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He has worked in industry and as a consultant to industry performing injury and illness investigation and root cause analysis. Rate reduction requires an understanding of the contributing causes. As causes and key contributing factors were identified, physical conditions, programs, policies and procedural weaknesses were addressed to effect changes in behavior by management and employees. It should be noted that in the expert's experience, it is a combination of actions which effect sustainable change; but most typically begins and ends with management support and direction driving behavioral change.

He has investigated fatalities, mass casualty events, and a wide variety of industrial accidents as well as occupational disease filings. He has done so in multiple roles including as a representative of the Workers Comp Carrier, Safety Committee, and as a EH&S Program Manager.

He has created and administered accident investigation tools, programs, policies and procedures and auditing their effectiveness.

Accident investigation is a process that involves fact finding, evaluation of physical conditions, processes and procedures and draws on the knowledge and observations of coworkers/witnesses and supervisor. His goal is the identification of root and contributing causes and the elimination or at least reduction in the likelihood of recurrence. It should involve management review and oversight with reporting shared with employees through safety committees or work teams to promote increased safety awareness.

Investigations can and should be used expand workplace knowledge of job hazard assessments and yield information that can be applied to similar tasks, job functions, etc. across the workforce. This can be the heart of an Accident and Injury Reduction Program.

As a certified industrial hygienist (CIH) he has performed and/or directed exposure monitoring to evaluated asbestos exposures in manufacturing and construction/remediation process in commercial buildings. Where exposure opportunities warranted, he has been involved in the crafting of asbestos control programs and provide guidance recommendations to reduce occupational exposures to asbestos. The program may require engineering consideration, for example, including local exhaust ventilation systems to capture asbestos fibers. It may rely in part on work practices and the use of personal protective equipment to minimize the exposure to the workforce and prevent carrying contaminated clothing home where it may affect family members or the public.

Exposure to asbestos fibers is associated with fibrogentic scaring of the lungs and with a rather unique form of cancer known as mesothelioma. Asbestos safety is first and foremost concerned with the minimization/prevention of exposure to airborne fibers. Asbestos is found in building products used in commercial and residential construction. The physical presence of asbestos in and of itself may not need to be of immediate concern. It is the disruption of asbestos in building materials which presents occupational and non-occupational exposures of concern. If the asbestos is in a friable (dispersible) form or it is disrupted by crushing, drilling, grinding, or other mechanical means it can, under the wrong circumstances, present serious health risk by inhalation or ingestion.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Jacksonville, Florida - Tampa, Florida - Saint Petersburg, Florida - Orlando, Florida - Clearwater, Florida - Gainesville, Florida - Lakeland, Florida - Deltona, Florida - Largo, Florida - Daytona Beach, Florida

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1973 Degree: Bachelor of Science Subject: Biology Institution: The College of Racine, Racine, WI

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2006 to 2007 Employer: S&ME Incorporated Title: Sr. Industrial Hygienist Department: Industrial Hygiene Responsibilities: Responsible for the drafting of industrial hygiene consultation proposals and implementation and management of agreed contract work.
Years: 2004 to 2006 Employer: Risk Tech LLC Title: Sr. Industrial Hygienist/Project Manager Department: Responsibilities: Provided focused industrial hygiene consulting with client companies. Most notable during the time period were work with hospitals and healthcare facilities which were damaged by hurricanes (Jean, Francis, Katrina, Rita, Wilma, etc. Significant challenges included infection control risk assessment and control planning and implementation in hospitals, clinics, etc where patient care was ongoing through the process
Years: 1981 to 1999 Employer: AT&T Title: Manager - Industrial Hygiene Programs Department: Corporate EH&S Responsibilities: Provided subject matter expertise in the oversight of occupational health compliance programs across AT&T. Managed Corporate Compliance Program, Personal Protective Equipment Program, and Member of the Team which created and rolled out a 3-part compliance assessment program, Managed Strategic Planning for the Industrial Hygiene Group. At the facility level developed, adapted and maintained compliance programs including, exposure monitoring, hearing conservation, EH&S Training. Managed the Air compliance program at a semiconductor manufacturing facility. Manage Safety compliance, OSHA record keeping, etc. at a printed circuit board fabricating facility.
Years: 1973 to 1981 Employer: Liberty Mutual Insurance Company Title: Sr. Industrial Hygienist Department: Loss Prevention Department in the Middlewest and Southern Divisions Responsibilities: Initial hire as loss prevention representative/consultant with subsequent promotions leading to Sr. Industrial Hygienist. Provided specialized consultation on industrial hygiene hazard assessment across a broad swath of industries. Worked with loss prevention personnel in Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and Indiana providing assessments, technical reports outlining recommendations for compliance improvement and/or strategies to reduce the likelihood of occuatio0nal illness and injuries.

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
Most recently developed the industrial hygiene training module for the Advanced MESH (Manager of Environmental Safety and Health) sponsored by the Safety and Health Council of North Carolina, the North Carolina Department of Labor, and the North Carolina State University-Industrial Extension Service.

Helps to develop and deliver a training module on reducing the risk of Hospital acquired infections as a result of construction activities.

Various training programs and updates for facility engineers, property managers, etc. on emerging compliance issues and initiatives. e.g.: elimination of the use of solvents classified as Ozone Depleting Substances including the phase out of Freons, Potential reproductive health effects of cellosolve solvents, Emergency Response Planning - Mass Casualty / WMD events,
Vendor Selection
Founded and arranged for the purchase of communications and emergency response equipment funded by HRSA grants to a number of hospitals.

Fields of Expertise

A Workplace Accident and Injury Reduction Program, industrial hygiene engineering, infection control, OSHA 29CFR 1910.1030, OSHA 29CFR 1910.95, accident investigation, asbestos safety, chemical health hazard management, hazard communication, industrial hygiene, materials safety data sheet, occupational safety, Occupational Safety and Health Act, personal protection equipment, safety engineering, corporate compliance, industrial control, building ventilation, personal hygiene, occupational exposure, compliance program, occupational cancer, industrial safety compliance, safety compliance, industrial training, industrial accident investigation, workplace injury, occupational injury, industrial injury, hospital safety, employee safety, patient risk management, accident causation, lock out tag procedure, inspector training, exposure limit, Environmental Management System, ISO 14000 Environmental Management Standard, industrial microbicide, chemical exposure, industrial exhaust system, occupational disease, industrial chemical toxicology, chemical hygiene plan, environmental safety, mesothelioma, chemical regulatory control, cumulative trauma disorder, chemical safety training, chemical spill material, laboratory safety, fungal spore, spore, chemical regulation, nosocomial infection, maximum available control technology, hazard identification, chemical process safety engineering, self-insurance auditing, industrial chemical toxicity, industrial solvent toxicity, ethylene oxide sterilization, environmental management, contractor safety management, confined space safety, fall protection, construction safety management, industrial cleaning, environmental site auditing, chemical safety management, systems safety engineering, environmental protection, machine safety, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, industrial accident, chemical process safety management, chemical process safety analysis, industrial waste management, fault tree analysis, industrial safety, hazardous chemical, occupational health, OSHA 29CFR 1910.119, industrial solvent, industrial noise control, industrial gas safety, industrial chemical, glutaraldehyde, fungicide, fume control, dust control, chemical safety clothing, chemical safety

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