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Expert in hydrocarbon oxidation, fuel additives, pharmaceutical autoxidation, antioxidants, fracking chemistry

Expert ID: 732050 Pennsylvania, USA

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Expert understands fuel production, logistics and storage issues. He also understands Military fuel specification, logistical, and storage issues (F-76, JP-5, JP-8); The process and issues typically encountered in the development of new jet fuels are also understood (i.e. Expert was intimately involved in the development of JP-900, a new Air Force Jet fuel); He also understands the process and issues typically encountered in the development of new gasoline and diesel fuel additives; Hydrocarbon autoxidation pathways (mechanisms); storage stability of gasoline, jet and diesel fuels, thermal oxidative stability of gasoline, jet and diesel fuels; he understands fuel additive tests and how fuel additives function chemically; autoxidation of pharmaceuticals; antioxidant chemistry; energy issues (expertise developed to teach a course in energy and society; For instance, expert understands the context of the facts and figures from the U.S Energy Information Agency; he also closely follows developments in both Climate Change and the global Shale Gas Industry, (i.e. Expert has written a peer-reviewed paper on fracking): He follows the role of energy in the economic development of Africa, particularly South Africa).

Expert has studied the mechanisms of hydrocarbon autoxidation for 30 years. These studies were developed for application to gasoline, jet & diesel fuel autoxidation. Expert also has studied chemistry by which fuel additives limit fuel oxidative degradation. Expert has developed an extensive understanding of fracking chemistry which resulted in a multiple peer-reviewed articles.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1984 Degree: PhD Subject: Organic Chemistry Institution: UMASS/Amherst
Year: 1979 Degree: BA Subject: Chemistry Institution: SUNY/Binghmpton
Year: 1977 Degree: A.S. Subject: Institution: Broome Community College

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2018 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Owner Department: Responsibilities: Currently working on various projects concerning coal liquefaction; isolation of metal ions from hydraulic fracturing produced water; production of hydrogen from acid mine drainage (AMD); energy education; environmental impact of fracking; health effects from nuclear power, coal and petroleum. I am developing experience in additional areas of expertise outside of fuel science such as academic freedom & Catholic education from current work on the university grievance committee (see below). Also am an expert on growing and the medicinal use of ginseng.
Years: 2009 to 2012 Employer: University of Cape Town, South Africa Title: Advisor Department: Responsibilities: Advisor on fuel oxidation at the Sasol Advanced Fuel Laboratory (SAFL)
Years: to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Oxidative Stability Group Leader Department: Responsibilities: Jet Fuels Program
Years: 2001 to 2008 Employer: Energy Institute, The Pennsylvania State University Title: Adjunct Senior Research Associate Department: Responsibilities:
Years: 2008 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Tenured Full Professor Department: Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Responsibilities:
Years: 1992 to 2008 Employer: Duquesne University Title: Tenured Associate Professor Department: Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Responsibilities:
Years: 1986 to 1992 Employer: Duquesne University Title: Assistant Professor Department: Chemistry Department Responsibilities: Teach courses in Organic Chemistry, involved in scholarship/research and committee work.
Years: 1984 to 1986 Employer: National Research Council Title: Post-doc Department: Naval Research Laboratory Responsibilities: Fundamental studies on diesel fuel autoxidation were initiated.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 1984 to 1986 Agency: Naval Research Laboratory Role: post doc Description: diesel fuel oxidation studies

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 2009 to 2012 Country / Region: South Africa Summary: I have worked with a South African energy company (Sasol) on understanding fuel oxidation chemistry. This project required many trips to South Africa which allowed me to learn about this fascinating country.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
American Chemical Society

University Committees:
Grievance Committee, Chair
Judicial Board
Core Curriculum Implementation
Tutorial Advisory Board
Subcommittee for the Core Curriculum
Presidential Mission and Identity
Faculty Senate Executive
University Advisory
Presidents Millennium Steering
University Core Curriculum
Chaired the Integrity Committee, Middle States Task Force
Professional Appointments
Editorial Board-The Journal of Petroleum Engineering (2012- )
Advisor on fuel oxidation at the Sasol Advanced Fuel Laboratory (SAFL) at the University of Cape Town, South Africa (2009-2012)
2003-2008 Oxidative Stability Group Leader, Jet Fuels Program, Energy Institute, The Pennsylvania State University (Harold Schobert, Supervisor)

Committee Assignments: (Departmental)
201x-201x Ethics Committee, Chair
201x-201x Departmental Assessment, Chair
200x-201x Chemistry Chair Search, Chair
200x-200x Capitol Improvement
2002-200x, 2008-201x Personnel
1999-201x Library
1997-200x Seminar
1995-199x Undergraduate Studies, Chair
1994-199x Graduate Studies
1987-198x High School Science Student Cooperative

Bayer School Natural and Environmental Science:
20xx Promotion & Tenure
200x Dean’s Evaluation
2000-200x Promotion and Tenure
1996-200x Curriculum
198x Faculty Development, College of Arts and Sciences

Awards / Recognition
Duquesne University Bayer School Award for Teaching Excellence
Medical / Professional
Naval Research Laboratory/National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow (1984-1986)

Publications and Patents Summary
He has 58 peer-reviewed publications and 62 conference presentations

Grants: 11
National Panels:
1. U.S. Air Force- Thermal Management of Future Jet Fuels, 2002, Dayton, OH.
2. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI) – Initiative to development of Alternate Jet Fuels, 2006-2008 .

Reviewer for the following Journals:
1. Journal of Organic Chemistry
2. Energy & Fuels
3. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
4. Tetrahedron Letters
5. Fuels

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
Fracking 101,
Gasoline, jet & diesel fuel autoxidation,
Fuel Additives 101,
The Crash of British Airways Fl 38

Professional Development:
The following courses or seminars were attended and material from these seminars was integrated into the designated courses:
1. The following religion courses were taken from 1994-1997 in the theology department or the Institute of Formative Spirituality at Duquesne University: Christology, Introduction to Formative Spirituality, Christian Perspectives in Modern Psychotherapy, and Introduction to Spiritual Direction. (Core 178, IHP 200, VAE)
2. Wood and Wine- The Role of Oak Aging in the Making of Fine Wines, American Society of Enology and Viticulture, St. Louis, MO, June, 1998. (Sophomore Organic Chemistry, Core 178, VAE, UCORE 128SJ)
3. Aldo Leopold, The Legacy for Public Land Managers, Shepardstown WV, July, 1998. (CORE 172 & 178, UCORE 128SJ)
4. The Good in Nature and Humanity. Connecting Science, Religion and the Natural World, New Haven, CT, May 2000. (CORE 172, 178, VAE, IHP 200, UCORE 128SJ)
5. Catholic Rural Life Conference, Kansas City, MO, November, 2001. (CORE 178, IHP 200, UCORE 128SJ)
6. Society of American Foresters Conference, Oak Management Course, Pittsburgh, PA, 2006. (CORE 178, UCORE 128SJ).
7. National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Sustainable Agriculture Symposium, Philadelphia, PA, 2008 (Core 178, UCORE 128SJ)

Research Seminars have been presented at the following schools:
West Virgina University, 1996.
Hariam College, 1997
Bethany College, 1997
Clarion University, 1997
St Vincent College, 1998
Muskingun College, 1998
Slippery Rock University, 2000
Bethany College, 2000
Clarion University, 2000
Duquesne University, 2001
Thiel College, 2001
Indian University of Pennsylvania, 2002
Shippensburg University, 2002
West Liberty State College, 2003
Marketing Experience
diesel fuel oxidative stabilization expertise; Expert can help engine manufacturers vet fuel additive companies & products. Expert can evaluate fuel literature and suggest new research projects for engine, energy and/or additive companies.
Other Relevant Experience
Other Teaching Appointments:
Lecturer (Part Time), Chemistry Department George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
Lecturer (Part Time), Chemistry Department Amherst College, Amherst, MA
Lecturer (Part Time), Chemistry Department University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
Research Assistant, Chemistry Department University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
Teaching Assistant, Chemistry Department University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

Courses Taught:
Graduate- Physical Organic Chemistry, Advanced Organic Chemistry, Heterocyclic Chemistry
Undergraduate- Sophomore Organic I &II, CORE 172 (Chemistry & Society), CORE 178 (Chemistry, Culture and the Environment) Science, Religion, and Society (IHP 200), Value Added Education (VAE)-Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh summer teacher enrichment program, UCORE 128SJ Exploring Chemistry, Culture and the Environment

Fields of Expertise

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