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Expert in Digital Printing, Inks, Flexible Packaging, Coatings Materials & Processes, UV Cure, Printed Electronics

Expert ID: 724410 Pennsylvania, USA

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Some clients call expert "our reserve technical director", referencing his ability to succeed with any activity a manufacturing technical director may be assigned. Such activities range from issues a vendor may have with its suppliers through to those of an end user two or three steps removed. The breadth of activity of former employers and clients, allows him to quickly understand problems and processes, and find solutions beyond the normal reach.

His greatest experience is with papers, films, inks and coatings, any where they may be manufactured, converted or used, including printing and packaging. He has supported all printing processes, individually on in combination, and deeply involved with digital printing, especially inkjet and toner-based.

Expert was employed in 1987 by James River Graphics specifically to develop quality papers for photoreproduction by digital printing. He lead the development of the first such paper for electrostatic printing, established JRG's first contact with a large format photoreproduction ink jet printer manufacturer, got 3M the transfer paper for its ScotchPrint business, supervised thermal transfer and media development as well as products for laser printing. He continues to work in this field assisting with technical problem resolution, new product development and as and expert witness. Most of his patents are related to digital printing.

Expert has a deep understanding of the mechanisms of ink jet printing through his work in substrate development, and from owning an ink-jet printing business. He is currently involved in developing ink jet printing systems for novel applications.

Expert is now regularly asked to perform technical market assessments. Examples include:
textile printing by inkjet,
future developments with UV and EB cure;
state of latex and emulsion inks;
printing food packaging
printheads for 3D printing and additive manufacturing
label stock supply chain

He is gaining reputation as a spokesman for the UV inkjet printing trade via its organization, RadTech.

Manufacturing flexible printed circuits brings together many of the printing and web processing methods Expert has extensive experience with. These include vacuum coating, precision coating, precision printing, assembling multi-layer constructions using printing, coating and lamination bringing together dielectrics, conductors and semi-conductors, all in clean rooms. For the digital printing aspect, he offers great depth for industrial inkjet, and can integrate toner and thermal transfer printing - both well proven but typically over-looked in this field.
Recent activity has been introducing thermal transfer printing of continuous aluminum and copper for UHF/RFID antennas for design, prototyping and production of thousands, locally or distributed.

During his tenure in media development, it was necessary for the expert to understand the composition and performance of ink jet inks. Owning an ink jet printing business, and then developing ink jet printing systems for novel applications has increased that knowledge.

As account manager supporting a major OEM with UV-cure inkjet ink, he dealt with the complexities not just with the technology and logistics, as well as regulations for transport, import/export and use.

Expert did his graduate and post-doctoral work in colloid and interface science. They have been central to many of his innovations and problem resolution in printing, coating, paper making and packaging. He has recently been applying these principles to various nanotechnology applications for chemical indicators, inks and barrier coatings.

By being involved in media development for all forms of ink jet (CIJ, DOD, Valvejet, aqueous, solvent and UV) Expert has developed a broad experience base, and a fundamental knowledge of the differences in these technologies.

Expert has experience with selecting, designing, operating and troubleshooting the following coating technologies: Gravure, roll, rod, slot, curtain, size-press, liquid spray, powder, vacuum and sputter on films, papers, panels and objects. He has routinely solved many problems, and led production teams through the most complicated.

Expert has been involved in the complete process from defining need, setting up and running definitive process and product trials, designing layout, supervising installation and start-up of coating and drying systems for paper, paperboard, films. They have been for solvent, aqueous as well as UV and EB cure. End uses have ranged from beverage packaging to photo-quality digital printing media. Recent example: acting project manager to define requirements and identify specifications for RFQ - assessment of quotations, recommendation of preferred vendor, and participant in negotiations. System: 4 ovens with 50 foot web run in each for press with 4 rotary screen stations.

A large number of processing and analystical technologies are associated with colloids. Expert has a broad experience in these fields.
He has been at the forefront of basic understanding of the colloidal properties of minerals and viruses. He has also worked with clays, oxides, metals, bacteria, latex and plastic materials all in the colloidal form. He is utilizing this knowledge now in nanotechnology and ink developments.
Freezing is a related area as it is driven by surface energy considerations. Expert has established technology to get reliable freezing at temperatures with FP depression of not more than 1.5C.

Innovation is greatly facilitated by broad experience - common practices in one industry are frequently unknown in others. Expert is naturally inquisitive - he wants to learn how things work, and then how they could be made to work better. He is inherently an innovator, and his involvement in multiple industries has complemented that talent.

New Product Development is both a learned skill and a talent. He has both. When asked "Can you make something to do this?" he will return with options, constructions, manufacturing processes, materials and vendors. He can form internal and external teams, forge partnerships with vendors and customers, and lead the whole process to completion. By virtue of owning his own custom manufacturing business he became very insistent upon new products having good manufacturability, and being cost effective solutions for the intended customers.

When employed by James River Graphics, expert became part of several OEM new product development teams. These teams were typically led by the OEM, and included not only staff representing critical departments, but also key vendors. Consequently, he participated in the development of a range of commercially successful non-impact printing systems, including electrography, ink jet, laser and thermal transfer. He now is being retained to provide system solutions to new areas of digital printing - solutions that require novel print engine technology.

Innovation has two components - one is inventing and the other is transferring technology from one environment to another. He does both. Expert works in distinctly different fields (printing, freezing, packaging, construction materials, barrier coatings, etc.) and maintains an awareness of developments through a broad or trade publications. He is a real innovator. He has process and product improvement ideas all the time. Solving complex problems requires both intense thinking and generating ideas to be tested. Another area of skill.

Expert has over 26 patents, most of which he was the principal inventor. He also was the lead writer for most of them. Every time he becomes involved in a new area, he has come up with patentable ideas. As a paid consultant, these are typically the property of his clients. The recent Supreme Court ruling has raised the bar for patents, which is good. Searching the patent and trade literature for prior art is now more important. This is an area where he excels when the field is related to areas of his expertise. The background information he has provided patent attorneys has strengthened their cases, whether in defense of or attacking a patent.

Expert has provided Expert Witness services for cases before the court.

Expert’s career has predominantly been in R&D. He does both research and development, but his research is usually to support a development. Early in his career, his publications recorded his research successes. Now it is his patents and the success of his clients. He is persistent and patient. His innovation is a valuable talent.

Expert became a R&D manager early in his career when he was appointed to run the pilot coating operation at Union Camp Corp. He rose through the ranks of middle management to become VP of R&D. As a consultant he has been retained as Chief Chemist and Chief Technical Officer for start up ventures. In these roles he has not merely led the clients scientific and development activities, but he has been an ad hoc member of the client’s executive team. His former employees give him high marks for his management, and more especially his leadership.

Most of expert’s coating experience has been with organic materials or inorganic materials with organic binders. Examples include latex/clay and starch/clay for paper and paperboard, polymer/mineral coatings for ink jet papers, polymer solutions for dielectric coatings, polymers and metals for conductive coatings, multiple layers of polymers for transfer materials and barrier coatings. The organic materials were aqueous (solution and latex), solvent, and monomer/oligomer for UV/EB. He is an expert in powder coating, especially on wood, MDF and other temperature sensitive materials. He also has developed UV cure coating systems for wood panels.

Extensive experience designing flexible packaging products from selection of components whether extruded, cast or formed, through coating, metallizing, laminating printing and forming into containers ready for filling. Applications include direct and indirect food contact requirements, pharmaceutical, often with stringent barrier or gas porosity specifications. Typically involved in the difficult and non- standard constructions or applications.

Expert's skills with printing by most processes have been developed and extended by developing and commercializing label facestocks for almost the full range of applications in identification, prime, beverage, flexible and transportation. His company usually has activity with labels in one form or another: facestock, adhesive, liner, printing, laminating, application, or end use. Clients represent all facets of the industry. Also provided expert witness services.

He was retained as Chief Scientist by Trio Industries, a start up venture intending to produce cabinet doors by powder coating MDF. This is a new technology with several process options offered. Only one was determined suitable for the scale of operation Trio planned (factory cost was $60MM). Got complete powder operation selected, demonstrated and approved. Also got the client a patent for high volume printing of wood panels. Retained to address chronic production issues with highly specialized pharmaceutical label manufacturer. System had multiple problems and difficulties. Isolated and addressed problems. Production came under control and is predictable.Retained to assist with development of novel pharmaceutical label product. When given requirement invented complete item, phase change indicator and method to manufacture. Product is in development. Patents pending. Client also had another different item demonstrated in lab: Selected materials and vendors. Redesigned process to print and assemble the item. Found specialized equipment needed for precision dosing. Manufacturer of PET bottles to contain juice had two coating lines installed to apply barrier coatings to the bottles. Only one was running. Yield was poor, barrier performance was substandard. Primary issues identified and programs to address developed. Client got process under control.Client had an idea for a process to impove efficiency of coating wood panels with UV cure formulations. He demonstrated that savings in primer coating with this method could reach 50% - a major breakthrough. He expanded from the original idea to more practical and viable designs and approaches. The concepts were recorded for patenting purposes. Client has not yet acted. Invented a technology which gives a visual indication of the loss of efficacy of insecticidal mothball and fragrance releasing items for auto and residences.Assessed market opportunities in textile printing for a major digital printing OEM, made key introductions with result that client invested heavily and successfully quickly gaining a real market share.Assessed market opportunity for the only digital printing technology for conductive aluminum. Retained to develop the market. Assembled key partners, identified key users. Assisted the industry's best potential client demonstrate proof aof concept and supporting the definition of the full investment required to go commercial (investment is <1/10 capital requirements for traditional aluminum method.)

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: New York, New York - Yonkers, New York - Newark, New Jersey - Jersey City, New Jersey - Paterson, New Jersey - Elizabeth, New Jersey - Trenton, New Jersey - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Allentown, Pennsylvania - Stamford, Connecticut

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1977 Degree: Ph.D Subject: Physical Chemistry Institution: University of Waikato, New Zealand
Year: 1972 Degree: MSc Subject: Chemistry Institution: University of Auckland, New Zealand
Year: 1970 Degree: BSc Subject: Chemistry Institution: University of Auckland, New Zealand

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2000 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: President Department: Responsibilities: He is the primary consultant and program manager. He has lead projects in many different areas of coating technology, printing and flexible packaging.
Years: 2001 to 2005 Employer: Decorative Surface Technologies, Inc. Title: President and Founder Department: Responsibilities: Produced large format photo reproductions and graphic designs on rigid panels by dye sublimation. He founded and operated the company. Start up timing was inauspicious. He sold in 2005 and was retained as Chief Scientist and also operated the factory.
Years: 1997 to 2000 Employer: Dunmore Corp. Title: Vice President of Product Development Department: Responsibilities: He was responsible for the R&D department, and also served on the executive management team. He was initially recruited to assist turn the company around from impending bankruptcy. Sales of new products expanded greatly under his leadership.
Years: 1987 to 1997 Employer: Rexam Graphics Title: Technical Manager Department: R&D Responsibilities: He was employed specifically to develop papers for large format digital photo-reproduction, a totally new market at the time. Customers supported included 3M Scotchprint, Xerox, Hewlett Packard. The site was originally a division of James River Graphics. It is now known as Intellicoat.
Years: 1985 to 1987 Employer: James River Graphics Title: Section Head Department: R&D Responsibilities: He led the coating and calendaring research group for this major manufacturer of coated papers and paper boards.
Years: 1983 to 1985 Employer: Mead Research Title: Scientist Department: R&D Responsibilities: Lead program for developments required to design the rebuild of a coated paper-board machine.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 1977 to 1980 Agency: New York State Dept, Health Role: Scientist Description: Conducted research to support EPA study of the fate of viruses in effluent and groundwater.
Years: 1981 to 1982 Agency: New Zealand Dept. Scientiific & Industrial Research Role: Assistant to Chief Director Description: Analyzed internal & external research and prepared program summaries for internal, governmental and public use.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 1981 to 1982 Country / Region: New Zealand Summary: He was an aide to the Chief Director of the New Zealand Department of Industrial Research
Years: 2000 to 2003 Country / Region: Switzerland Summary: Periodic visits to support technology development by a Swiss paper manufacturer.
Years: 2000 to 2016 Country / Region: Europe Summary: Involved in and sometimes lead technology evaluations, developments, licensing and exchanges.
Years: 2015 to 2016 Country / Region: Global Summary: Marketing & promotin of printed electronics materials

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
American Chemical Society, TAPPI, Specialty Graphics and Imaging Association, Radtech, Federated Society of Coatings Technologies, Philadelphia Society for Coatings Technology. Active & intelligent Packaging International Association (AIPIA)
Publications and Patents Summary
He is named on 26 US patents and has more than 60 publications in technical and trade journals, books and proceedings. He writes on occasion for Paper Film and Foil Converter.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
For Law Firm: Prepared as Expert Witness for dispute regarding coating formulations.
For Law Firm: Reviewed and responded to opposition's witness statement regarding patent interpretation for see through graphic vinyl dispute. Case settled out of court.
For law firm: Researched and reported on ink jet printing ink usage issue - determined client was correct.
For individual client: Research patent prior art and made deposition. Client prevailed.
For law firm: Reviewed book manufacturing complaint. Client obtained settlement.
Training / Seminars
Coating Processes
Extended Gamut Printing
3D Printing for Convertors and Traditional Printers
Digital Printing Technologies for Packaging and Labels.
Vendor Selection
A major activity. Continually involved in this. Most are confidential. One example: Was retained in role of Chief Scientist for Trio Industries, a start up venture for powder coating MDF in high volume. Found and got approval for complete vendor list for the powder coating line - equipment and materials. Qualified MDF. Supervised trials on other commercial equipment. Program took 15 months.
Marketing Experience
Innovative and bring experience from different fields to bear for client. Often see several ways to reach the target. Work with the client to find the most appropriate. Have many contacts through several industries. Industry: Keenly aware of non-obvious cost of decisions.
Other Relevant Experience
Innovative, persistent and ethical

Fields of Expertise

digital printing, ink-jet printer, flexible circuit, technology, ink-jet printing ink, colloid and interface chemistry, ink-jet printing, coating system, coating drying system, colloid technology, innovation, new product development, non-impact printing product development, technology innovation, legal patenting, research and development, research and development management, organic coating process, packaging material selection, label printing, digital media technology, commercialization, fine-particle technology, digital photography, drop-on-demand ink-jet printer, surface energy measurement, surface modification, pilot line, heat-set ink, aqueous suspension, organic coating defect, polymer surface chemistry, contact angle measurement, rapid product development, product design variation reduction, design for cost, product manufacturing, corporate strategic planning, surface tension measurement, pilot plant scale-up, product development cycle time, coating-drying oven, electrophotographic printer, new product design, integrated product development, material product development, painting, design for manufacturability, product cost reduction, particle suspension (mixture), emulsion (mixture), particle dispersion (mixture), adsorption, adhesion, sorption, graphic arts, new product development management, laser digital-imaging system, house of quality, design process, electrophotography, surfactant, surface tension, surface chemistry, quality function deployment, production management, organic coating material, laser printer, dispersion technology, concurrent engineering, colloiding

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