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Expert has extensive knowledge and experience in the applications of metal cutting and cutting tools and in research in manufacturing technologies. He has worked and taught for more than 38 years on R&D projects including topics such as: manufacturing process improvement, new product development, process control, cost reduction including product design and manufacturing system improvement, set-up time reduction, tool life improvement by cutting tools design optimization, process optimization, and cutting parameters optimization, design for manufacturing, mistake-proofing, and world class manufacturing (WCM).

Expert works with management and plant teams in the evaluation and implementation of advanced technology integration, efficiency improvement, waste reduction and productivity improvement. Compliance and implementation of quality systems including: aspects of ISO 9000, strategic planning, cost containment, cost-of-quality, utilization of self-directed work teams, organizational reengineering, shortening MANUFACTURING cycles with reduced waste for cost containment are areas where Expert leads in adding value. Allocation of management resources, development of information management data collection and processing, planning for change, day to day operation, manpower and capacity analysis are additional areas of support that Expert provides.

Expert is experienced in planning, building, developing and implementing MANUFACTURING processes. This includes deep process analyses, business case study, manufacturing process design, cost reduction and control, product scheduling, and overall quality management. While he worked in the Automotive and Aerospace MANUFACTURING fields he is familiar with various other disciplines, including ISO 9000 ISO 14000 requirements, Just-In-Time (JIT), inventory control, information systems and safety. Expert has led multi-disciplinary teams developing manufacturing processes for new products, work allocations and optimization, layouts, in process work flow, in line sequencing, adapting and complying with synchronous material flow requirements, establishing tact time, and alignment of process, product, people and tools. Expert has experience coaching process mapping, value added analysis, work simplification and streamlining, work measurement and LEAN Operations.

Expert has 38 years of experience in MANUFACTURING at all levels of responsibility from a production engineer to a project manager and Manufacturing Fellow, working in one of the word aerospace leader company. He is versed in all aspects of the business – process development, maintenance, projects, engineering and production including new models' introduction, capacity, quality, safety, cost and customer delivery current requirement and forward planning. Based on deep analysis of the existing data, using a variety of tools (Pareto, Elephant Charts, Statistical Process Control (SPC), etc., Expert works with management and plant teams on finding new solutions, in the evaluation and implementation of advanced technologies, on efficiency improvement, waste reduction and productivity improvement, by evaluating, adapting or changing manufacturing process, cutting tools, machine-tools, or different other equipments. Expert can help in documenting all new findings by issuing technical documents, reports and presentations, which are very useful for the organization to build their best practices system.

Expert dedicated more than 30 years to manufacturing R&D activity, developing new manufacturing processes for complex and complicated automotive or aerospace components, aiming efficiency and productivity improvement, higher quality and lower manufacturing cost. He has developed processes for a full range of manufacturing complexity and a variety of aerospace products. Applying “out of the box thinking”, Expert can help multidisciplinary teams to develop new manufacturing methods and processes, by introducing new machines or equipments, new tools, new fixtures and new inspection methods, capable to improve quality and productivity, in order to save time and money. Applying "design for manufacturing" philosophy, he contributed on new product development for turbine engines.

Expert has more than 20 years experience in aerospace quality improvement and quality control. Working in Integrated Product Teams (IPT), he can help to well define the key characteristics of complex parts, based on their functionality, their produce-ability, ensuring in this way a high quality product, excellent quality control and the lowest manufacturing cost. Inspection method development for complex parts using CMM’s, vision systems or non-destructive inspection techniques, data collection and deep SPC analysis are areas where the Expert leads in adding value. Expert has led “Quality Clinics” involving multi-disciplinary teams by performing Deep Root Cause analysis and recommending corrective solutions and actions.

Expert has extensive knowledge and experience in process analysis and process optimization. He was involved in the design, manufacturing and application of a variety of special cutting tools such as: special reamers, ball end mills, broaches, gun drills, deep hole drills, combined cutters, etc. He is an expert in cutting tools tests, including: design of experiment, test performing, technical reports, recommendation of best solutions for process improvement, in production follow-up and data collection, etc. Based on data collection and deep analysis of the actual process results, Expert can help engineers, process planners and operators to understand the root cause of their manufacturing issues of the actual process and coach them to find right solutions by optimizing the machining process including: cutting parameters, cutting tools, fixture and set-up optimization. Expert has a lot of experience working with cutting tools and machine-tools suppliers on process optimization, performing machining tests, writing test reports and proposing recommendations for manufacturing process improvement. Guiding the team to establish the root cause and to elaborate the appropriate correction plan are other areas the Expert may contribute for added value. Expert correlates measurable to the effectiveness of corrective actions and develops “best” approaches.

Expert has been in the automotive and aerospace industries for over 25 years and has experience in all aspects of the manufacturing processes. His managerial experience as project manager encompasses manufacturing and engineering with teams working on identifying and correcting quality and production control problems. Additionally, Expert has had a leadership role in implementing Lean manufacturing, SPC and other continuous improvement techniques. He also has extensive experience in the process development for complex and complicated parts having dimensional and position tight tolerances and in machining of exotic aerospace materials. His extensive knowledge in metal cutting and cutting tools, allows him to be very efficient in process troubleshooting.

With a Ph. D. in “Metal cutting and cutting tools”, teaching these disciplines for more than 10 years in a university, and working in this field for more than 25 years in the automotive and aerospace industry in manufacturing R&D, Expert has extensive theoretical and practical knowledge in metal cutting and cutting tools for different processes such as: turning, milling, reaming, drilling, deep hole drilling, broaching, etc. With personal contribution in the cutting tools theory and with many years of experiments and tests for a variety of applications, he can help engineers, planners and operators to have a good understanding of the phenomenon, find the right solution. Machining troubleshooting, cutting tools tests to evaluate their performances, technical reports and documents are additional areas of support that Expert provides.
Expert has extensive knowledge and experience in design, design for manufacturing, make, inspection and tests of a variety of special cutting tools, used in aerospace industry for complex shapes with tight tolerance requirements e.g. special ball end mills, special reamers, special dun drills, special deep hole drills, etc. He developed and invented several new cutting tools, characterized by better performances on part quality, productivity, tool life and reduced overall cost. Working with different cutting tools suppliers in developing new cutting tools, choosing the best tools and the optimum cutting conditions, he build a very good relationship with the representatives of the majority of the main cutting tools suppliers, allowing him to facilitate the collaboration between his customers and the cutting tools builders, reducing in this way the problem solving time and accelerating the implementation of new solutions.

Expert has developed the manufacturing process for several very complex and complicated aerospace components, having very tight tolerance requirements. One of the key of success on these projects was related to the set-up. He developed a new philosophy “one single set-up” process, allowing meeting the engineering requirements, increasing productivity and reducing manufacturing cost dramatically in many cases. One of the examples is related to the development of a process on which, the number of set-ups was reduced from 16 to one (requiring a special machine-tool) or from 16 to two using standard machine-tools. This change had a huge impact on part quality, on productivity and on the manufacturing cost. Choosing the appropriate machine-tool and designing an appropriate fixture the set-up time was reduced by 90%.
He utilizes a creative and systematic approach to develop new products and processes. From defining and developing through testing and finalizing the concept he uses a variety of tools to create, analyze prototype and test.

Expert's expertise includes assessing the utility of state-of-the-art technologies, evaluating a technology's place on the technology life cycle curve and its ability to produce a sustainable competitive advantage, and searching for new technology paradigms for next-generation manufacturing. He has experience with a wide range of manufacturing technologies (i.e. all kind of metal cutting, welding (heat welding, EB welding, laser welding), punching, forming, inspection (CMM inspection, vision inspection, non-destructive inspection like: ultrasounds, tomography, X-Rays inspection), etc.).
Expert utilizes a creative and systematic approach to develop new technologies. Having a futuristic vision and working with machine-tools and cutting tools suppliers, he implemented successfully new technologies by changing the manufacturing method and the entire manufacturing system including: machine-tools, cutting tools, fixtures, process, inspection method, inspection equipment, programs, etc.

Expert has applied state-of-the-art process technologies to create manufacturing processes for a multitude of automotive and aerospace components families. Based on lessons learned during several years in the same business, he developed new technologies as “game changers” for few of these difficult to machine components. “Open to the future” was one of the characteristics of all these developments. In other words, these new technologies have taken into consideration the trends of the development in machine-tool and cutting tools industries, giving the opportunity to easy implement the new machine-tools or new cutting tools on the existing manufacturing lines. This possibility - to keep the line always up-dated, is a huge competitive advantage for any company.

In the last 15 years in the “Globalisation Era” Expert was very active in technology transfer in the new joint ventures (JV’s) in East Europe and Asia. He participated to implement existing technologies on the new plants, training the personal and coaching them for maximum efficiency. For new products made in these JV’s, he led joint development teams in new process development and in the line reorganization and equipment acquisition. He was very active in coaching the JV’s teams in manufacturing R&D, by training, and participating to process improvement, tests, tool proving for several projects.

Expert can help engineers to design your project and bring your ideas from concept through completion. His entire career has been spent on the manufacturing, development and design of mechanical products and processes. He started as a designer of automotive components, worked as a process engineer, got a PH. D. in metal cutting and cutting tools, taught this discipline for many years and worked in manufacturing R&D in aerospace for more than 20 years joining forces with engineering for new product development, on product improvement based on value engineering, design for manufacturing, and design for cost. Expert utilizes a systematic approach to develop new processes and for new product development. He has several patents on new design of different components and led multi-disciplinary teams to bring these ideas from dream to reality, building prototypes, testing them, making corrections and finally, finishing with a high performance and lower cost product. Identifying the product key characteristics and the manufacturing key characteristics of any part is and additional added value that Expert can provide, in order to increase quality, to reduce cost and delivery time.

Expert has a record of success in innovation on product development as well as on manufacturing technology. He is a very creative problem solver, with the ability to identify and deeply understand root causes of operational issues of complex products, systems or manufacturing processes. Utilizing a creative and systematic approach based on deep analysis, “out of the box” thinking, brainstorming and creativity methodology, he demonstrated an outstanding capability on problem solving and innovation. His patens obtained in one of the most innovative fields, as aerospace, prove his ability to innovate and to find new reliable solutions for complicated and complex systems. The talent, the attraction, the passion and the motivation for innovation and invention pushed him to discover new ways to do things from a very young age, as a beginner (having a patent in the first year as an engineer) up to the end of his carrier (having some patent applications still in process for approval). Process simplification through cycle time reduction and defect elimination has been a key area of Expert's experience for many years. He has experience as a "hands on" R&D process engineer and a corporate trainer on “Metal cutting and cutting tools”.

Expert has a life experience in innovation, patentability and patent application. Every project he touched, new ideas, new solutions were found and developed and some were innovations, some were inventions and patents were obtained. He can guide and help others to find new solutions, and more than that, to push the limits of the existing inventions and apply for new patents. His patents are related to manufacturing methods, manufacturing processes, to different products, different cutting tools, machines, etc. Open minded, visionary, enthusiastic, perseverant and hard working are few characteristics of Expert, which can be shared with younger engineers in order to make progress in any industry.

Expert has an extensive experience in manufacturing R&D, in development of new manufacturing processes with significant innovation on the entire manufacturing system, including: method, process, programs, machine-tools, cutting tools, fixtures, inspection, etc. Working on the technology improvement, looking all aspects of the process and having a global vision of the entire system, he identified potential solutions in product improvement, leading to new more efficient, easier to produce and cheaper products. As example, working on the process development of different aerospace components, as diffusers, holed thin wall shafts, he proposed and patented new diffuser manufacturing method, new diffuser deburring method and equipment, new special cutting tools, new diffusers and new shafts, new machine-tools with better performances and costs.

Expert is recognized as a changing agent, majority of the projects on which he was involved were considered as game changers. He developed his own creativity method, which allows generating in a systematic way considerable variety of potential solutions improving the innovation effectiveness. With his enthusiasm and passion for innovation he is able to motivate others to be open to new ideas, acting as an innovation catalytic agent in development of new ways to design and make new products. Sharing his innovation experience and his vision with others, may be very beneficial for any company.

Expert has an extensive experience in education and training acquired by teaching in an European University 12 years for a manufacturing engineering program “Metal cutting and Cutting Tools” and other disciplines related to manufacturing, giving classes for 6 years in a North American University for a Manufacturing Master program on “Machining and cutting tools for aerospace industry” and conducting and supervising Master Theses for students in scholarship program in aerospace company for more than 10 years. He also gave training for manufacturing engineers, process planners, and operators working in aerospace industry for more than 5 years, in North America, East Europe and Asia. He has a “hands-on” training philosophy. Starting with deep understanding of the fundamentals, to practical applications and examples, he is capable to train at any level, developing solid and reliable knowledge in the manufacturing field, adapted to the customer needs and requirements. Based on his remarcable experience in education, he has prepared very visual presentations, including videos and pictures to illustrate in a very understandable manner the complex phenomenon of “Metal cutting” as well as other different machining related aspects. His style of explanations in a very logical and understandable way for any level of participants, explains the very positive feedback and evaluation from his audience.

The efficiency of the training Expert is capable to offer is very well illustrated by the comments of one of participants (a tool maker) who sad after the training: "I understood and learned in 3 hours of this training more than in 30 years - by making cutting tools every single day ".

Expert has outstanding skills in identification of the customer training needs, and he is capable to provide and adapted training. Working with the management, he spot what is the most important knowledge required for the team in solving their issues and he oriented his training in the right direction. His philosophy is “problem solving oriented” for different processes or projects. Before training, he works with management and participants to prepare an analysis of the actual situation, and “business case study”, which will be presented at the beginning of the training by participants. Starting from this “business case study” approved by the management (including objectives, and budget), he works with the team to solve their problems, by understanding the phenomenon, the root cause, brainstorming for potential solutions and preparing an action plan to solve the problem. He likes to assist the customers in their development and to coach them up to implementation into production. It is very important for him to evaluate the Return Of Investment (ROI) for each training, because in his opinion, only if there is a measurable gain for the organization, the training meets its objectives. Working in this way the customer satisfaction is guaranteed. The objectives of each project may be related to process improvement aiming: quality, safety, environment, productivity, cost, etc. He is very flexible to adapt his training to the real customer needs. He has ability and skills required to develop talents, to motivate the participants and create a positive and enthusiastic team climate and create effective training programs.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1983 Degree: Ph.D. Eng. Subject: Metal Cutting and Cutting Tools Institution: European University
Year: 1999 Degree: MS Subject: Engineering Management Institution: North American University
Year: 1972 Degree: BA Subject: Manufacturing Engineering Institution: European University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2005 to 2011 Employer: Aerospace Title: Manufacturing Fellow Department: Manufacturing Engineering Development
He was mentor, coach, trainer and project manager for manufacturing technology improvement.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2002 to 2009 Employer: North American University Title: Associate Professor Department: Mechanical Engineering
Teaching “Machining and cutting tools for aerospace industry" for Master's Degree, implemented in production and supervising Master Theses for students in scholarship program in aerospace company for more than 10 years.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1989 to 2005 Employer: Aerospace Title: Manufacturing Engineer Department: Manufacturing Engineering Development
He was project manager for manufacturing technology improvement
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1976 to 1988 Employer: European University Title: Professor Department: Mechanical Engineering
Teaching "Metal Cutting and Cutting Tools" for more than 10 years and other disciplines related to manufacturing engineering as well as conducting R&D projects in manufacturing field.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1972 to 1976 Employer: Automotive European Company Title: Designer & Manufacturing Engineer Department: Engineering & Production
He has designed automotive components, designed and R&D for manufacturing processes

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 2003 to 2009 Country / Region: Poland Summary: He acted as coach and mentor to help the personnel of a Joint Venture facility in technology transfer, manufacturing process development and manufacturing process improvement for a variaty of aerospace components as well as for machining exotic materials.
Years: 2009 to 2010 Country / Region: China Summary: He was a trainer, coach and mentor for people involved in Manufacturing Engineering Program in two Joint Ventures in aerospace industry, working with them on process improvement, solving the most critical manufacturing problems in these facilities.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Licenses / Certifications
Value Engineering Modul I & II
Professional Appointments
Manufacturing Fellow
Awards / Recognition
Expert was distinguished with several professional awards at different levels such as at the company, at the corporation and at the international level. He was the winner of the “Word Exhibition of Achievements of Young Inventors - Bulgaria 1985”, with his first invention. Based on all his achievements in the manufacturing field, he became in 2005 a “Manufacturing Fellow” of the aerospace corporation for which he was working 22 years.
Publications and Patents Summary
Expert is author and coauthor of: 26 papers and 5 manuals & technical guides, 13 patents (8 in aerospace & 5 in automotive) and over 30 patent applications, some of them still on going.

He developed a personal creativity method and a personal theory on surface generation, materialised by a synthesis matrix similar to Mendeleev’s table in chemistry. He developed new manufacturing methods including associated machine-tools and cutting tools.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Expert provides professional consulting as a Manufacturing Technologies Consultant, Machining Consultant, Machinability Consultant, Cutting Tools Consultant, Aerospace Complex Components Manufacturing Consultant, Machining Troubleshooting Consultant, Process optimization Consultant, Innovation Management Consultant, Quality Improvement Consultant, Productivity Improvement Consultant, Cost Reduction Consultant, Manufacturing Training Program Consultant, Inspection Consultant. He provides as well training on Metal Cutting and Cutting Tools, Problem Solving, Process Improvement and Innovation.
Training / Seminars
He has developed and taught the “Metal Cutting and Cutting Tools” course for universities and for industry. The training provided may be adapted to the customer needs, and project or process oriented. The most popular training includes 3 days, but may be 1 day to 5 days training upon request.
Vendor Selection
Working in manufacturing R&D for 38 years, he has contact with a variety of cutting tools and machine tools suppliers all over the world. He worked for the development of special cutting tools with the main cutting tools suppliers, performing tests in their facilities and building very collaborative relationship.
Marketing Experience
He is an expert in manufacturing of turbine engines components, thin wall shafts, diffusers, gas generators manufacturing.
Other Relevant Experience
Project management - Solid background in planning, leading and executing manufacturing development projects. Hands-on with highly developed problem solving and innovation skills. Equally strong in budgeting, scheduling and in time delivery.
Innovative solutions development - Out of the box thinking, conducting tests, complex analysis and synthesis, writing reports and patent applications.
Strategy and vision - Proven ability to recognize and capitalize on market trends, and assume bottom-line responsibility for new strategies, new vision for short and long term development. Broad knowledge of manufacturing disciplines, including research, metal cutting, cutting tools, conventional and non-conventional technologies, product design, process planning, inspection technologies, process control, value engineering, ISO 9000, etc.
Team builder - Decisive multi-disciplinary team leader with extensive experience in project manager position and teacher, developing talent and creating effective training programs for manufacturing personnel at different levels.
Coach and mentor - Share vast manufacturing, problem solving and troubleshooting experience with new generation as a “Manufacturing Fellow”. Capable to influence and motivate people to innovate and to better perform, increasing team value added.
Communication - Persuasive communicator with well-developed presentation, explanation and negotiation skills. Able to develop productive relationships with colleagues, customers and staff at all levels.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
French He is fluid in French
Romanian He is fluid in Romanian

Fields of Expertise

manufacturing process development, manufacturing technology, metal cutting, manufacturing process design, design for manufacturability, product design manufacture, world-class manufacturing, manufacturing machining, manufacturing research and development, plant operations management, manufacturing procedure, production management, metal manufacturing, factory management, productivity improvement, ISO 9000 series quality system standard, operating cost analysis, process analysis, process engineering, high volume, low cost product design, manufacturing productivity, research and development productivity, manufacturing profitability, cost engineering, machining tool, process design, process assessment, manufacturing cost analysis, manufacturing quality control, manufacturing quality assurance, coordinate measuring machine, manufacturing process optimization, process optimization, manufacturing efficiency, machining optimization, aircraft manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, lean manufacturing, computer-aided manufacturing, manufacturing troubleshooting, machinability, machined parts manufacturing engineering, prototype manufacturing, manufacturing cost control, manufacturing control, manufacturing technology management, advanced material technology, process technology transfer, east-west technology transfer, international technology transfer, design for manufacture and assembly, automotive product planning, design for cost, technology innovation, value engineering, innovative machining, process innovation, technical skill training, machining training, technology-based training, aerospace manufacturing, product innovation, product invention, operational process improvement, performance improvement, individual education plan, quality statistical method, personal training, in-house training, case analysis, analytical method optimization, productivity measurement, tool wear, self-directed work team, technology trend, reaming, technical education, on-the-job training, operation analysis, inspection system, industrial engineering setup time, process planning, mechanical component, technical training, high-speed machining, metal cutting tool, production planning, technology development, research and development collaboration, design-for-quality, product improvement, patentability evaluation, research and development planning, new product design, integrated product development, process development, cost analysis, statistical quality control, production process, continuous quality improvement, technology transfer, quality improvement, product cost reduction, analysis, new product development, research and development management, dimensional measurement, design optimization, development process, technical communication, control process, product optimization, production engineering, design process, measurement process, process inventing, process technology, power shaft, skill training, quality control, project planning, operations management, metal machining, machining, data analysis, cutting tool

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