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Expert in Hi T Batteries, H2-Fuel Cell (CHP), Medical Cutting knife, Head loss pressure drop, Metallurgy

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Hydrogen: Catalyst-Hydrogenation/Dehydrogenation, NG to aromatics, BCC metallic membranes (V, Nb, and Ta and alloys)-coal gas, catalyst, sealing-welding, brazing, compressed, storage sodium-hydrides. Metal-hydrides. These work success fully performed US-DOE nuclear fusion program for the hydrogens’ (H, 2D, 3T) from the plasma to recycling fuel. Currently, CO2 capture and storage program by separation Hydrogen is under developing commercial hydrogen separation reactor, and participation into the commercial NH3 generation reactors

Metals/Alloys: Corrosion protection-sulfur, metal dusting, biomass and coal, boiler, liquid metal (Na-K, Li) has been successfully solved for the US-DOE’s Fusion energy under ITER program, and Fossil Energy Programs. Hydrogen separation membranes from WGS coal gas for IGCC-CCS under US-DOE highly successful progress. Cost effective innovative next generation H-Fuel Cell for the most challenging CHP-grid, vehicles, and any H-FC can be global green energy technology.

Water: Thermo-hydraulics, Chemical Effect Head-loss Pressure Drop. Nuclear& ground waters. Nano-emulsion, CaCO3 inhibition problem solving has been conducted for US-NRC, NALCO’s program.

Battery: Thermal-battery for missile 2nd motor ignition. NaS 2ndary battery (BASE).

Process: powder metal generation, ceramic sintering, large size single crystal growing, corrosion protection and electrical insulation/conduction coatings (CVD, PVD, diffusion, ECD, dip), Welding, PWR condition electrochemical investigation high T & P, molten salt, liquid-metals (Li, Na, Na-K) with electromagnetic pump operation for 12 years.

Skill Expert: Most scientific tools are qualified on SIMS, SEM/EDS-BSED, TEM, IPNS, XRD-4 cycled xrd, RBS, Spectroscopy, and DTA/TGA, Electrochemical Tool: EG&G, Gamry. Hardness. Steels and BCC Welds ARC, LASER, RW, Compressed seals. Thermodynamics and kinetics-diffusion &defect chemistry, materials interface phenomena.

Editorial Book author: Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) by ASM-international



Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1985 Degree: PhD Subject: Materials Science & Engineering Institution: Marquette University
Year: 1978 Degree: MS Subject: Solid-State Electrochemistry Institution: Sogang University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2010 to 2014 Employer: Eltron R&D Title: Sr. Scientist/Engineer Department: Hydrogen Technology-Membranes
HTM-BCC metallurgy, Welding, materials.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2006 to 2010 Employer: Alion Science & Technology Title: Sr. Science Adviser Department: Nuclear Energy
nano emulsion the chemical effect headloss pressure drop for nuclear power plant containment safety
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1985 to 2006 Employer: Argonne National Laboratory Title: Sr. Materials Enc=gineer Department: Materials Science/Energy Technology
Basic diffusion, reaction, ceramic, metal, coatings corrosion. MFR (magnetic Fusion reactor) 1st wall blanket electrical insulator coatings for reveres MHD (Magnetohydrodynamic forces from liquid metals, Li, Na, Na-K cooling system), Nuclear materials,
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1978 to 1981 Employer: Agency for Defense Develpment (ADD) Republic of Korea, Seoul, Korea Title: Sr. R&D a=staff Department: CBR
Thermal Battery, CBR for cloud model metheology

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
KSEA member, Electrochemical Society, ASM-international, TMS, American Ceramic Society,
Professional Appointments
KAIST-nuclear department, GSI-191 Nuclear safety-Water emulsion, corrosion, KINS-Boric acid corrosion, KIER-H-AMTEC/Hydrogen membrane, KAERI-Zircalloy cladding Nuclear materials and NPP corrosion materials, KIST-thin film deposit, ADD-Sr. R&D staff, SNU-Invited speaker as international Defect structures workshop & Hydrogen economy Colloquium, Yonsei U-physical thin film. Sogang U-Lecturer (Physical Chemistry), SK-Innovations-SOFC, Technology for Hydrogen Economy, Samsung-SDI-H-Fuel Cell, Dae-Hong Co.-NaS-BASE consulting)
Awards / Recognition
University Fellowship, Marquette University, Enrico Fermi Scholar Fellowship, Argonne National Laboratory/Univ. Chicago, Pacesetter Award, Argonne National Laboratory, First Military Training Award, Su-Seak 31 Corp, Korea
Publications and Patents Summary
Expert has 300 publications and 4 patents.

Fields of Expertise

catalyst, catalytic hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, hydrogenation catalyst, brazing, welding, carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide corrosion, hydrogen, hydrogen brazing, hydrogen chemistry, hydrogen compound, hydrogen safety, hydrogen storage, hydrogen storage technology, hydrogen sulfide, ceramic processing, ceramic sintering, abrasion-resistant coating material, abrasive coating material, coating, coating equipment, coating exposure test, coating machinery, coating material, coating material analysis, coating selection, electrochemical analysis, electrochemical coating material, electrochemical corrosion, electrochemical engineering, electrochemical process, metallurgy, electric battery, aluminum, aluminum plating process, ASM International, base metal (chemistry), base metal (plating/cladding), base metal (welding), carbon dioxide absorption, clad metal, coated aluminum, corrosion film, corrosion prevention, corrosion-resistant metal, electrochemical metal etching, electroless plating process, electrolytic etching, electrolytic solution, electroplating, ferrous metal, ferrous metal corrosion, high-purity metal, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen evolution, iron, liquid metal handling, metal bonding, metal cleaning, metal coating material, metal conversion coating material, metal corrosion, metal corrosion-resistant design, metal dissolution, metal failure analysis, metal finishing specification, metal material, metal protective coating material, metal seal, protective coating material, protective plastic coating, CO2 mold casting, galvanic cell

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