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Expert is a recognized expert in Internet standards, having written a number of standards in the IETF, including a number of SIP (VoIP), peer-to-peer, cloud computing, and messaging standards. In addition, he chaired a number of work groups developing Internet electronic-mail, speech server control, and media server control protocols. Five of his twelve issued US patents are in the area of Internet communications. Moreover, he has journal and conference papers in the domain. Expert is also known for his work in the Voice-over-IP area, having been the Chairman of the SIP Forum, served on the Board of Directors of the IMS Forum, and was an Advisor to the VoIP Forum of Japan. Expert was a founder of SnowShore Networks, where he invented the multifunction SIP-controled Media Server. This network element brought the Internet software development model to real-time, interactive multimedia applications, such as conferencing, Interactive Voice Response, and messaging. This is today the dominant model for communications applications development. Expert sold SnowShore to Brooktrout (NASD:BRKT) where he was CTO. Brooktrout sold to Cantata, where he also was CTO.

Expert also served as Deputy CTO at BEA Systems, the leading provider of Internet infrastructure software for carriers and enterprises, until BEA's sale to Oracle.

Expert successfully defended a large network equipment manufacturer from a patent suit by a troll in 2009. This required a deep dive into his large network of technology practitioners to demonstrate a circa-2000 Voice-over-IP system that was concrete evidence of prior art. Besides his technical summary, his analysis of the ownership documents was a conclusive piece of evidence that resulted in the defendant getting an outright win in the court.

Expert started in telecommunications over twenty years ago, consulting to MCI and later working for Cable & Wireless in development engineering. He turned around a network equipment manufacturer which he successfully sold to Centigram (NASD:CGRM), which he went on to sell to ADC. These platforms were highly network-centric, both in terms of being a critical part of the SS7 network, as well as being built of SS7 and TCP/IP components integrated together. Moreover, they provided enhanced services such as interactive voice response, conferencing, advanced telephony, and voice/data convergence. Working both at a carrier and at equipment manufacturers put Expert in the heard of strategic planning for network deployment and evolution.

Seven of Expert's issued patents are in the areas of communications, computer networking, telecommunications, and enhanced services.

Expert managed the SureFax group at Cable & Wireless, which was one of the global leading store-and-forward and broadcast facsimile providers. Later, Expert was CTO at Brooktrout Technology, which was the global leader in facsimile enabling technology (fax boards and software) and the source of the T.38 Fax-over-IP specification. Currently, Expert is involved with the SIP Forum's FoIP interoperability work group, working on how to improve T.38 interoperability through the use of enhanced SIP signaling.

Expert is a Member of the Board of the Public Interest Registry, the operator of the .ORG, .NGO, and .ONG top level DNS domains. Expert, through his tenure as CTO at Neustar, is familiar with the North American local number porting, pooling, and number administration process, regulations, and government agencies, such as the FCC. Expert has regular visits to Capitol Hill to meet with Congressional staff, as well as to brief agencies such as the FCC on communications and Internet technology matters.

Expert is the Chair of the IEEE-USA Committee on Communications Policy, the policy arm of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in the United States.

Expert has a track record of computer software technology innovation. He has transformed four companies from being primarily hardware companies into software companies. He has numerous software patents issued in the United States. As CTO of public companies, his charter was to enable innovation through active policies, corporate engagement, and enrollment of the rank-and-file to create a culture of innovation.

On the relational database front, Expert taught data base theory at George Mason University and George Washington University, as well as creating numerous data base-centric real-time and near real-time systems and applications. Four of his patents leverage relational data base technologies, used in novel ways, to offer what were, in their day, extremely advanced telecommunication services.

Provided winning technology analysis and contract analysis in a patent litigation suit.Provided due diligence for late-stage investment in a network equipment and service provider. Whilst the company did not accept the investment at the last minute, all of his predications were accurate.Provided strategic research planning and product direction for a large network equipment manufacturer, resulting in a new line of products and solidified their market position.Provided insights and operating principles to assist a hosted voice services application provider to migrate from a working prototype of a service to a reliable, commercial service.Provides regular advice to investment bankers and financial analysts on the state of the Internet and telecommunications industries as well as on individual companies. He often provides the context and behind-the-scenes analysis to frame the different player's potentials and market evolution.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Baltimore, Maryland - Frederick, Maryland - Gaithersburg, Maryland - Bowie, Maryland - Richmond, Virginia - Alexandria, Virginia - Wilmington, Delaware - Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2006 Degree: PhD Subject: Computer Science Institution: Illinois Institute of Technology
Year: 1990 Degree: MBA Subject: International Business Management Institution: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Year: 1984 Degree: SB Subject: Electrical Engineering Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2010 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Research Professor Department: Department of Computer Science Responsibilities: Expert holds a full faculty appointment in the Computer Science department and is Director of the Georgetown site of the NSF Security and Software Engineering Research Center
Years: 2009 to 2010 Employer: (Undisclosed) Title: CTO Department: (Undisclosed) Responsibilities: Expert was CTO of a ~1,000 employee publically traded (NYSE:NSR), ~$500MM telecommunications clearinghouse, naming & addressing data base, and mobile services company, responsible for setting NeuStar's forward-looking technology and service strategy; devising the architecture to help strengthen the company's market positioning; overseeing the early stages of new technology development; and driving the successful launch and commercialization of IP services. Ran a team of scientists, standards experts, and developers creating technologies in the 3-5 year time horizon. Directly managed research and development on peer-to-peer networking; digital content rights management and distribution; telephony naming and addressing; Internet naming and addressing; Internet cybersecurity and measurement; Next-Generation Emergency Services; and Smart Grid communications and security technology. Drove and managed corporate strategic growth programs for 1-3 year horizons. Created and promoted culture of innovation. Reported to the Chairman and CEO.
Years: 2008 to 2009 Employer: (Undisclosed) Title: Principal Department: (Undisclosed) Responsibilities: Took year off to get a pilot's license. During his sabbatical, his projects included:
• Expert patent advice for SIP/VoIP litigation – won suit (defense) against a troll;
• Patent strategy for startup and mid-size companies;
• Strategic research planning for large network equipment manufacturer;
• Due diligence on a privately funded telecommunications service provider for a late-stage VC investment;
• Technical due diligence on a hosted services provider for late-stage VC investment;
• Architecture consulting on Application Servers and Media Servers, including vendor selection and contract negotiation strategy for a large private equity equipment manufacturer;
• Architecture and telco-grade high-availability implementation consulting for a hosted voice services application provider;
• Advising investment bankers on the telecommunications enabling technology market;
• Advising investment bankers on M&A targets.
Years: 2007 to 2008 Employer: (Undisclosed) Title: VP Engineering and Deputy CTO; Acting General Manager Department: Corporate; Communications Products Division Responsibilities: Lead team of 260+ individuals addressing the real-time network software market. Worked on business plan for telecom business unit and did internal evangelization. Created integrated service provider / enterprise technology and market strategy. Turn around group from being at 50% of plan to achieving 150% of plan, growing revenues over 5x in a year, including a strong plan for growth over the next three years.
Deputy CTO of a publically traded (NASD:BEAS) 4200+ employee, $1.5B middleware software company, responsible for technology vision, market evangelization, intellectual property generation, organization change, and research with a focus on the telecommunication vertical market, which represented 28% - 40% of revenues, depending on accounting practice. Briefings with CxO level executives in the telecom and financial industries, resulting directly in multiple sales ranging from a $2MM sale to a 3.5 year, $72M contract. Worked with university researchers to identify and acquire technology and personnel. Did diligence on over 15 companies. He was the public face of the company, with numerous keynote addresses at technical and marketing conferences, as well as interviews with the press and analysts. Reported to the Corporate CTO (EVP).
Oracle completed the change in control with BEA in May 2008.
Years: 2000 to 2007 Employer: (Undisclosed) Title: CTO Department: (Undisclosed) Responsibilities: Cantata & Brooktrout:

CTO of a 360+ employee private equity (Oak Investment Partners, TowerBrook Capital Partners, Greenview Associates, and Anschutz Investment Company) enabling technology company building enabling technology for telecommunications applications, spanning TDM, hybrid, and IP networks. Responsible for technology vision, market evangelization, and corporate technology positioning. Established “Virtual Office of the CTO,” drawing experts from R&D and marketing to create a cohesive vision for current products, identifying new technology directions and potential acquisition targets, and covering major standards and industry organizations without imposing undue overhead on the organization. Established and ran Advanced Development, separate from Engineering, to build proofs of concept, quick customer demos, and direct research projects internally and at universities. Worked with customer and end-user CxO’s at both carriers and large enterprises. Lead IMS and Video strategies, and transition the company to address the migration of our customers from TDM to IP. Worked closely with strategic partners such as Vodafone, Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, Nokia, Lucent, Motorola, BEA, Oracle, IBM, as well as major research institutions worldwide. Successful experience dealing with internal inward-focused, legacy CTO’s and Chief Architects. Created and administered patent program that tripled Brooktrout’s 20 year-old portfolio in the span of 18 months. Participated in ISO 9000 audit. Participated on earnings calls and educational seminars for the financial community. Split time between Cantata’s major development centers in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and California, as well as supporting global offices, customers, and partners. Successfully drove the Brooktrout Technology (NASD:BRKT) merger with Excel Switching that created Cantata Technology, for a $120MM increase (2x) in market cap. Reported to the CEO.
3rd and 4th successful transformation of a company from hardware to software revenues.


Externally focused CTO, building a venture-backed (Charles River Ventures, Matrix Partners, Vesbridge) company from 3 co-founders to a high of 72 employees. Defined the architecture, created the vision, lead the technology, and evangelized the reality for IP enhanced communications infrastructure products for service providers. Created buzz, industry credibility, and good will toward SnowShore in the technical and service provider community. Generated leads and help close multi-million dollar financing and business deals. Inventor of the SIP-controlled Media Server and the Applications and Services Infrastructure concept, which is the dominant enhanced-services development and deployment model for the Next-Generation Network. Realized these concepts and standardized them in international bodies such as the IETF and W3C. Regular speaker at industry and technical fora. Created and administered patent program that generated over 12 applications (6 have issued to date). SnowShore’s focus is on building highly scalable, IP- and Web-oriented, carrier-class, SIP-based voice and video media processing servers. Reported to the CEO.
Brooktrout Technology acquired SnowShore in April 2004. Recognized as a top-25% outcome for the venture class of 2000.
Second successful transformation of a company from hardware to software revenues.
Years: 1993 to 2000 Employer: (Undisclosed) Title: Chief Scientist / VP Engineering Department: (Undisclosed) Responsibilities: Centigram:

Lead the Maryland Technology Center of a 375+ employee public company (NASD:CGRM). Determined and promoted strategic technical direction for the entire company. Responsible for technology assessment for the corporation by identifying and pursuing promising avenues of research and technology acquisition strategy. Represented Centigram on international and domestic standards bodies. Created and administered patent program that doubled Centigram’s 15-year-old portfolio, including successful defense of a $30M IPR infringement suit, resulting in excellent terms for the company. Principal contributor for design of real-time Web-based interactive multi-media products. Developed Unified, Internet-based Messaging strategy, including wireless technologies. Technical lead for VoIP and IN/AIN efforts. Responsible for technical and commercial negotiations with strategic partners.
Directly involved with sale of company to ADC, which resulted in a nearly 10x increase in market cap. Reported to the Exec. VP Engineering.
ADC purchased Centigram in June 2000.

The Telephone Connection:

Managed all aspects of telecommunications product design, development, deployment, feature pricing, feature definition, launch planning, and partner relations. Responsible for demonstrating to prospective customers how our solutions meet or exceed their requirements. Typical VP-Level P&L and personnel responsibilities, restarting company at six employees and growing it to 32 employees. Established strategic relations with vendors and customers, resulting in the award of a $150M contract. Shared VP Marketing role with VP Product Development, including RFP response, pricing and positioning. Reported to the CEO.
Centigram purchased The Telephone Connection in June 1998.
Years: 1991 to 1993 Employer: (Undisclosed) Title: Manager, Software Development Department: SureFax Responsibilities: Manager and principal engineer for a broadcast and high volume broadcast facsimile switch service. Managed technology transfer of 500,000 lines of C code running in a distributed TCP/IP environment to my in-house engineering organization. Reduced engineer turnover from an average tenure of 9 months to 18 months. Work with other divisions of Cable & Wireless, primarily in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. Managed group of 18 people. Reported to the Director of Software Development and the VP Engineering.
Years: 1990 to 1991 Employer: (Undisclosed) Title: Consultant Department: (Undisclosed) Responsibilities: Directed a staff of engineers for high volume real-time on-line transaction processing for MCI’s Intelligent Network, creating the first effective architecture that today is known as a SoftSwitch. Directed and participated in research and development of transaction-oriented applications design for massively parallel supercomputer platform (nCube). This was a technical and commercial success. We were able to demonstrate call processing capacity that could process more than all of the global inter-exchange and international traffic for enhanced services. This resulted in a dramatic reduction in MCI’s network equipment costs.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 2017 to Present Agency: Federal Communications Commission Role: Chief Technology Officer Description: Advice the Chairman, Commission, and staff on technological aspects of policy.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 1986 to 1991 Country / Region: Belgium/Europe Summary: Lived in Belgium and established the European R&D Center for Valid Logic Systems. In addition to building that organization, he also did a year of Major Account Management, selling to Philips throughout Europe. He captured the largest order for the company in 1989. He has an unlimited right to work in Belgium (equivalent to a Green Card in the U.S.).
Years: 2001 to Present Country / Region: China Summary: Has conducted numerous business engagements, from having 97 direct reports in Beijing during his tenure running BEA's Communications Products Division to numerous strategic relationships with Chinese equipment manufacturers, carriers, and service providers. He gives a regular keynote addresses at numerous venues throughout the country. He has the right to multi-year, multiple-entry business visas for China.
Years: 2002 to Present Country / Region: Japan and Korea (APAC) Summary: Has had numerous engagements throughout the region, focusing on Japan, Korea, and Australia in his role as CTO for SnowShore, Brooktrout, Cantata, BEA, and Neustar.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
IEEE: Senior Member;
ACM: Senior Member;
AAAS: Patron;
ISOC: Patron
Licenses / Certifications
Ingineur (Belgian P.E.).
Professional Appointments
Chairman Emeritus, SIP Forum;
Board of Trustees, Internet Society;
Trustee, IETF Trust;
Advisory Board, Voice over IP Forum of Japan (past);
Board of Directors and VP Asia, IMS Forum.
Publications and Patents Summary
20 US Patents issued and others world-wide; other patents pending;
3 textbooks/monographs;
Numerous journal, conference, and technical publications.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Numerous trials, most significant heard in Eastern District of Texas and District of Delaware.
Training / Seminars
Invited Lectures, Colloquia, and Symposia:
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan Business School Lecture, University of New Hampshire Lecture, Southern New Hampshire University Lecture, George Mason University Lecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology CIO Symposium, Northwestern University Computer Science Colloquium, City University of Hong Kong Computer Science Colloquium, Invited Keynotes at China SIP Summit, China VoIP Forum, CommunicAsia, International SIP, Regular Presentations to Voice on the Net, China Softswitch Forum, SIP Summit, Connectivity Forum, IEC IN/IP World Forum and SuperComm; Multiple IEC TecForum Chair; Invited Keynotes at ACM MNCNA (Middleware), IEEE NGMAST; Invited Presentations to IEEE Globecom, IEEE CQR; Invited Member, ITU Workshop on the Future of Voice
Vendor Selection
From his position as Chairman and Chairman Emeritus of the SIP Forum, he knows virtually all VoIP equipment and service providers. In addition, he helped a client with vendor selection (IBM v. Oracle) and assisted with contract negotiations, resulting in the savings of millions of dollars and significant support concessions from the vendor.
Marketing Experience
Telecommunications and Internet: numerous board memberships, advisory roles, and connection to the regulators means he sees just about the entire picture of the communications landscape.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
Netherlands Was fluent in business Dutch. However, today he speaks passable casual conversational Dutch.
Français Has limited ability in conversational French.

Fields of Expertise

fixed-mobile convergence, Internet, Web development, Internet infrastructure, Internet standard, internet technology, internetworking, IP multimedia subsystem, next generation internet, teleconference, teleconferencing, Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, voice over IP, World Wide Web programming, electronic-mail software, standard, circuit switching method, communication, communication code, communication network, communication software, communication technique, computer communication, computer network, computer network standard, data communication protocol, digital convergence, digital telephony, telecommunication software, telecommunications strategic planning, telecommunications system, telecommunications system design, telephone system, telephony, integrated voice response system, telecommunication standard, facsimile communication, Internet regulation, telecommunications regulation process, telecommunications regulatory compliance, telephone regulation, telecommunication regulation, computer software technology innovation, relational database management system, software patent, 911, long distance communication, internet crime, internet abuse, entertainment marketing, application security, security, internet fraud, wireless application protocol, fixed wireless access, wireless internet, information security, concurrent software, globalization, Internet service provider, facsimile machine, online publishing, market potential, Bell Communications Research, broadband integrated services digital network, hypertext markup language, digital communications network architecture, software engineering research management, Telnet, computer-aided engineering software, embedded software testing, Automatic Call Distributor, mobile telecommunication, software engineering process standard, digital switch, software internationalization, real-time software, computer-aided design and manufacturing software, technical marketing, software metric, telecommunications system maintenance, application software design, software system development, LAN/WAN interconnection, software product quality, audio signal compression, international telecommunication, report generator software, data communication, statute, publishing, computer, software quality assurance, software project management, software engineering, software engineering benchmarking, integrated services digital network, electronic switching, digital signal processing, computer software, codec, client/server database access software

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