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Expert is a certified associate ergonomist. Expert is founder and owner of a nationally based ergonomic consulting firm. Expert's background in ergonomics has allowed her to utilize her skills in preventing work related accidents and in assisting with the development of a set up of the injury reduction program. She uses the Variance Reduction Model as part of the injury reduction program and can utilize tools such as a risk analysis, human factor analysis, and incorporate OSHA standards in developing or setting up an injury reduction program.

Expert's background in ergonomics provides continual use of anthropomorphic measurements. This information can be derived from various scientific studies that have been completed by the Navy which are used as guidelines for equipment design and set up.

Expert's background in therapy, as well as in ergonomics requires continual use of biomechanical principles and model as part of the rehabilitation process and as part of the implementation of ergonomic concepts in a work/home environment.

Expert is a certified hand therapist which provides a high level of expertise in relation to all hand or cumulative trauma injuries. Expert can opine on the etiology of CTS, treatment options, and ergonomic set up for minimizing symptoms. Expert can also perform objective studies which can provide reliable data for assessing impact of CTS on ability to use hand with functional activities.

Expert has expertise in ergonomics and works with vendors throughout the world in assisting with chair design and in choosing the right chair for the client. Expert has provided consulting advice to chair manufacturers to assist with the proper design of a chair/stool for office and medical arena.

Expert's work in ergonomics provides her with a high level of expertise in assessing in individual's comfort with the set up in his or her work environment. Level of comfort can be subjective or objective and these issues can be addressed using on-site evaluation tools or through verbal communication with the user.

Expert's work in office ergonomics provides her with a high level of expertise to opine on the design of any equipment used in the office set up. With many individuals, a quick fix, is usually the ergonomic keyboard; however, this option is not the most effective tool used for a proper keyboard set up. An on-site ergonomic office evaluation which includes obtaining anthropometric measurements and digital photography will provide clinical data which will assist with the optimal ergonomic set up for keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

Expert's background in ergonomics will allow her to opine on products which are considered to be ergonomically correct. Many products are using ergonomics as part of the label and in many cases, this label does not fit the true term of "ergonomics". Expert will be able to provide scientific research which can demonstrate or prove/disprove if a consumer product is ergonomically correct.

Expert has performed extensive work in the field of ergonomics in dentistry. Expert has been published in dental journals on the set up of an ergonomic dental office and on tools that are necessary for preventing injury in the dental field. Expert signed a contract with a Fortune 500 company in the dental field and provided consulting with their representatives to offer ergonomic services to dentists in the US. Expert has spoken a national, state, and local trade association meetings and is recognized as an expert in the field of dental ergonomics.

She has been working in conjunction with the top five disability carriers in the United States in providing consulting services for claimants to assist with the disability management process. Expert has presented to disability insurance companies on the importance of utilizing return to work services and on the cost benefit analysis of assisting a claimant immediately post injury. Expert has worked proactively both for the claimant on disability and for the insurance company. Expert provides a nonbiased approach to analyzing the level of disability and how it can impact the ability to return to normal work function. Expert has also worked on behalf of the claimant and insurance company in performing a detailed occupational analysis of an indivdidual's level of disability to prove/disprove ability to perform essential job duties.

Expert is a certified associate ergonomist with certification through Oxford Research Institute in Washington DC. Expert is the founder and president of an ergonomic nationally based consulting firm and has been running the firm for 8 years. Expert continues to maintain her credentials through CE courses and training. Expert is involved with the Human Factors Society, IARP, and CMSA which all incorporate her skills in ergonomics. Expert has presented to many population groups on ergonomics, ergonomic design and financial impact of ergonomics. Expert utilizes the Variance Reduction model in implementation of ergonomic modifications. She uses anthropometric guidelines in assisting with the design or analysis of a design of equipment. Her indepth understanding of physiology and kinesiology also provide a higher level of expertise in understanding the true benefit of implementing ergonomic changes in the work force or with design of equipment.

Expert is a board certified hand therapist and certified associate ergonomist. She has a vast understanding of the physiology, biomechanics, and kinesiology related to an injury. She has worked with professionals in the field of anesthesiology, ophthalmology,dermatology, oral surgery, dentistry, orthopedics, vascular surgery, nursing, radiology, and therapy. She has assisted with ergonomic set up in the operatories and has assisted with the procurement of equipment to assure that it meets fire safety codes in the hospital environment. She has performed in depth occupational analyses on the various medical professions detailing specific job tasks and positions maintained when performing such tasks. She has completed in depth ergonomic analyses on various professions and has assessed ergonomic setups within the hospital and clinic organization. She is familiar with the Mayo Clinic design of treatment rooms in the physician offices and can opine on the ergonomic deficits of the set up. She can provide a detailed report of how the injury can impact the ability of a medical professional to carry out essential job functions.

Expert's extensive background in ergonomics and industrial safety allow her to opine on issues related to occupational safety. This can be related to slip and fall injuries at work to more extensive injuries that may cause death or dismemberment of a body part. She can opine on the cause of the safety issue and provide options for implementing tools for change to increase safety in the workplace.

Expert is a licensed occupational therapist, board certified hand therapist, and certified associate ergonomist. She maintains her credentials through her CE courses and training. She continues to work part time as a hand therapist at UCSD in San Diego to maintain her clinical skills in occupational therapy and hand therapy. She has worked in conjunction with physical therapist in cotreating patients and has a full understanding of the physiology and biomechanics of the body. Her work in ergonomics requires an extensive understanding of the spine, vertebrae, pressure, sprain/strains, and impact of injury on motion and strength. She has compiled extensive scientific research studies which prove/disprove treatments and objective tests used in therapy.

Expert is a board certified hand therapist, occupational therapist, and certified associate ergonomist. She specializes in office and medical/dental ergonomics. She utilizes the Variance Reduction Model in her practice in analyzing and setting up a productive, efficient ergonomic office. She provides cost effective solutions for implementing ergonomic changes and understanding the financial impact of an injury on work related activities. She utilizes tools that assess posture, positioning, anthropometric measures, and subjective reports of comfort/discomfort in obtaining a set-up of the office.

Expert is a board certified hand therapist, ergonomist, and occupational therapist. Expert has been working with the insurance company market for the past eight years. She provides unbiased, objective data for claimants to assess disability and impact of disability on ability to return to work. Financial analysis of impact of injury can also be performed.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Los Angeles, California - San Diego, California - Long Beach, California - Santa Ana, California - Anaheim, California - Riverside, California - Glendale, California - Huntington Beach, California - San Bernardino, California - Chula Vista, California

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1993 Degree: BA Subject: Occupational Therapy Institution: Western Michigan University
Year: 2000 Degree: Work Towards Clinical Doctorate Subject: OT/Ergonomics Institution: Nova Southeastern University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2000 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: President/CEO Department: Responsibilities: She provides consulting services in ergonomics, assists in medical management of upper extremity injuries, and specializes in working with dentists/physicians on assisting with return to work following an injury. She also performs upper extremity functional capacity evaluations and occupational analyses of specific job tasks or occupations.
Years: 1993 to 2000 Employer: Various Hand Therapy Position Title: Therapist/Manager Department: Responsibilities: She worked as a certified hand therapist in various outpatient clinics in Florida. She performed orthopedic evaluations, set up treatment plans, and provided treatment. She also designed work conditioning programs for patients and performed marketing to grow hand therapy business in various clinics.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
ASHT Society, Human Factors Engineering Society, CMSA society, IARP Organization
Licenses / Certifications
CHT (certified hand therapist)
CEAS (certified ergonomist assessment specialist)
CAE (certified associate ergonomist)

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
She has performed depositions related to work injuries/ergonomics, occupational analyses on various tasks associated with medical and dental professional, and performed due diligence on specific cases for work related injuries, UE injuries, and dental ergonomics
Training / Seminars
See CV. She has given multiple courses on dental ergonomics/ergonomics, and UE injuries to trade association meetings. She has been published in dental journals on issues related to ergonomics in dentistry.
Vendor Selection
Work with multiple vendors with recommending equipment or services and have established relationships with vendors/suppliers throughout nation/world. She has signed proposals with Fortune 500 companies and has provided service to the companies.
Marketing Experience
She has spoken at many trade association meetings especially in the dental field in discussing how injuries impact the ability for a dental professional to rtw. She has also presented to all of the major disability insurance companies on utilizing ergonomics/FCEs as part of the disability management process. Customers include dental manufacturers/distributors, major insurance carriers, and physicians/dentists.
Other Relevant Experience
She is a certified associate ergonomist with a certification from Oxford Research Institute. She is also a certified hand therapist. She possess great organizational skills and is detail oriented in all work. She is qualified and competent in understanding how injuries impact ability for an individual to return to work or to assess maximum functional capacity related to work skills.

Fields of Expertise

A Workplace Accident and Injury Reduction Program, anthropomorphic, biomechanics, carpal tunnel syndrome, cumulative trauma disorder, chair, chair design, comfort, furniture comfort, computer keyboard, consumer product ergonomics, dentistry, disability, disability insurance, total permanent disability insurance, ergonomic tool, ergonomic tool design, ergonomics, hand tool, hand tool design, hand-tool ergonomics, medical ergonomics, occupational safety, safety, workplace safety and security, occupational therapy, physical therapy, office, office ergonomics, workers' compensation, workplace design, accident photography, office equipment, workplace injury, hand surgery, functional capacity assessment, disability management, biological therapy, insurance, behavioral science, seat track, human error rate, occupational disease, tool grinding, office productivity, work load, power tool, durable medical equipment, office design, office layout, biomechanical engineering, orthopedics, paperless office, medical device safety, industrial design, office furniture, human impact biomechanics, wellsite safety, insurance claim, Occupational Safety and Health Administration standard, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, dental orthopedics, safety management, medical device design, human-factors industrial design, preventive dentistry, market research, orthopedic biomechanics, accident, office machine, safety code, preventive medicine, office environment, office automation, medical equipment, human factors engineering, ergonometrics, anthropometry, Americans with Disabilities Act

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