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Expert in Display Materials, Lamp Materials, Electronic Materials (Powders, Thin Films, Nano) and Solar Cells

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Expert is a multidiscipliarian managing development & commercialisation from start-ups to sales in electronic displays, lamps & electronic materials. He has spent nearly a decade developing hot, cold & sintered cathodes for gas discharge lamps including use in signage, automotive lamps, avionic LCD back lights & analytical instruments at Masonlite & Cathodeon. He worked also on field emission cathodes for CRTs & field emission displays/lamps leading an industrial consortium with Oxford University, & also on carbon nanotubes for clients. Cathode work included ruggedisation, low noise designs, production troubleshooting & patents.

In terms of commercialisation, he has over 20 years experience winning new business by developing new products & presenting them to customers. Thus, he brought Lite Array, Inc. into worldwide sales of thin film electroluminescent display modules, & also developed OLED displays there winning the Eastman Kodak license & contributing to the business plan that led to establising a pilot plant in China using a novel method for reducing cost. He has prepared & presented proposals winning government funds at Smiths Industries, & avionic display contracts at Ferranti interfacing customers such as British Aerospace & Embraer in deals worth $9m (using novel features such as universal fitting for cost reduction or active contrast filters). Several products were developed & improved at Cathodeon for lamps & laser applying new techniques such as advanced cathode designs & methods of sealing. At Lite Array & Ferranti he prepared sales brochures, product specifications, company brochure & press releases; also he managed the web site & participated in international exhibitions.

Regarding competitive intelligence, he has monitored competitors & their technologies whilst at Lite Array & BBV Digital including prices & performance. As an example he found new blue LEDs as an opportunity & threat for billboard video displays subsequently visiting suppliers in Taiwan & China securing LED modules as second generation products. He also compared OLEDs & thin film electroluminescent technologies for medical & industrial instrument markets. Another example was the analysis of the window of opportunity for a gas ion laser compared to products from existing players, & ROI possible before replacement by solid state lasers.

Product development of devices over 20 years included CRTs & flat panel matrix displays such as LCDs, EL, OLEDs & VFDs for industrial, automotive, avionic & medical instrumentation. Gas discharge devices were developed as lamps or signs for the signage market at Masonlite, & analytical instrumentation industry at Cathodeon. Rapid development was acheived using concurrent engineering management. Several years were spent in development of gas discharge lamps & lasers at Cathodeon & Masonlite. Improved & new products included a brighter UV deuterium lamp, quieter xeonon lamps, new mercury lamps, flat electrodeless lamp, aircraft LCD back light, & automotive brake lamps.

Work on electrodes at Masonlite was for for cold cathode fluorescent lamps, & at Cathodeon for specialised gas discharge lamps in analytical instrumentation. Electrodes were also studied for clients such as field emitting carbon nanotubes, & special materials for electroluminescent lamps & organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs); this included some work on flexible electrodes. He has worked with transparent conductive electrodes such as indium tin oxide for over 20 years, & studied possible uses of carbon nanotubes. Aluminised & other metal electrodes were prepared as thin films for displays.

One of his main flat panel technologies is electroluminescence. This includes preparation & testing of all types of inorganic electroluminiescent displays including AC, DC, thin films & powders at General Electric, Smiths Industries & Lite Array, Inc. Also, he has led teams on small molecule organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) at Lite Array (winning the Eastman Kodak license) & for client studies. His M.Sc. in Materials Science & Ph.D in Physics included effects of phosphor crystallinity & gas adsorption on EL display efficiency & life. Presentations & seminars on EL were given at conferences & universities in Europe & Japan. He commercialised thin film EL display modules selling into industrial & medical markets worldwide at Lite Array as CTO & VP of Marketing.

Expert has a widespread technical & marketing background in electronic display technology including liquid crystal displays (LCDs), vacuum fluorescent displays (VFDs), electroluminecent (EL) & organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). He invented an LCD spacing technique for prototypes used in automotive displays, characterised LCDs at Smiths Industries & BBV Digital including dyed guest host & polymer dispersed liquid crystals. He liaised with LCD suppliers in Japan, Europe & the US over 20 years. Similarly, he worked with VFD suppliers & conducted some in-house R&D resulting in a patent on low voltage phosphors. Work on field emission display technology at Masonite included leading an industrial consortium with Oxford University, & again at Informative View for clients interested in carbon nanotube cathodes & displays/lamps. Liaison activities were with pioneers in nanoparticles for use in displays including porous silicon. Also, he has prepared nanosize materials & phosphors. Other work has been in preparation & characterization of color & contrast enhancement filters for various display technologies. Recent work was on billboard video displays using LEDs & LCDs.

His work on electronic material includes coating phosphors, dielectrics, metals & organic films for thin & thick film electroluminescence & for OLEDs. Techniques employed were RF sputtering, evaporation, screen printing, roll to roll, spraying, settling & electrophoresis. Besides coating, actual materials synthesized included nano size II-VI & IV-VI semiconductors. Characterization methods were BET surface area, adsorption of monolayers, tap density & novel optical techniques (e.g. to assess the optimum coating weight for a CRT phosphor screen). Encapsulation materials studies have been on glass frit & epoxy sealants, resins & desiccants. Extensive work was done also on dielectric breakdown for inorganic dielectric thin films. Client work has included examining business plans & prospects for flexible electrodes, carbon nanotubes, FEDs, photovoltaic solar cells & self assembled monolayers. Some design studies also undertaken on use of flexible electrodes & carbon nanotubes with several inventions on fabrication & coating. He was an invited speaker for a seminar at UC Berkley on nanotechnology in 2005.

Extensive work was undertaken at Masonlite working with customers & production on mechanisms of failure in cold cathode fluorescent lamps used in LCD back lights, architectural lighting & signage. Also at Cathodeon he was working on hot cathodes in lamps used in analytical instrumentation. He worked with Oxford University to confirm the mechanism of electrode blackening. Other studies were of sputtering damage & degradation of phosphor coated tubing. Expert has prepared & characterised ZnS & CdSe as nanoparticle powder & thin film phosphors. He studied also effects of adsorbed gases regarding charge transfer on ZnS affecting efficiency & life, also effects of particle size & crystallinity (M.Sc & Ph.D)

Innovation work has included cost saving schemes to open up business for OLED back electrodes allowing pilot production, & for a universal fit CRT display system winning contracts of about $3m. Other innovations have been in an active contrast enhancement filter, synthesis & deposition of carbon nanotube field emitters, & ruggedised & novel lamp cathodes including patents. Other patents include improvements to phosphors such as those for low voltage field emission. There was liaison also in acquiring licenses such as for OLEDs from Eastman Kodak, & for laser annealing technology to make brighter thin film electroluminescent displays. He led a consortium of industry & Oxford University to explore field emission cathode lamps & displays initially for signage applications. Liaison took place also with pioneers in conductive polymers for light emitting thin films, nanosize phosphors & porous silicon.

He has specialized in both organic & inorganic luminescence of powder & thin film phosphors for over 20 years. This includes synthesis, coating & characterisation at $ multibillon companies such as General Electric & Smiths Industries, also medium size companies such as Lite Array, Inc., Masonlite & Cathodeon. End uses have been in flat panel displays, lamps & signs.

Specific experience has been developing screening methods for CRTs including settling & electrophorsis. This included a novel suggestion for a new optical method to assess the optimum coating thickness. Expert has experience in assessing markets for employers & clients including electroluminescence, special gas discharge lamps, self assembled monolayers, nanosize particles, flexible electrode, & carbon nanotubes. He gathers information from a large network of contacts, customers, membership of societies such as the SID, RSC, IoP, & Materials Research Society, & from searches on the web & patent offices. He has prepared nanosize particles, along with characterisation & coatings mainly for light emission.

New product designs were carried out & managed for lamp cathodes at Masonlite & Cathodeon, & for electronic displays at Smiths Industries, Ferranti & Lite Array, Inc. These often included novel processing methods to reduce costs, improve yields or improve performance e.g. brighter, greater efficiency, & longer life as in electroluminecence.

Product design covered both displays & lamps as devices, as well as modules with electronics conforming to UL & EMI/EMC requirements. He managed multidisciplinary engineering teams at Ferranti in avionics, Smiths Industries in automotive instruments & for ruggedized EL displays at Lite Array for medical & industrial instruments. Particular attention was given to rapid development through Simultaneous Engineering, Total Quality Management, Design Reviews & Quality Assurance to ISO 9000 (including provision of Operating Procedures & novel testing methods).

He has monitored Nanotechnology & liaised with pioneers in carbon nanotubes & nanosize semiconductors & phosphors. Synthesis & characterisation included nano size selenides & tellurides. Patentable ideas were developed on carbon nanotube synthesis, deposition & use in field emission cathode devices or displays. He was an invited speaker at a seminar on nanotechnology held at CA Berkeley, 2005.

Experience in thin film technology includes RF sputtering & thermal evaporation of II-VI semiconductors & phosphors, dielectrics, metals & organic films. M.Sc. studies also included techniques for thin film deposition & characterisation. Studies were made of annealing by laser & heat regarding grain growth & crystallinity.

Expert has also worked in R&D for thin film CIGS solar cells since 2009. This includes sputtering deposition & device characterization. He has filed several patents for CIGS, perovskite and tandem solar cells. He also liaised with universities in the US & Taiwan working in the subject..

Whilst in the UK, Expert evaluated organic and inorganic electroluminescent display technologies presenting findings to the Board of a US company active in LED light sources.Studies were completed in 2005 of opportunities and viability for self assembled monolayer technology.Recent studies were undertaken in 2004 & 2005 of flexible electrodes for electroluminescent lamps and signs, and for flexible LCDs using printing or roll to roll technology.Since 2005, he has been involved in the evaluation and project designs for carbon nanotube lamps and various displays.R and D was conducted including assessment of suppliers for LCDs and LEDs with optical evaluations for use in billboard displays.In 2014, Expert advised on the design of a rugged touch panel LCD for an off-road vehicle company.From 2009 to 2016 Expert also worked on thin film CIGS solar cells, made by sputtering.In 2013, Expert assisted in the design of an improved gas discharge fluorescent lamp.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1974 Degree: Ph.D. Subject: Physics Institution: Brunel University
Year: 1970 Degree: M.Sc. Subject: Molecular Science of Materials Institution: University of Greenwich
Year: 1967 Degree: B.Sc. Subject: Chemistry Institution: University of Bristol

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2004 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Consultant Department:
Technical/quality and marketing consulting business in displays, phosphors, semiconducting materials, solar cells and lamps. International clients in thick & thin film EL, flexible LCDs and electronic paper, touch panels, CIGS solar cells, LCD backlights, TFTs, OLEDs, phosphors, quantum dots and carbon nanotubes. Invited speaker April ‘05 at UC Berkeley on nanotechnology for displays and lamps. Included several months with clients in the evaluation, design and characterization of prototype carbon nanotube devices, OLEDs and flexible electroluminescent lamps. Some 70 articles for Monthly Reports published in 2008/2009/2010 for industry analyst company “Insight Media”, and market report on electronic paper/e-book readers. Patent advice, due diligence and expert witness for several major US companies. Also, QA troubleshooting projects.

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1998 to 2003 Employer: Lite Array Title: CTO and VP of Marketing Department: Marketing
Responsible for integrating product development from a start-up into world-wide sales. Directed both inorganic and organic thin film research for electronic displays; monitored competitors and competing technologies. Fostered partnerships with universities and companies. Based in the US and China.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1997 to 1998 Employer: BBV DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY LTD Title: R&D Manager Department: R&D
Developed liquid crystal and LED displays for billboard video screens. Selected and tested lighting films and optical filters.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1993 to 1997 Employer: MASONLITE LTD Title: Technical Manager Department: Technical Engineer
Developed gas discharge lamps, cathodes and phosphor coated tubing for the signage industry, automotive lighting and avionic LCDs. Also, directed the accreditation of the ISO 9002 quality system and troubleshooting of production issues.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1991 to 1993 Employer: ELECTRO-LIGHT TECHNOLOGIES Title: Consultant Department: Contract
Client studies worldwide in specialized lamps and electronic displays.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1988 to 1991 Employer: CATHODEON LTD Title: Technical Director Department: R&D
Directed R and D for new and existing products in discharge lamps, cathodes and lasers, mainly for analytical instrumentation.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1984 to 1988 Employer: FERRANTI DEFENSE SYSTEMS LTD Title: Manager of Head Down Displays Department: R&D, Display
Managed existing programs in aircraft and ground based display systems, and customer proposals for new business. Technologies included monochrome/color CRTs and LCDs.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1978 to 1984 Employer: AUTOMOTIVE INSTRUMENT SYSTEMS LTD Title: Chief Engineer, Displays Department: Displays
Directed Rand D into flat panel display devices and systems for automotive instrumentation including EL, VFDs, and LCDs. Particular emphasis on viewing ergonomics including design and measurements of contrast enhancement filters.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1976 to 1978 Employer: RANK ELECTRONIC TUBES LTD Title: Project Controller Department: R&D
Supervised development of cathode ray tube screens and materials for industrial and defense uses, including projection CRTs, head down aircraft displays, and viewfinders.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1971 to 1976 Employer: GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY, PLC Title: Senior Scientist Department:
R and D in powder/thin film II-VI semiconductors (ZnS, CuS, CdSe) and their gas-solid interactions for better reproducibility and lower cost of EL displays.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 1996 to 1997 Agency: Dept of Trade & Industry (UK) Role: Led consortium of industrial companies Description: Expert initiated & led a consortium of industries with Oxford University developing field emission lamps for signs & displays.
Years: 2006 to 2006 Agency: US Dept of State Role: Review of proposal for an emissive display Description: Expert was invited to conduct a critical review & evaluation of a proposal for a display (details confidential).
Years: 1980 to 1982 Agency: Ministry of Defence (UK) Role: Led & reported on display R&D Description: Expert led & won a proposal for funding from the Ministry of Defence for R&D into a hybrid thin & thick film electroluminescent display, managed & reported on the work.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 1998 to 2002 Country / Region: Peoples Summary: As CTO & VP of Marketing at Lite Array, Inc., Expert worked in China for several long stay working visits in their off-shore production & R&D facilities.
Years: 1998 to 2003 Country / Region: USA Summary: Also as CTO & VP of Marketing for Lite Array, Inc., Expert spent time directing activities at the California laboratories of Lite Array, Inc. including thin film electroluminescence & OLEDs. Subsequently has continued working in the USA as a Employer.
Years: 1967 to 1998 Country / Region: UK/Europe Summary: As a former UK resident, Expert worked in the UK on electronic materials, displays & lamps up to 1998. Whilst working at Smiths Industries & Ferranti, he visited several European countries working with Volvo, BMW, VW, Audi, & Fiar on automotive & aerospace proposals. He was a Senior Scientist at the Hirst Research Laboratories of the General Electric Company working on powder phosphors & semiconductors, & a Staff Scientist at Zenith Radio Research on nanosize semiconducting particles.
Years: 1987 to 1988 Country / Region: Brazil Summary: He participated in presenting & negotiating a winning proposal for an avionics display for Embraer.
Years: 1979 to 2003 Country / Region: Japan Summary: Expert has made several visits to Japan over many years liaising with companies & universities in various display technologies including LCDS, VFDs & EL e.g. at Optrex, Futaba, NEC,Ulvac, & Tokki etc.
Years: 2009 to 2016 Country / Region: China & Taiwan Summary: Working with clients on thin film CIGS solar cells & gas discharge lamps

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Expert has been a member of the Society for Information Display since 1978 and served twice on the Program Committee. He is also a member of the Institute of Physics and is a Chartered Physicist. In addition, he has been a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and a Member of the Materials Research Society.
Licenses / Certifications
C. Phys.
Professional Appointments
For some years, Expert was on the Editorial Board of the Displays Journal.
Publications and Patents Summary
He has some 18 publications, papers, radio broadcast, presentations and chapter on Automotive and Marine Displays in the book Displays Engineering. In addition, he has filed some 20 patents . Also he has published some 70 articles on advances in flat panel displays and touch panels as Industry Analyst for Insight Media.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Expert is familiar with patent issues taking out patents and searching the literature on prior art etc. He has experience in writing reports and speaking at conferences.

1. LCD brightness enhancement film- supporting work on claim-mapping and interpretation.
2. LED video screen technology-supporting investigations.
3. Investigations of OLED, thin film transistor and dielectric patents for litigation or other opportunities (for major US telecommunications company).
4. OLED patents analyzed for licensing opportunities etc.
Training / Seminars
He gave a seminar at UC Berkeley in April (Undisclosed) on carbon nanotubes for displays and lighting.
Also, by invitation, he has given seminars on on electroluminescence at Tottori University in Japan, and on OLEDs and electroluminescence for M.Sc. students at Notttingham Trent University. Feb (Undisclosed). He has participated also in various company training seminars.
Vendor Selection
A particular strength of Expert is in the rapid location of vendors and suppliers worldwide of electronic materials and devices suitable for lighting and displays, often with unusual materials. Over several decades the list of examples is very long but a selection includes the following.

Located and liaised with three US suppliers of specialized ceramics for RF or DC sputtering targets for EL thin films from '98 to '0, and for thin films of CIGS, ZnO, Mo, and CdS from 2003-2016.

Found suppliers in Taiwan and China for LED modules in (Undisclosed) paying them visits for use in outdoor video screens.

Located unique products in California for non reflective black screens for use in projection.
screens around '97.

Found suppliers for licensing technologies such as laser annealing from a UK university, and various contrast enhancement filters from two US sources.

Obtained OLED materials from new sources found in Taiwan, Japan and the US. Worked also with OLED material suppliers found in Germany.

Found various suppliers of getters to absorb gases and moisture in OLEDs, FEDs and gas discharge/fluorescent lamps.

Located sources of transparent electrodesand alternatives to the usual ITO .
Marketing Experience
VP of Marketing at (Undisclosed) bringing thin film electroluminescence research to fruition with initial year sales of around $2m for industrial & medical instrumentation. Managed web site, sales brochures, specifications, distributor and representative network, and exhibitions.

Marketing at Ferranti plc supervising, costing and presenting over 30 proposals for international aerospace contracts in avionic displays; won several worth $3m.

Presentations and customer interfacing at Smiths Industries helping to win orders from BMW, Peugeot, Ford and British Leyland for new solid state automotive dashboard displays.
Other Relevant Experience
Adept at documentation for sales proposals, and also operating procedures for the ISO 9000 quality system (obtaining accreditation for Masonlite Ltd).

Strategic analysis of business plans and prospects for new products (at Cathodeon, Lite Array and for clients).

Operated since 2004 with clients in Europe and the US for technical and marketing aspects of displays, lamps and lighting. Topics included carbon nanotube cathodes, flexible electrodes, FED phosphors, and back lighting.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
French Can read and write, and some speaking ability.
German Rudimentary knowledge from studies over two years including one at university.
Italian Basic reading and writing

Fields of Expertise

cathode, field-emitting cathode, commercialization, competitive analysis, competitive intelligence, device product development, product management, material product development, product improvement, rapid product development, discharge lamp, high-technology lighting device, lamp material, electrode, electroluminescent display, electroluminescent panel, flat-panel display, electronic display technology, field-emitting display, electronic material, electronic material processing, fluorescent lamp failure analysis, II-VI semiconductor material, innovation, luminescence, luminescent screen, market assessment, new technology business value measurement, nanoparticle, new product design, new product assessment, new product development, new product development management, research and development management, nanotechnology, phosphor, thin-film technology, thin film, thin-film electroluminescent display, molybdenum sputtering, magnetron sputtering, thin-film photovoltaic cell, competitive intelligence countermeasures, small business, entrepreneurship, business strategy, high visibility color, display viewing angle, fluorescent material, fluorescent lamp design, ultrafine, business management, inorganic material performance, phosphor manufacturing, porous silicon, business intelligence, vacuum outgassing, polymer-dispersed liquid crystal, Society for Information Display, pilot line, particle-size reduction, vacuum baking, joint venture, fluorescent lighting tube, film forming technology, particle surface modification procedure, backlight, high-purity nonmetallic material, high-purity material, backlighting, vacuum packaging, thin-film processing, burn-in test, electronics seal testing, corporate strategic planning, particle-size analysis, pilot plant scale-up, new product market survey, fluorescent lamp technology, fluorescent lamp manufacturing, organic semiconductor material, technology transfer, fluorescent lighting system, energy-efficient lighting device, research and development, particle surface area determination, cathode-ray tube display, particle-size measurement, electronic product development, particle characterization, product design, transparent conductive thin film, surface science, market research, marketing, acceptor impurity, powder, vacuum technology, vacuum annealing, testing, semiconductor material, planning, luminescent material, liquid crystal display, high-intensity discharge lamp, fluorescent lamp, fluorescence, concurrent engineering

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