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Expert has 15 years professional and consulting experience in L&D infrastructure setup, IP protection, Training Effectiveness measurement, Knowledge Management, Competency Mapping in a technology environment. His majise lies in developing skill based, service oriented, technical and product training with an integration of Learning Management and Knowledge Management together. He is a Certified Management Consultant and his management consulting areas includes leadership training, employee performance, performance engineering and new manager training. He's worked extensively on developing competency mapping and developing business focused training based on competencies. Another area where he has helped his clients is in the area of determining the effectiveness of the training by implementing ROE model which is different from usual ROI model.

He has served as Training Manager for a Switzerland collaborated technical training organization which was first training centre in India to deliver specialized Mechatronics, Industrial Automation, robotics and controls courses for country’s industrial needs. Subsequently for a US MNC, he led the setting up of a Multi-Million Dollars international technical training center at Singapore. He has handled Global training and service operations and addressed training needs of 2500+ engineers and high value customers spread across the globe over 50+ global locations like Europe, UK, Israel, Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, US, Russia.

In addition to this, he also served as Engineering Programme Manager and Scientist and worked in technology transfer, new product development, R&D management of scientific products, innovation management, 6-Sigma, New Product development and IPD.

He is a registered trainer and consultant with many academic institutes, universities, corporate and professional bodies across US, Australia, Singapore, UK, Ireland and India. His portfolio of achievements includes global attachment with UK, US, Europe, APAC and Australian training and academic organizations as registered Trainer/Consultant, Reviewer, Editorial board Member, volunteer, advisor and Panelist. He has learning and training attachment with leading training organizations in APAC, Europe, US and Australia. He is awarded with international designations like: Certified Project Director, Certified Quality Director, Hon. Training Director, Certified Int’l Training Manager and Certified Management Consultant.

He served as Knowledge Manager for a scientific research organization of India and was responsible to setup a KM cell where he managed all KM operations and developed processes & guidelines for unpublished and unpublished scientific knowledge. Subsequently he executed a large scale project for a US MNC to integrate learning and knowledge interventions and formalized knowledge capturing & archiving methods for first successful experiment of integration of Learning-Knowledge services. His expertise lies in setting up a OL system which helps clients to convert the employee and team learning back into strategic organizational learning for achieving a competitive edge. He has developed some of the practical organizational learning and knowledge management models which ties into training operations to ensure 50% faster training cycles for employees.

He possesses solid advanced instructional system design skills, development of performance based training, technical documentation, corporate documentation management and knowledge management. He has supported many complex projects in business focused instructional design of complex systems, processes and themes. He served as Instructional System design consultant and course designer for many international institutions.

HONORARY TRAINING DIRECTOR/CONSULTANT Institute of Information Technology and Engineering IITE India
• Analyze embedded systems training market and drafted market strategy to institute to launch specialized PC systems courses in North India. Resulted in revenue of $10000 per year. Selected as ‘Honorary Training Director’ on the board.
COURSE DEVELOPER & TRAINER, JAAN Netlink Pvt Ltd India & Its Sister Concerns
• Successfully completed multiple contract assignments to develop and deliver courses on Hi-Tech training courses in emerging technologies like communication technologies, embedded systems and internet systems, hardware design, advanced programming, DSP systems.
TRAINING CONSULTANT AND EXECUTIVE MEMBER Computer Literacy Mission Society of India (Registered NGO society)
• Prepared multiple proposals for Govt funding under various schemes. Introduced franchise systems for society to open up study centers across the region for the first time raising NGO funds by 30%. Nominated for life membership of society and served as General Secretary & EC member.
CONTRACT CONSULTANT & TRAINER (Human Performance) IATA Training & Development Institute Switzerland
• Delivered training workshops to IATA’s travel and aviation industry clients across Europe and Asia on Project Management and Human performance topics- Advanced project management, Advanced train-the -trainer, Instructional design, Instructional techniques, Management of training, Training needs assessment, Change management and People performance. Offered business partner role.
TECHNICAL TRAINING CONSULTANT Indo-Swiss Training Centre India (Swiss Foundation Switzerland)
• Analyzed the industrial automation market on new industry job skill requirements. Identified gaps in existing curriculum and aligned training to local, international and Swiss Foundation standards. Introduced new advanced courses in Embedded Systems, Microcontrollers and Computer Programming for the first time. Resulted in recognition of ISTC diploma equivalent to bachelor degrees in India, US and Europe.
• Setup a project based external training courses and consulting services in collaboration with CSIO Scientists to industry & other academic institutions. Resulted in additional cash flow for the institute.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2018 Degree: Ph.D Subject: Strategic Organizational Learning Institution: Southern Cross University
Year: 2007 Degree: MBA Subject: Operations Management Institution: IGNOU University
Year: 2007 Degree: Executive MBA Subject: Customer Relationship Management Institution: NIBM
Year: 2007 Degree: Masters of technology Subject: Applied Electronics Institution: Dr MGR Deemed Unviersity
Year: 1994 Degree: Bechelors of Technology Subject: Electronics and Communication Engg Institution: NIT

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2007 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Global Technical Training and Learning Manager Department:
He was entrusted with resposibility to transition multi-million dollars Technical Training centre from California and setting up it in Singapore. He is responsible for effectively handle global training operations on Semiconductor Inspection Equipments with 50% cost reduction on training solutions by providing cost effective measures from Singapore region. He is leading team of 25 master trainers and course developers to implement best practices and standards of instructional design, business focused training, competency development framework, Cost of service reduction and implementation of e-learning and paper-less training.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2005 to 2007 Employer: India development Centre Title: Systems Engineering Manager Department:
He led a team of systems engineers to develop hardware-software of the complex semiconductor wafer inspection equipment at India development Centre. He managed hard-software-mechanical design interface function and coordinated multiple teams for full design execution of next-generation wafer handling equipment at 25% less cost than US development center. He successfully integrated efforts of 35 team members from in-house, vendor, contractor and offshore teams in India, US, Singapore, and China and led 3 sophisticated systems design projects on multi-million dollars semiconductor inspections equipment & its sub-systems
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2005 to 2005 Employer: Undisclosed Title: Product Development Manager Department:
He was responsible to lead product development of high selling products of the company to achieve six-sigma quality. He has led the re-design of a highly successful telephone measurement instrument in half the estimated project duration at 50% of the original BOM cost effective design techniques. He was responsible to lead the team of 10 cross-functional engineers across marketing design, field, SW and hardware from requirements to manufacturing using Six Sigma DFSS Tools and NPSI process control
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2005 to 2005 Employer: Undisclosed Title: Six Sigma Project Management Trainer Department:
He was deputed as Internal Six Sigma Process and Project management traininer and he delivered training courses on Six Sigma DFSS, DMAIC, Project Life Cycle and defect free product development.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2000 to 2005 Employer: Undisclosed Title: Technical Training Manager / Training Consultant / Technical Trainer Department:
He has performed an additional duty on deputation and was involved in internal-external consulting, training facilitation and course development. He has managed training operations for advanced Mechatronics and Industrial Automation / Instrument technology courses conducted by I S T C (a Swiss Foundation Switzerland and C S I O colloboration). he played an instrumental role in developing industry institute colloborative network.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1995 to 2005 Employer: Central Scientific Instruments Organization Title: Undisclosed Department: Mechatronics & Industrial Automation Division
He has successfully executed 10+ multi-disciplinary complex systems engineering projects involving Research, Design and Development of Mechatronics & Automation based Scientific Instruments and Instrumentation systems. He led the scientific research and development of Mechatronics & Automation products targeted for industrial and public sector applications. Led development of many innovatively & indigenously designed mechatronics and industrial automation, robotics products, scientific instrumentation, measurements instruments of international quality up to 75% more economical than imported technology by foreign suppliers.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 1995 to 2005 Agency: CSIO (A CSIR National Laboratory) India Role: Sr Scientist Description: Performed research, development and design of Scientific projects of national interests.
Years: 1996 to 2000 Agency: Department of Science & Technology DST India Role: Researcher Description: Supported research and development on scientific instrumentation research projects sponsored by DST.
Years: 1996 to 1999 Agency: Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment SASE India Role: Research Scientist Description: Development of Snow temperature profile system and Snow depth sense to commission a Snow Avalanche and Glacier landslide forecasting system.
Years: 1999 to 2000 Agency: Indian Meteorological Department India Role: Seismic Research Scientist Description: Design and development of Seismic Data Acquisition and monitoring system.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 2007 to Present Country / Region: Singapore Summary: Internally transferred by company to serve as Global Learning and Knowledge Manager for KLA-Tencor Technical training centre based in Singapore. Supervising a team of trainers for global training.
Years: 2005 to 2007 Country / Region: USA Summary: Deputed on short-term systems engineering development projects for next generation competitive wafer handling equipment for semiconductor fabs.
Years: 2005 to Present Country / Region: Europe Summary: Led cross functional team up to 50 members across US, India, APAC and Europe. Italy, UK, USSR, Switzerland, Taiwan, Ireland, Netherlands, Bosnia, France.
Years: to Present Country / Region: Australia Summary: Consulting affiliation with many universities in Australia
Years: to Present Country / Region: Asia Summary: India, Israel, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam,

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Association of Professional Trainers Singapore (APTS), Academy of Professional Business Managers (APBM USA), American Association of Project Management (AAPM USA), International Association of Project & Prog Management (IAPPM USA), Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME USA), Computer Literacy Mission Society of India (CLMSI India), Vista Research - Society of Industry Leadership (SIL USA), Instruments Society of India (ISI India), Institute of Electronics & Telecom Engineers (IETE India), Knowledge Management Institute (KMI USA), International Council of Systems Engineering (INCOSE USA), Institute of Electronics & Electrical Engineers (IEEE USA), Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM UK)
Licenses / Certifications
Honorary Training Director (IITE India), Certified International Training Manager (ACI USA), Certified Trainer (BB USA), Certified Human Resource Manager (BB USA), Certified International Prof Trainer (ACI USA), Certified Performance Technologist(ISPI USA), Certified Technical Trainer (BB USA), Certified Management Consultant (MSI USA), Certified Professional Researcher (MRA USA), Certified Prof Management Consultant (CB USA ), Certified Business Manager (AABM USA), Certified Market Research Analyst (BB USA), Certified Human Resource Professional (Brainbench Testing Inc. USA), Certified Technical Writer (BB USA), Certified Project Director (IAPPM USA), Certified Product Manager (BB USA), Certified International Project Manager (AAPM USA ), Certified Engineering Manager (SME USA), Certified Project Manager (BB USA), Certified Manager/Supervisor (BB USA), Certified Quality Director(ACI USA), Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (IIPM India)
Professional Appointments
Registered as independent and contract TRAINER and CONSULTANT with leading forums and international databases to deliver consulting and training services to global learning and development organizations.

o ITDI International Air Transport Association (IATA Switzerland)
o Project Decisions Pte Ltd Singapore
o Learning Practitioners Association LPA (Trainer Base) UK – Listed Trainer
o Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online teaching (MERLOT USA)
o Institute of Personality Development India: Motivational Speaker (1998-2000)
o Training Consortium USA: Trainer-Speaker-consultant

o Society of Industry Leadership (SIL USA)
o Asian Institute of Dev Studies AIDSI (Philippines)
o The Consultant Register Limited (CR UK)
o University of New South Wales Global Consulting (UNSW Australia)
o Institute of Information Technology & Engineering India
o University of Melbourne Australia- Mentor
o Colorado State University USA
o Syracuse University

o Arizona State University USA
o Arkansas Tech University USA
o International Academy of Business and Economics IABE USA
o International Society of Performance Improvement ISPI USA

o Earthzine magazine (IEEE Committee on Earth Observation ICEO)
o Scientific Journal International Publishing USA
o Thomas Nelson Book Publishing USA
o Scientific Journal International USA

o IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonic, Ferroelectrics and Frequency
o IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
o IEEE Transactions on Education
o IEEE Journal of Systems/ Journal of Sensors
o IETE Journal of Education
o IETE Technical Review
o Journal of Education & Human Development
o Journal of Interpersonal, Intercultural and Mass Communication
o Journal of Leadership, Management & Organizational Studies
o Journal of Management and Management Information System
o Journal of Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurial Leadership
o Journal of Innovation, Research, and Development
o Interdisciplinary Journal of E-learning and Learning Objects
o Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management
o Elsevier Journal of Hydrology
o Management Science Journal
o Journal of Management Administration Online
o Journal of CIE Current Issues in Education I
Awards / Recognition
• Lockheed Martin USA / Texas University, USA: Business ideas rated best among the top 30 innovative early stage business ideas generated from India
• Institute of Management Consultants of India (IMCI) India: 1st graduate of the institute to successfully earn the Diploma in Management Consultancy
• International Association of Project and Programme Management (IAPPM) USA: 1st Indian to receive certified Project Director Certification
• American Certification Institute (ACI) USA: Identified as 1st successful candidate from India to receive certified Quality Director Certification from ACI USA
• Management Science Institute (MSI) USA: Identified as 1st successful candidate from India to receive certified Management Consultant certification
• Marketing Research Association (MRA) USA: Identified as 1st successful candidate from India to receive MRA Professional Researcher Certification from MRA USA
• American Academy of Project Managers (AAPM) USA: Nominated in board of directors and fellow member to the academy
• Central Scientific Instrument Organization (CSIO) India: Best technical Know how, Proposal and Research Paper writer
• Central Scientific Instrument Organization (CSIO) India: Nominated as Best Young Scientist in CSIO Young Scientist Awards
Publications and Patents Summary
He has over 40 published works.

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
o Managing L&D training operations effectively
o Systems Approach to ISD Course Design
o Measure effectiveness for training programme
o Implement OJT framework for faster training
o Career of future- Knowledge Management
o Project Management for working professionals
o Essentials of Becoming a Manager
o SMART techniques for new managers
o Essential rules for a new manager
o Planning Transition to management
o Powerful corporate Technical Writing
o How to write your own business proposal?
o High Tech speaking skills
o Powerful writing skills for managers
o 6-Sigma DFSS Methodology
o Defect free product design Tools
o Systems Engineering Life Cycle for complex projects
o FMEA in product, project and process
o Six Sigma concepts for beginner
o Tools and techniques of Product Development
o Self Situational Leadership models
o 7 Step problem solving methodology
o Write a life changing resume for yourself
o Scientific methods to solve personal problems
o Organize and prioritize yourself using outlook
o Productivity & time management tools
o Mind Maps to develop cognitive skills
o Time, Task and Priority management
o Flow charting techniques for decision making
o Smart techniques in writing exams
o How to develop Instructor Guide and Class Planning Matrix?
o Design of tests / exams using Blooms’ Taxonomy
o Design the learning interventions using SKA Cognitive, Affective, Psychomotor Domains
o Time audit analysis tool for training
o Setup a Paper-less Training Process
o Develop powerful WBT using Adobe Presenter
o Best Practices in Web based Training
o Performance Based Equipment Training (PBET)
o Overview of SEMI Standards on Technical Training
o Setup IP Protection and Doc Revision Control
o Systems Engineering Product Design
o Overview to Six Sigma Concepts
o Six Sigma DFSS tools for product design
o Six Sigma PLC development cycle
o Systems Engineering Theory & Practices
Vendor Selection
KLA-Tencor India
- Worked with STPI, instituted a process company wide and resulted on average 1 million USD saving a year by getting tax waiver for capital equipment imports.

PURCHASE CONSULTING MEMBER (Capital Purchase Committee)
Central Scientific Instruments Organization (CSIO) India
- Instituted vendor comparison and standard specification process as member of purchase committee
Marketing Experience
He is Certified Market Research Analyst and Certified Professional Researcher. Additionally he possesses credentials as Certified Management Consultant. He has served on positions requiring market trend analysis and positioning of products based on market and industry conditions. He is well equipped in performing competitive analysis, customer requirement analysis and market cost drivers. He was recognized as Honorary Training Director for excellent contribution to marketing strategies of the associated institute.

He is Certified professional Management consultant certified by MSI USA, CB USA, MRA US and IMCI India. He has successfully accomplished multiple consulting assignments internally and externally. He has been internally deputed by the management on multiple functional committees, taskforces and forums as member or consultant to improve functions, operations and processes of the company.

He has excellent track in cost reduction, cost engineering and low cost strategies based on market conditions and competition. He has exposure to various industries like scientific instrumentation, manufacturing, semiconductor fabs, electronics instrumentation, training and education, academic, research and hi-tech industries.
Other Relevant Experience
o Developing Trainer’s competency development
o Conducting Training needs assessment,
o Setting up complete course development and ISD cycle,
o Training demand analysis and budgeting for training operations,
o Conducting risk and impact assessment
o Consulting on Cost effective training methods
o Training on managing learning function
o Consulting for Course Development and Curriculum Development,
o Setting up Training framework from scratch,
o Implementing Performance based Technical Training,
o Advice on Blended Hybrid Learning,
o Deliver and conduct customized Train-the-trainer sessions
o Conducting Executive workshops
o Developing competency maps and skill Certification Tracks
o Consulting on Training Centre Setup
o Consulting on setting up a new Knowledge Management Cell
o Consulting on Remote Training Setup
o Setting up Knowledge Management processes,
o advice on Knowledge generation
o sharing & Archiving
o Training on Documentation & Revision Control,
o Training on developing Corporate Presentation,
o Technical & Business Writing,
o Developing Project proposals and Research proposal
o Implementation of IP Protection,
o Implementation of Learning & Knowledge Integration,
o Setting up a Corporate University
o Conducting Management research,
o Delivering process consulting,
o Analysis for process improvement,
o Setting up advanced training frameworks,
o Consulting on Cross functional and inter-disciplinary project,
o Consulting and training on advanced project management
o Development of ROI Metrics and ROE effectiveness model,
o Establishing Post training evaluation,
o Advice for Service cost reduction and training impact analysis
o Training on Performance effectiveness & management
o Consulting on Product Development,
o Project Management,
o R&D and Innovation,
o Programme Management,
o Training on Six Sigma DFSS & DMAIC
o Setting up Systems Engineering cycle

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
English He has advanced level of proficiency in English with very strong writing skills of international standards.
Hindi He can converse in Hindi at high proficiency level.
Punjabi He has basic native skills in Punjabi.

Fields of Expertise

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