when he was first introduced to computer controls operations that were time consuming and costly he quickly saw the benefit and started to convert more machines with computer controls.

He cannot see how any manufacturing can compete in today's highly competitive environment without computer integrated equipment and stay in business.

Automation is always beneficial when you want to hold production costs down and bring quality and quantity up. Obviously it is not easy with centerless since the trade is always been one operator per machine.

He was working for a company that had no automation whatsoever and they had the workload so he started to come up with a loader design to finish some dowel pins that were 3/8 in dia. and had a shallow angle on each end. This was so successful that today, operators can run multiple machines.

There were only four of them running this department and there was always 7 or more machines running parts non-stop.

Proper maintenance planning consists of knowing which areas are needed for proper performance. For instance, if a chain on a machine has reached its' stretch limit, instead of taking out links to decrease tension on the spindle, replace as this will prevent sprockets and slides from wearing prematurely as well as machine down-time.

Lubricate and oil all applicable areas to ensure optimum performance.

Manufacturing technology consists of the latest automated and computer controlled devices. Must integrate this technology whenever possible to reduce cost and increase production.

He possesses an intuitive ability to determine the causes of machine malfunction or job related problems.

He has many years experience with all different types of part feeders. Bowl feeders, centrifugal, barrel, in-feed feeders, conveyors, and fixtures that enable an operator to feed a part safely and repetitively.

He has designed many arbors and devices to ensure concentricity to blue-print specifications.

An ounce of cure is worth a pound of prevention. He cannot stress enough the importance of keeping critical components of any type machine, clean and working properly to maintain the highest quality and productivity levels to keep predetermined production goals and process standards intact.

He is always seeking a faster and better way to increase cycle times and to decrease the number of operations needed to manufacture a part. He has the ability to see five to six operations down the line and to incorporate ideas and design fixtures to accomplish set goal.

He has many years experience in expediting customers' scheduled work orders tailored to coincide with existing set ups on machines where set up time is minimal and the work flow is optimal.

He possesses a strong insight to read a blue-print and determine tooling and the amount of operations necessary to provide an actual estimation of both time to do the job and the cost of tooling within that job. He was in business for many years with his father, where his experience has lead him to provide remarkable accuracy.

Quality control first and foremost consists of having a first piece inspection and properly assigning the right job to the right machine. Secondly, to maintain this quality and to inspect parts properly, it is necessary to oversee quality without production down-time. It is important therefore, to ensure that each operator has his/her own quality equipment at each workstation. He has implemented such procedures in the past for many, and has proven to be very cost effective. All inspection equipment must be qualified at predetermined time periods.

He has taken on many consulting positions which consisted of technical training as well as teaching. Some of these tasks include: damage control, repair, set-up, implement proper procedures, wheel selection, proper diamonds, design blades cams, stops, diagnose, adjust, inspect spindles, dressers, and all related servicing to customers' needs.

Went to Creed Monarch to inspect Leadscrew and found that it was in great shape and that they needed to train on how to accurately do specific job. When he completed they went from 35 pcs. an hour to more than 700 pcs. an hour.Called out to New York Company to finish setting up machine that was designed to grind Fords F-150 drive shafts While Six Representatives where staying in a Hotel for 3 weeks, problem was wrong wheel grade and wrong blade angle, sucessfully finished 500 shafts.Went to do a damage assessment and repair and set-up on customers newly rebuilt machine.He trained 3 people on how to machine company's products for two day's and after he left they were happy to say they learnt more from me than two consultants from Cincinnati machine and another Consultant from another company they hired.Trained many companies employees on theories and set-up procedures for the Centerless Grinding Trade.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: New York, New York - Yonkers, New York - Bridgeport, Connecticut - New Haven, Connecticut - Hartford, Connecticut - Newark, New Jersey - Jersey City, New Jersey - Paterson, New Jersey - Worcester, Massachusetts - Springfield, Massachusetts

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1976 Degree: Highschool Diploma Subject: Math/Metal Shop Institution: Bristol Central

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2006 to 2008 Employer: Smith-Renaud Title: Technical Advisor/Consultant Department: Manufacturing Responsibilities: Oversee and inspect the quality of newly re-built machines for demonstration to the customers’ needs and qualifications.
Oversee final product development and precision of operation of new machines to ensure customer satisfaction.
Implement increased production procedures while focusing on decreased production time.
Estimate job times, costs, and tooling development.
Suggest new products that effectively increase production while maintaining quality.
Service calls/training and consulting.
Years: 1988 to 2006 Employer: Precision Punch Title: Leadman Department: Centerless Dept. Responsibilities: Lead man for Centerless Department.
§Implement consulting strategies.
Automation design/build.
Set grinding procedures and train employees.
Form grinding/thru-feed grinding.
Initiate grinding and regulating wheel requirements.
Design and create stops, blades and cams.
Expedite workload to customers’ delivery times.
Troubleshoot, repair and maintain adjustments on machines.
Design auto loaders and fixtures.
Work with other departments to develop better productivity and a more quality finished product.
Years: 1978 to 1988 Employer: R&D Centerless Grinding Title: Foreman Department: Centerless Grinding Responsibilities: Id-od-c’less grinding operator/computer and manual controls.
Commercial and aircraft parts.
All steel types/graphite/plastics/wood.
Continuously strive for increased productivity/quality.

Additional Experience

Marketing Experience
Very focused on improving production rates/Good training can be very effective. Always have positive attitude and welcome new techniques and machinery. Automation a big plus!
Other Relevant Experience
Consultant, Technical Advisor
Foreman, set-up, operate, train, design, repair, rebuild, adjust, consult, thru-feed, in-feed, profile, i.d./o.d., cams, blades, stops. Automation, All aspects of manufacturing, tool room machines and Centerless grinders, #1, #2, #2om, 220-8, 220-20, 230-10, #4, ea, 210-6 Cincinnati C'less grinders. #1, #2, #3 Van Norman, Landis, surface grinders, Sheffield grinders, thread grinders and more. Computer and manual controls.

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