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MATERIAL FAILURE ANALYSIS; ADHESIVE FAILURE; COMPOSITE FAILURE; METAL FAILURE. Expert's (pronounced Wall-teen) principal occupation has been in the analysis of failures of machine components, including orthopedic (surgical) implants. Materials analyzed include metals and alloys of all types, polymers, elastomers, composites, adhesives, and ceramics. He also analyzes many components, including primary structures, rotating machinery, bearings, seals, fasteners, microswitches, electrical contacts, femoral implants, plates, screws, and other hard tissue replacements. Expert has over 29 years experience consulting in the aerospace industry. He has analyzed failures for boiler and machinery insurers, electric power plant operators, paper mills and other chemical processors, manufacturers of machinery, and law firms.

MECHANICAL PROPERTIES. Expert has consulted on test programs for static mechanical properties, fatigue, stress-corrosion, corrosion-fatigue, and fracture mechanics.

EDUCATION; MATERIALS SCIENCE; MECHANICAL FATIGUE. Expert has extensive instruction experience in the mechanics of materials and material science at the undergraduate level, and has taught graduate courses in mechanical metallurgy, fracture mechanics, failure of materials and fatigue in engineering design. He has also instructed in statics, dynamics, mechanical metallurgy, mechanics of materials, and chemistry for review programs for E.I.T. and P.E. examinations.

MATERIALS TESTING. A significant portion of Expert's work has involved testing materials and machine components including metals, plastics, elastomers, and composites. He has conducted monotonic and fatigue; wear and abrasion; and stress corrosion tests.

FORENSIC ENGINEERING; LEGAL TESTIMONY. Expert has prepared evidence reports and given his professional opinion on the failures of femoral stems (artificial hip implants), massie nails (support for femoral ball), truck axles, fifth wheels (semi-tractor or truck), cranes, hand and power tools, improper repairs to electrical generating equipment, aircraft propeller components, electrical switches for home-heating gas furnaces, automobile parts, and accident reconstruction. He has conducted on-site investigation of failures and holds an FAA Certification in Aircraft Accident Investigation.

ELECTRON MICROSCOPY; FRACTOGRAPHY; MACHINE COMPONENT FAILURE ANALYSIS; ORTHOPAEDIC IMPLANT DEVICE. Expert is well-versed in electron microscopy and fractography, especially as applied to the analysis of failures of machine components, structures, and orthopedic implants. He also has extensive experience in quantitative fractography in using fatigue stratums for measure crack rates and to estimate the applied stress ranges.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Boston, Massachusetts - Worcester, Massachusetts - Springfield, Massachusetts - Bridgeport, Connecticut - New Haven, Connecticut - Hartford, Connecticut - Stamford, Connecticut - Waterbury, Connecticut - Yonkers, New York - Providence, Rhode Island

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: Degree: Subject: Working on PhD Institution: University of Connecticut
Year: 1987 Degree: MS Subject: Mechanical Engineering Institution: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Year: 1983 Degree: MS Subject: Metallurgy Institution: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Year: 1963 Degree: BS Subject: Mechanical Engineering Institution: Western New England College

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 1988 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Consultant, Failure Analysis & Materials Engineering Department: Responsibilities:
Years: 1987 to 1988 Employer: Senior Engineer Title: Thielsch Engineering Associates Department: Responsibilities:
Years: 1963 to 1987 Employer: Hamilton Standard Title: Senior Engineer Department: Responsibilities:

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Expert has prepared reports for several cases. These reports range from a synopsis of several experts to position papers based on analysis of evidence by Expert. Additionally, he has be called on to determine the causes of metal failure in a trailer hitch and an airplane propellor.
Vendor Selection
Expert has experience locating vendors of the following products and services elastomer and polymer materials, metals and alloys, material processing, i.e., heat treating, plating, coating, material testing laboratories and specimen manufacturers.

He has access to the following resources: catalogs, personal files, personal contacts, cosmic, flagro, and fracture mechanic software packages (fatigue and fracture mechanics) and dyrobes - dynamics of motor bearing systems.

Fields of Expertise

adhesive failure, adhesive failure analysis, composite failure analysis, dynamic fatigue, fatigue failure, forensic materials failure analysis, fractography, fracture stress, high-cycle fatigue, low-cycle fatigue, machine component failure analysis, materials engineering, materials failure, materials failure analysis, materials testing, mechanical fatigue, mechanical property, mechanical test, metal failure, metal failure analysis, metal fatigue, metal mechanical behavior, orthopedic implant, axle failure, truck accident investigation, auto accident investigation, outdoor power equipment, plastic failure analysis, hip replacement, fracture toughness, fatigue property, uniaxial stress, tensile testing, fatigue resistance, stress-strain curve, education, polymer degradation, high-strength low-alloy steel, fracture analysis, steel failure, elastic yield point, elastic proportionality limit, gear fatigue, wear testing, electric power generation equipment, material fatigue testing, Poisson ratio, fatigue limit, fatigue strength, Hooke's law, mechanical metallurgy, welding failure analysis, engineering design, plastic component failure, yield strength, stress testing, machine failure analysis, fatigue testing, gear failure analysis, surgical implant device, forensic engineering, rotating machinery failure analysis, rotating machinery, Mohr stress circle diagram, materials selection, materials science, automotive component, corrosion resistance, glass failure, composite material failure, ceramic failure, microswitch, plastic failure, mechanical property testing, fluoroelastomer, impact energy, impact resistance, forensics, torsional fatigue, threaded fastener, tensile strength, electric switch, structural mechanics, stress cracking, static fatigue, roller bearing, plasticity, microcracking, alloy, metallography, solid mechanical property, mechanical fastener, implantable device, hardness, hand tool, glass failure analysis, fracture mechanics, endurance testing, electron microscopy, elastomer, creep, composite material, ceramic failure analysis, accident investigation, metal abrasive wear

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