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Expert founded three technology companies and co-led them to successful acquisitions, including one to a leading manufacturer in the Apple supply chain. He has been featured by Bloomberg Business Week as one of America's Best Entrepreneurs. His work has been featured in the Economist, Huffington Post, and Wired.

Now as CEO of a telemedicine and machine learning ophthalmology company, Expert developed an EHR, telemedicine, computer vision, and NLP system deployed into a network of 20 hospitals, and serves 300,000 patients and counting. The system achieves state of the art detection, object recognition, hierarchical multi-label classification, and segmentation of eye diseases. The company and technology are backed by the leaders of the eye care and technology industries.

Expert also developed cutting edge natural language understanding systems, involving state of the art Question and Answer dataset performance, industrial-grade semantic compositionality, neural semantic frame parsing, semantic role labeling, and other NLU tasks.

Expert is available to consult in machine learning and natural language processing related technologies and businesses.

• Executive/BD: Entrepreneurship, US-Asia business development, strategic licensing & contracts with Fortune 500 companies, product and engineering leadership, federal government contracts and grants, venture capital, leading Board of Directors
• Engineering: Product development & management, machine learning, natural language processing, data science, R&D, statistical modeling, physics (statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, optics)
• Computational: Python, PyTorch, Tensorflow, Keras, Caffe, Neon, Pandas, Jupyter, Scikit-learn, NLTK, CoreNLP, Gensim, Flask, Django, SparklingH2O, CVXPY, Spark, Zeppelin, Mathematica, Tableau, SAS JMP, R, Orange, AWS, Hadoop, Comsol, CST, CAD, SQL, Neo4J, Excel, Heroku, GPU distributed computing, web deployment, HTML, CSS

Software portfolio
• Natural language processing (NLP) hierarchical abstraction of ideas using skip-thought vectors, TextRank, and paraphrasing of large web documents; t-SNE semantic graph of hierarchical relationships between all individual ideas within documents (Conceptnet, Wordnet, Gensim, CoreNLP, NLTK, PPDB)
• Computer vision image classification: ensemble machine learning optimization including convolutional and recurrent neural networks. Exceeded doctor diagnostic accuracy on one TB of medical images.
• Architect of ERP+EHR database and set up server for Smart Focus business operations, office management, sales using MySQL, Pandas, Tableau
• Modular deep neural net exhibiting plasticity using energy constraints in cost function: >30% efficiency gain
• Event-driven, proprietary, quantitative finance engine (ensemble ML of fundamental+technical+NLP news events+hyperparameter opt.) uncovering underlying temporal dynamic structural features and leading indicators, returning >6000% over 10 years in backtesting, and out-performing the broad market in 12 months of forward
testing on a risk-adjusted basis (Pandas, Theano, Keras, Sklearn)
• Electro/optical model of random resistor networks percolation theory, arbitrary material structures (max flow optim.)


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2008 Degree: PhD Subject: Electrical Engineering Institution: Stanford University
Year: 2008 Degree: B.A. Subject: Physics (Honors), B.S.E. Materials Science Engineering (Award-winning thesis) Institution: University of Pennsylvania

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2015 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: CEO Department: Responsibilities: Finance, Technology, Leadership, Strategy, Product management, Marketing, Management

• Built expansive network of eye care clinics, staffed with doctors, served 300,000+ patients
• Raised multi-million-dollar financing from world’s leading eye care company, and world’s leading AI company
• Led spin-out from Stanford, teams of PhDs, MDs, ODs across US+China, partnerships, technology, data, strategy
• Built EHR+ERP+telemedicine platform w/ machine learning for automated diagnosis of disease, exceeding sensitivity
and specificity of human ophthalmologists, in collaboration with one of the largest machine intelligence companies
Years: 2015 to 2016 Employer: SynapsAI Title: Founder and President Department: Responsibilities: Consulting for companies in data science, machine intelligence, computer vision, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and startup business development
Years: 2007 to 2015 Employer: IonArmour Title: Co-Founder, CTO & Principal Department: Responsibilities: • Founded US-China joint venture; led product, tech & business development and application engineering with Chairman
of the Board to build global strategic partnerships, licensing technology to market leaders: Apple, Samsung, LG, DoD
• Defined and qualified business strategy and value proposition through 3 venture rounds; presented to >100 CEOs,
corporate VPs, and senior government officials in US, JP, CN; presented in bimonthly board mtgs
• Invented prototypes, applied machine learning to R&D, built proprietary US-Asia supply chains, managed production,
negotiated customer & supplier contracts, and launched commercial products in retail (Best Buy, Walgreens, Staples)
• Led business and R&D teams to successful completion of multi-million-dollar development contracts, exceeding specs
• Hired and directed former General Manager of Sony, COO of Terumo, and former Secretary of the US Army
Years: 2008 to 2015 Employer: Innova Dynamics Title: Founder & CTO Department: IonArmour Responsibilities: Technology, Strategy, Management

• Raised >$30M in venture financing with co-founders, built a team of 50, and co-led company to acquisition
• Invented core platform technologies: >40 patents and patents pending; built 3 R&D labs from scratch (30k sqft); built
products pipeline worth >$100M in addressable sales; took technologies from the bench to production in Asia
• Forged partnerships, joint development agreements & deals at both corporate executive and engineering levels across
US, JP, CN, KR, EU: Apple, Samsung, LG, Flextronics, PPG, BASF, Boeing
• Secured 3 multi-million-dollar contracts; led as principal investigator to successful completion; annual presentations in
Washington to government officials
• Hired, trained, and managed >20 senior PhD engineers and US/JP/CN business executives from Apple, GE, Corning
• Led product + data science teams (machine learning, time series prediction, Python, Tableau, SAS JMP, SQL, R,
OpenCV computer vision). Overhauled operations with automation: real time data acquisition systems. Initiated and
led R&D collaborations with Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, UCSF, US Army, US Naval Air Command
Years: 2008 to 2013 Employer: Hydros Title: Co-Founder, Board Director & Vice President Department: Responsibilities: • Created product and business strategy at board meetings, through multi-million-dollar financing rounds, nationwide product launches in online and retail, and acquisition in 2013
• Co-authored original business plan; hired CEO and COO; launched a viral product campaign
Years: 2006 to 2009 Employer: University of Pennsylvania Title: Researcher Department: Department of Electrical Engineering Responsibilities: Co-invented the optical memristor; designed via computational modeling (FEM/FDTD) novel cloaking devices and nanocircuit boards operating at >100 THz frequencies
• Discovered novel “fast-wave tunneling” phenomenon, then realized it in a university award-winning PCB metamaterial device. Advised by Prof. Nader Engheta, one of America’s Top 50 Leaders in Science & Technology, Scientific American
Years: 2007 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Engineer Department: Responsibilities: • Applied insights from statistical machine learning on lithography process engineering to production

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 2010 to 2015 Agency: USA National Science Foundation Role: Principal Investigator Description: Grantee of $1M SBIR grant
Years: 2009 to 2015 Agency: USA DoD Army, NAVAIR Role: Principal Investigator Description: Contractor of $2M SBIR grants

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 2006 to 2018 Country / Region: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong Summary: Invented, developed and brought nanotechnology manufacturing technology into production in Asia. Innova Dynamics was acquired by one of the largest vendors in the Apple supply chain.

Career Accomplishments

Awards / Recognition
Entrepreneurial: Selected as one of "America's Best Expert Entrepreneurs" by Bloomberg BusinessWeek;
BusinessWeek Special Report “America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs”; Featured in Philadelphia Inquirer, Forbes,
Reuters, MarketWatch; Angel Venture Fair Award; Early Stage East People’s Choice Award; Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Eastern Technology Council “Company to watch”; Wharton Entrepreneurship Conference IP Award;
Dell Social Innovation Competition Semi-finalist; Weiss Tech House Innovation Fund; Stanford Global Innovation
Tournament winner; Wharton Business Plan Competition: People’s Choice Award, Gloeckner Award

International: “Gifted Citizen” Award. World-wide winner of Mondialogo Engineering Award (€15,000 Top Gold prize, selected from 1000+ international applicants) awarded by the UN and Daimler AG CEO Zetsche, recognizing appropriate technologies valuable to the UN Millennium Development Goals; 1 of 30 international finalists presenting to United Nations in Stuttgart, Germany.
Medical / Professional
Principal Investigator: three multi-million-dollar government contracts sponsored by DoD Army, DoD NAVAIR, and the National Science Foundation. First time principal investigator at age 23 securing $1M US Army contracts.
Publications and Patents Summary
Publications and Symposia: 8

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
English Native

Fields of Expertise

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