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Expert in Computer Science: Embedded-Computer Systems, Statistical Analysis, Data Recovery, Languages

Expert ID: 724800 New Jersey, USA

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He carries out forensic consulting, writes specialized computer programs both for others and for his own amusement, edits technical books, tutors in English for speakers of other languages, serves as treasurer for not only the local Emergency Squad but also the BCS USA Section, and gives an occasional lecture.

In the past, he's consulted with lawyers, a major food manufacturer, a major life insurance company, sat on the CODASYL COBOL committee, written a simulator for a UNIVAC I and II (with the bemused permission of UNISYS’s legal department!), developed a decompiler for Cbasic intermediate files, and generally has been programming professionally since 1957.

Frequently, data is available in unusual, inconsistent, formats, or is embedded in garbage. He has managed to squeeze real information out of what, at first impression, appeared to be utterly intractable data. Sometimes this involved manual entry, other times it was possible to write clever programs to weed through the dross to mine the ore. Once the data has been converted to a rational form, he has correlated data from incompatible sources, generated reports, added ZIP codes, validated references, and done other kinds of things to attempt to assure that the data is as was represented.

He has helped some attorneys in identifying statistical indications of discrimination for their use in lawsuits. He generally consults in the area of statistical analysis.

He wrote his first computer program in 1951, and has been programming professionally since 1957. He's written a number of different kinds of programs, from astrological to zoological, in a number of different computer environments. If you need something, and you can't find it, or anything like it, on a shelf somewhere, perhaps he can develop it for you.

He can take a program in ROM and, knowing the chip on which it will run, reverse-engineer it so that he can understand exactly what it does. This has been useful for some patent problems. He has written a decompiler for the intermediate language generated by some compilers, to recover the source code to allow him to make corrections and improvements, when the original source code was unavailable.

He's currently working on a program that allows the user to invent a language from scratch, and a program that integrates multiple calendars, languages, and date-dependent data. Evaluating repair/replacement costs for equipment damaged by disasters. Digging out trends and patterns in data provided by lawyers, usually involving discrimination on the basis of age, sex, or race.


Created a program that does a statistical analysis of two-by-two tables using the Fischer Exact Test, as well as computing the chi² statistic and the odds ratio. Utilized this program to analyze data in three discrimination cases. [PUGLISI v. CITY OF NEW BRUNSWICK, Civil Docket 90-4212(JAG), US Court, District of New Jersey; FITZ v. PSE&G, Superior Court of New Jersey, Essex County, Docket L-14338-96; SCOTT v. IBM CORP., Civil Docket 98-4092(JBS), US Court, District of New Jersey]Advised a small pipe-organ firm on the design of pipe organ components (and assisted in building some of those components).
Designed, developed, and implemented a system for entering, consolidating, maintaining, and reporting on the records required for employee drug testing as required by the federal regulations for a drug-free transportation workplace. This system was written in PC/FOCUS, and generated all of the required letters, reports, and inventory control information. Provided professional assistance to an accounting firm in the computer and systems aspects of audits of four of its clients (a bank, a manufacturing company, a glass fabricator, and a ship building firm), and also reviewed and audited the EDP department of the accounting firm itself. These audits included security, privacy, and integrity of both the computer systems (including hardware and software) and the data processed by those systems. Designed and implemented a complete membership system for a volunteer emergency squad; the system keeps complete records on each member, including membership status, hours volunteered, and skills. This system was written in CBASIC in a CP/M environment, and has been rewritten in Visual Basic for a Microsoft Windows environment.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: New York, New York - Yonkers, New York - Newark, New Jersey - Jersey City, New Jersey - Paterson, New Jersey - Elizabeth, New Jersey - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Allentown, Pennsylvania - Stamford, Connecticut - Baltimore, Maryland

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1958 Degree: BA Subject: Physics Institution: University of Pennsylvania
Year: 1963 Degree: MSE Subject: Electrical Engineering Institution: University of Pennsylvania
Year: 1991 Degree: PhD Subject: Philosophy Institution: Greenwich University, Hilo, HI

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 1977 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Consultant Department: Responsibilities:
Years: 1972 to 1977 Employer: Equitable Life Assurance Society Title: Senior Manager Department: Technical Support Responsibilities:
Years: 1965 to 1972 Employer: RCA Computer Systems Division Title: Manager Department: Language Systems Standards and Research Responsibilities:
Years: 1963 to 1965 Employer: Westinghouse Defense and Space Center Title: Manager Department: Programming Language Research Responsibilities:
Years: 1957 to 1963 Employer: University of Pennsylvania Title: Research Assistant Department: Responsibilities:
Years: 1954 to 1955 Employer: Philco Corporation Title: Electronics Technician Department: Responsibilities:
Years: 1952 to 1953 Employer: Kansas Power and Light Co. Title: Tabulating Machine Operator Department: Responsibilities:

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 1969 to 1969 Country / Region: Adelaide, South Australia Summary: Invited Speaker: A Taxonomy for Programming Proceedings of the 4th Australian Computer Conference
Years: 1970 to 1970 Country / Region: Akademgorodok, Siberia Summary: Invited Speaker: Proceedings of the 2nd All-Union conference on Programming

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Franklin Institute, 1958-1991;
MENSA, 1965- ;
American Cryptogram Association, 1969- ;
American Guild of Organists, 1969-2005;
Co-Dean, South West Jersey Chapter, 1997-1998;
Dean, South West Jersey Chapter, 1998-1999;
Treasurer, South West Jersey Chapter, 1999-2005;
Triple Nine Society, 1979- ;
Association of Humanistic Psychologists, 1978- ;
International Transactional Analysis Association, 1980- ;
Association of Former Intelligence Officers, 1999- ;
American College of Forensic Examiners International, Inc, 2000-
Licenses / Certifications
Chartered Engineer (CEng) [British Engineering Council], 1990;
Chartered IT Professional (CITP) [British Computer Society], 2004;
Chartered Scientist (CSci) [British Science Council], 2005;

Certificate in Data Processing (CDP), 1979;
Certificate in Computer Programming (CCP), 1979;
Certified Systems Professional (CSP), 1985-1996;
Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI), with specializations in Electronic Data Processing, 1973;
Selection of Risks, 1975
Life and Health Insurance Claims, 1976
Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), 1975
Professional Appointments
Board of Governors, IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology, 2007-2009;

Board of Directors, Philadelphia Health Plan Inc., 1975-1977;
Board of Directors, Crossroads Runaway Program, 1981-1982;
Board of Officers, Willingboro Emergency Squad, 1986-1989 and 2003-
Treasurer, 2003-

Board of Directors, Compliance, Inc., 1989-1992;
Board of Advisors, Providence House (a shelter for abused women), 1991-1994;
Vice Chair, 1993-1994.
Publications and Patents Summary
A New Algorithm for Algebraic Translation 14th National Meeting of the ACM, 1959;
Towards a Theory of Recursive Processors 16th National Meeting of the ACM, 1961; A Translation Technique for Languages whose Syntax is Expressible in Extended Backus Normal Form Symbolic Languages in Data Processing, Gordon and Breach, (Proceedings of March 1962 IFIP Conference in Rome, Italy); The Parameterization of the Compilation Process Formal Language Description Languages, North Holland, 1966 (Proceedings of September 1966 IFIP Conference, Vienna, Austria); An Assembly Language for Reprogramming (Graham, Marvin; and Expert) ACM Reprogramming Conference, Princeton NJ, 1965; A Universal Assembly Mapping Language (Graham, Marvin; and Expert) ACM National Conference, 1965; Computer Consultants Computers in Landscape Architecture Landscape Architecture Technical Information Series 8, May 1984; Computer Considerations Proceedings of the Tenth National Nutrient Data Bank Conference, U. S. Department of Commerce, National Technical Information Service, PB86-159589, July 1985; Artificial Intelligence: An Overview Datapro Manufacturing Automation Series Datapro Research Corporation, Delran NJ March 1987.

(Lectures on the Y2K Problem were given to:
Willingboro Rotary International, 1999
Athey & Company, Accountants, 1999
Fleet National Bank, 1999);
(A lecture on computer security was given to:
Willingboro Rotary International, 2000);
(A lecture on calendrics was given to:
Philadelphia Mensa, 2002);
(A non-credit course on Thorne Smith was taught as part of the LIFE program of
Burlington County College, 2003);
(A non-credit course on Calendrics was taught as part of the LIFE program of
Burlington County College, 2004);

Patent in Pattern Suppressed Counter Circuit.
Patent in Deflection System for Cathode Ray Tubes

Fields of Expertise

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