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Futurism, Global Branding, B2B, Digital Transformation

ID: 736528 Washington, USA

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Futurist, Global Chief Marketing & Digital Officer

Courageous multi-channel strategist, B2B SaaS, and product, with a keen ability to navigate matrixed environments with ease. Able to lead distributed teams, drive innovation, execute world-class, multi-level campaigns on tight timelines & budgets. Articulate, award-winning, customer-centric, brand leader, focused on growth. Able to attract, inspire and retain top talent. Hands-on, leader, known for metric-based discipline, awe-inspiring content, broadcast, training, and execution.

Areas of Expertise:
• B2B Growth CMO
• Technologist, Futurist
• 3D Immersive Experiences
• Competitive Benchmarking
• Demand Gen, Performance
• Global Brand Expert
• Analyst, Investor Relations
• Analytics, Optimization
• Broadcast, Video, UX, CX
• Global Multi-Channel Expert
• M&A, broad tenure
• IoT, (Social) Influencer
• 360 (CX) Customer Experience
• Social Media Influencer


Dublin, Ireland
Global Board and Operational CMO Q1 2020 to present
Clients: Google, Amazon, Starbucks, NIKE, Dupont, Suez, L’Oréal, Xylem, Suez, Salesforce, Facebook, Apple, Gates Foundation, among others. Our Clean Water Documentary featuring Matt Damon, Jaden Smith, Liam Neeson, and music by Bono (U2) launched worldwide on Netflix
Oct 21, 2020, translated into 29 languages.

ARTEMIS | Mountain View, CA HQ
Artemis Networks LLC is the pioneer of pCell technology (CBRS Spectrum)
Global CMO Advisor and acting CMO Q1-Q2 2020
A breakthrough approach to wireless that consistently delivers full-speed data rate to every mobile device concurrently, regardless of how many users are sharing the same spectrum at once and is compatible with standard LTE devices. Founded by technology pioneer Steve Perlman (of Apple, QuickTime, WebTV, Moxi Media, MOVA Contour Facial Capture, OnLive Cloud fame) and incubated for more than a decade by Steve’s Rearden Companies incubator, Artemis’ pCell technology is protected by a broad portfolio of software patents internationally.

ALSID | Paris, France HQ -
Acquired by Tenable, March 2021
Alsid helps corporates to anticipate attacks by detecting breaches before hackers can exploit them. SaaS platform
Founded by security experts we created the first proactive and intelligent cybersecurity product able to protect the heart of the networks: Active Directory. In real-time, the technology identifies every weak signal that precedes a security incident and raises comprehensive alerts to help companies block the attack. Furthermore, thanks to a cloud-based approach, the solution can be deployed in minutes, allowing business continuity without any impact. As a result, Alsid is protecting 2.5 million users worldwide and responds to the fast and efficient need for current security issues.

SLACK | Slack CMO Council
Slack is a SaaS collaboration hub for teamwork, where the right people are always kept in the loop, and key information is always at their fingertips.
IPO & security expert for Slack, Zoom, MSFT Teams

INFLUENTIAL | Beverly Hills, CA HQ
Influential is the only Mobile-First influencer SaaS platform.
Executive Board Member since 2014
The Influential invite-only app is used by over 20,000 of the most highly engaged influencers on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and more, representing one billion followers. In addition, fortune 100 brands use Influential to demo target customers at scale across social networks while driving awareness/engagement. Strategic partners include Oracle MOAT, IBM Watson AI, Facebook, and WME Endeavor.

TSO LOGIC | Vancouver BC HQ
Acquired by AWS, Amazon, December 2018
TSO Logic delivers SaaS-based analytics and algorithmic decisions for transforming enterprise compute. The SaaS platform provides unprecedented visibility into IT compute and application delivery, actionable analytics for improving performance, cutting costs, and transforming Big Data environments into cloud.

Bill Gates Catalyst 3: Gates’ third endeavor (bcg3) after Microsoft.
Created his social media architecture and analytics and assessed his B2B influence against other high visibility philanthropists. Gates Foundation Mikhail Gorbachev: Gorbachev designed a brain trust for the 21st
Century. Repositioned Gorbachev to U.N. Global Statesman. The brand agency for the Gorbachev Foundation and State of the World Forum (SWF). Produced the Live CNN broadcast with Gorbachev, George Bush, Sr. Margaret Thatcher. In addition, we created the SWF brand, led global media for dignitaries including Carl Sagan, Thabo Mbeki, George Shultz, Zbigniew Brezezinski, Rigoberto Menchu, Arno Penzias, Oscar Arias, Jane Goodall, Vincente Fox, among others.
John Sculley: Partnered with Sculley post-Apple CEO to launch many of his venture investments. CMO for John & Steve Perlman on Artemis Networks project, Q1-Q2 2020.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2021 Degree: Masters Extension Courses Subject: Game Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Institution: Stanford University
Year: 1995 Degree: BS Subject: Marketing, International Business Institution: University of Colorado

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2021 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Venture Partner, CMO Department:
Available upon request.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2019 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Chief Marketing Officer Department:
Available upon request.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2019 to 2020 Employer: Mocana Title: Chief Marketing Officer Department:
Hired as a marketing futurist to transform the company for 2020, brand, voice, content, demand, sales enablement, and customer experience inclusive of refreshed 360 positionings. Digital Engineering and Cyber Protection
Hired by CEO directly: All clients: Nation States, Government, Training, Education
• Redesign brand, redesigned and launched certification program
• Led GTM strategy, buyer, partner segmentation, journey mapping
• Led Top of the Funnel demand generation, paid channels, inclusive of paid, display, SEM
• Created new category – Cyber Protection,
• Created new brand attributes Truth, Trust, Transparency
• Designed, launched, and managed new branded social channels, podcast program
• Built strategic ABM program. 10 X increase in MQL, SAL, SQL
• Defined and delivered business success metrics, segmentation strategy,
• Established competitive matrix to catapult sales practice
• Audience, CISOs CEOs, CFOs, BODs
• Brand awareness play to the general audience, education, the evolution of IoT, IIoT
• Designed a 2020 Mobile First technology experience.
• Partnered with CEO, CPO, co-led product roadmap
• Created new rules of engagement, programmatic, monetization, new dynamics
• Led messaging architecture, brand, pivot from traditional Cybersecurity to modern categories
• Streamline MKT practice savings of $600K Q/Q
• Optimize practice for speed in decisioning.
• Speed to Hyper-Scale, Speed to Cloud
• Delivered on category pivot for BOD, growth practice for CEO
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2017 to 2019 Employer: Mercer MMC Title: Partner, Global Experience Officer Department:
Remote global position w/ 20% travel
Hired as a customer-centric growth executive to lead the global brand practice inclusive of voice, content, digital experience, all events. Led the global analyst practice. Hands-on creative director, writer, hands-on practitioner, and global digital influencer. Strategic, analytical and operational role, day to day mentor for globally distributed teams, led sales enablement, M&A due diligence, global communication, cultural adaptation, and integration.
• Designed Future of Work, Digital Transformation + Virtual Workplace + Life-Long Learning
• Core member of Digital Privacy and Digital Transformation team for Marsh McLennan
• Increased SOV Q/Q, + 20.5% Mercer moved to #2 rank globally, behind Deloitte #1
• Act as a bridge for President International, Global Growth Markets, and Global CMO
• Designed and launched Mercer Digital, B2B SaaS platform (AI partner platform, from the ground up)
• Owned, Vision, budget, execution, and management for the global Mercer + MMC brand
• Increased brand reputation + 28 pts, Brand Visibility + 53% Digital Online SOV, + 62.8% Media SOV
• Built global social practice - $20.5M engaged TOR, $10M open pipeline, $26M Earned, $14M WEF
• Global Report MMC, World Economic Forum, Davos 2017, 2018, 2019, $65M attributed YOY revenue
• Defined and delivered business success metrics, segmentation strategy, brand reputation, created Meltwater Metrics module
• 100 Videos (content) Produced 2018, + 28 PT Brand Index + Global Podcasts, Webinars, PR
• Hired and designed a global customer UX team, managed brand and virtual events
• Hired as global experience officer to elevate culture, earn trust, provide strategic futuristic leadership
• Break-thru content in mobile, programmatic, affiliate, drive MQL, maximize CLTV, lower CAC
• Target: C-Suite dependent on the level of transformation and investment, in parallel to direct customers
• Led Mobile-First Experience, new rules of engagement, programmatic, monetization, new dynamics
• Led messaging architecture, brand, pivot from traditional Mercer to modern infused categories
• Customer obsessed to deliver quality customer experience, customer journey
• Worked with peer communications leaders, teams to collaborate on regional brand, messaging
• Led sales enablement programs, SDR, BDR, GMR + 43% global downloads, MQL
• Defined, delivered thought leadership, global media, and analytics to drive performance
• Built global websites digital properties, secured resource partners, negotiated preferred rates
• Configured new product mix and global naming conventions
• Up-leveled demand generation engine and global campaigns, US, Canada, LATAM, GMR, EU
• Defined, delivered customer success modules
• Defined strategic vision, increased market awareness
• Defined, delivered MQL, GMR, Americas, EMEA
• Designed, shortened sales cycle, increased MRR for branded subscription-based services (ARR)
• Streamline practice savings of $400K Y/Y. Optimize practice for speed in decisions, speed to scale
• Delivered 2X increase marketing ROI Q/Q
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2016 to 2017 Employer: Kisoked Title: Chief Marketing Officer Department:
Initially, hired for CMO BOD role to inform, influence, and establish strategy, positioning, and platform
• Created breakthrough content in mobile, programmatic, affiliate, to maximize CLTV, lower CAC.
• Led Demand Gen, SaaS, Pricing, Performance, and paid channels
• Built brand, website, digital properties, SMBs, and B2B enterprise in parallel
• Refreshed naming conventions, global campaigns
• Launched the 360 immersive experience, the #1 Story at Cannes Lions, awarded, Top of the Wire
• Increased market awareness 600% within 1 month, given Cannes 360 success
• Target: global publishers, IT stack, and CEO dependent on the transformation
• Led Mobile First experience, new rules of engagement within programmatic and monetization
• New brand, digital, website, pivot from Ad Tech to Science, and Predictive AI
• Led digital and sales branded enablement programs
• Led analyst relations for virtual and augmented reality via Gartner and Forrester
• Influencer: B2B Digital Marketers, Publishers
• Built demand generation engine and branded campaigns
• Defined, delivered customer success module
• Defined, delivered MQL, lowered CAC
• Defined and delivered business success metrics and segmentation strategy
• 500% increase Marketing Originated Customer
• 500% increase Marketing Influenced Customer
• Delivered functional solution laser-focused on sales enablement
• Delivered 10X increase marketing ROI Q/Q
• Shortened sales cycle, increased MRR, subscription-based B2C and publisher model
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2014 to 2016 Employer: Nexusguard Title: Chief Marketing Officer Department:
• Platform: SaaS B2B, target IT and Security teams (SMBs, global B2B enterprise, white-label for channel / strategic partners)
• Launched San Francisco (dual HQ), London, Australia, Brazil, and SGP
• Led global media, USA, EMEA, LATAM, APAC. Led white label partnerships (Huawei, Telefonica)
• Positioned, trained executives, Singapore, Hong Kong & San Francisco
• Led Gartner, IDC, Forrester, Frost, and Sullivan, established playbook dashboard for APAC
• Built branded social program, marketing architecture, story modules, video
• Defined messaging architecture, segmentation, region-specific strategies, competitive matrix, customer acquisition, retention
• Moved NXG from #11 Ranking to #3 critical for demand gen & SEO success, leveraged the Sony Hack
• Built, optimized SEM, SEO, PPC, CLTV, programmatic and native advertising program
• Defined, delivered strategic vision to increase market awareness 200+% in 3 months
• New voice & brand inclusive of all content, design, GTM digital advertising and assets
• Shifted from (FUD) product story to CX story, Customer Lifecycle, enhanced UX and solutions
• Led marketing: 10 languages, websites, assets, customer support, Dual NOC & SOC
• Worked beside Product management and dev teams to co-design threat-based roadmap and category
• Worked with Product teams to design roadmap, feature-set, GTM assets
• Worked with Product teams in APAC and led customer, partner feedback loop
• Optimized Demand Generation and marketing campaigns and advertising programs
• Designed out-of-the-box solutions to inspire, engage our sales team and inbound lead flow
• Managed third parties, partnerships, optimized revenue, and ongoing subscriber SaaS opportunities
• Defined, delivered Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL), lowered Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
• Establish and manage campaign tracking across all channels
• 10 X increase Marketing Originated Customer
• 10 X increase Marketing Influenced Customer
• Delivered 500% marketing ROI Q/Q
• Defined, delivered Increased CLTV Q/Q
• Shortened sales cycle, increased MRR
• Defined and delivered business success metrics
• Defined and delivered segmentation strategy
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2014 to 2014 Employer: Codenomicon Title: Chief Marketing Officer Department:
Led global campaign (hands-on, team of 3) around the Heartbleed security bug discovered in April 2014. The news generated 6,000 pieces of media and earned a million daily hits on the landing page. 72 hours after breaking, Heartbleed was known by 67% of global internet users. Heartbleed was lauded by WIRED, Fast Company & Mashable as The Internet’s First Super Star, and Bloomberg as A Bloody Marketing Masterpiece.
• New positioning, messaging architecture, brand design, website, content, competitive analysis
• Best practice freshly branded social and corporate and crisis communications programs
• Managed all digital properties, inclusive of GTM assets
• Defined, delivered customer success module, scaled subscriptions, and retention
• Led public affairs and government practice, DHS
• Delivered first-ever Black Hat AOL Studio Video Cast, inclusive of CISOs and CSOs
• Target: security professionals and influencers, B2B,
• Responsible for end-to-end positioning for all products and segments
• Led analyst and media practice - Gartner, IDC, Forrester, Frost and Sullivan, 450 Group
• Built and optimized demand generation program campaigns, paid channels, product marketing
• Defined segmentation strategy, SEO, display advertising, programmatic, and affiliate programs
• 100% increase Marketing Original Customer, scaled & position for a trade sale
• 100% increase Marketing Influenced Customer
• Shortened sales cycle, increased MRR
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2012 to 2013 Employer: Conviva Title: Chief Marketing Officer Department:
Client Engagements include Washington Post, The White House, ABC, NBC, CBS, HBO, CNBC, Bloomberg, Univision, MGO, NFL, ESPN, Telefonica, UStream, Vimeo, Astro, Oxygen, Sony, Al Jazeera, CBC, CNTV, MLB, Redbox, Verizon
• Target: C-Suite (CEO, CTO, CPO, CFO)
• Defined, executed offline + virtual events (NAB, CES, Cannes,)
• Customer Journey, Segmentation, Personalization
• Competitive Matrix, Category Creation,
• Defined brand voice inclusive of content, responsive design
• Responsible for all written, video, and branded content
• Built branded social program, corporate marketing architecture, partner programs
• Defined, delivered thought leadership, media, U.S. EU, LATAM, APAC
• Led Analyst Practice: Gartner, IDC, Forrester, Frost, and Sullivan
• Created innovative Influencer Practice
• Built brand, global website, digital properties
• Built then optimized Demand Generation Program and Digital Campaigns
• increase market awareness 500+% within 6 months
• Increased MQL lowered CAC
• Defined, delivered business success metrics, segmentation strategy, and story module
• Defined digital programs for SaaS
• 500% increase Marketing Original Customer
• 750% increase Marketing Influenced Customer
• Delivered functional solution focused on sales success
• Delivered first-ever VXR 2013 (State of Viewer Experience Report)
• Delivered 200% marketing ROI Q/Q
• Shortened sales cycle, increased MRR
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2010 to 2012 Employer: Webtrends Title: Chief Marketing Officer Department:
• Target: CIO and CMO for SaaS analytics/optimization program, SMBs, and B2B Enterprise
• Built new brand, website, optimized, metric-driven campaigns, SEO, SEM, PPC, CLTV
• Brand ambassador for the company, most enterprise partnerships - CIO/CMO
• Led San Francisco office design and launch
• Led Tokyo and Hong Kong (APAC) media launch
• Led new Brazil media and brand presence
• Led new UAE media and brand presence
• Led San Francisco, Sydney & London customer conferences
• Led Grammy, Emmy, Oscar Data Visualization programs
• Built social program. Built demand generation program.
• A/R Gartner, IDC, Forrester, Frost and Sullivan, GigaOm, TechCruch, Altimeter
• Led market research, competitive analysis to establish modern messaging
• Designed and delivered first On-Demand Digital Archive
• Primary Market: IT, Engineering, CMO, Digital Marketing. Secondary Market: Media, Publishing
• Certified Lead SAP Partner + RIM Lead Analytics Partner
• Defined and delivered increased MQL lowered CAC
• Defined and delivered segmentation strategy
• 200% increase Marketing Originated Customer
• 600% increase Marketing Influenced Customer
• Shortened sales cycle, increased MRR
2011: Preferred Facebook Analytics Program: End-to-End Facebook campaign solutions. A market first for the industry - executive partnership w/ Facebook. Personal partnership w/ Sheryl Sandberg. Achieved 3 badges in front of 230 PMD members.
Client Engagements include Adidas, Amazon, Bill Gates, bgc3, Ted Turner, CBS, Coca-Cola, Digi-Key, General Motors, HBO, Intel, MSFT, Nationwide, NIKE, Proctor & Gamble, Rosetta Stone, State Farm, The White House, Zappos, NYT, BMW, RIM, China Telecom, China Mobile, CCTV, Tencent QQ, Hitachi, Associated Press, HSBC, Barclays, Accenture, Vivo Cellular and Petrobras. Secondary Market B2C, Webtrends enjoyed the early days of analytics optimization before Google as a freemium solution. Target Global Enterprise and SMBs, given Google.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2010 to 2010 Employer: Motricity Title: VP Marketing (Led IPO) Department:
Led IPO for CEO was responsible for brand ideation, mobile integration, partner elevation, brand strategy, overall messaging, and execution. Elevated voice of brand inclusive of AR, PR, IR, and digital media in the U.S. APAC, EU. Partnered with GigaOm, GigaOm Pro, Tech Crunch, Intrepid, and others. CEO awarded E&Y
Technology Entrepreneur of the Year the exact evening as our IPO. Partnered with Edelman & Hill & Knowlton in U.S. & APAC to catapult results, own the day.
• Led strategic, brand, event. external and internal communications and budget for IPO
• Created in-house design and video studio
• Led strategic brand extensions on the ground, Nasdaq, NYC + Seattle
• Powered more than 50 billion page views through access to the mobile web
• Responsible for SEO, SEM, Programmatic and 24/7 leadership for the ramp leading to IPO
• Trained all executives for roadshow and IPO
• Customers include 4 of the top 10 wireless carriers: Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile USA. In addition, XL Axiata, Jakarta, and Virgin Media London were also international customers.
• $2.5 billion in gross revenue was generated by the carrier customers by selling mobile content and applications through the “Motricity” mCore SaaS Platform. Provided access for enterprise customers to more than 200 million mobile subscribers through our wireless carrier customers across the United States and Europe. In addition, provided mobile data services to more than 35 million subscribers monthly.
• Target customer CIO & CEO, enterprise partnerships USA & APAC
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2009 to 2010 Employer: THX Ltd. Title: VP Marketing Department:
Strategic online and offline partnerships include Magnolia, Best Buy, LG, Pioneer Elite, Panasonic, Runco, Logitech, Monster Cable, Teufel, Cinemark, AMC, Mann, TIVO, Onkyo, Cinema Now, Blu-Focus, Sensio, 20th Century Fox, Disney, Ford, Microsoft, Fandango, Vimeo, Live Nation and many more. THX plays a pivotal role in developing global standards and partnerships for 3D video and audio. We positioned THX as Entertainment Driven Technology. The key to our success was our consistent messaging and thought leadership within emerging digital technologies and entertainment.
Responsibilities: Corporate Marketing, Internal, and External Communications. Global Brand Steward, Lead Generation, New Media Marketing 2.0, Direct and Indirect Sales Support, B2C Strategic Lead, Digital Cinema Lead & 3D Sound Initiative, Global Digital Lead. Responsible for all aspects of the website’s development and evolution, including RFP, vendor selection, inclusive of iPhone Apps, management, ongoing management, updating content, landing pages, images, blogs, surveys, newsletters, affiliates/partners. Built digital team from the ground up, hired consultants as needed to catapult education, SEO, and best practices within the organization. Pixar and Sky Walker Sound partnership: Toy Story, Star Wars, Avatar, LG, Lincoln, BMW, Ford
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2008 to 2009 Employer: SBC/ZIP/Inter Active Corp Title: Chief Marketing Officer Department:
Launched, next day IT integration solutions with IAC (Barry Diller) drove key partner programs with Amazon and others. Responsible for brand & digital development, demand gen and digital alignment. SEO, SEM, PPC, CLTV.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2003 to 2008 Employer: SBC Title: Chief Marketing Officer Department:
Revenue success $40M to $875M in 18 months
Aligned brand platform to position SBC as more than the sum of its acquisitions and focused the company on customer experience and thought leadership in the HDTV category. Developed and launched a full suite of branded products, digital assets, and naming conventions.
Restructured multi-channel program to increase channel health thru incentive programs and innovative web marketing.
Recruited and built marketing organization, aligned roadmaps across company worked with the existing talent given rapid APAC acquisitions. Established central marketing database, new marketing programs and responsible for the day to day business development in concert with the global sales organizations, launched web, executed integrated metrics as well as customer service component for Brillian, SBC, Olevia, and Vivitar. Responsible for all four brands.
Responsible for developing new products, packaging as well as B2C and B2B brand launch. Member of due diligence M&A team.
2006 Acquisition: Vivitar Brand, U.S. APACJ, UAE and EU
Led Enterprise-wide Brand Direction and Execution, repositioned 70-year old brand by activating key new purchase drivers, product portfolio lifestyle differentiation, and engaging brand promise. Developed communication, digital strategy, and product roadmap for 75+ SKUs. Developed new product and global launch.
Responsible for international rollout.
Positioned Vivitar for LCD HDTV market in EU and UAE. Re-launched Vivitar in proactive EU launch at The O2 in London. European Revenue success: moved from #7 position to #3 within one year.
Extracted essence of original European Vivitar optics legacy brand, integrated new media, and marketing tools to catapult the brand to its first hyper-growth since Asian ownership. Designed and launched a new product suite and voice for the brand on and offline to consumers in Hollywood, EU, and Dubai
• 2005 Acquisition: Syntax Groups (Taiwan, Los Angeles); OLEVIA HDTV (U.S. & APAC responsibilities)
Outperformed brand goals in awareness, familiarity, favorability, and consideration through effective marketing strategies including 230%, 203%, 22% and 63% increase among target audiences. Revenue success $40M to $875M in 18 months. Responsible for creative (digital, radio, print & broadcast) campaigns for Olevia.
Developed Creative Breakout Campaigns: with ESPN, ABC, and AEG (Anschutz Entertainment Group) domestically and internationally to dramatically differentiate companies and products which resulted in revenue growth. Led media and creative production.
Grew Business Ahead of Market: Strategically directed and owned a $20M+ marketing campaign including integrated broadcast, public relations, investor relations, print, sponsorships, and event marketing. (XGames)
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2000 to 2003 Employer: Photon Dynamics Title: VP Marketing Department:
Redefined Global Go-to-Market Strategy: Effective member of M&A Due Diligence Team. Incorporated acquisitions of technology and companies focused on building the portfolio in key areas. Reinvented brand inclusive of web, marketing, and sales tools, global media, and investor relations templates.
Led Design Development: Senior member of the corporate marketing team. Co-Led initial design to contract to manufacture for new LCD inspection system product. Partnered with IDEO, Palo Alto, Flextronics, and Sanmina San Jose. Remained with the program through full pilot production. Responsible for end-to-end, on and offline global launch.
Restructured Organization for Optimized Execution: Directed marketing & brand Integration, for M&A.
Responsible for our Integrated Systems on Glass mission. Member of the acquisition team. Significant restructuring of the company was needed to streamline operations and reduce expenses. A key element was outsourcing procurement and system manufacturing to contract manufacturers in China & Taiwan while maintaining control of core technology procurement and subsystem manufacturing to protect intellectual property. We improved the gross margin by 25%.
Led Worldwide Crisis Communication Marketing; Repositioned Photon Dynamics during 9/11/2001 as the Asia Pacific, European Entity versus a Silicon Valley centric entity. Led Edelman teams in APACJ, Europe and U.S.
Repositioned our CEO as a global thought leader. Activated all tradeshows inclusive of APACJ, U.S., and Europe.
Managed creative, activations, and sensitive partnerships throughout Q4 2001, inclusive of Productronica in Munich 10 days following the 9/11 event. Often led activations solo Q3-Q4 2001 as my team in Silicon Valley was fearful of international travel.
• 2000: CR Technology, 2000, Aliseo Viejo, CA
• 2000: IPS Image Processing Systems, Inc, 2000, Markham Ontario, Canada
• 2000 IRSI, Intelligence Reasoning Systems, Inc, Austin Texas
• 2002: Akcron Corp, Ltd., Daeduk Valley, Daejeon, South Korea
• 2002: ISIS, Infrared Screening and Inspection Solutions, Montreal, Quebec Canada
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2000 to 2003 Employer: Frank Harrison Perez Corporation Title: President, CMO for select VCs, CMO on Demand Department:
Launched five companies, delivered robust brand, communications media, and digital metrics plans. Served Silicon Valley Venture Capital community and their selected portfolio clients. Expertise SaaS
Starbucks: Concept and Launch first Wi-Fi global network. Partnered with Starbucks and HP. Authored the concept of Hot Spot and Un-Wire. Launched brand in partnership with Starbucks and HP. Drove vision and lifestyle concept. Mobile Star was acquired by Voice Stream and later acquired by T-Mobile, transitioned to the AT&T SBUX Program.
Cometa: CEO: Larry Brilliant, Google Foundation. Partnered w/ Intel to Un-Wire Municipalities
Appshop: Oracle E-Business Suite: Original SaaS. Customers included Brocade and Network Solutions.
Photon Dynamics: Global brand refresh. Hired by Company in 2001 as CEO in-house VP Marketing
FHP Clients: Menlo Ventures, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich Rosati, El Dorado Ventures, High Gate Ventures, Mayfield, Unterberg Towbin, Blue Print Ventures, Mobile Star, (Voice Stream, T-Mobile), Starbuck Mobile Team, Cometa Networks, Intel, Escend, Network Appliance, Brocade, AIG, Photon Dynamics.
Delivered Messaging Architecture, Media Training, Voice Coaching, Websites, and Business Plans, Research, IPO Roadshows, Campaign Management, Information Architecture, Competitive Analysis, Cultural Adaptation, Name Generation, Translation Project Management, Presentation Development, Activations, Tradeshows, Event Creation and Management and Sales Assets. Personally responsible for agile digital branding, global communications, budgeting, VC marketing plans, IPO roadshows.
John Sculley: Partnered with Sculley post-Apple CEO tenure to brand a myriad of his new ventures.
Mikhail Gorbachev: Gorbachevs’ plan was to design a global brain trust for the 21st Century. Repositioned Gorbachev from President to U.N. Global Statesman. My firm in San Francisco was the communication and brand agency for the Gorbachev Foundation and State of the World Forum (SWF). We produced the Live CNN broadcast with Gorbachev, George Bush, Sr. Margaret Thatcher, and Bernard Shaw. We created the SWF brand and led global media for dignitaries including, Carl Sagan, Thabo Mbeki, George Shultz, Zbigniew Brezezinski, Rigoberto Menchu, Arno Penzias, Oscar Arias, Jane Goodall, Vincente Fox, Deepak Chopra, Ted Turner, and others.
VISA: Launched the Smart Card Product and Brand for all of Visa’s premier partners
Silicon Valley Bank: Repositioned bank to capture Silicon Valley cache for growth
Bank of America: Created and launched an e-commerce banking website. Touted as #1 for 18 months
NIKE: Created global brand standards, Launched Nike Golf and Tiger Woods (Hear Me Roar)
Enterprise: Launched 30 tech companies, 20% ASPs (Application Service Provider aka SaaS)
AOL/Netscape: Built five of the Netscape Top Ten websites
Positioned as VP Marketing and digital brand lead for investors– 80% of VCs did not have in-house CMO, in essence, we were an insurance policy for their investments. We built marketing architecture for their portfolio investments and would help interview, hire in-house coveted world-class digital teams and resources.

Career Accomplishments

Licenses / Certifications
Digital, Influencer Marketing
Professional Certification

National Investor
Relations Institute

THX Certification and Education, THX Home Cinema Program creates partnerships with Architects in North
America and APAC, Global Retail, Education & Event including DEG, TASA, 3D@Home, SMPTE, CEDIA, AES,

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Public Company
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