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Expert in Extractive-Metallurgy, Hydro-Metallurgy, Pyro-Metallurgy, Inorganic Processing and Soil and Waste Remediation

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Expert has been active in the field of extractive metallurgy for more than 60 years. He has developed processes for the recovery of many metals including antimony, arsenic, barium, bismuth, boron, chromium, cobalt, copper, gallium, germanium, gold, lead, lithium, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, niobium, radium, rare earths, rhenium, silver, tantalum, titanium, tungsten, uranium, vanadium, and zinc. He holds about ten patents with others pending. He has experience in roasting, smelting, leaching, solvent extraction, ion exchange, crystallization, precipitation, and electrodeposition.

Expert has been involved with process development for the gold industry for more than 50 years. He performed the laboratory work for the design of some of the first United States heap leaching operations and performed the laboratory studies that led to the first pressure oxidation facility in the United States. He also conducted laboratory programs on the roasting and cyanidation of gold ores.

Expert has helped develop a number of processes for the recovery of metals from wastes and intermediates. These include uranium from machining sludges, metals from spent catalysts, lead from soils, and mercury from soils and wastes.

Expert has performed numerous laboratory programs on the development and evaluation of soil remediation techniques. These include thermal processing, biological remediation, soil washing, and stabilization. One many of these projects, Expert provided consulting assistance during the on-site remediation.

Expert began working for the extractive uranium industry in 1960 and has participated in all areas of uranium processing. These include ore flotation, roasting, leaching, ion exchange, solvent extraction, precipitation, and crystallization. Expert had technical responsibility for the first two in-situ uranium leaching pilot plants in the United States and has performed laboratory studies or consulted for more than fifty operations.

Expert built his first solvent extraction pilot plant in 1960 and has built or operated more than 50 pilot or commercial plants since that time. Metals processed include boron, chromium, cobalt, copper, gallium, germanium, molybdenum, nickel, niobium, rare earths, tantalum, tungsten, uranium, vanadium, and zinc.

These plants have included conventioinal mixer settlers, centrifugal contactors, and packed columns for processing slurries.

Expert has been associated with vanadium processing since 1959. This experience includes participation in the development of commercial processes for the productioin of vanadium trioxide, vanadium carbide, vanadium oxychloride, and vanadium tetrachloride. He operated commercial facilities for the manufacture of vanadium oxychloride and vanadium tetrachloride.

In 1999, he participated in the start-up of a boron solvent extraction circuit in Chile. His efforts included on-site process testing and modification to permit successful chemical performance.In 1985, he participated in a thorough review of the Atlas Gold Bar gold mill. The review corrected a number of operating problems and allowed for higher recovery of gold at a lower cost.He provided on-site review of under-construction process flowsheet for processing of nickel/cadmium wastes. Numerous faults were found and not corrected by the client. The plant was not able to start-up successfully and was abandoned.He performed laboratory testing and plant pilot testing for revision of ammonium metavanadate crystallization circuit.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Denver, Colorado - Colorado Springs, Colorado - Aurora, Colorado - Fort Collins, Colorado - Arvada, Colorado - Westminster, Colorado - Boulder, Colorado - Greeley, Colorado - Longmont, Colorado - Cheyenne, Wyoming

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1959 Degree: M. Sc. Subject: Industrial Management Institution: University of Colorado, Boulder
Year: 1957 Degree: Met. Engr. Subject: Extractive metallurgy Institution: Colorado School of Mines

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2000 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: President Department: Responsibilities: He is responsible for providing research, development, and consulting services to the mineral, inorganic chemical, and environmental industries.
Years: 1995 to 2000 Employer: Colorado Minerals Research Institute Title: Vice President Department: Responsibilities: Expert provided research, development, and consulting services to the mineral, inorganic chemical, and environmental industries.
Years: 1990 to 1995 Employer: Industrial Compliance Technologies Title: President Department: Responsibilities: Expert was responsible for providing research, development, and consulting services to the mineral, inorganic chemical, and environmental industries.
Years: 1969 to 1990 Employer: Hazen Research, Inc. Title: Vice President Department: Responsibilities: He provided research, development, and consulting services to the mineral, inorganic chemical, and environmental industries.
Years: 1959 to 1969 Employer: Union Carbide Corporation Title: Group Leader Department: Metals Division Responsibilities: Expert provided research, development, and consulting services to mining and processing operations of Union Carbide.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 2017 to 2019 Agency: Department of Justice Role: Consultant Description: Using published information estimated the airborne discharges of lead and arsenic from two refineries that operated in the 1900's in East Chicago, Indiana.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 2000 to 2001 Country / Region: Chile Summary: He served as a consultant to a Chilean firm providing waste (Pb-As smelter dust) stabilization services.
Years: 1996 to 1998 Country / Region: Chile Summary: He designed a process for recovery of boron from dilute brines and participated in the plant start-up.
Years: 1972 to 1972 Country / Region: Brazil Summary: He provided the technical input for the design of an extractive metallurgical research facility in Rio de Janeiro.
Years: 1970 to 1973 Country / Region: Chile Summary: He participated in the development of a process for recovering rhenium and molybdenum from molybdenite concentrates. He prepared mass balances and equipment lists for preliminary engineering of the commercial plant and consulted with the Chilean engineering firm on the detailed design.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
He is a member of the American Chemical Society, Society of Mining, Mineral, and Exploration, and The American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Publications and Patents Summary
He has 32 publications, 10 patents, and has contributed to chapters in three books.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
He prepared information for a corporate plaintiff for negligence case against a contractor.
He also provided expert testimony in a case of fraud relative to a gold mining prospect.
Training / Seminars
He has prepared and delivered presentations for a summer course on mining and related fields in the areas of hydrometallurgy and recycling.
Vendor Selection
He maintains extensive files on process equipment and on numerous occasions has put clients in contact with the most appropriate vendors.
Other Relevant Experience
He has prepared a number of market studies relative to opportunities for products within the metal and inorganic chemical fields.

Fields of Expertise

extractive metallurgy, hydrometallurgy, nonferrous metal recovery, gold recovery, metal recovery, soil remediation, uranium processing, solvent extraction, liquid-liquid extraction, vanadium oxide, waste remediation, titanium metallurgy, mineral recovery, heavy metal removal, mineral extraction, slag metal recovery, slag, column flotation, ore processing, heavy metal chemistry, biological oxidation, calcium tungstate, contaminated soil, gravity separation, tantalum oxide, rare-earth element recovery, radioactive metal recovery, vanadium-oxygen compound, scrap steel melting, scrap metal melting, copper smelting, copper smelter, soil washing, smelter dust, ore, smelter, molybdate, environmental restoration, hazardous waste remediation, electrowinning, copper process metallurgy, smelting, uranium recovery, silver recovery, copper recovery, precious-metal recovery, chemical separation, uranium refining, electrometallurgy, beneficiation, contaminated soil treatment, mineral-engineering leaching, aluminum salt recovery, hazardous waste treatment, waste treatment, site remediation, environmental remediation, comminution, process metallurgy, pyrometallurgy, compound chlorination, metal refining, chemical refining, selective flocculation, water remediation, bioremediation, activated carbon, ion exchange, separation, uranium chemistry, gold chemistry, vanadium chemistry, aluminum chemistry, qualitative inorganic chemistry, vanadium, solution chemistry, refining, radioactivity, radioactive material, mineral processing, mercury, leaching, inorganic chemistry, gold, froth flotation, environmental engineering, copper, chromium, chemical engineering, applied inorganic chemistry

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