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Expert has been creating innovative new consumer product designs, as well as commercial, industrial, medical, toys and fitness products for over 35 years as both an Industrial Design Professional and a Creative Design Director. He has hands-on knowledge of the design process and has excellent skills in ideation, invention, and innovation. He has assigned over 35 patents to various clients’ royalty free. Plastic product development and multi-material solutions are always translated into rapid product development and rapid prototyping functional models.

As CEO of an independent Industrial Design Consulting firm for over 30 years Expert has developed the Design Process into a unique new product development approach that provides cutting edge new award winning product design solutions.

Ideation is an integral part of new product development. Expert’s design process is to create as many innovative new patentable features as possible so the client will have 20 years of exclusive utilization and profitability. Utility patents are the key to a long-term product-life-cycle that can remain profitable for 20, 30 or more years. A 10-year product review procedure insures that the new product design remains competitive and in some instances can use the redesign process to upgrade the product and add new patentable features to extend the product life cycle protection to 25 or 30 years.

Expert took the initiative during his professional education in Industrial Design to obtain three different basic design philosophies. He attended The Institute of Design at IIT (Illinois Institute of Technology), The Art Institute of Chicago, and Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. By combining the Bauhaus, Technical and Fine Arts approaches he has multiple disciplines to draw from depending on the client’s market segment and industry. From high profile consumer electronic products to capital equipment and industrial machine enclosures the design process is targeted directly to each specific industry.

Innovation is the ability to work within a tight set of specifications for a new product design and provide improved functional or aesthetic variations to improve the appearance or user-ability of given design assignment.

Innovation is also useful when trying to circumvent competitive Patent Claims. This includes reverse engineering a competitive product and the analysis of the component relationships, assembly sequence and use of different materials.

New Consumer Product Development is a design process that requires an analysis and field study of related product categories, market segments and emerging technologies that can be combined and used to create totally new products. Expert has used fuzzy front-end focus group market research sessions to create new consumer products out of the needs and desires of the respondents that identify both problems and opportunities in a give product category. A case study is available that demonstrates this procedure.

New Product Design, New Product Development and Product Design are somewhat interchangeable terms for the tasks, goals and objectives of a given design assignment. The term "New" implies a product that has a different function or operation than competitive products in the same market segment.

Expert has experience leading creative group work sessions to generate hundreds of new ideas for a specific category that is either “material and process” driven or “product category” driven. He has structured an NPD program that provides 6 new products per year in two-month increments. Physical rapid prototyping models or mockups are created within each 60-day time frame.

Combining two related products into a new product design is one of many methods that can be utilized. Or separating a multi-function product into a cost reduced single function product may provide increased sales with a lower piece part cost. New Product Development, New Product Design, & Product Design are interchangeable terms for the goals and objectives of a specific design assignment.

Expert specializes in structuring programs and writing proposals for New Product Design Programs. He has a team of Industrial Designers and Model Makers that can take on large new product design development programs for any industry or product category.

Expert has over 40 years of Plastic Product Development experience. As a practicing Industrial Designer he pioneered the use of polypropylene "Living Hinge" technology by designing a one piece plastic sponge mop that had four living hinges molded into one piece part. Expert utilizes the various plastic resin suppliers to assist with the specification of the appropriate resin that can be reinforced with fiberglas talk or air assisted to provide thick structural parts with no sink marks or surface blemishes.

Product Design is the Industrial Design discipline that is comprehensive in nature. Designing an entire product from the inside out involves understanding the electro-mechanical or functional aspects of a product. Expert interfaces with mechanical engineers and electronic engineers that many times provide the internal mechanisms, components, transformers, PCBs, power supplies, etc. that make up a complete product. A written proposal will be prepared to integrate all the disciplines required to product virtually any product in any category, including large scale capital equipment, industrial machines and equipment that can be 20 or 30 feet long and 12 to 15 feet high, all the way down to, but not including nano size products. Product design scale is not an issue.

With the emergence of Stereolithography 20 years ago and 2D and 3D CAD the process of CAID “Computer Aided Industrial Design” and Rapid Product Development procedures have accelerated to “light speed” compared to drafting on vellum with a T-square and triangle.

Expert was an early adapter to the new CAD technologies that emerged in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. CAID and Rapid Prototyping are the cutting edge technologies of the 21st century that combined with the Internet have revolutionized the Industrial Design Profession. Solidworks 2D and 3D software are a primary tool to provide innovative product design and rapid model making.

Rapid Prototyping and Model Making have recently expanded into the utilization of a variety of plastic, urethane, elastomer, nylon, ABS and other resins that can be simulated in the rapid prototyping arena. Now rapid prototyping can provide models in metal but the technology is very new and not as cost effective as SLA and SLS rapid models are in plastic resin materials. CNC machining in 3 to 5 axis mills is capable of making metal models as long as they are not too complex. Expert is following these technologies for use with current rapid prototyping projects currently being provided and can provide up to date methods that are available, rapid and cost effective.

Professional Design Consulting - Commercial Products to:
McDonnell Douglas, Signode, Dow Chemical, AT&T, Borg Warner, Westinghouse. SERVICES: Industrial Design, New Product Development, Design for Cost Reduction, Re-Design existing products, create new patented products.Professional Design Consulting - Consumer Products to:
3M Company, Sears, Wilson Sporting Goods Fitness Equipment, Square D, Sunbeam, Drackett O-Cedar Co., SERVICES: Industrial Design, New Product Development, Design for Cost Reduction, Re-Design existing products, create new patented products.Professional Design Consulting - Package Design to:
CCA - Container Corp of America, McDonald's Corp, Vidal Sasson, Ethyl Corp, Silgan Plastic Bottles, Reynolds Metals, Kraft Foods, Kimberly Clark, Continental Can. SERVICES: Package Design, Bottle Design, Dispensers, Food Packaging, New Product Development, Design for Cost Reduction, Re-Design existing products, create new patented products.Professional Design Consulting - Medical, Diagnostic & Scientific Products to: Abbott Labs, Packard Instrument, Argone Natl Labs, Searle, Omron, Bristol-Myers, Zimmer Medical / Surgery Instruments, SERVICES: Industrial Design, New Product Development, Design for Cost Reduction, Re-Design existing products, create new patented products.Professional Design Consulting - Capital Goods, Industrial Machines, Commercial Equipment - to: AEC Corp, IMCO, Ingersol, Signode, Interlake. SERVICES: Enclosure Specialists to improve the safety, ergonomics, aesthetics, user interface, control panel readability, create a Corporate Identity with a unique look or appearance to a line of commercial machines or equipment. Brand identification, corporate colors, name plates and logotype name plates. ie, Design Excellence.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1961 Degree: BID Subject: Industrial Design, Package Design Institution: Pratt Institute
Year: 1956 Degree: UnderGrad Studies Subject: Industrial Design Institution: Institute of Design, IIT
Year: 1957 Degree: UnderGrad Studies Subject: Product Design, Sculpture Institution: Art Institute of Chicago

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1972 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: President/CEO Department: Industrial Design
He purchased the company in 1975 from 1947 founders who retired. He is the principal and owner with one partner who will be retired in 2008.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1965 to 1972 Employer: CCA - Container Corporation of America Title: VP / ID Department Department: Industrial Design / Product & Package Design
He pioneered a new industrial design department within the CCA Design & Market Research Laboratory, serving all 5 divisions~ Plastics, Folding Carton, Display, Corrugated & Solid Fiber (tubes)
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1962 to 1965 Employer: US Army Title: Captain / Design Engineering Group Department: Signal Corp
He served in Viet Nam and created a design & construction group to provide signal corp security buildings, teletype communications furniture, consoles and interior & exterior security systems, towers, a modular concrete bunker system and perimeter security systems.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1960 to 1962 Employer: CDI ~ Creative Designs International Title: Director / Department Manager Department: Industrial Design & Prototype Departments
He established an Industrial Design department for a Bronx, NY Commercial Interior Design Firm that designed and built Shopping Malls, Stores & Retail Shops. He started department while attending Pratt Institute while majoring in Industrial Design.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 1962 to 1970 Agency: US Army, Signal Corp Role: Design Specialists Description: He was assigned special duties in Viet Nam regarding security, Top Secret defensive devices and physical security systems.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 2006 to 2007 Country / Region: Taiwan, ROC Summary: He worked with Injection & Metal forming plants to produce patented hot coffee drink containers for U.S. market & International market.
Years: 2005 to 2006 Country / Region: South Korea Summary: He worked with electronic PC board and paging technology manufacturer and a separate injection molder to produce a desk top consumer electronic device to display ad messages directly into homes and offices.
Years: 2005 to Present Country / Region: Thailand Summary: He provided CAD database files and designs to both a stainless steel metal former and plastic injection molder for the production of a consumer kitchen product for mass production. Coordinated component interface and proper fit and function for the product.
Years: 2006 to Present Country / Region: Belgium, EU Europe Summary: He is coordinating the design & demonstration of a high speed stainless steel door enclosure prototype to be produced in the USA and a potential application in the EU market place in the future.
Years: 2007 to Present Country / Region: Alberta, Canada Summary: Product Design coordination and prototype development for the design of a commercial food processing appliance. Focus group sessions in Minn. and manufacturing off shore to be coordinated for mass production.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Who’s Who in the Midwest, Biographical profile,
International Society of General Semantics, Member
IDSA Industrial Designers Society of America,
Member and Officer
Licenses / Certifications
Pratt Institute, BID - Industrial Design
IDSA - Industrial Designers Society of America
Professional Appointments
IDSA Chicago Chapter Chairman, 4 years
IDSA District Vice President - 1994 - 1995, 2 years
IDSA National Executive, Board of Directors Member
Jury Member - Industrial Design Annual Awards
Awards / Recognition
ID Review, Excellence of Design - O-Cedar Sponge Mop
The Chicago Athenaeum, Good Design Award, Thermos
ID Excellence Awards, Bronze, Lincs Lighting System
The Chicago Athenaeum, Good Design Award, Table
Medical / Professional
44 Years of Professional Practice in Industrial Design
Publications and Patents Summary
He has 35 Utility Patents - USPTO
2 Publications
1 Internet Blog - 1 million dollar ideas

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
He has served as an Expert Witness for a number of law offices and trial cases for either plaintiff or defendant, depending on the law firm's client case assignment. Subjects include product design patent infringement, package design safety for hazardous material, bottle design infringement, Nursery school molestation and store fixture safety construction.
Training / Seminars
For eighteen years, Expert has been involved with the public schools, conducting a series of on-going educational lectures, classroom sessions and career day seminar/exhibits with the FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) in DuPage County, IL. He has consulted pro-bono with the high school vocational center in DuPage county to critique and recommend improvements in vocational courses so they would relate more closely to career opportunities and to encourage college bound students to continue their education in design related college curriculums such as Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Package Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Environmental Design, Urban Planning and Architecture.
Vendor Selection
New Product design programs include piece part production 2D and 3D CAD database files, BOM ~ Bill Of Materials and an RFQs ~ Requests For Quotations. Vendors for OEM components, Fabricators (multi-materials - plastic, metal, wood, composites) Toolmakers for injection, compression, extrusion, stamping, progressive die, blow, rotational, thermo, etc. are sourced both domestically and off shore. Assembly, fabrication, packaging, palletizing and sea container sizing are an integral part of design development programs on an as-needed basis.
Marketing Experience
Projects and programs for both re-design of existing products or new products are subject to an extensive competitive field study, Internet survey, exploratory market research, pre-design focus groups, and the creation of competitive, unique cutting edge concepts, the application of emerging new technologies and "invention" providing patentable features for client that are assigned to client royalty free upon payment of standard design consulting fees. Expert has assigned more than 35 utility patents over the last 44 years of practice.
Other Relevant Experience
He has developed new products or innovations that have provided a complete paradigm shift in a specific market segment such as lighting and lighting fixtures, a new product segment in consumer product packaging and other innovations in commercial, scientific and medical - analytical systems.

Fields of Expertise

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