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I was a CIO and COO for Tracfone Wireless for over 10 years. I ran IT, development, support, operations as well as call centers, operations, disaster recovery, lead in efficiencies in all operations areas. I bring a lot to the table, and have been very successful at it.

Accomplished Chief Officer whether it be Operations, IT or running a company with more than 22 years Executive Level experience. Worked in three Fortune 25 companies, one overseas, as well as two entrepreneurial companies, one being over 6 billion dollars in revenue. I have extensive experience in both cultures. Proven ability to build and lead teams that achieve the highest levels of success both domestic and internationally in dynamic environments. Proficient in all aspects of operations and how it relates to customer care, sales and marketing, financial analysis, multi-tiered support, P&L, software development strategic planning, launching new products, disaster recovery, technology, logistics, and network operations.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1977 Degree: M.A. Subject: Secondary Education Institution: Morehead State University
Year: 1975 Degree: B.S. Subject: Mathematics Institution: Morehead State University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2015 to 2018 Employer: OurHometown, Inc. Title: President and CEO Department: Publishing Services Responsibilities: Responsible for entire ‘indirect’ operation which included sales and marketing, P&L, systems, operation, distribution, and more for a $ 1.2 billion-dollar business. Brokered the deal with Simple Mobile and Page
Plus, Wireless, purchasing and bringing both companies in house and integrating to existing infrastructure.

• Responsible for creation and execution of a new channel for Tracfone, that being the ‘indirect’ channel. Responsibility included bringing all Tracfone products into the channel as well.
• Managed a $1.2 billion-dollar operation, which included all facets of the business. Initial infrastructure included nationwide distribution of Master Agents.
• Grew the ‘indirect’ business to $1.4 billion with the acquisition of Page Plus wireless.
• Responsible for comprehension due diligence prior to acquisition of Simple Mobile as well as
PagePlus Mobile. Responsibility included legal, financial, operational, as well as systems analysis.
• Negotiated all contracts with Master Agents, as well as set pricing and incentive structures including
Payouts and how they would be done at the end of the month.
• Implemented a pre-payment process with Master Agents, allowing them to minimize upfront costs, increasing sales by over 10 %.
• Expanded ‘indirect’ channel by creating Tracfone stores, the first of its kind for the company.
Years: 2012 to 2015 Employer: Tracfone Wireless Title: COO and EVP Department: Operations Responsibilities: As one of the top 3 Officers in the Company reporting directly to the CEO, was responsible for a $70 million plus IT budget for a now 4-billion-dollar company. Though we are private company, putting processes and procedures in place to become SOX compliant by end of 2005 was a key initiative as well as holding cost in IT and its operations as TracFone expanded into new ventures. To accomplish this, automation and innovation were a critical part its success. Some of the major accomplishments were as follows:

• Maintained budget over the 7-year period while doubling productivity by reorganizing IT,
eliminating redundant functions, cross training, and farming out specialty groups.
• Implemented processes and procedures to become SOX compliant (Sarbanes-Oxley) and
certified by E&Y in less than a year. Maintained certification the past 4 years.
• Implemented processes and procedures to become PCI compliant (Payment Card Industry)
in 2008 and certified by E&Y.
• Stabilized entire IT operations which includes network, systems, development, and IT operations
improving up time from 80 % to 99.99 % from a customer perspective.
• Increased PMO (Project Management Group) productivity for project and BCR releases by
Over 300 %, now able to do over 60 projects and over 1,000 BCR’s a year.
• Developed innovative automation solutions for TracFone using SMS messaging (OTA) improving
activation and redemption success rates by over 100 % and yielding several patents as well.
• Successfully launched a new brand named Safelink which is a government subsidized initiative
that is adding 3 million new customers per year to existing base.
• Optimized processes and procedures of engineering group as well as use of automating allowing
time to market of new phones (product development) to be reduced by over 60 %.
Years: 2005 to 2012 Employer: Tracfone Wireless Title: CIO and EVP Department: IT Responsibilities: As an Officer of the Company reporting directly to the CEO, I’m responsible for a $50 million plus
Operation and IT spanning 6 countries and home base in Miami. I’ve reduced the operational budget by over $70 million over the last 2 1/2 years. In the same span of time I’ve also reduced agents via automation from 3,000 to 600 as well as increase automation by over 500 %.

• Reduced budget by over 55 % in 2002 saving over $36 million in that one year alone.
• Reduced cost per subscriber from $12 to under 60 cents in 3 years resulting in Net Income Positive
• Implemented state-of-the-art technology with full redundancy in all facets of the operation.
• Improved Planet feedback rating (customer sat. rating) from worst in industry to best in one year.
• Deployed operational efficiencies and technologies resulting in 3 million plus savings a month.
• Implemented new inbound centers in Mexico and Canada as well as an outbound telemarketing
center resulting in a 35 % lift in call center efficiencies and a 50 % reduction in churn.
• Deployed state-of-the-art scheduling system improving scheduled adherence by over 40 %.
• Quadrupled customer base from under 500,000 subscribers to over 2 million elevating Tracfone
customer base to largest Pre-Paid Cellular in the United States.
• Introduced E-Business and E-Care increasing automation by over 30 %.
• Improved logistics of line inventory from 10 % defect rate to less than ½ % in one year.
Years: 1999 to 2000 Employer: Staples Title: Vice President- Customer Care Department: Responsibilities: Responsible for Mission and Vision of Staples to position existing Call Center Operations to a
World Class State-Of-The-Art Contact Center Operation. This encompasses people, process, and
technology, as well as transforming Staples to multifunctional, cross-channel megacenters.

• Deployment of better scheduling techniques already allowing for 6 % reduction in headcount
in first 6 months while handling 10 % increased inbound volume.
• Reduced Contact Center P&L by 1.6 million in 1st quarter 2000 a 100-basis point improvement
year over year.
• Deployed state-change-adherence in scheduling system resulting in increased productivity
of resources resulting in a 25 % reduction in service calls.
• Managed 70 Million Dollar budget, supporting for 8 call centers with over 2,000 agents.
Years: 1997 to 1999 Employer: AIG – American International Group Title: Vice President - International Call Center Operations Department: Responsibilities: Implemented state-of-the-art call centers and operations in Tokyo, Japan, and Hong Kong. This effort deployed ISDN/ANI, CTI (Edge/Genesys), predictive dialing, CMS (Call Management System), and
IEX (Force Management System). This new technology complemented with a newly formed call center operations allowed for automated forecasting, scheduling, and list management.

• Operationalized a manual process in Tokyo, introducing tools such as IEX, CMS, for computerized scheduling, forecasting yielding a 30 % lift in abandonment and 40 % gain in resource utilization.
• Implemented and operationalized CTI in Tokyo, allowing for screen pops, voice and data transfers and auto lookups. Average talk time decreased by 40 seconds, sales increased by 10 %.
• Centralized 7 Hong Kong business units from 4 locations to 1, allowing for sharing resources. Decreased network costs by 25 %, also decreased real estate costs by 15 %.
• Deployed predictive dialing in Japan, allowing for a 45 % lift in outbound contacts, as well as the ability to call and manage large outbound lists (in the millions) for the first time.
• Implemented dynamic call routing (look-ahead-interflo) in Tokyo, decreasing % abandoned from nearly 30 % to under 5 %.
Years: 1993 to 1997 Employer: AT&T - International Title: Director of Telemarketing Operations Department: Responsibilities: Responsible for supporting over 3,000 calling agents in 7 telemarketing locations throughout the United States. Introduced several operational and technology improvements resulted in an 11% reduction in calling agents and 16% reduction in operations staffing, though yearly volumes increased nearly 20 %. Performed in-depth force management, financial, network and technology analysis to determine needed operational efficiencies to become state-of-the-art according to industry standards.

• Introduced centralized force management system for the vacation, inter-day, payroll, scheduling, and forecasting functions. System efficiencies yielded over 11% reduction in total headcount.
• Directed private line redesign of voice traffic within multiple centers. Upgraded and standardized all voice equipment, and networked all locations. Combined efforts resulted in 35% reduction in private lines, with 20% efficiency gain with call agents.
• Optimized tier 1 support, upgraded equipment, centralized group, introduced tracking application tool, networked locations. Yielded 40% productivity gain with a 30% reduction in headcount.
• Met or exceeded all operations metrics being the only business unit to do so over the last 4 years. Metrics included average speed of answer, average talk time, % occupancy, and % abandoned.
• Managed data centers in call centers. Processes for tape backups, user ID’s, system configurations,
Network optimization as well as user response time responsibilities. Additionally, design and support
of data network as well as LAN and voice network. System uptime improved by 30 %.
Years: 1991 to 1993 Employer: AT&T - Communications Title: Network Operations District Manager Department: Responsibilities: Engineered an automated verification process for AT&T’s long-distance market. This process involved simultaneous voice and data transfer between telemarketing and verification agencies. This leading-edge solution to the verification process reduced customer acknowledgement time from 2 weeks to 30 seconds and improved customer attainment rate from 70% to 97%.

• Directed technology solution that allowed simultaneous voice and data transfer from location to location, regardless of processor type, voice and data equipment, or data network. This high-tech solution allowed ‘real time’ verification, decreasing duration from 2 weeks to 30 seconds.
• Introduced synchronous protocol common to all processor that allowed networking data transfer of 11 telemarketing locations (internal and external) into 2 verification centers (external). This allowed over 1 million records processed a month with 97% attainment.
• Established ‘quick switch’ backup and recovery. This yielded annual savings of $2,000,000 in private lines, and insured 99.9% uptime for ‘win back’ customers to be verified.
• Operationalized backend process to automatically track, notify, and log any “real time” problems, as well as “night time” batch runs. This allowed monitoring of 13 centers, with quick Turn around time in case of system failure.
• Instituted bi-weekly operations meeting with all centers involved to evaluate current process and allow for continuous process improvements based on existing setup. This allowed for ‘real-time’ communications nationwide, as well as ability to quickly fine-tune if need be.
Years: 1988 to 1991 Employer: AT&T - Telemarketing Title: Senior Operations Manager Department: Responsibilities: Responsible for inbound and outbound telemarketing operations within AT&T Long Distance. Operations
supported over 2,000 calling agents residing in multiple locations. Directed strategy to consolidate and
optimize existing telemarketing operations. Identified and implemented several operations improvements with an annually savings to AT&T exceeding $10,000,000.
• Recommended and managed consolidation of computer network and operations. This included centralization of data operations, use of multiplexors maximizing throughput, reductions of private lines by 30%, termination of existing equipment leases (4 million savings), and site reduction.
• Introduced prediction-dialing functionality to outbound telemarketing. Dialers yielded 35% increase in of calls per calling agent. This increased productivity allowed for a 10% reduction in headcount.
• Managed two new center build outs. Responsibilities included all facets of construction, architecture design, lease negotiations, furniture, installation of all voice and data equipment, networking, voice, and data connectivity to existing operations.
• Automated AT&T tape transfer process. What was mailing tapes via Federal Express was changed to an electronic point-to-point feed. The data process was reduced from 2-3 days turn around to 2 hours. Savings in shipping was close to $1,000,000 annually.
Years: 1985 to 1988 Employer: AT&T - Information Systems Title: Application Development Manager Department: Responsibilities: Introduced computer based applications office automation tools in existing AT&T operator service locations. This included application design, customer interface, software development, system testing,
production. Productivity gains ranged from 10% to 30% depending on office functions.

• Developed automated voucher process for a PC. All key functions were automated including data entry, calculations, updates, recalculations, and multiple forms printed on laser. Savings on average was 30 minutes per voucher. Millions of vouchers were done annually.
• Managed multiple office automation projects involving the computerization of business forms for those business units. These PC applications were similar in functionality. The major components consisted of the ability to add, update, and delete data.
• Established PC network in Boston’s sales branch. Network tied all office automation applications to a centralized location. Allowed sales force to upload and download data on a shared database, also allowed user to share peripherals, reducing equipment costs.
• Managed Unix based application on AT&T’s 3B2, which allowed 100 users to access computer through network using ‘dumb’ terminals as opposed to PC’s.

Years: 1980 to 1975 Employer: Various Title: Various Department: Responsibilities: Lead Programmer/Project Leader – AT&T 1980-1985
College Instructor – Morehead State University 1977-1980
High School Teacher –Augusta High, Augusta, Ky. 1975-

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 1997 to 1998 Country / Region: Japan Summary: Set up call center multi-site operations integration, a first in japan while working for AIG..

Career Accomplishments

Licenses / Certifications
I am part of several patents for Tracfone Wireless

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