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Expert has over 23 years' experience in food product manufacturing. He has worked as team chef, R&D manager, production manager, and laboratory manager.
Expert has developed and countertype Margarine with milk protein, fresh milk, Like Saint Hubert French market.
Expert has developed very stable margarine for hot season or African market, with a big stability against oiling out, and hard market conditions.
Expert developed a process for Producing margarine with a special formula and a simple process without needing the expensive and complicate process of making margarines (as crystallizers, NH3-compressors and all subsidiary equipment), by this way we create a benefice and reduce the CAPEX.
Produce margarine by overcoming the tube chiller system cooled by a refrigerant gas.
Expert has developed vegetable mayonnaise.
Expert developed milk shake and milk Sunday.
Expert has developed glazing (thixotropic, for cool or for hot application).

Expert's experience includes 19 years of production. In this capacity, he was responsible for manufacturing juice, margarine, processed cheese, and bakery products, among other food products. He has supervised and managed production and has optimized both capacity and cost savings. He was concurrently in charge of the R&D department.

Expert has been responsible for production planning and scheduling, ensuring that lead time and storage level were both met. He has also stewarded new food product applications. His key skills include technical analysis of food products in the laboratory -- e.g., microbiologic, physical and chemical analysis.

He has been responsible for process and raw materials validation and adaptation, which has oscillated in conjunction with seasons as well as fluctuations in local and international markets. These processes have included the application of margarine, puff pastries, juice, milk and yogurt, ice cream, and whipping cream.

Expert has been responsible for ensuring safety and legal requirements, as well as customers' demands.
His experience includes a thorough understand of application of quality management systems applications, e.g., ISO 9001V2000, IFS certification, and FMECA.

Expert has internal auditing experience. He has also developed strong production management experience. He has a keen knowledge of cost savings methodology and accounting management control alike, as well as lean manufacturing management.

Expert can help client to countertype a margarine with good taste, good stability. a long shelf life and competitive cost.
Expert can help client to reduce the CAPEX.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2014 Degree: Master's Subject: Finance, Auditing and Management Control Institution: Casablanca / Lille University (France)
Year: 2012 Degree: Bachelor's Subject: Business Management Institution: Casablanca / Grenoble University
Year: 1992 Degree: Associate's Degree (Diploma) Subject: Food Microbiology Institution: Institut Agronomique et Vétérinaire Hassan

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 1997 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Production Manager Department: Responsibilities: Expert manages production in a margarine manufacturing and pastry products company -- a leader in its field. Among many other roles, he is responsible for process, yield and quality production, new product documentation, improvement of the control/cost, and lead time. He devises and standardizes recipes, as well as cost-price optimization base on the control results of raw materials, season, and the various applications of the final product. He also undertakes multiple quality roles.
Years: 1995 to 1997 Employer: (Undisclosed) Title: Laboratory Manager Department: Responsibilities: Expert supervised laboratory controls of raw materials and final products for this leader in pastry products and margarine manufacturing. Among many responsibilities, he ensured the meeting of safety, quality, management and sanitation standards.
Years: 1993 to 1995 Employer: (Undisclosed) Title: Team Leader Department: Responsibilities: Expert managed and supervised manufacturing for a variety of products, primarily yogurt, ice cream, milkshakes, and sundaes, for this milk and milk products company. He ensured the respect of GMP's alongside safety and sanitation requirements. He also devised recipes in the base of analyzing raw material results (fresh milk).

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 1997 to Present Country / Region: Various: Italy, Denmark, U.S., UK, The Netherlands, France Summary: Expert has extensive international experience, as expounded upon below.

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
1995: Food microbiology training, Pasteur Institute in Casablanca (three months)
1992: Sales training, Brasserie du Maroc (La cigogne) -- a leader in manufacturing gasified beverages and Coca-Cola
2000: Quality management training, ESIMAQ Ecole supérieur the management de la qualité, January to July, Casablanca
2003: International House, the London school of English, Casablanca
2008: Preparation of TOFEL IBT (Internet based Test) at AMIDEST Casablanca.

Expert has also attended EFI exhibitions (in London, Paris and Frankfort, respectively) to stay up-to-date on his food product technology knowledge and his awareness of market trends.
He has attended meetings in both Switzerland and France regarding the development of a margarine and butter mix flavoring (natural and NID alike).
Expert has visited the EFI exhibition of ingredients to explore new food products applications (London).
Other Relevant Experience
Expert has traveled to the U.S. for an evaluation and equivalency summary, as well as world education services. He has met with an Italian expert to develop a vegetable-based whipping cream. He undertook a similar venture -- a training course in vegetable-based whipping cream -- in the Netherlands. He has also visited Denmark on multiple occasions to train in puff pastry margarine, as well as to assist in the development of milk-protein-based low-fat spreads and flavoring applications.

Expert is adept in ERP Logician as well as X3 Sage.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
Arabic Fluent (mother tongue)
French Fluent
English Proficient

Fields of Expertise

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