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Expert, Chemical Engineer with 48 years of extensive experience in the chemical industry, including design, project management, maintenance and commissioning. He was responsible for 3 Chloralkali mercury and membrane cell plants design and construction, was involved in Bromine manufacturing, Chlotinations, brominations, Phosphate, Potash, Hydrometallurgy for Pure Molybdenum Oxide recovery out of low grade raw material, use of full scale continuous Ion Exchange processing, Rhenium compounds etc. During his years in the chemical industry he became an expert in a selection of materials for the construction and design of large size equipment made of plastic materials, such as thermoplastics and thermosetting reinforced materials (FGRP etc.). He also became an expert in designing of plastic piping for the chemical industry. In the last 12 years he did a lot of work in foreign countries (Uzbekistan, Mongolia, China, Thailand) and became very familiar with the technology of smelting and production of Silicon Metal. In the Israeli chemical industry he is known for his ability to solve very complicated and "strange" problems and has become the "man for difficult jobs". Expert has a special ability to absorb new technology and adapt it to local conditions, caring for all comprehensive features of the project such as local habits, climate, culture etc. This ability was vital for his success in the former east block countries.

Consulting and engineering work in South Africa during the design of a super pure water system for a super critical Eskimo power station. Expert is the consultant for selection of materials of construction to Bermad Co. an Israeli manufacturer of valves.Reviewing and remarks on contracts between Chinese and Mongolian Co.Preparation of a proposal for a project for the EU kbbe 2012 program for EuCRF in Israel. This involves a lot of international correspondence.Review of design drawings and specifications for USi Silicon Metal plant built in Iceland. Designed by Tenova Pyroite of South Africa.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1967 Degree: B.Sc. Ch.E. Subject: Chemical Engineering Institution: Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 1985 to 2015 Employer: Various Title: Project, Process Engineer & Manager Department: Chemical industry Projects Responsibilities: Designed, built and commissioned over 20 chemical factories.
Years: 1999 to 2009 Employer: Metal-Tech Ltd Title: Project & process engineer Department: Projects in foreign countries Responsibilities: Project & Process engineer. Leader of 2 projects in foreign countries, Uzbekistan and Mongolia. He took the know how from our laboratories and converted it to a complete design. He was responsible for purchasing everything, building the plants, liaising with local authorities and people, instruction of new operators, commissioning, debugging, debottlenecking and maintenance engineering.
Years: 1997 to 1999 Employer: Carmiel Sewage Treatment Plant Title: Project engineer Department: Projects Responsibilities: The chlorine section was originally designed by Krebs & Co. of Zurich, Switzerland. During the 1st year of operation it was very problematic and became a critical problem. All consultations with experts from Russia, Switzerland and the USA did not show any promise. Expert was called upon to solve the problem. After 6 weeks of extensive study / testing of the operating plant Expert discovered the reasons for the impossible situation. He then became the project engineer who re-vamped the plant. During this time he also developed a special process for cleaning the Chlorine of the bromine that was contaminating it.
Years: 1986 to 1996 Employer: Various Title: Project engineer Department: Engineering Responsibilities: Expert was employed as a free lancer project engineer. He was the leading figure in a few projects, including Meta Phenoxy benzaldehyde, Membrane chloralkali plant, various bromnations and expansion of the Membrane Chloralkalai plant.
Years: 1981 to 1984 Employer: Sentrachem Pty Ltd Title: Project engineer Department: Projects Responsibilities: In South Africa, Expert was responsible for design, construction and commissioning of an expansion of a Chlorinated parafin plastisizer plant.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 2000 to 2005 Agency: Court for labour affairs Role: Public representative Description: Expert served as an assistant to the judge in court cases concerning labour affairs. He also was involved in "bridging" and solving of such issues

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 2009 to 2010 Country / Region: South Africa Summary: Expert was involved in the preparation of the quotation and later, after award of the project, in the detailed design of Aqua Engineering (PTY)Ltd. Project for Medupi power station Pier water system.
Years: 1981 to 1984 Country / Region: South Africa Summary: Expert was the project engineer for Sentrachem Chloorkop Plastichlor expansion project. This special paraffin chlorination plant was entirely made of glass equipment which required special expertise.
Years: 1990 to 1995 Country / Region: Uzbekistan Summary: Expert was the process, project, commissioning and maintenance engineer of the pure Molybdenum Oxide plant ( UzMetal Ltd ) jointly owned by UzKTJM, AGMK and Metaltech.
Years: 1995 to 1999 Country / Region: Mongolia Summary: Expert was the process, project, commissioning and maintenance engineer of the technical Molybdenum Oxide ( Shimtech ) plant jointly owned by EMC and MetalTech.
Years: 2014 to 1915 Country / Region: Iceland Summary: Consulting, review and notes on Tenova Pyroite designed Silicon Metal plant for USi, Iceland.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Israeli Institute of Chemical Engineers
Licenses / Certifications
Israeli Chemical engineer license
Awards / Recognition
Letters of appreciation from employers at the successful commissioning of projects.
Publications and Patents Summary
Expert had 2 patents, one in Israel and one in South Africa. Expert wrote a series of articles on the specifics of design and features of large size equipment and piping systems made of plastics that were published in Israel.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Expert has participated as an expert in an arbitration process in Israel which was won. He was the leading technical figure in a negotiation with the Mongolian officials that finally resulted in awarding the project which he later designed and managed. He is now involved as an expert in an international arbitration.

A- Expert witness in Litigation/Arbitration :
1- In Israel I have prepared documents for Labour Court supporting management claim that the Operators Commity may not decide on risk matters involving Bromine. I did this 3 times during strikes and other such work force problems.
2- I have helped company lawyers several times on contractural issues.
3- After a Pure MoO2 plant was stopped there was an arbitration going on befor 3 arbitrators of the World Bank in Washington DC. The other side claimed that the design of the plant for which I was responsible was negligent and problematic. I was investigated for 2 hours by the lawyers of both sides, 1.75 hours by the lawyers of our oponents. I won this "big stile". The arbitrators that generally were quite bored suddenly woke up and took clear interest in what was going on and the lawyer of the other side failed all along the way in his attempts to confuse me and get out of me what he wanted. When this was finished I was highly congratulated by our side's lawyers.
4- I gave a telecon advice to an Americal lawyer when a company failed to deliver Chlorine and claimed that it was caused by technical "Force majeure". I managed to prove that this was a false claim. B-Molybdenum Hydrometallurgy : I was the Process and Project engineer for 2 plants making Pure Moly Oxide from highly Cu contaminated MoS2 concentrate, located in Mongolia and Uzbekistan where I did the process engineering, managed the projects and continued as plant engineer during operation time. Total time involved in Hydrometallurgy was 14 years.
Training / Seminars
Expert had written operating instructions for the 2 Molybdenum Oxide plants in Uzbekistan and Mongolia and instructed the 2 groups of new operators in these plants. Expert has written an instruction booklet for examination and testing of existing used large equipment made of thermosetting materials (FGRP). He is intended to pass on this know-how in seminars that will be soon arranged by ICL for its maintenance departments.
Vendor Selection
During his extensive involvement in projects for the chemical industries, Expert has written an endless number of specifications, sourced the suppliers, was directly responsible for placing orders and signing contracts and continued to monitor the work of subcontractors in many countries. During the last 10 years his man activity was in China where he has developed very solid relations with Chinese suppliers.
Marketing Experience
Very comprehensive knowledge of the chemical industries and a specially developed sense for Conservative Innovation. This means : Taking daring innovative steps with a very conservative attitude that avoids mistakes and ensures success.
Other Relevant Experience
Mechanical design of large size equipment made of plastics.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
English Expert has a full command of the English language that he is practicing for more than 50 years.
French Very limited
German Very limited.
Russian Very very limited

Fields of Expertise

bromine, chemical process equipment, chemical process equipment corrosion failure, chemical process equipment designing, chemical process equipment selection, chloralkali, chloralkali production, chlorine, chlorine manufacturing, composite material processing, equipment design, equipment failure, fiberglass storage tank, fiberglass tank, fiberglass tubing, fiberglass-reinforced composite, fiberglass-reinforced composite fabrication, plastic pipe, plastic pipeline, silicon, equipment specific maintenance, heat treatment equipment, pump control device, equipment manufacturer, chlorine bleach, hydrogen sulfide absorption, potassium carbonate, stainless steel tank, brackish water, glass matrix composite, lethal chemical, chiller system, potassium hydroxide, grinding equipment, aqueous solution, nonwoven fabric processing, expansion tank, fiberglass roving, high-purity water corrosion, water, distillation equipment, decanter, saltwater corrosion, roving (strand), chemical process equipment evaluation, chemical process equipment optimization, solid-liquid separation, plastic chemical property, plastic physical property, chlorinated organic compound, engineering plastic, plastic stress corrosion, bromine recovery, filtering centrifuge, corrosion-related fluid handling equipment failure, centrifugation equipment, filtration equipment, cooling water distribution system, organochlorine chemistry, air-handling equipment, chlorinated solvent, equipment failure analysis, handling equipment, molybdenum salt recovery, swimming pool water treatment, fire-retardant polymer additive, deionized-water corrosion, fiber-reinforced plastic, chemical compound processing, plastic material, chlorine compound, sodium hypochlorite, hydroprocessing, pollution control equipment, thermosetting material, thermoplastic material, cooling equipment, refrigeration system, pressure vessel, halogen chemistry, clad metal, molybdenum chemistry, bromine chemistry, fluoropolymer, container, nonferrous metal, wastewater storage equipment, heating equipment, water disinfection, underground storage tank, thermal insulation material, fluid tank, sulfuric acid, stress rupture strength, steel, silo, shipping container, nozzle, hypochlorite, hydrolysis, hydrogen, glass fiber polymer composite, glass cloth, drinking water filtration, engineering thermoplastic, electrolyte, desiccant, carbon dioxide, air flow

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