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Expert in Lighting Fixture Design, Lighting Application Design, Sheet Metal Part Design, 3D Modeling & CNC Programming

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Expert has over 35 years of experience in the Commercial Lighting Industry and has been directly involved in most every key position and aspect in outdoor commercial lighting manufacturing companies, including: national sales (directly to all levels & through independent factory reps), the creation, operation, recruiting, training & supervision of a Lighting Applications Department (photometry), Liaison to Underwriters Laboratories, Product Design, CNC laser and turret press programming for manufacturing, R&D and more.

Expert has played an instrumental role in the lighting products and site lighting designs for countless prominent lighting projects located throughout the world, including: University campuses, parking lots, malls, military bases, shopping centers (e.g. Best Buy and K-Mart), auto-dealerships (including Mike Thompson RV and Downtown L.A. Motors), professional tennis courts (e.g. for collegiate tournament televised courts, celebrities’ privately owned courts and tennis clubs), roadways and City streets (e.g. for the Town of Avon, Colorado), landscapes, transportation stations (e.g. the Los Angeles Union Amtrak Station), venues (e.g. "The Hollywood Bowl") and airports (e.g. Ontario International, Hawthorne Municipal & Los Angeles International "LAX").

He founded Expert Innovations LLC in 2005 and has been a consultant, providing services to: lighting companies, manufacturers, electricians, architects, electrical engineers, aerospace companies, and property owners.

■ Lighting Application Design (Photometry)
■ Lighting Fixture Design
■ Sheet Metal Layout
■ R&D
■ 3D Modeling
■ CNC Laser/Turret Press Programming
■ Experienced In: HID, Induction, Fluorescent, Inc, & LED Light Sources
■ Setting Up & Maintaining a Network of Sales Reps
■ Low-Cost Sourcing
■ Technical Writing & Docs
■ Highly Computer Literate


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1985 Degree: Apprenticeship Subject: Lighting Mfg., Design, R&D & Management Institution: Bieber Lighting Corporation
Year: 1979 Degree: AA Subject: Business Institution: Santa Monica College

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2006 to 2018 Employer: Sterling Innovations LLC Title: Product & Application Design Engineer Department: Products & Applications
Designing custom lighting products in 2D/3D CAD (specializing in, but not limited to, sheet metal based) Efficient CNC turret press and CNC laser programming for Aerospace, the Commercial Lighting industry and others, from: sample parts (reverse engineering), blueprints, sketches and from my own original creations (including the successful completion of over 80 projects for Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (“SpaceX”) and countless projects for many lighting OEM companies)- maximizing the advantages of CNC manufacturing equipment, reducing production time, improving material usage efficiency, minimizing required on-hand material inventory levels, while maintaining superior quality and minimizing per unit costs. Implemented a remote control system to virtually construct products & program CNC laser & turret press systems from a remote location. Created hundreds of commercial site-lighting layouts/photometric reports and 3D virtual photometric based models that were instrumental tools used for successfully closing sales & conforming to city requirements. Designed products and lighting applications based on many different light sources, including: LED, HID, Induction, and Fluorescent. Performed site lighting fixture and energy audits. Selected optimum light fixtures for each project based on photometric comparisons. Created & updates the company’s website. Production of technical documentation, CAD drawings, product “cuts”, and specification documents. Additionally providing new vendor sourcing, negotiation, contract creation, product analysis and marketing services. Established a fine rapport with many clients throughout the U.S. that have substantially extended short-term and temporary work contracts.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2007 to 2018 Employer: Arrow Metal Stamping Inc. Title: Consultant Department: 3D Modeling/CNC Programming
Creating G-code programs to control CNC lasers & turret presses, based on: blue prints, sketches, sample parts (reverse engineering), verbal descriptions and my own original designs and methodologies, by constructing virtual 3D models (SolidWorks) factoring in material stretch (bend deductions) and then converting those 3D models into flat patterns for import into AP100/US, followed by sequencing and the generation of G-Code for etching/cutting/punching parts from sheets of metal. Implemented a new system to connect a remotely located computer to the CNC laser and CNC turret press, via the Internet, to facilitate remote programming capability. Accomplishments: Saving over 19% in material costs due to extremely efficient material usage (“nesting”) and up to 1/3rd in labor costs by creating ready to fold up shapes, which minimizes welding and grinding procedures, while adding precision and quality; all performed from a remote location.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2007 to 2012 Employer: SolarOne Solutions Inc. Title: Product & Application Design Engineer Department: Engineering
Headed the company’s “West-coast office”. Designed/Refined LED based lighting products and accessories as well as hundreds of lighting projects in adherence with project goals and building code requirements (based on photometric analysis) that were instrumental in closing sales. Designed lighting projects for the U.S. as well as International applications including: parking lots, roadways, pathways, industrial buildings, university facilities, historic monuments, billboards and shelters. Met with representatives of Cities, Military bases, potential clients and factory representatives, in order to promote the company’s products and to custom design lighting systems. Provided local product trouble-shooting and product promotion at show-booth based expos. Published the company’s lighting fixtures for inclusion in the AGI32 “Photometric Instabase”. Produced: product drawings/specification sheets ("cuts"), technical documents, “their product” versus “our product” virtual 3D illumination graphic models, as well as many special projects that aided the company’s Sales and Engineering departments and were instrumental in greatly increasing sales growth. Located new vendors (sourcing) that significantly reduced costs and improved end product availability.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1982 to 2006 Employer: Bieber Lighting Corporation Title: Executive Officer Department: Owner
Most-every possible function of a lighting design, manufacturing and sales company, over 29 years.

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