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Expert has worked on thermoplastics for almost 30 years and on bioplastics and sustainable materials and packaging for over 20 years. For bioplastics and sustainable materials and packaging, he has worked on processing, formulating, developing, commercializing, testing and certification of both, including as Chief Technology Officer of (Undisclosed) from 2010 - 2014. Expert is also chair of ASTM D20.96 subcommittee on Environmentally Degradable Plastics and Bio-based Products.

Expert has worked on product development, formulation and processing of foam products for foodservice and for building insulation with Packaging Corporation of America/Tenneco Packaging (now Pactiv) and with Solo Cup, has developed microcellular foam processes with Trexel and has worked on PLA foam development at Cereplast over a total of 13 years.

Expert has worked on materials and process development of single-use foodservice packaging, including plates, cups, bowls, straws, cutlery, punnets and carry-out containers in molded fibre, paper, aluminum and plastics.

Focuses on sustainable materials and packaging formulation, processing, development, commercialization, testing and certification. By having been in the industry a long time, he knows the players and as an example is thus capable of working out agreements on testing and certification regimens between testing labs, certification agencies and clients. As a registered patent agent, Expert is also able to provide services related to patents and intellectual property, including patent application drafting, patent strategy and patent searching.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1986 Degree: PhD Subject: Chemistry Institution: Cornell University
Year: 1984 Degree: MS Subject: Chemistry Institution: Cornell University
Year: 1982 Degree: BS Subject: Chemistry Institution: Stanford University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2010 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: President Department: Consultant
One-person consulting firm focusing on sustainability materials and packaging development, commercialization, testing and certification.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2010 to 2014 Employer: Cereplast, Inc. Title: Chief Technology Officer Department: Bioplastics
Manage and coordinate innovation/ technology strategy and development for a public bioplastics company. Responsibilities include intellectual property, sustainability and regulatory testing and certification, quality, technical service, joint development programs and previously information technology. Refocused and developed most present product grades. Set product and technology development strategy for Algaeplast, a Cereplast subsidiary focused on algae biomass filled plastics and algae-based polymers. Corporate representative at trade organizations and standards bodies.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2005 to 2010 Employer: Solo Cup Operating Corp. (now part of Dart Container Corp.) Title: Manager Department: Materials Engineering
Managed up to five Materials Program Managers, one Regulatory Manager and the product development testing lab. Group was responsible for all material-related issues from quality complaints and manufacturing issues to strategic development programs. Instrumental in developing and implementing corporate sustainable products strategy; coordinated third-party testing and certification of compostable and renewably resourced products. Group took over material and outsourced product regulatory certification, raw material specification and customer product certification. Society of Plastics Industry and US Composting Council contact and Biodegradable Products Institute and Cedar Grove Composting technical contact for Solo.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2003 to 2005 Employer: TaylorMade-adidas Golf Co. Title: Expert Engineer Department: Golf Ball Development
Developed and identified new materials for use in golf balls. Consulted with other Research & Development departments for plastics use in other golf equipment. Also performed in-depth patentability searches and worked closely with outside attorneys on infringement reviews.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1998 to 2003 Employer: Trexel, Inc. (now split into Mucell Extrusion and Trexel) Title: Director- Intellectual Property; Program Manager- Extrusion Technology Department: Extrusion Technology
Managed patent and trademark portfolio of over 50 US and international patents and patent applications and determined intellectual property strategy. Worked with outside intellectual property attorneys to develop strategies and arguments for responding to USPTO objections. Developed strategy for and revised technology transfer programs for injection molding licensees. Coordinated development of training courses for licensees.

Developed formulation and process for making high density polyethylene (HDPE) blow-molded articles with microcellular technology. Developed, improved and commercialized low density microcellular polystyrene foam technology. Also worked on process development for PLA, PP, PET and other resins.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1994 to 1998 Employer: Packaging Corporation of America/Tenneco Packaging (now Pactiv) Title: Engineering Supervisor- Engineering Building Products; Manager- Materials Engineering Department: Product Development
Responsible for technical developments and project coordination for the Tenneco Building Products business group. Completed intellectual property review, competitive analysis, program prioritization and move of organization from Smyrna, Georgia. Member of business operating and steering committees.

Managed materials development and central analytical, physical, and functional testing laboratories for Specialty Products, including the consumer, industrial plastic and aluminum businesses. Restructured labs to serve all business units while reducing costs through overtime elimination and testing prioritization. Worked with aluminum, pressed paperboard, molded fibre, PET, and PLA. Setup quality analysis and control laboratory for PS resin manufacturing. Reorganized and relocated organization to the former Mobil Plastics Technical Center. Implemented universal raw material specification, qualification, and certificate of analysis procedure.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1990 to 1994 Employer: HIMONT/Montell (now LyondellBasell) Title: Group Leader; Research Chemist Department: HIVALLOY Product Development
Managed group of up to 15 product developers and technicians. Major group responsibilities were HIVALLOY™ product manufacturing and support, product improvement and long-term product development, including initial product formulation development, commercialization and production of the HIVALLOY engineering resins product line. Directed efforts in heat and weathering stabilization, color development, impact modification.

Conducted and supervised research in polypropylene/engineering thermoplastic blends and their compatibilization.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1987 to 1990 Employer: GE Plastics (now SABIC) Title: XENOY Product Development Specialist; Staff Chemist Department: VALOX/XENOY Product Development
Handled product support and development of XENOY® polycarbonate/polyester alloy products, including new extrudable and thermoformable grades, and development of new VALOX® thermoplastic polyester products. Expertise developed in processing and long-term thermal aging stabilization, colorant interaction and stabilization, processing/property correlation, formulation development and optimization, and product translation from international sites.

Performed basic research on reactive extrusion of polyesters, including chemistry, analytical method development, extrusion processing studies, catalysis, and formulation optimization. Scaled-up new resin technology for thermoforming PBT while handling safety, health, and environment issues.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 2014 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: CEO Department: Microalgae and Biobased Chemicals
Startup using enzymolysis of microalgae to produce specialty chemicals.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
American Chemical Society
ASTM D20.96 Sub-Committee on Environmentally Degradable Plastics and Biobased Products Chair; WK34454 Industrial Composting Disintegration Test Method Revision Co-Chair and Testing Coordinator.
Biodegradable Products Institute: Board of Directors
Indiana Recycling Coalition: Member, Compostability Stakeholders Group; Member, Indiana Food Scrap Initiative
Society of Plastics Industry (SPI) Bioplastics Council: End-of-Life Committee, Chairperson; Beginning of Life Committee, member, Chairperson; Executive Committee member
Society of Plastics Engineers. Bioplastics SIG Board of Directors; Bioplastic Materials Conference Chairperson and Technical Program Chairperson; Bioplastic Materials Non-Technical Program Chairperson. Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Board of Directors, Foams Conference Chairperson, Chairperson. Chicago Section Board of Directors and Newsletter Editor, ANTEC Student Papers Technical Program Chairperson, ANTEC Thermoplastic Materials & Foams Technical Program Chairperson. Philadelphia Section Newsletter Editor . ANTEC Alloys & Blends Special Interest Group Technical Program Chairperson. Honored Service Member Election Committee, Vice-Chair
National Association of Patent Practitioners
Venture Club of Indiana
Licenses / Certifications
United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO): Registered Patent Agent
Professional Appointments
US Department of Energy EERE SBIR Reviewer
US Department of Agriculture Biopreferred Program Technical Advisory Committee
Awards / Recognition
Society of Plastics Engineers: Honored Service Member, May 2005;
Publications and Patents Summary
Expert has 16 issued patents, 7 published but not issued patent applications and 10 patent applications not published and not issued. He also has written one book on microcellular foam and is presently writing another on sustainable materials and packaging. He has presented at numerous conferences over the years with the most recent topics being on bioplastics and sustainability testing and certification.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
English Native language

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