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20 Years of Communication Expertise & Experience

Expert has a reputation for being able to handle rapid turnarounds and tight deadlines. She also has a proven ability to build consensus among strong egos, diverse talents and conflicting views to achieve strategic solutions and create winning strategies.

Using both neuroscience and creativity, she is able to address communication issues across a broad range of platforms including:

- Advertising
- Web Content
- B2B Communications
- B2C Communications
- Training Material
- Direct Mail Campaigns
- Email Campaigns
- Advertorials
- Internal Communications
- Newsletters
- Educational & Presentation Information
- Books
- Political Communication

She is adept at placing specific information in viewers long term memory utilizing a variety of techniques such as; eye tracking studies, neurophysiology & targeted marketing data. The science underlies her abilities as a creative professional, ensuring that whatever form the message takes, it is both compelling and memorable. Expert has worked on multiple projects for:

- The Internet
- Articles
- White Papers
- Conferences
- Courtrooms
- Corporate Settings
- Television
- Radio
- Seminars

She uses all styles of communication to deliver information. Her expertise helps define whether a message will be most effective if delivered verbally or non-verbally, utilizing humor, drama or a straightforward approach. Creativity is part of the equation for functionally effective technical, financial and scientific articles as much as it is for television or radio.

Expert's reputation is based on the work she has have done for top corporations in the U.S. and abroad utilizing an interdisciplinary approach to each project that she's been involved with. Whether it is education, advertising, marketing or motivation, her range of experience translates to an ability to define and address target markets precisely.

Additionally, Expert works with a wide range of industries, including:

- Consumer Products
- B2B Products & Services
- B2C
- Broadcast
- Financial Services
- Manufacturing
- Healthcare
- Social & Educational Services
- Military
- Legal

Speech Writing - Public Speaking

Expert has 20 years of experience working with the spoken and written word including; speeches and presentations for all levels of corporate executives, politicians, lawyers and doctors. In addition, her work as a Media Trainer enables her to elicit the most powerful and appropriate performance in every situation.

Expert's goal is to be able to grant an individual the ability to speak in memorable sound bytes (which are stored in long-term rather than the short-term memory of an audience) without sounding trite or manipulative.

Regardless of whether the intent is to communicate a new initiative, soothe ruffled feathers, build consensus or motivate to action, her unique ability to "hear" a client's voice means she can create appropriate material and coach them on their presentation by phone, Skype, or in person.

A partial representative client list illustrates Expert's broad spectrum of experience and expertise:

- IBM International Teleconference
- Department of Health & Human Services
- President, CEO - Motts, USA
- Personal Injury Attorney - Closing Arguments
- Vice President - Pepsi Research & Technical Division
- GE - Graduate Business School Recruitment Broadcast
- CEO - Waste Management's Industrial Services Group
- CNN, CBS, Interviews
- Juvenile Diabetes Association
- The Eno Transportation Foundation
- Bearing Point - SAP Solutions & Customer Management

Additionally, Expert works with a wide range of industries, including:

- Consumer Products
- B2B Products & Services
- B2C
- Broadcast
- Financial Services
- Manufacturing
- Healthcare
- Social & Educational Services
- Military
- Legal
- Political

She worked with attorneys during a high-profile case, helping them weave very intricate evidence into successful closing arguments, while honing their presentation skills.

She created a science student recruitment project for Boston University, using 'human truth' awareness - developing a logo and slogan, showcasing newly appointed deans and a Nobel Laureate that included newspapers, television and a publicity campaign.She ghostwrote a biography for a veteran political operative who was unwell. Due to the exigencies of his health, the entire manuscript was researched, written and at press within three months time.She co-wrote and ghosted business communications that Increased web traffic, raised the attendance level at conferences, and generated enthusiasm and participation for specific projects.

Communications were used to share information that led to cross-pollination of new projects and new partnerships.She wrote articles that took science, medicine, engineering processes and communication and made them eminently understandable. In that regard, she designed an animation to teach DNA re-association to students at the University of Pennsylvania, she wrote articles for a focused health care company, she designed entertaining presentations for technology and engineering conferences, and she ghosted PowerPoint presentations, speeches and articles for a leading legal analyst.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1977 Degree: BS Subject: Ethology Institution: University of Miami

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2007 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Consultant / Writer Department:
Expert combined her strategic skills and research abilities to recover documents crucial for a case involving millions of dollars.

Her deep knowledge of psychology provided the basis for interviews and assessments used to prepare complex affidavits which in turn, led to successful outcomes.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2010 to 2011 Employer: Merrill Lynch Title: Speaker / Consultant Department:
Global Wealth Consultants Presentation Training - Expert's program covered Preparation, Presentation and Performance skills.

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1995 to 2009 Employer: U.S. Surgical- USDG -TYCO - Covidien Title: Strategic Consultant / Writer / Director Department:
Projects for various iterations of the giant Healthcare company included: writing/producing/directing video, writing speeches, creating CDs, new product introduction for consumers, technical overviews for clinicians.

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2009 to 2009 Employer: National Law Journal Title: Writer Department:
Using her ability to parse complex information, Expert explained why everything attorneys learned in school and their practices, must be seen in a different light.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2008 to 2008 Employer: Architectural Firm Title: Writer / Designer Department:
Using imagination and sound effects, Expert created a FLASH module that was both entertaining and informative.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2008 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Speech Writer / Consultant Department:
Expert created a PowerPoint presentation that allowed engineers and scientists from competitive brands to share specific knowledge databases.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1995 to 2007 Employer: Confidential Title: Ghost Writer Department:
Expert authored a memoir for an ex-model, detailing her misadventures in the world of glitz and glamour.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 2002 to Present Agency: FASB Role: Writer Description: She created a long-form instructional piece on the history, the efficacy and the necessity for the Board.
Years: 2005 to Present Agency: Raytheon Role: Writer / Director Description: She consulted, scripted and directed a video showcasing the specific military enhancements of an attack helicopter.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Expert has worked as a consultant helping to expand the reach and reputation of individual attorneys.

She has also worked one-on-one, helping attorneys to finesse their personal presentation in front of judges, juries, and the press.

Additionally, she has collaborated on cases where the style in which the facts are presented, essentially the story-through-line, is specifically tailored to the audience for best outcomes.
Training / Seminars

Expert presented the skill-set required to enhance consultant's presentation to clients as well as their ability to target their audience specifically.

Topics Included:

Sales Pitches vs. Acquiring Effective Performance Skills; The Intimacy of Money; Targeting Your Audience; How To Leverage Pauses To Enhance Sales; How You Listen; Identifying Bullet Points To Speak To; Why Reading To Clients Is Not Communicating; Eye Contact: How & When; Reducing Prep Time; Parsing Content for Delivery; Being Quick on Your Verbal Feet By Using Your Hands; Complex Visuals: How To Effectively Utilize Them

Writing / Coaching; Helping executives break down the barriers between upper levels of management - Sharing the real-world benefits of Cooperation vs Competition.

Writing / Coaching; Defining how and why Professional Development develops personal confidence and client trust. Detailed view of different tracks and resulting expertise.

Writing / Producing / Directing; Video mini-documentaries of Stephen Hawking, Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks et al., underscoring the fact that A-Type personalities are not the only successful leaders on the planet.

Writing / Visual Design; Teaching the use of new hardware and software to their national sales force.

Writer / Presenter; IT professionals from C-Suite to application managers worldwide; Explaining the need to access technological expertise and business savvy as well as providing impartial assessment of which information systems have the shortest learning curves while providing the greatest knowledge acquisition.

Marketing Experience
The need to consistently learn and implement new ways to communicate effectively is not a tertiary or secondary principle of success for any company - it is a Territorial Imperative. Expert continuously enhances her already deep knowledge of the dissemination of information by keeping current with cutting edge bio and neuroscience.

Cross-pollination in term of what works with disparate groups such as; attorneys, manufacturing executives, luxury designers, engineers and a range of Thought Leaders, allows her to tailor material for specific needs and introduce new technologies and methodologies.

She works with mega-multinationals as well as on a one-on-one basis to develop the most compelling and effective messaging possible. Her range of experience across multiple fields for the last 20 years translates to multiple go-to experts she can mine for hard-to-find detail.

Understanding how customers and attitudes are changing is crucial. Most companies don't have the time or man-power to devote to that kind of research. Expert brings a wealth of experience as well as the ability to explore and uncover nuances large and small that will have an effect on both the short and long term realities of business.
Other Relevant Experience
More than death, more than snakes or spiders or falling from a terrific height, people fear Public Speaking. Multiple surveys call it "America's #1 fear".

- Standing up in front of a jury is public speaking.
- Selling pharmaceuticals to doctors is public speaking.
- So is reporting to a board of directors, explaining a new initiative to stockholders, introducing a new product, sharing information with colleagues.

Grounded confidence is immediately sensed by an audience as is discomfort or nervousness. Neuroscience suggests you've lost your advantage right then and there. Experience proves it.

Expert helps groups of people as well as individuals, not only deal with the issue, but learn to excel when speaking in public.

Confidentiality - One singular skill is mandatory when dealing with any information shared by companies, lawyers, doctors or government agencies.

When referred to as confidentialness, the word becomes a noun. It doesn't merely include a written agreement. It means that you have been entrusted with critical information and long after a project is done, even years past an end-date to an agreement, she believes one is honor-bound to never discuss it. Ever.

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