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Expert has been a Guest Researcher at the National Institute of Standards studying the durability of materials. He also is a consultant for a number of companies, e.g., Grace, Texas Cast Stone, Lathrop and Gage, RJLeeGroup, National Precast Concrete Association, and Fay, Sharpe, Fagan, Minnich & McKee. At the same time, he was chosen as the Executive Director of the Concrete Corrosion Inhibitors Association by several leading admixture suppliers. He is now recognized as the leading authority on corrosion and admixtures in concrete and fireproofing. He maintains an active consulting business helping companies on a continuing basis.

Expert has been doing research in the fireproofing of steel buildings for over 25 years. His involvement included developing the first non-asbestos, cementitious fireproof coating. He studied how asbestos functions and then found a suitable substitute. He understands that proving the value of new coatings requires the full knowledge of fire testing, from small scale to ASTM E-119 on full-scale assemblies at Underwriters Laboratory (UL). The thermal properties of materials (heat capacities and thermal conductivities) are integral to developing proper fire protection.

Expert has expertise in the manufacture and hydration of portland cement. Since Portland cement is made from crude raw material found in many parts of the world, the reactions and properties of this cement vary widely. Working with additives and the various cement from around the world, he can help find ways to modify cement to produce the desired properties. He has been studying the chemistry of Portland cement since his first publication in 1964, where he elucidated the mechanism of how calcium chloride reacts to accelerate cement.

Expert has demonstrated a strong understanding of steel corrosion by developing the first commercially successful corrosion inhibitor for concrete. This understanding is brought out in a 1977 publication that explains how corrosion proceeds and how to control it. This corrosion inhibitor has been used successfully for over 20 years. With his understanding of this field, Expert can help people with corrosion problems and their attempts at stopping the corrosion process.

With 30 years in the construction materials industry, he has seen the development of many new products, from wall systems to new building materials. He has studied the successes and the failures (e.g., Sarabond) and has seen the major mistakes others have made introducing new concepts. With his own product successes and a good understanding of the market needs, he can help clients be successful with new product ideas.

Expert has been involved in the development of waterproof coatings for many years. He has patents on several variations and has contributed to the development of standards for waterproof systems. He maintains that understanding how waterproofing works and the need for low-cost, environmentally-safe application methods are integral to the success of any new waterproofing product.

He has been involved with concrete coatings to protect floors and bridge decks for 15 years. He was instrumental in developing the first low-temperature, non-shrinking, polyester-based polymer concrete formulation for floor coatings and covers for nuclear containment vessels. Polyester coatings have been used in external applications (e.g., roads, bridge decks etc.) for many years. Formulating coatings can be quite difficult since changing the formulation to meet one property requirement causes a change in many other properties that may not be favorable. the expert can help clients speed the formulation process in order to obtain the necessary coating properties.

As a Senior Scientist and member of the Innovation Office, the expert has helped several young, talented scientists to become more creative. He has extensive experience working with creative people who have ideas but do not know how to present them to others who can appreciate their value. He has helped many young people understand the new product development process. Having been successful in this area himself, he has shown innovators how to expand their thinking in order to find creative solutions to difficult problems.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Baltimore, Maryland - Frederick, Maryland - Gaithersburg, Maryland - Bowie, Maryland - Richmond, Virginia - Alexandria, Virginia - Wilmington, Delaware - Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1960 Degree: Ph.D. Subject: Physical Chemistry Institution: Purdue University
Year: 1955 Degree: A.B. Subject: Chemistry Institution: Boston University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2000 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Consultant Department: Responsibilities: He is a technical expert and advisor on construction legal problems.
Years: 1977 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Consultant Department: Responsibilities: Expert is a technical adviser on construction products and admixtures.
Grace Construction Products
Lathrop & Gage
Texas Cast Stone
Air Products
National Precast Concrete Association
Innovative Construction & Building Materials, LLC
Advanced Nano Products, Inc.
Fay, Sharp, Fagan, Minnich & McKee, LLP
AMC Theatres
Kasdan, Simonds & Epstein, LLP
Baker – US Navy
J. Kokolakis Contracting, Inc.
Uniseal Solutions, Inc.
Paul and Hanley LLP
Gallo Vitucci & Klar – NY Thruway
Ingman Associates
Tucker Ellis, LLP - Cafco related
RECON - Remedial Construction Services, L. P.
Years: 1998 to 2008 Employer: Concrete Corrosion Inhibitors Association Title: Executive Director Department: Responsibilities: He promotes the use of corrosion inhibitors in concrete.
Years: 1998 to 2008 Employer: RJ Lee Group, Inc. Title: Technical Advisor Department: Responsibilities: Expert develops standards for the SEM.
Years: 1997 to 2006 Employer: National Institute of Standards and Technology Title: Guest Researcher Department: Materials and Construction Responsibilities: Expert works on materials research.
Years: 1969 to 1977 Employer: W. R. Grace & Co. Title: Senior Scientist, Research Manager, Research Director, Department: Construction Products Div. Responsibilities: Developed new products.
Construction Products Division, Research Division, 1969-1997
Research Manager, Research Director, Member of Senior Business Management
Committee, Chairman, Innovation Committee
Years: 1966 to 1969 Employer: Polaroid Corporation Title: Senior Laboratory Supervisor Department: Responsibilities: Supervisor, Research
Years: 1960 to 1966 Employer: W. R. Grace & Co. Title: Chemist, Group Leader Department: Responsibilities: Construction Products Division
Group Leader, Research

Career Accomplishments

Awards / Recognition
Expert was voted one of the top 100 technologists by Technology Magazine. He also received the IR-100 Award from Industrial Research Magazine. He was made an honorary member of ASTM, and is active in the C-01, C-09, D-08, and E-05 committees. He also holds professional memberships in NACE, ACI, and ACS. He was appointed to two advisory committees of the National Research Council (Corrosion in Concrete and Roofing) and the technical advisory board of the National Road Builders Association.
Publications and Patents Summary
Expert has authored numerous technical publications and patents.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Expert has served as the chief expert witness for W.R. Grace & Company in matters involving asbestos. He was also an expert witness for Lathrop and Gage, AMC Theatres, J. Kokolakis Conntracting, Carboline, and Tucker Ellis, Paul Hanley LLP, in matters involving fireproofing. All cases involved writing a report and some required a deposition. All resulted in the clients winning their cases. He served as an expert witness for Fay, Sharp, Fagan, Minnich & McKee, LLP, and Baker -- US Navy, in matters involving corrosion of iron in concrete. All cases involved writing reports. All clients were satisfied with the work. He served as an expert witness for Kasdan, Simonds & Epstein, LLP, and RECON regarding concrete construction failures. All cases involved writing reports. All were satisfied with the results. He served as an expert witness for Gallo, Vitucci & Klar -- NY Thruway regarding an injury on a job site. A report was written and at the last minute he did not testify because opposition expert witness said everything in his report was correct.
Marketing Experience
He promoted the use of corrosion inhibitors in concrete for the largest companies in the U.S. selling these products.

Fields of Expertise

concrete, concrete failure, concrete failure analysis, concrete mixing, fire-resistant coating material, fire-resistant concrete, fire-resistant plaster, floor protection, fire resistance testing, cement, cementitious material, portland cement, rebar corrosion, steel corrosion inhibitor, construction material, construction defect, vermiculite, waterproofing, watertight concrete, concrete coating material, innovation, ideation, water intrusion, fiber-reinforced concrete, mortar mixing, mortar (material), cement mixing, lightweight composite, assembly fire-resistance testing, weatherproof sealer, slag, fiber-reinforced cement, flame test, low-density concrete, aerated concrete, concrete sealer, waterproof screen, cement plant, fiber-reinforced composite bar, stucco, composite steel deck floor system, aggregate material, perlite, concrete outdoor weather corrosion, fire-resistant plasterboard, flame-resistant insulation material, preplaced-aggregate concrete, low-heat cement, insulation material, epoxy-coated rebar corrosion, building insulation material, filling grout, fire protection, fly ash, mortar mixture, ready-mixed concrete, tremie concrete, sulfate-resistant cement, steel corrosion, slag cement, shotcrete, reinforced concrete, pumped concrete, prestressed concrete, precast concrete, polymeric concrete, masonry cement, lightweight concrete, hydraulic cement, high-strength concrete, high early-strength cement, fly ash modified concrete, expanding cement, corrosion inhibitor, architectural concrete, air-entrained cement, air-entrained concrete

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