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An engineer with 27 years of experience, three years in distribution transformer design, 24 years in the Tunisian company of electricity and gas; Expert has worked for oversea companies like GOPA Intec, AF Consult (AFRY) and for STEG International Services. Furthermore, he has experience in the design, supervision and commissioning of power transformer, AIS switchgear, GIS switchgear, power cables and lines, fiber optic ADSS and telecom equipment.

Professional Qualifications
• Expert in the field of electrical energy transmission and distribution, focusing in particular on design, technical negotiation, supervision of construction, testing and commissioning
• Studies, sizing, costing, planning and erection of AIS and GIS substation (EHV, HV and MV)
• Specialist in protection, digital and wired control system supervision of testing and commissioning
• Project management
• Feasibility studies, costs estimate and deadlines for tendering and construction
• Check of technical specifications according to national and international standards (IEEE, IEC, NFC, ITU, ISO…)
• Approvals of plans and documents
• Supervision of AIS and GIS substation, power lines and power cables 66, 90, 225kV
• Check of bill of quantities, invoice payments
• Project Close report preparation

Past Work Examples:

Name of project 1: Construction of telecom equipment for the transmission grid
Project budget : 4 270 569 USD
Name of project 2: Construction of ADSS fiber optic of Distribution grid
Project budget : 2 060 663 USD
Project features: Design, manufacturing, testing in factories, supply, transportation, installation, testing and commissioning of fiber optic links and Telecom equipment (Huawei SDH, Loop telecom PDH) of 4 new GIS substations (225kV, 90kV) and 6 new AIS substations (225kV, 150kV)
Position: Project manager
• Contract management
• Approval of layouts and design
• Erection supervision of fiber optic links in 33kV, 150kV and 225kV
• Erection supervision of telecoms equipment
• Verification of compliance with the work schedule
• Supervision of testing and commissioning
• Organization of weekly and monthly minutes of meetings
• Risk management
• Stakeholder engagement and coordination
• Preparation of monthly and quarterly reporting of project progress
• Verification of final documents
• Project closure report

Name of the project: Strengthening and rehabilitation of transmission and distribution network of regional electricity and Cotonou.
Project budget: 3 378 657 USD
Project features : Strengthening and rehabilitation of transmission and distribution network of regional electricity and Cotonou / Design, Supervision and Supervision component
Position: Design Engineer
• Data collection
• Studies and Development of designs of summary specifications and detailed specifications of the 63kV and 161kV substations
• Cost Estimates
• Preparation of technical documents to be included in the Bidding Documents which cover all aspects of construction work
• Design of a data acquisition system of the distribution network.

Name of the project : Complementary studies of the high voltage transmission line Associated to Koukoutamba hydropower plant. Project budget : 526 650 USD
Project features: Construction of the line 225 kV Koukoutamba-Conakry and extension of 225kV Koukoutamba substation, 225 KV Balassa substation, 225 KV Linsan substation and 225 KV Meneah substation.
Position: Electrical Engineer -Project Manager
• Data collection, initial review of the various options for the development and design of the project
• Review and update the corridor of the line proposed in close coordination with the client
• Analysis and design and system modeling
• Setting the system configuration options
• HV prioritization and selection of priority lines segments
• Preliminary topography of the route of the line and substations
• Technical studies / preliminary and detailed engineering
• On-site training Contracting authority Staff
• Preparation of markets strategy / Acquisition
• Risk analysis and management
• Stakeholder engagement and coordination
• Preparation for implementation of the project strategy (institutional, legal and financial etc.)
• Preparation of a complete set of tender documents

Project Name: 13th Program of development of the transmission system of STEG- Preparing of the tender document for GIS, AIS substation and power transformer
Project Features: Feasibility study, design, and prepare of bidding documents (6 GIS substations, 20 AIS substations (90kV, 150kV, 225kV)
Position: Head of division /Chief Engineer
• Project management
• Preparation of work schedule
• Data collection by organizing site visits of substations (AIS an GIS :90kV, 150kV, 225kV) in coordination with the operations departments
• Studies and layouts design
• Preparation of schemes and layouts
• Preparation of single-line diagrams of new substations
• Preparing Electrical supplies and services layouts
• Update of the technical specifications
• Transmission of specifications to the relevant departments (technical, legal and insurance, higher procurement committee) for opinion
• Update of evaluation procedure
• Cost estimate
• Risk management, stakeholder engagement and governance reporting
• Preparation of price tables and bidding documents
• Preparation of the project sheet
• Preparing responses to questions from bidders after launching the bid
• Evaluation of offers, classification and evaluation report
• Contract negotiating with the contracting party of the project
• Organizations meetings, approvals of layouts and design

Project Name: 12th development Program for the transmission system of STEG- Supervision of the studies, construction and commissioning of power transformers
Project budget : 33 526 210 USD
Project features: Studies, manufacturing, testing in plants, supply, transmission at work, erection, testing and setting power transformers service (10 autotransformers, 22transformers and 22 earthing transformer)
• 4 autotransformers 400/225 / 11kV-400MVA
• 1 400kV-80MVAR shunt reactor
• 5 autotransformers 225/90 / 11kV-200MVA
• 2 transformers 225 / 33kV - 40MVA
• 13 transformers 150 / 33kV - 40MVA
• 3 transformers 90 / 33kV - 40MVA
• 4 transformers 90 / 11kV - 40MVA
• 18 neutral point coils 33 / 0.4kV-160kVA
• 4 neutral point coils 11 / 0.4kV-160kVA

Position: Electrical Engineer -Project Manager
• Contract management and project supervision
• Approval, design of layouts
• Preparation permits access to the work sites
• Supervision of erection and commissioning
• Organization of weekly and monthly meetings
• Solving problems of the Operations Department
• Verification of compliance with the work schedule
• Verification of compliance of the work with specifications and approved layouts
• Pending list clearance
• Preparation of project closure report

Project Name: Mission of assistance control and Supervision of construction, testing and commissioning of the diesel plant (60MW), line66kV Djermaya -Lamadji, 90kV loop of the Ndjamena, 20kV network, public lighting and dispatching of Ndjamena. Project budget : 86 964 577USD
Project features:
Construction of:
Project 1: Construction of 66kV power line and 66/90kV substation
Project 2: Construction of:
• 60 km of line ( 90kV) loop of N'djamena
• Four (4) 90 kV / 15 kV substations (Lamadji, Farcha, N’Djamena and Gassi)
• 123 km of MV line of distribution networks
• 96 km of LV distribution networks
• 74 metal clad substations (15kV / 400V )
• 25 substations carried on poles
• Connection of 10,000 customers with LV prepaid meters
• Installation of 1000 street lighting
• Construction of national dispatching center in N'Djamena
Project 3: Construction of 60 MW Diesel power plant in Farcha
Position: Engineer- Head of Mission
• Contract management
• Risk management
• Stakeholder engagement
• Governance reporting
• Reporting of minutes of meetings
• On-site training of Owner Staff
• Approval of working procedures proposed by the contractor
• Coordination between technical support in Tunis and Ndjamena
• Approval of the technical document of protection and control system
• Supervision of the studies for distribution network
• Supervision of erection of 66 and 90kV lines and cables
• Supervision of erection of 66kV and 90kV AIS and GIS substations
• Supervision of erection of 15kv cable, and substations
• Supervision of erection 15kV Metal-Clad and poles mounted substations
• Check of contractor operating manuals
• Check of contractor progress reports
• Preparation of monthly and quarterly progress reports
• Supervise of protection and control system commissioning
• provisional and final acceptance of works
• Prepare special reports and project closing
• Office manager of STEG International Services - branch of N'Djamena

Project Name: 11th development Program for the transmission system of STEG- Supervision of studies, manufacturing, factory tests, supply, transportation on site, assembly, testing and commissioning of AIS and GIS substations
Project features:
Construction of new GIS substations
• 225 / 90kV substations
• 90/33 kV substations
New AIS stations:
• 225/90/33 kV substations
• 150/33 kV substations
• 90 kV substations extension of AIS stations:
• 3 stations 90/30 and 90 / 11kV
• 5 150/30 kV substations
• 9 station 225/150 225 / 90kV
Position: Design Engineer
• Approval of the cable and digital control system plans
• Approval of protection plans
• Approval of the architecture of the control system
• Approval of developed control and protection schemes
• Participation in tests for the commissioning of protections and the control system
• Approval of procedures and technical sheets for testing and commissioning
• Monitoring and control of works according to approved plans and documents
• Participation in factory tests
• Verification of final plans

Project Name: 10thdevelopment Program for the transmission system of STEG- Supervision of Studies, manufacturing, factory tests, supply, transport on-site, assembly, testing and commissioning of telecom and telecontrol equipment (RTU) for AIS substations (90, 150 and 225kV)
Project features:
Construction of new AIS substations
• 225 / 90/33 KV substations
• 150/33 kV substations
• 90/33 KV substations
Position: Works Engineer
• Supervision of assembly work and commissioning tests of the telecontrol system (RTU)
• Factory tests of equipment
• LV cables factory tests
• Verification of final plans

• Design of 10kVA up to 5000 kVA distribution transformers


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1996 Degree: Certificate Subject: Advanced Studies in Signal Processing Institution: National Engineers School of Tunis
Year: 1993 Degree: Bachelors Subject: Electrical Engineering Institution: Tunis National School of Engineers

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2016 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Project Manager Department: Responsibilities: Project 1: Project manager of the construction of 460km of ADSS fiber optic cables installation
Project 2: Project manager of the erection of telecoms equipment (SDH, PDH)
Years: 2017 to 2018 Employer: GOPA- Intec and STEG Title: Electrical Design Engineer/ Design Engineer Department: Responsibilities: International services engineering design of HV/MV substations.
Electrical Design Engineer: preparing preliminary designs, detailed specifications, cost estimates and Development of bidding Technical Documents of the 63/15/20kV and 161/15/20kV substations.
Design Engineer for the establishment of a system of MV data acquisition for the evaluation of the performance of SBEE distribution networks.
Years: 2017 to 2017 Employer: AF-Consult / OMVS Title: Project Manager / Electrical Engineer Department: Responsibilities: Design and tender document preparation of HV substations and 225kV power lines
Electrical engineer -project manager for the engineering of the Complementary Studies of the high voltage line of Koukoutamba,
Coordination for the preparation of summary specification, detailed specifications and tender documents for the construction of the 225kV line between the dam of Koukoutamba and City of Maneah in Conakry.
Years: 2017 to 2017 Employer: STEG Title: Electrical Engineer/ Project Manager Department: Responsibilities: Head of Division for the studies and tenders documents preparation of HV / MV substations
Electrical engineer-Project manager
Engineering and preparation of preliminary designs studies and detailed specifications, cost estimates,
Tender technical documents preparation of 90kV, 150kV, 225kV and 400kV AIS and GIS substations.
Years: 2014 to 2016 Employer: STEG Title: Electrical Engineer Department: Responsibilities: Project Manager Construction of HV / MV power transformers.
Electrical engineer –Supervision and Management of project: site construction, testing and commissioning of power transformers.
Supervise of storage of power transformer and definition of necessary actions in coordination with the Contractor and operation department
Years: 2011 to 2014 Employer: Group of STEG International Services and SCET- Tunisia Title: Electrical Engineer Department: Responsibilities: Electrical engineer -Head of mission: control and construction supervision, testing and commissioning of 66kV/90kV power lines, substations and dispatching of Ndjamena.
Approval of protection and control systems layouts
Solving technical problems in coordination with the technical support team in Tunis
Supervise of control system and protection,
Supervise construction of 66kV and 90kVsubstations and power lines.
Coordination between Team supervisor of the power plant (60MW) and the Owner.
Years: 2003 to 2011 Employer: STEG Title: Design Engineer Department: Responsibilities: Supervision of erection, testing and commissioning of 90kV, 150kV, 225kV and 400kV AIS and GIS substations.
Design engineering of the control system and protection of 90kV, 150kV, 225kV and 400kV AIS and GIS substations of new projects.
Bidding documents preparation
Years: 2000 to 2003 Employer: STEG Title: Design Engineer Department: Responsibilities: Control system and protection Design Engineer
Supervision of erection, testing and commissioning of 90kV, 150kV, 225kV AIS and GIS substations.
Design engineering of the control system and protection of 90kV, 150kV, 225kV substations of new projects.
Participation in the development of technical bidding documents.
Years: 1996 to 2000 Employer: STEG Title: Engineer Department: Responsibilities: Supervision of erection, testing and commissioning of 90kV, 150kV, 225kV AIS and GIS substations

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Member of the Council of Tunisian Engineers
Member of IEEE Collaboratec
Licenses / Certifications
Certificate of Advanced Studies in signal processing, National Engineers School of Tunis, (1995-1996)

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
Trainings and Skills:
• February-March 1999: Design of HV/ EHV substations ( EDF/ SIM):
• February-March 2006: Control system SAT 250 Scala training (Vatech)
• September 2006: Control system Pacis and Sicam Pass training (Areva and Siemens)
• June 2006: protections test and commissioning training (Areva)
• March 2007: protections test and commissioning training (Siemens)
• April-June 2006: Project management course according to PMI standards,
• July-August 2008: Training in the following program (KEPCO):
• underground distribution,
• management of energy demand,
• losses reduction of the distribution network,
• intervention / maintenance (O&M),
• automation of the distribution system,
• geographic Information system (GIS),
• automation of AMR meters,
• overhead distribution and protection of the energy transport network
• May 2015: Operation, maintenance and commissioning of power transformers up to 400kV(Alstom),
• July-August 2017: Trainer in electrical safety according to NFC18510 standard,
• November 2017: ISO 9001 quality management system training.
• June 2019: Fiber optic installation and commissioning training.
• June 2019: PMP “project management professionals” training,
• Several FAT missions are achieved on the various HV/MV AIS and GIS substations from variety of manufacturers such as Alstom/France, Siemens/Italy, Mesa Gatica /Spain, Pauwels/Belgium, Areva/Turkey, Vatech/Austria, ABB/Sweden ...
• Good knowledge of commissioning software: ISA, Omicron.
• Good knowledge of Digital Control system configuration software: ToolBox, SAT250 Scala, Pacis, Sicam Pas, Win CC.
• Good knowledge of Protection configuration software: Digsi, Micom S1…
• Proficient of computer office software: Word, Power Point, Excel, Project,
• Proficient of CAD software: AutoCad, Microstation,

Korea Electric Power Corporation Training Program- Electricity Industry Development (Tunisia) (2008)
The General Coordinator in charge of Negotiations and Project monitoring
with People's Republic of China (2013)
CCM Consulting Group Certificate
The Head of the Control Mission of the Diesel Power Plant Project
Of Farcha II (60MW) (2012)

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
English Proficient
French Fluent
Arabic Native

Fields of Expertise

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