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Expert has worked in all facets of industrial air pollution control. He is "problem - solution" oriented and experienced in working with people, process and culture. When available, he uses a fact based decision process; and by developing a predictive mathematical model of the air handling system under consideration, obtains insight into interaction of system components under variable process conditions. He has obtained several patents in this area.

High temperature processes like handling off-gasses from electric arc furnaces and aluminum melting furnaces have been a specialty of Expert.

He developed a line of water-cooled ducting and water-cooled dampers used in support of EAF melting of steel (temperatures up to 2500 F).

He also developed a light "weight duct" system designed for a specific application, using a "fiberglass and rock wool combo" as insulation to minimize heat escaping from afterburner off-gasses (at +1600 F) returned into the process dryer (duct diameter ~ 4 ft). Both, outside shell and inside floating wall of the duct system constructed of selected metals.

In order to optimize the recovery of aluminum from aluminum dross as generated in aluminum melting, Expert developed a process which increased the aluminum recovery rate from 40-45% to a level exceeding 70%, while saving aluminum he also accomplished to reduce the gas consumption in the process substantially and the amount of landfill of residual salt cake and aluminum oxide was reduced by ~ 45% (patented).

Pneumatic conveying in combination with drying of keolin "mud" came under Expert's scrutiny, result, 20% increase in plant capacity.

"Beeze wings" as generated when cleaning corn can be a nuisance to a corn processor. A special concentrator/collection system took care of the problem. The system handled 50,000 cfm of air, which could be directly released to the environment using a simple "non plugging" system.

This concentrator design was also applied in collecting trim generated in a paper making process. The cutting speed was in excess of 5000 fpm, generating 300 lb/min of trim (20 lb paper), which subsequently was returned into the plant's digester.

Expert has designed and supervised the fabrication and installation of flooded-wall and venturi scrubbers on a turnkey basis. He did extensive research and development on venturi and packed-bed scrubbers and brought them to a point of market acceptance.

Expert has extensive experience with cyclones used as primary dust collectors and as precleaners in a multi-stage collector system. He developed custom designs for elevated temperature and pressure operations. He developed computer programs for sizing, performance projections, and costing of cyclone collectors and other air pollution control collectors.

Early in Expert's engineering career, he worked for a leading manufacturer of air filtration and dust collection equipment. This work included research and development on viscous impingement filters, roll type filters, inertia type separators, scrubbers, baghouse collectors, and high efficiency particulate arrestors. This was the foundation of Expert's career. He received five patents related to his work in this area.

Expert's experience with air filters includes the design, development, and testing of a horizontally-operated roll type filter used on large heating, ventilating, and air conditioning units. He received a patent in connection with this work. He did research and development work on a series of high-efficiency filters.

Within his professional career, Expert has had broad design experience involving baghouse fabric filters. He is familiar with the installation of bag type collectors in a pressure vessel and free standing units which are insulated and provided with supplementary heat to avoid condensation.

Expert's first concern is to assure that the air stream has sufficient velocity to transport the particle away from the source, then to treat the particle to make it compatible with the arrestor or collector which is employed as wet, dry, dynamic, or electrostatic.

Expert's commitment to preventing or solving air pollution control problems is through an analytical systems approach. He maintains that all aspects of design, equipment conditions, and related considerations must coordinated to produce the desired effect.

Expert's experience with the treatment of gases has afforded him the opportunity to focus on all aspects of the gas being treated; its chemical composition, temperature, moisture, particulate loading, and the volatile compounds carried in the gas stream.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Cincinnati, Ohio - Lexington, Kentucky - Louisville, Kentucky - Owensboro, Kentucky - Evansville, Indiana - Bloomington, Indiana

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2000 Degree: Subject: Institution:
Year: Degree: B.S. Subject: Mechanical Engineering Institution: University of Delft, The Netherlands
Year: Degree: B.A. Subject: Mathematics Institution: University of Louisville

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 1979 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Principal Department: Air Action Systems International, Inc. Responsibilities:
Years: 1968 to 1979 Employer: Fisher-Klosterman Title: Manager of Engineering & Sales / Corporate Secretary Department: Engineering & Sales Responsibilities: He developed a line of cyclone collectors, scrubbers, baghouses and oilmist collectors. Sales/project engineers and drafting reported to him. He engineered and supervised the manufacture and field installation of complete pollution control systems for EAF (steel), aluminum smelters and other processing plants (ea. grain, wood, paper, fiberglas, ammunition)
Years: 1966 to 1968 Employer: GE Title: Design Engineer Department: Refrigeration Responsibilities: He was in charge of refrigerator and freezer door hardware and closure design (patents issued).He developed a control method to minimize uncontroled air infiltration into the fresh food and freezer compartments (patents- 5).
Years: 1962 to 1966 Employer: American Air Filter Co. Title: Engineer Department: Development Engineering Responsibilities: He developed a line of automatic renewable fiberglas media roll filters for use in central air handling systems. He developed an inertia type intake filter for gasturbine driven locomotives. He developed a custom inertial filter for use in diesel electric locomotives. He was part of development teams designing baghouses and venturi scrubbers. When on special assignment to the company's fiberglas plant he developed advanced fiber spinning methods and a blanket support system for roll type filters.(patents-5)

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
He was a member of the Industrial Gas Cleaning Institute and chairman of the cyclone collector division
Licenses / Certifications
PE : Kentucky & Indiana
Professional Appointments
Corporate Secretary, Fisher Klosterman Inc.

Member of the Board of Directors, Packaging Services, Inc.
Awards / Recognition
General Electric Award to Inventors "Invention-Fulcrum of Progress"
Publications and Patents Summary
He has 13 patents in name.
Referenced in 70 patents

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Fire at aluminum smelter's plant. Federal Court in Nashville, Tennessee.

Destruction of automobile by fire - depositions, hearings & court appearance.

Failure analysis: 16 ton bridge crane; barge loading/unloading crane pedestal; gas tank explosion; building structures; automobile structures

Numeral exposures in depositions related to technical failures of system components.
Training / Seminars
Seminar on "Combined drying and pneumatic transfer of keolin base product"

Seminar on " Mechanical collectors of the Inertia Type and their performance"
Vendor Selection
As contract engineer / manager with past employers and present activities.
Marketing Experience
As contract engineering / sales manager for past employer and present activities.
Other Relevant Experience
He has retrofitted several off-gas systems for electric arc furnaces and aluminum smelters, both of which release contaminated gases from a severe environment at destructive high temperatures (patented). Developed an unique methodology to drastically enhance the recovery of metallic aluminum from aluminum dross.Specialized in pneumatic conveying and flash drying systems (patented)

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
Dutch Dutch is Expert's native tongue.
German Family and Business related visits and travel, and studies.

Fields of Expertise

air pollution control, air pollution control system, toxic air pollution control, air ducting, air pollution process, high-temperature air pollution control, pollution control equipment, gas treatment, water-cooled ducting, wet scrubbing, condensation, energy-efficient temperature control, fan, temperature control, venturi scrubber, waste recycling, cyclone collector, cyclone separator, dust filtration, in-plant dust control, dust collector system, dust control, dust filter, dust separation, separator, air filter, aluminum salt recovery, bag filter, baghouse, baghouse filtration, air filtration, air-filtration equipment, collection equipment, high-efficiency particulate air filter, particle filtration, aluminum dross, fabric filter, dross, stationary source air pollution control, air toxic chemical, air-pollution management equipment, gas handling, flue gas treatment, gas-solid filtration, wet scrubber, gas flow measurement, gas scrubber, gas-liquid mass transfer operation, industrial gas cleaning, industrial process, barge, industrial air pollution, industrial pollution, air toxic control, building heating system, thermal detection, flow control valve, retrofit, aluminum dust, turn key, vapor, nitrogen dioxide scrubber, conveying system, gunpowder, severe environment, airflow measurement, particle transport, scrap steel, arc melting, aluminum smelting, aluminum smelter, scrap steel melting, scrap metal melting, smelter, molten material, hood, inertia, installation, electric-arc furnace, conveying, electric steel melting, flow, air toxic chemical, smelting, flow control, fabrication, industrial cleaning, materials handling, equipment design, fugitive-dust control, air classification, prevention, sheet-metal fabrication, air-quality assessment, air-pollution management equipment, waste-incineration energy recovery, aluminum salt recovery, activated carbon water filtration, ventilation, heat generation, filtration, pollution, pneumatic conveying, artillery, industrial gas, pressure, computer program, gas mechanics, venturi tube, bag filter, construction, velocity, melting, temperature, explosion, furnace, refrigeration, waste recovery, vaporization, structural mechanics, steel, propellant, pneumatics, mathematics, mathematical model, manufacturing, indoor air pollution control, humidification, heat, heat transfer, gas absorption, fume, fluid-bed processor, fluid mechanics, fluid flow measurement, fluid filter, flue gas treatment, materials failure analysis, evaporation, energy engineering, drying, control valve, chlorine, butterfly valve, burner, aluminum

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