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For the past 30 years, The Expert proposed and developed a micromechanics methodology to analyze the wide class of statical and dynamical, local and nonlocal, linear and nonlinear micromechanical problems (thermoelasticity, viscoelasticity, plasticity, piezoelectricity, conductivity) of composite materials with deterministic (periodic and nonperiodic), random (statistically homogeneous and inhomogeneous, so-called graded) and mixed (periodic structures with random imperfections) structures in bounded and unbounded domains, containing coated or uncoated inclusions of any shape and orientation and subjected to coupled or uncoupled, homogeneous or inhomogeneous external fields of different physical natures. He has a strong experience in the modeling of deformation, strength, fracture, fatigue, aging, and durability of convensional composites and nanocomposites with metal-matrix, plastic-matrix and ceramic-matrix reinforced by particular, fibers, filaments, and whiskers.

Simulations of micromechanical problems are based on the mathematical modeling involving the theory of random processes, linear and nonlinear integral equations, partial-differential equations, psevdodifferential equations with rapidly oscillated deterministic and random coefficients in bounded and unbounded domains. Their solutions require special numerical procedures that Expert has either developed or been involved with their development. Expert has used Fortran in his scientific research employing a variety of platforms, from mainframe computers to Unix Workstations, and to PCs.

Expert has an internationally recognized reputation in continuum modeling of nanocomposites desined by the addition of minor amounts of fillers that have characteristic dimensions on the nanometer length scale to polymer matrix-based materials. He has obtained fundamental results in the prediction of effective mechanical properties of nanocomposites reinforced by nanofibers and silicate nanoplates depending on the prescribed random orientation of nanoelements, their axfoliation, arrangement, and clustering.

Expert has 10 years experience in the areas of micromechanical modeling of high performance metal-matrix composites (MMCs) based on aluminum, titanium, and refractory metal alloys reinforced with various ceramic fibers (and filaments, whiskers, particulates) of silicon carbide, carbon, and oxides.

He worked as a Consultant in a two-year (2004, 2005) research project between AFOSR and NAS of Ukraine involving 10 Ukrainan scientists.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Indianapolis, Indiana - Fort Wayne, Indiana - Muncie, Indiana - Anderson, Indiana - Columbus, Ohio - Cincinnati, Ohio - Dayton, Ohio - Springfield, Ohio - Hamilton, Ohio - Middletown, Ohio

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1976 Degree: MSc Subject: math Institution: Moscow State University (Dep. Mech. and Math.), Russia
Year: 1982 Degree: Ph.D. Subject: Mater. Sci Institution: Research Institute of Chemical Engineering,Moscow, Russia
Year: 1993 Degree: D.Sc. Subject: Mechanical Engineering (Solid Mech.) Institution: S.P. Timoshenko Institute of Mechanics (Acad. Sci. of Ukraine, Kiev)

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2000 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Sr. Res. Sci Department: Responsibilities: Modeling of nanocomposites reinforced by nanofibers and by silicate nanoplates. Prediction of effective conductivity, elasticity, and failure.
Years: 1998 to 2000 Employer: Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, USA Title: Sr. Res. Associate of NRC Department: Mater. Dir. Responsibilities: Modeling of fiber reinforced composites including free-edge effect, functional graded structure, random structure, nonlocal effects; fracture mechanics of ceramic materials; polymer matrix, ceramic matrix, and metal matrix composites
Years: 1994 to 1998 Employer: TU Vienna, Austria Title: Visiting Res. Prof. Department: Laboratory "Micromechanics of Materials" Responsibilities: Modeling of elastoplastic metal matrix
composites of deterministic and random
structures; prediction of the local stresses and their fluctuations; estimation of effective elastic properties, effective failure and plastic
Years: 1993 to 1994 Employer: TU Dresden, Germany Title: Max-Planck- Society Fellow Department: Max-Plank-Gesellschaft Responsibilities: Modeling of residual stresses in the particular random structure composites
Years: 1989 to 1993 Employer: Moscow Inst. of Chemical Engng. Russia Title: Professor, Associate Professor Department: Dep. Math. Responsibilities: Teaching in math: calculus, series, complex variables, differential equations, probability theory. Research in micromech: linear and nonlinear elastic composites; statical and dynamical problems
Years: 1984 to 1989 Employer: Moscow Univ.of Chemical Engng. Moscow, Russia Title: Group Leader and Sr. Res. Sci Department: Dep. Mech Engng, Responsibilities: Teaching in mechanics: statics, strength of materials, mechanics of composite. Research in micromech: modeling of linear elastic composites, elastoplastic composites
Years: 1976 to 1984 Employer: Res. Ins. Chem. Technol., Moscow, Russia Title: Sr. Res. Sci, Res. Sci, Engineer Department: Responsibilities: Research in mechanics of composites. Influence of damage accumulation, aging effect, mass transfer if gasses, moisture, and plastificators

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 1998 to Present Agency: Air Force Res. Lab, Dayton, OH Role: consulting Description: Expert works as a Contractor of Air Force Research Laboratory, Dayton, OH 45469 and accomplishes consulting in a wide class problems related with micromechanics

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 1994 to 1998 Country / Region: Austria Summary: Visiting Res. Prof. in Laboratory "Micromechanics of Materials" TU Vienna (Austria). Competent Res. Prof./Supervisor with over fifteen years of successful experience leading cross-functional teams in: MICROMECHANICS of MICROINHOMOGENEOUS MEDIA
Years: 1993 to 1994 Country / Region: Germany Summary: Max-Planck-Society Fellow, Max-Plank-Gesellschaft (TU Dresden, Germany). Competent Sr. Scientist with over fifteen years of successful experience leading cross-functional teams in: MICROMECHANICS of MICROINHOMOGENEOUS MEDIA
Years: 1984 to 1993 Country / Region: Russia Summary: Group Leader and Senior Research Scientist, Associate Professor, and Professor at the Department of Mathematics of the Moscow Inst. of Chemical Engng., Russia
Years: 1976 to 1984 Country / Region: Russia Summary: Sr. Res. Sci, Res. Sci, Engineer of Res. Ins. Chem. Technol., Moscow, Russia

Career Accomplishments

Professional Appointments
Editorship: Member of Editorial Board of international journal in computational mechanics and a Guest Editor of the special issues deducated to micromechanics of composite materials.
Awards / Recognition
He is listed in ``Who’s Who in the Word” Marquis
• Max-Planck-Society Fellowship (Germany)
• Austrian Society for the Promotion of Scientific Research Fellowship (FWF)
• National Research Council/United State Air Force Office of Scientific Research Associateship, (Senior Research Associate)
Publications and Patents Summary
Expert has published 130 referred papers in the internationally recognized journals, and one book in MICROMECHANICS of composite materials containing around 700 p., 3000 formulae, and 1200 refs

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
Invited Lectures:
Presentations of 13 invited lectures in the leading centers of Micromechanics in Austria, Germany, Sweden, and USA:
1. Statistical theory of thermoelastoplastic deformation of random structure composites. Seminar of Prof. G. I. Schueller, Inst. Mech., Univ. Innsbruck, Austria.
2. Thermoelastoplastic deformation of random structure composites. Sem. of Prof.K.P. Herrmann. Lab.
Tech. Mech., TU Paderborn, Germany.
3. Thermoelastoplastic deformation of random structure composites. Seminar of Prof. E. Stein. Inst. Baumech. & Numer. Mech., TU Hannover, Germany.
4. Micromechanics of random structure composites. Sem. of Prof. H. Lippmann. Lehstuhl A Mech., TU Munchen, Germany.
5. Micromechanics of random structure composites. Sem. of Prof. H. Irschik. Inst. Technische Mech., Uni.
6. Micromechanics of random structure composites.Sem.of Prof. D.Gross, Inst. Mechanik, Tech.

7. Micromechanics of random structure composites. Seminar of Prof. W. Wendland (with participation of Prof E. Kroner), Mathematisches Inst. A, Uni.
8. Micromechanics of random structure composites. Trial lecture and interview for the Appoirtment Board of Lulea Uni., Sweden.
9. Micromechanics of random structure composites. Seminar of Prof. P.Gudmundson. Royal Inst.Techn, Dep.Solid Mech., Sweden.
10.Micromechanics of random structure composites. Mech. Aerosp. Engng, Colloq.Series. Rutgers State Univ.
11.Micromechanics of random structure composites. Sem. of Aerosp. Engng, Appl. Mech., Aviation Dep.

12.Micromechanics of random structure composites. Sem. of Dep. of Civil Engng.
13. Micromechanics of random structure composites. Sem. of Dep. of Civil Engng. (with participation of Prof. G. Dvorak). Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Troy, NY, USA
Other Relevant Experience
Reviewer for Journals:
ASME J. Applied Mechanics
Composite Science Technology
Computational Material Science
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering
International Journal of Solids and Structures
Int. Journal of Multiscale Computational Engineering
Journal of Materials Science
Journal of Mechanics

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
Russian Expert was born in Russia and was educated in Russia

Fields of Expertise

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