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Expert began consulting in 1981 focusing on energy and natural resources economics. He was involved with studying on the deregulation of the natural gas market and the petroleum industry in Alaska. Since then he has broadened both his focus and his analytical skills to include projects and analyses throughout the world, in the private and government sectors.

The expert has conducted studies on the valuation of domestic and foreign crude oils for anti-trust, contract, and tax disputes and has provided expert testimony and affidavits based on these analyses. He also has provided expert testimony before State Public Utility Commissions (PUCs) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on regulated energy industries, including natural gas pipelines in the western United States, electricity market restructuring, and pricing disputes. Clients have included Exxon in its tax dispute with the State of Alaska; the California Power Exchange in a submission to FERC concerning regulated rates; the “transaction finality group” in testimony before FERC concerning electricity price refunds in the Pacific Northwest; Sempra testimony concerning contract provisions and pricing of California natural gas; Techint concerning the value of Nile Blend crude oil; Conoco and BP on the structure of the natural gas industry and many others

He specializes in energy and natural resource economics, including energy market developments. He analyzes the behavior of the energy industry, the flow of energy supplies. His work includes the overall energy market as well as specific important cases, such as the California energy crisis.

Pricing issues are continually a focus for the expert: international crude oil prices, crude oil royalties, natural gas and electricity prices (as well as oil and natural gas pricing models). They have presented lecture series on various mature gas markets aspects: spot and forward pricing, liquid natural gas contract pricing, index pricing, and pricing disputes within the electrical markets.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Portland, Oregon - Eugene, Oregon - Salem, Oregon - Gresham, Oregon - Beaverton, Oregon - Hillsboro, Oregon - Vancouver, Washington

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Alaska petroleum industry, California natural gas pricing, California petroleum industry, California Power Exchange, crude oil consumption, crude oil market analysis, crude oil pricing model, crude oil supply, crude oil transfer pricing, domestic crude oil valuation, electric energy generation, electricity market restructuring, electricity market structure, electricity price determination methodology, energy economics, energy industry behavior, energy market analysis, energy market development, energy supply, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, foreign crude oil valuation, gasoline market structure, liquefied natural gas market contract pricing, liquefied natural gas spot market development, natural gas industry, natural gas industry structure, natural gas market, natural gas market analysis, natural gas price, natural gas pricing model, natural resource economics, North Slope oil, oil market forecasting, Pacific Rim crude oil market, Pacific Rim petroleum product market, petroleum industry, petroleum product prices, Western United States wholesale electricity market, world crude oil prices, natural resources valuation, Public Utilities Commission, transfer pricing, antitrust economics, tax dispute, gas marketing, gas industry, International Energy Agency, natural gas price determination methodology, Western United States natural gas pipeline, industry survey, Asia-Pacific market, electricity trading, power market development, over-the-counter market, commodity market development, developing country natural gas market, pricing dispute, index pricing, forward pricing, spot pricing, royalty crude oil pricing, California electricity crisis, economic market development, electricity market, electricity price, Alaska natural gas pipeline, natural gas industry risk management, environmental economic analysis, natural gas storage, econometric model, gasoline marketing, engineering economics, technoeconomic evaluation, economics, econometric modeling, new product development, data management, data acquisition, petroleum storage, strategic planning, urea, risk management, economic analysis, crude oil

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