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FOOD PROCESSING; FOOD EXTRUSION; FOOD PROCESSING EQUIPMENT. Expert is known for his experience in food process engineering, primarily in process scale-up, process development, and troubleshooting. He has done a great deal of work in food extrusion, canned and frozen vegetables, food process equipment and instrumentation, and food education. He has performed periodic lectures and seminars for professionals at processing facilities and for universities in new technologies and subjects related to food processing.

FOOD PROCESSING OPTIMIZATION; FOOD SHEETER. Some of his recent industrial experience includes justifying the application of machine vision for automated inspection, and optimizing processes for many food products, such as preparation of sausage for pizza, separation of popcorn for popping, sheeting of doughs, continuous cleaning of frying oil, forming of snack bars, processes for soft serve ice cream, separation of peas for canning, capacity of corn freezers, processes for ready to spread frostings, and microwave product packaging.

DOUGH; PASTA PRODUCT; PASTA MANUFACTURING. Expert has manufacturing experience with dough and pasta. He is familiar with pancakes, dessert products, and fats & oils.

FOOD DEPOSITOR. Expert has done an evaluation, selection, and modification of food depositors.

Expert also has significant experience in processing other consumer goods, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, paper, soaps, and detergents.

Major accomplishments include:
1. Demonstration of a process for fabricating Rippled Pringle's.
2. A solution of numerous start-up problems.
3. Demonstration of new computer strategies for automatic control, including:
feedforward control for raw material variations, on-line model identification, net weight control, material loss monitoring, and oil quality control.
4. Identification of new raw material supplies for improved cost and process control.
5. Demonstration of a process for recycling potato scrap

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Albuquerque, New Mexico - Rio Rancho, New Mexico

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2003 Degree: PhD Subject: Agricultural/Biological Engineering Institution: Purdue University
Year: 1995 Degree: MS Subject: Chemical Engineering Institution: City University of New York
Year: 1967 Degree: BS Subject: Chemical Engineering Institution: City College of New York

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 1986 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Consultant Department: Responsibilities: Consultant to food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and other consumer products companies.
Years: 1982 to 1986 Employer: Consumer Engineering Title: Senior Research Scientist Department: Responsibilities: Primary responsibilities include functioning as an in-house consultant for the analysis and
a solution to problems in process design, scale-up, and start-up, and the demonstration of the
feasibility of the application of new technologies.

Major accomplishments include:
1. Demonstration of the feasibility of the application of machine vision for automated
2. Demonstration of an improved process for the preparation of sausage used for pizza
3. Demonstration of a process for the separation of popcorn for improved
popping performance.
4. Elucidation of the fluid mechanics involved in the sheeting of doughs and their
implications on the behavior of dough products.
5. Implementation of an improved method for the continuous cleaning of frying oil.
6. Demonstration of an improved method for forming snack bars.
7. A solution of scale up and start-up problems for a soft serve ice cream product.
8. Demonstration of improved control techniques for the separation of peas before
Years: 1977 to 1982 Employer: The Procter and Gamble Company Title: Senior Research Scientist Department: Research and Development Responsibilities: Primary responsibilities include the evaluation of new technologies and the improvement of
existing processes and products.
Major accomplishments include:
1. Reformulation and process improvements on ready to spread frostings.
2. Preparation of design criteria for American Beauty pasta manufacturing facilities and
the implementation of design improvements.
3. Development of a package, its associated fabrication machinery and components for
the improved microwave preparation of foods.
4. Demonstration of the new process for the preparation of a quick cooking pasta product.
5. The solution of start-up and scale-up problems associated with Pasta Perfect.
Years: 1976 to 1977 Employer: The Procter and Gamble Company Title: Section Manager Department: Research and Development Responsibilities: Primary responsibilities were the supervision of a section charged with the development of new
products, and their associated processes, which were suitable for a vending machine
Major accomplishments include:
1. Preparation of design criteria for the production of popcorn, pizza, pancakes, and
dessert products.
2. Development of the formulations for several varieties of pizza, pancakes, and desserts.
3. Demonstration of a novel package which improved microwave performance of crisp
Years: 1972 to 1975 Employer: Pringles Section Title: Group Leader Department: R&D Responsibilities: Primary responsibilities included R&D liaison in the design of a new facility, solution of start-up problems, identifying and implementing processing and cost improvements, new product investigation, training of plant personnel, the preparation of manufacturing specifications, and the supervision of five professionals.
Years: 1970 to 1972 Employer: Fats and Oils Section Title: Group Leader Department: Responsibilities: Primary responsibilities included the investigation of new formulations, identifying and implementing cost and processing improvements, process start-up, and the supervision of one to two professionals. These individuals completed studies in the winterization, refining, filtration, and hydrogenation of vegetable oils and the synthesis of emulsifiers. This work leads to significant cost and capacity improvements.
Major accomplishments include:
1. Development of a process for reclaiming spent frying oils.
2. Start-up of a large vegetable oil refinery.
3. Start-up of a new deodorization process.
4. Optimization of the formula for Puritan Oil.
5. Demonstration of a new process for dewaxing vegetable oils.
Years: 1968 to 1970 Employer: Fats and Oils Section Title: Process Engineer Department: Responsibilities: Primary responsibility was the development of new methods of vegetable oil processing.
Major accomplishments include:
1. Demonstration of a new process for bleaching edible oils.
2. Demonstration of, and establishment of scale-up criteria for an improved process for
the continuous hydrogenation of oils.
Years: 1966 to 1968 Employer: Title: Design and Sales Engineer Department: Responsibilities: Responsibilities included the design of mixing equipment, limited shop supervision, and the
sales of new and used processing equipment.

Demonstration of methods for increasing the capacity of corn freezers.
Implementation of a facility for on-site manufacturing of pasta at Green Giant

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Expert is a member of AIChE, the Institute of Food Technologists,the American Association of Cereal Chemists, American Society of Agricultural Engineers,and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. He is Chairman of the AIChE Technical Session (Minnesota), the Symposia on Food Process Scale-up, and Dough Processing Operations (National Meetings of AIChE).
Professional Appointments
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Institute of Food Technologists
American Association of Cereal Chemists
Society of Manufacturing Engineers
American Society of Agricultural Engineers
Participant in IFT Workshop on Research Needs
Industrial Representative on Natick Laboratories' Demonstration Project for Production of Military Rations
Chairman of Technical Session, Minnesota AICHE
Chairman of Symposium on Food Process Scale-Up, and Dough Processing Operations,
National Meetings of AICHE
Candidate for 2nd Vice Chairman of the Food, Pharmaceutical, and Bioengineering
Division of the AICHE
Chairman of Technical Symposium on Food Extrusion and Drying, COFE, Chicago
Chairman of Technical Symposium on Food Engineering, IFT, Dallas
Chairman of Technical Symposium on Food Engineering, Food Focus, AACC, Minneapolis
Chairman of Technical Symposium on Unit Operations Based on Mechanical and Thermal Energy, Meeting of Research and Development Associates for Military
Food and Packaging Systems, Boston
USDA Value-Added Processing, Reviewer
Chairman, International Extrusion Symposium, Sydney, Australia
Chairman of Technical Symposium Pilot Plants and Scale Up, COFE, Chicago
Editorial Board, Journal of Food Process Engineering
Editorial Board, Journal of Food Engineering
MAFMA Reviewer
Awards / Recognition
"Young Chemical Engineer of the Year", Minnesota Section of the Americal Institute of Chemical Engineers. APV Lecturer, SCI, Listed in "Who's Who in Technology", Listed in "Who's Who in Science & Engineering.
Publications and Patents Summary
He has authored over 20 technical articles (many on food extruders and sheeting of dough), five texts, and has several patents in his field.

Expert has 58 U.S. Patents to date.
Expert has texts currently authored: 10

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
He has been and expert witness and/or consulted on a number of patent infringement cases (probably about 6, possibly more these were spread over many year)
He is currently and expert witness on a trademark/patent case.
He does consulting on several (probably about 3 or 4) product liability cases where a equipment manufacturer was being sued for non-performance on machinery functioning.
He once was an expert on a product liability/insurance nonpayment case
He once consulted on at trade secrets theft case.
Training / Seminars
For most of 25 years in the food industry a significant fraction of efforts and responsibilities have been to train recent engineering and food science graduates. He has taught the following courses, "Selected Topics in Food Engineering", Food Engineering for Non-engineers", "Solving Problems in Food Process Scale-up", Food Extrusion", and "Introduction to Food Process Engineering."
Other Relevant Experience
The expert writes a regular column on Food Engineering for Cereal Foods World - Americal Association of Cereal Chemists. He is an On-campus recruiter.

On-campus recruiter for The Pillsbury Company and The Procter and Gamble Company.

Have reviewed many articles submitted for publication in professional journals.

Extensive programming experience in FORTRAN, Pascal, BASIC, C, and Forth Member of the board of directors of Clean Green/Starch Tech of Minnesota, a producer of
biodegradable packaging materials.

Fields of Expertise

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