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Expert has more than thirty years of experience in the analysis of process and manufacturing data aimed at improving product quality and manufacturing process yield. While at DuPont he developed a technology to uncover latent relationships between manufacturing processes variables and product quality. He has presented this information at national control society meetings and in academia. Since becoming an industrial consultant eight years ago, he has applied these techniques to medical instrument manufacture for two clients in New England, to elastomeric seal manufacture for a client in Germany, and to the influence of resin properties on film quality and film process operability. He has also applied statistical process analysis and the design of experiments to the evaluation of medical protocols and medical instrument efficacy.

Expert has evaluated the processes for medical catheter manufacture to discover the source of product degradation. He has evaluated another manufacturing process and made recommendations to a client for a totally integrated manufacturing information handling and product control system to meet the requirements of GMP and the FDA. He has consulted on applications of dielectric heating and ultrasonic measurements and welding. He has designed sampled data controllers and digital controllers. He has used short range industrial telemetry to measure temperature zones in rotating kilns. He has designed and installed monitoring and control equipment in fiber processing mills to increase their product uniformity and equipment utilization. He has evaluated SPC techniques and uncovered process control variables to use in implementing SPC.

During Expert's career at DuPont's Engineering Physics Laboratory he was responsible for the design and development of special process measurement instrumentation. As a result he is very familiar with the application of physical principles in sensors. He designed a unique interferometric film thickness gage and consulted with plants at various sites on thickness gaging and on the measurement and interpretation of surface asperites as they influenced film performance, especially in capacitor and video tape applications. He has designed instruments to measure fiber denier by vibration and non-woven web uniformity by optical transmission. He has designed monitoring equipment to scan hundreds of process instruments automatically, to condition them for transmission over thousands of miles of leased phone lines, and to collect and consolidate their information for eventual analysis. In his present position as Vice President - Engineering of Condux, he has access to over 200 senior scientists, engineers and business specialists, each with more than thirty years of experience in the industrial manufacture of chemicals, polymers and plastic products.

Expert has experience in the design and development of clinical procedures which are intended to evaluate the efficacy of new medical devices and/or procedures. He has analyzed clinical (patient) data to document the protocol and establish its effectiveness and safety for the FDA. He has also analyzed device manufacturing data to improve quality and yield or to isolate source of defects. He has consulted on the design of a protocol to be used in evaluating an alternate contrast media for angiography. He has advised on the design of a protocol to evaluate the use of infusion wires as well as the clinical data from a protocol involving mechanical introduction of a lysising agent.

Expert is knowledgeable of design and development of clinical procedures which are intended to evaluate the efficacy of new medical devices and/or procedures. He has analyzed clinical data to document the protocol and establish its effectiveness and safety for the FDA.

Expert has designed and developed optical, non-contact plastic film thickness measurement systems and consulted on alternate thickness measurement techniques, especially the interpretation of online measurements for uniformity and gauge control. Expert also developed a signal interpretation system for a profilometer-type asperity distribution measuring instruments. He developed a strategy to associate surface tract parameters, Ra, Rz, and others with product end use performance.

Expert has worked with pattern recognition, matched filters, similarity mapping, and graph theoretic approaches to product and process classification for yield and property improvement, especially the separation of the richness of sensor from the specificity of the detection and recognition problem. He is familiar with Karhumenlove transformation, principal component analysis, factor analysis, and non-linear mapping.

Expert is knowledgeable of dielectric heating, especially of low loss plastic materials where high electric fields are required to reach reasonable heating rates.


Evaluation of Elastomer production process for Petrofina, BelgiumEvaluation of GC column manufacturing process for Agilent Technologies (HP), Wilmington DeEvaluation of manufacturing operations Goetza, GermanyEvaluation of Elastomer manufacturing Process, DuPont, Waynesboro VAEvaluation of Reformer process, DuPont, Beaumont TX

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Allentown, Pennsylvania - Reading, Pennsylvania - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania - Elizabeth, New Jersey - Trenton, New Jersey - Camden, New Jersey - Wilmington, Delaware - Baltimore, Maryland - Alexandria, Virginia

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1961 Degree: MS Subject: Control Systems Institution: University of Pennsylvania
Year: 1954 Degree: BS Subject: Electrical Engineering Institution: University of Buffalo (now SUNY)

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 1985 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Vice-President, Engineering Department: Responsibilities: Manufactruing System Analysis and the identification of process controls to implement 6 Sigma Limits
Years: 1956 to 1985 Employer: DuPont Engineering Department Title: Senior Research Associate Department: Responsibilities: Process Optimization,
Statistical Process Control,
Process Measurement
Instrument Design
Years: 1954 to 1956 Employer: Electronic Countermeasures Title: USAF R&D Officer Department: Responsibilities:

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 1954 to 1956 Agency: US Airforce Role: Captain Description: Development of Electronic Countermeasures

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: to Present Country / Region: Germany Summary:
Years: to Present Country / Region: Belgium Summary:
Years: to Present Country / Region: Luxembourg Summary:

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Expert is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and also a member of ISA, ACM and NSPE.
Licenses / Certifications
He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Delaware and New York.
Professional Appointments
He is a member of the Delaware PE Registration Board and is active in preparing the National EE examination for NCEES. He is an ABET electrical engineering college program evaluator.
Awards / Recognition
Distinguished Service Award with Special Commendations NCEES
Delaware State Engineer of the Year
Publications and Patents Summary
Conference papers, and book chapter on measurements.

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
He teaches courses at the University of Delaware. He has lectured at international conferences on pattern recognition, telemetry and statistical process modeling. He has delivered many training courses and seminars at Dupont.
Vendor Selection
Computer Systems including CAD/CAM for USCI division of Bard

Language Skills

Language Proficiency

Fields of Expertise

medical device reliability testing, medical statistics, statistical data analysis, surface roughness analysis, automation, control-system modeling, manufacturing automation, manufacturing control, medical device manufacturing automation, medical device manufacturing quality control, process control system, statistical process control, electronics engineering, electronics engineering instrument, profilometry, medical device inspection, medical device manufacturing, medical device product development, medical device process validation, clinical protocol, thickness measurement, surface property measurement, profilometer, pattern recognition, dielectric heating, manufacturing process design, manufacturing procedure, manufacturing code, design of experiments, statistical graphics, automation technology, film thickness gage, process capability ratio, surface characterization, statistical process control software, automated surface inspection, multivariate calibration, medical device clinical research, electronics test equipment, process control instrumentation, analog computer, statistical degree of freedom, surface property, contact angle measurement, statistical process control chart, statistical sampling, coating inspection, medical device endurance testing, medical device manufacturing troubleshooting, biomedical device design review, automatic control device, supervisory control and data acquisition, chemical process analysis, automatic target recognition system, air analysis instrument, data acquisition, computer simulation, radiation gaging, process automation, plastic film, data processing, regression function, digital control system, measurement process, attenuator, instrument, speech recognition, ultrasonic testing, total quality management, signal processing, sensor, preventive statistical process control, optical inspection, imaging contrast agent, electromechanical control, digital signal processing, control theory, control loop, chemometrics, character recognition equipment, capacitor, analog circuit, actuator

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