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HACCP, LACF, Low Acid Aseptic, Process Controls, Process Improvement, System Design, Value Added, Resource Allocation

ID: 725034 North Carolina, USA

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Expert is a consultant to the Food Manufacturing and Process Industry utilizing excellent interpersonal skills and an aggressive hands on approach. He has successfully liaised with clients and staff, identifying and correcting for food and ingredient manufacturing issues proactively as well acutely.
Develops and implements manufacturing/process control procedures that streamline operations. Also managed training/cross training line personnel, line leads and supervisors in the proper function of the line. As a function of those process controls areas such as GMP’S, Q.A., Q.C, HACCP, Kosher, AIB and Government Regulatory are taken into account as well as specific sales and marketing programs.
Process improvements then addressed using various scenarios base on time in motion studies and critical path analysis. After performing cost benefit analysis he looked at the ROI that can be realized with additional training and or capital expenditure.
The objective of both - Process Control and Process Improvement - is to increase quality, increase and /or stabilize through-put, mitigate labor and shrink as well as find ways to additionally value add to the finish products or disposables. Follow-up is Key to any successful implementation.
Source spec and suggest, ingredients packaging and capital equipment expenditures for the implementation of new value added product lines. Set up and implement procedures and the training of employees on proper process functions and documentation as it relates to FDA & USDA regulations, Firms in house Q.C., HAACP and certification plans, procedures and protocols.
Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, Production Module design and Implementation.
Modified Atmospherically Controlled Packaging / Gas flushing or MAP.
Ingredient and packaging specification and sourcing.
Adding capacity through cost effective outsourcing / co-packers

Fruit Juice can be manufactured directly from fresh pressing and pasteurizing fresh or frozen raw fruit into single strength juice. The brixs are a variable determined by the type of fruit and have a product specific range. Fruit juice can also be reconstituted from concentrate to any brix level required for a particular formulation. Weather fresh pressed or from concentrate it is considered fruit juice unless further additives move the percentage to total of fruit juice to the fruit cocktail or fruit drink range. Following FDA labeling law, pasteurization and proper food safety guidelines and documentation are very important when dealing with fruit juice.

Develops and implements manufacturing/process control procedures that streamline operations. Also manages training/cross training line personnel, line leads and supervisors in the proper function of the line. As a function of those process controls areas such as GMP’S, Q.A., Q.C, HACCP, Kosher, AIB and Government Regulatory are taken into account as well as specific sales and marketing programs.

Spice and spice processing have very unique needs. He identifies and documents GMP’s and personnel heath and safety are important here. The very nature and pungency of spices can make them quit difficult to deal with at any level. Weather they are being used as an ingredient or being value added proper handling procedures and process controls must be identified, documented and adhered to. Seasonings and soup bases generally fall within the general food classification of spice. Proper formulation and blending procedures need to identified, monitored and documented with regard to this area.

ERP Manufacturing Module implementation. Layout and flow charting of complete production process by line by product so as to develop and implement proper routing principles and formulas with in ERP software for proper purchasing, scheduling raw material and labor usage with in the manufacturing module.Locate and facilitate process capacity for fruit product concentrate. Perform on-site training with in new facility to optimize yield and control product QualityModified Atmospheric controlled Packaging, MAP. Worked with client to speck equipment packaging and specific gas ratios for increased shelf life. Instituted process controls and Q.C. documentation and standards to insure product integrity. Trained Personnel in proper use of packaging analytical and documentation proceduresWorked with a client on the formulation, development, packaging and marketing of a fresh pressed juice product for the retail market.Worked with aseptic packaging customer on a fresh brewed Organic tea base manufacturing process for a specific product line. Located manufacturing capacity for same and over saw start up.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1988 Degree: B.S. Subject: Business Management Institution: Ramapo College

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2001 to 2003 Employer: Clermont Fruit Processors Title: Operations Manager/ Acting President Department:
Responsible for all facets of operation and business development in this state of the Art fruit Juice, concentrating and fresh press bottling Process facility, Including but not limited to all applicable FDA, HACCP, DEC,OSHA Regulator as well as Kosher Organic And AIB auditing oversight
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2000 to 2001 Employer: Nabisco Title: Production Supervisor Department: Fairlawn NJ Facility
Responsible for all aspect of mixing department on covered shift
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1998 to 2000 Employer: Cognati Cheese Company Title: Plant Manager Department:
Responsible for all aspect of plant operations for cheese manufacturing and processing facility. Including but not limited to all applicable regulatory agencies oversight, Purchasing Capital Improvement, Design layout and implementation
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1988 to 1998 Employer: Arthur Schuman Inc Title: Production Manager Department:
Responsible for all facets of production in cheese processing facility for value added product. Design, spec bid and purchase of new facility and capital equipment in excess of $5,000,000.00
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2004 to 2008 Employer: MAT Consulting Title: Owner Department:
Consulting and brokering in all facets of the food industry
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2008 to 2017 Employer: Yamco LLC / Covington Vodka Title: General Manager Department:
Responsible for day to day operations, Quality, Regulatory and sales of this low acid, aseptic, Continual Microwave process facility

Career Accomplishments

Licenses / Certifications
Better Process Certification University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 2010

HACCP Certification UNC / Cornell University 2012

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
He has delivered no formal training programs or seminars but have worked with clients to implement employee training and cross training programs that do boost out put and increase employee moral and job satisfaction. This almost always increases through put but as importantly increases quality and better defines line speeds.
Vendor Selection
He looks to contacts and a very extensive network of professionals in locating and qualifying all vendors, be the for ingredients, supplies or capital equipment. He always researches and checks credentials and reviews past and present performance with references supplied by vendor and those located through various industry professionals
Marketing Experience
All projects are cost driven and as such are proposed with specific Return on Investment projections. Specifically value added product and process cost reductions are the main focus in all consulting projects with in the food industry. And in-depth analysis in regards to all regulatory practices and how implementation of new practices effect those policies must be given careful consideration as they also effect ROI. Process controls, training and labor management are all key to the success of any program implementation or upgrade. Follow through and adjustment of new or expanded lines are critical. Industry trends must be carefully research and applied on a per case basis. Different operations, corporate structure and attitudes as well as product and marketing specific criteria may not allow the successful implementation of certain technologies. A clear flow of information along with client expectations and budgets is paramount.
Other Relevant Experience
He has worked with clients regarding maintenance programs, just in time delivery schedules. He has also been very effective in developing new products and markets for waste/ shrink as well as finding and capitalizing on additional, as yet realized line capacity through process control, employee training and cross training programs.
He has also been effective in working with clients in regards to sanitation, Q.A., Q.C. HACCP and FDA protocol and procedures.

Fields of Expertise

hazard analysis critical control point, food processing, food processing good manufacturing practice, food product, food safety, produce storage, puree, fruit juice, fruit juice processing, manufacturing control, spice, operational process improvement, onsite training, labor cost estimation, Food and Drug Administration laser safety regulation, beverage processing, food marketing, food packaging material, food grinder, bill of materials, fruit puree, apple pectin, food regulatory compliance, food product development, food processing quality, human efficiency, food labeling regulation, enterprise resource planning, food grade lubricant, food research and development, vegetable processing, fruit processing, clean-in-place, refrigerated entree, food product shelf-life study, food product process development, fruit storage, beverage system, food processing plant safety, nut (fruit) processing, food package, Food and Drug Administration CFR-21 part 175, food product quality control, food product research and development management, food functional property, food product quality improvement, food product cost reduction, Food and Drug Administration food packaging regulation, food processing plant, food processing plant design, manufacturing resource planning, food processing waste, food inspection, Food and Drug Administration food regulation, food processing plant sanitizing, food industry quality management, food industry total quality control, food industry total quality management, food industry quality control, food industry quality assurance, kosher food processing, food heat transfer, food product labeling, food analysis, inventory, critical path method, design process, sauce, food, tea, soup, process optimization, manufacturing, inventory control, fruit product, food storage, food quality assurance, food processing optimization, food processing equipment, food ingredient, dairy product, bottling sanitation procedure, beverage, manufacturing automation

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