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Expert in HVAC Design, DDC Control, Fluid Dynamics, Constructability

Expert ID: 724252 Connecticut, USA

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He has over 30 years experience in the design, installation and service of all type of air conditioning systems including DX, centrifugal and absorption machines.

He possess EPA Universal Certification to purchase and use freon type refrigerants

He has the ability to design air duct systems using industry standards for velocity and noise level limits.

He can identify ductwork design or installation errors that can cause insufficient air flow or excessive noise levels.

He has extensive experience on the installation and service of all type of air conditioning equipment including chillers and chilled water coils, DX coils and condensers, hot water and pre-heat coils and associated air handlers.

He has knowledge of minimum air requirements, outside, mixed and exhaust damper sequencing.

He can design, install and service electronic, pneumatic and DDC control systems for air conditioning equipment.

He provides service as Commissioning Agent on large DDC systems. This includes executing pre-functional checklists and functional performance tests to verify that control system adheres to design intent.

He verifies that the sequence of operation defined by engineer is reflected in DDC program.

He is experienced in testing automatic transfer switching including shunt breaker operation in emergency-standby power generation systems.

He has been employed as a Project Engineer for Andover Controls designing Energy Management Systems to automate HVAC systems and reduce energy consumption.

He can perform calculations of projected energy savings and return on investment.

He has the ability to verify proper operation of flame sensors in large gas and oil fired equipment.

He specifies and calibrates air and water flow sensors to provide proper input to control systems in order to match flow requirements to system demand.

He has specified, installed and serviced all types of HVAC equipment up to 1200 tons cooling and 360,000 CFM supply fans.

He is retained to investigate problems associated with large air handling units, makeup air units and exhaust systems including Biohazard Level III laboratory hoods.

He has repaired valves and actuators on dampers, chilled water coils, preheat coils and heating coils.

He programs variable frequency drives of supply and exhaust fans to maintain proper pressure in conditioned spaces while providing minimum makeup air requirements.

He specifies and installs pressure sensors for air, water and refrigerant use.

Expert has extensive experience producing investment-grade energy audits of large facilities. He works with local utility companies to secure incentives and grants for the client.

He installs and tests refrigerant leak monitors for chiller rooms.

He is familiar with all type of heat, temperature, pressure, CO2, O2, CO, explosive gas, motion and proximity sensors.

He has specified, replaced and calibrated above sensors.

He has knowledge of all type of temperature sensors including thermistor and RTD devices.

He has a broad comprehension of electromechanical, electronic and pneumatic thermostats and control systems.

He is experienced in the installation and calibration of air and water velocity sensors used in order to calculate CFM and GPM of HVAC systems.

He has extensive experience in the design and installation of automation systems to control HVAC equipment for tenant comfort and energy savings.

He specifies power monitoring transducers to record and reduce KW usage and demand. He works with utility company representatives in order to implement incentives for energy saving strategies.

He has designed and serviced all types of climate control systems including pneumatic, electronic, electromechanical and DDC.

He has extensive experience in computer room applications where humidity control was critical.

He has clean room applications experience where filtering and room pressure control were critical.

He has performed design review of many diverse projects from small HVAC systems to pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities requiring FDA approval and intensive IQ, OQ and PQ validation.He has reviewed depositions and evidence in order to form an expert opinion as to the reason reheats coils froze in a high rise building causing extensive water damage.He has reviewed complaint in a class action suit claiming false advertising and a defective product. A portable air conditioner manufacturer was the defendant. He tested the system under normal and extreme operating conditions to ascertain accuracy of complaint.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: New York, New York - Yonkers, New York - Newark, New Jersey - Jersey City, New Jersey - Paterson, New Jersey - Bridgeport, Connecticut - New Haven, Connecticut - Worcester, Massachusetts - Springfield, Massachusetts - Providence, Rhode Island

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1985 Degree: CT D1 License Subject: A/C, Refrigeration Contractor Institution: Technical Careers Institute
Year: 1982 Degree: CT B1 License Subject: Oil Burner Contractor Institution: Technical Careers Institute
Year: 2009 Degree: Certified Energy Manager Subject: Energy Efficiency Institution: Association of Energy Engineers
Year: 2010 Degree: Certified Energy Auditor Subject: Energy Efficiency and Consumption Institution: Association of Energy Engineers

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 1985 to 2018 Employer: PDiglio, LLC Title: Owner Department: Administration Responsibilities: Owner of Mechanical Contracting firm. Many projects for SNET, telephone company in CT and at Sub-Base New London. Industrial HVAC service and installation. DDC control installation and programming.
Years: 2010 to 2018 Employer: 4 Elements Group Title: Senior Energy & Commissioning Engineer Department: Energy Engineer Responsibilities: Perform ASHRAE Level III investment grade energy audits for commercial buildings.Develop and manage energy efficient projects.
Provide energy simulations in eQuest.
Provide fundamental and enhanced commissioning for LEED
Years: 2008 to 2010 Employer: Environmental Systems Corp Title: Energy Engineer Department: Energy Solutions Responsibilities: He performs investment-grade ASHRAE Level III energy audits of large commercial and industrial facilities.
He is competent in the use of eQuest to model energy usage and perform ASHRAE 90.1 compliance checks.
Years: 2007 to 2008 Employer: Diversified Technology Title: Construction Administrator Department: Construction Responsibilities: Design review, constructibility review, field inspections to verify project is being installed according to contract specifications
Years: 2007 to 2007 Employer: Dominion Consulting, LLC Title: Project Engineer Department: Project Engineering Responsibilities: Contracted employee at Pfizer PGRD in Groton, CT. Design review of several projects.
Years: 2006 to 2007 Employer: Porter & Chester Institute Title: Project Manager Department: Commissioning Responsibilities: Project manager on large commissioning and retro-commissioning projects. Performed field inspections of equipment installation and performed functional performance testing of HVAC and Fire/Life Safety equipment.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 1992 to 1997 Agency: US Navy Role: Contractor Description: Performed many HVAC projects at the Sub Base in New London/Groton shipyard.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Was employed part-time for several years to inspect insurance claims as an independent agent. Diagnosed possibility of HVAC equipment causing fire or smoke damage.
Retained as expert witness in claim of water damage to a building caused by the freezing of reheat coils. The mechanical contractor did not exercise a reasonable standard of care because the building owner was not informed of necessary equipment repairs before the incident.
Retained to test portable air conditioning system in class action suit.
Retained to determine cause of water damage due to frozen reheat coils in a biomedical research facility.
Retained to determine cause of PVC piping fracture in a heat pump system loop for a large middle school.
Retained to evaluate a service technician's standard of care. The technician blew out a 60+ year old residential underground oil supply line with 850 PSI of CO2, causing an oil leak that cost over several hundred thousand dollars to remediate.
Training / Seminars
He has taught HVAC trade school for over one year. He presented DDC and automated building access control system seminars for Building Mechanics at SNET on many occasions from 1986 through 2001. Developed D1 and S1 prep test training curriculums at Porter and Chester Institute.
Vendor Selection
Extensive expertise in locating all types of parts and supplies for current/outdated equipment including pumps, compressors, seals, bearings, DDC electronic parts, etc.
Marketing Experience
He successfully obtained many projects for the US Navy at New London, CT by attending SBA training and then marketing his services.

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