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Expert in Medical and Semi-Conductor Machinery Design and Manufacturing - Solidworks Modeling

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Expert has designed precision machinery for 25 years. Much of this was for semi-conductor companies at which time he gained extensive experience is high speed applications requiring the use of piezo-electrics, air bearings, FEA modal analysis. He received a patent for a machine which placed and re-flowed solder spheres at a rate of 30 balls/second. He has designed extensive conveyor systems, including the baggage handling system currently in use at O'Hare's international concourse. Expert has also worked with and developed tooling and grippers for large industrial robots. Recently Expert developed a Medical Cap Sealing machine for which he designed the control system in addition to doing the mechanical design. He is proficient in AutoCAD and SDRC and is an expert with Solidworks.

Expert developed and produced a prototype for a semi-automatic cap sealing machine. Designed machine using Solidworks and also wrote program to control the machine which ran on a PLC. Expert coordinated vendors and built prototype personally. It took 3 months from first concept to prototype which worked flawlessly at PMMI show. Expert also took photos and designed and wrote the sales brochure.Working from an old broken unit, developed design and drawings for a new mine sifting machine. The original machine was about the size of a car with a fully hydraulic drive system. Expert disassembled the existing machine and a new machine was made from a set of about 100 new drawings he generated. This machine was debugged and eventually ran perfectly. Expert developed a portable video prompter which unfolded on location into a small photography studio used to interview job candidates. The questions for the candidates were projected in front of the video camera lens by a two way mirror. Expert manufactured 6 portable units and two units that were built into permanent booths at companies facility. Expert has worked extensively with a connector company to develop a fixture to connect flex cables together, effectively connecting the flex cable from a device to be tested to the necessary test equipment. About 50 different versions for varying applications have been developed over a two year period. The units are manufactured on an Objet rapid prototyping 3-D printer which Expert runs and administers. Expert developed a night vision system for a anti-terrorism robot. The camera was mounted inside a large 2" tubular drill bit which would cut a hole in a building or car, and then insert the camera which came through the center of the bit. The camera had an infra-red LED light source to see in the dark. Built ten units before licensing design to robot company.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: New York, New York - Yonkers, New York - Newark, New Jersey - Jersey City, New Jersey - Paterson, New Jersey - Elizabeth, New Jersey - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Allentown, Pennsylvania - Stamford, Connecticut - Baltimore, Maryland

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1983 Degree: BSME Subject: Mechanical Engineering Institution: Lehigh University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 1995 to 2006 Employer: Kulicke and Soffa, Inc. Title: Senior Mechanical Engineer Department: Responsibilities: Lead engineer responsible for concept, design, analysis and testing of various assemblies, and new machines or products for the world’s leading manufacturer of micro-electronic wire bonding machinery. Designs were rendered using SDRC- IDEAS for solid modeling and analysis. Awarded 3 patents and in a performance appraisal was described as “the quickest design engineer in the company” (from a staff of hundreds) with “creativity that is unsurpassed.”

Highlights include:

Wire Bonders – machine to attach wires from silicon chip to lead frame.
-- High Tension Air Guide - increased pull by 10X, an important feature that made accurate looping at 20 bonds/sec possible.
-- Designed ribbed bearing plate castings and related mechanics to mount magnets and bearings for several linear motor configurations (FEA)
-- Jack-Knife X-Y Table - used 2 rotary motors to achieve X-Y motion.
-- Microscope Mount - floating, with single lever to lock both axes.
-- Vacuum Formed Machine Covers - realizing a concept from marketing.
-- High Speed piezoelectric actuated Wire Clamps (using FEA).
-- High Frequency Isolated Machine Base (using FEA).
-- Split Axis Bonder. Designed high frequency overhead structure and linear motor configuration (using FEA).
-- Low-Cost Magazine Handlers (reduced cost by ~$1000/handler).
-- Compliant Rail System - to counteract thermal expansion issues.

Laser Pro – machine to place and re-flow solder spheres.
Lead Mechanical Engineer for LaserPro - a machine which placed solder spheres (.012" -.030" dia.) and laser-re-flowed them at a rate of 30 balls/sec. This challenging project required development of several new technologies including:
-- A High Speed Actuator incorporating an air bearing and voice coil motor. Since no commercially available air-bearing could withstand the accelerations, a new air bearing was developed which handled 8x more load than any similar commercially available air bearing.
-- A Micro-Ball-Feeder which singulated solder balls at >300 balls/sec. Developed with the use of high speed video, the singulation system used flowing Nitrogen and had no moving parts.
-- Received patent for Solder Ball Delivery System.

Die Bonder – machine to bond silicon chip to lead frame.
-- Wafer Stretcher - increased throughput by handling 2 wafers at once.
-- Wafer Transfer Arm/Elevator - with 1 rotary and 2 linear axes.
-- Dual Motion Die Ejector - sensed stress with piezoelectric needle to prevent die damage.
-- High Speed Bond Head Axis - used air bearing and linear servo motor.
-- Had 3 patent applications approved, but project was cancelled.

Test Division - Products for wafer/circuit testing
-- Spring Probe Life Tester - with adjustable speed and stroke.
-- Saw Cutter - used air motor (40,000 rpm) and diamond blade to cut miniature braids of .002” diameter wires without leaving burrs .
-- D Probe Feeder - fed eyelash-sized probes on a strip to bonding system.
-- Received 2 patents for new chip interconnect ideas.
Years: 1992 to 1995 Employer: Cybernetic Systems Inc. Title: Senior Mechanical Engineer Department: Responsibilities: Spearheaded development of mechanical systems and vision interfacing for manufacturer of screen alignment and inspection systems for the hybrid microelectronics industry.
-- Using AutoCAD developed 3-D layout of mechanical PC board transport and 3 Camera Optical Head for automated solder paste inspection system. Responsible for complete mechanical integration of this system as well as many sales and marketing aspects. Wrote testing software in Microsoft Visual Basic which extracted and processed selected information from multiple Excel spreadsheets.
-- Developed screen printer alignment system mechanics and wrote software - modeled in Excel and AutoCAD, and translated into Microsoft C++ code.
Years: 1990 to 1993 Employer: Sandvik Process Systems Title: Senior System Engineer Department: Responsibilities: Designed conceptual layouts of heavy duty conveyor sorting and material handling systems. Supervised up to 12 engineers and draftsmen in preparation of pricing, equipment manifests and drawings. Responsible for budgeting, project scheduling and manpower allocation. Gave frequent presentations to company management and customers.
-- Using AutoCAD, created top level design for $20 million baggage handling system currently in operation at O’Hare’s new international terminal.
-- Created concept and top level design of $175 million baggage handling system for Denver airport (never installed).
-- Using Lotus 123, designed estimating program which was used to determine prices for every system the company quoted.
-- Conceptualized and supervised the design and production of new conveyor modules, diverters, and peripheral equipment.
Years: 1986 to 1990 Employer: American Technologies, Inc. Title: Product Manager/ Senior Mechanical Engineer Department: Responsibilities: Responsible for the design, production and marketing of automation products. Supervised 8 mechanical and electrical engineers in the design of computerized material handling systems. Worked with sales personnel to develop new products, pricing and proposal formats.
-- Spearheaded development and marketing of wire-marking equipment for aeronautics industry. Travelled to aircraft companies and personally generated $6 million in sales.
-- Directed team that performed plant surveys to identify areas which could benefit from automation and propose specific equipment to fit needs.
- Designed robotic cells and special tooling for factory of the future automation projects up to $25 million (General Motors, IBM, AVCO Lycoming).
-- Developed concept for machine to inspect lot codes on pharmaceutical bottles with high speed pattern recognition.
-- Designed machinery for coding packages with ink jet print and bar code labels. Also incorporated coding equipment into existing food packaging and various production lines.
Years: 1984 to 1986 Employer: Affliliated Manufacturers Inc. Title: Mechanical Engineer Department: Responsibilities: Lead mechanical designer on company’s largest automation projects for material handling and automated assembly. Supervised 4 mechanical engineers and draftsmen. Designed several modular machine units for new generation of robotic surface mount circuit assembly systems.
-- Chief engineer on million dollar automated assembly line. Designed about 80% of the custom machinery; scheduled and supervised tasks for the rest of the engineering department.
-- Designed and developed mechanics of screen alignment vision system.
Years: 1983 to 1984 Employer: Heller Industries Title: Department: Responsibilities: -- Designed machinery and dies for forming of leads on transistors, resistors and IC’s.
-- Developed machine for the crimping of can capacitors.
-- Responsible for design of several areas for company’s first pick and place robot.

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
Developed training seminar which educated aircraft company executives about the various methods of marking wire. Wrote instructional video for the operation of an ink jet wire marker and gave presentation on tape that was supplied with all machinery.

Developed and worked with sales force to give seminar describing the costs of package marking. Through the use of questionnaires filled out by customer, determined the optimal mix of printing methods. Customers received an educational presentation, and a separate course was developed to train sales force in implementing the program.

Expert wrote a three book instructional course on how to take professional photos and run a photography business. Also designed a web site to promote the course. Sold over 1000 copies on the Internet and was licensed for sale by Australian company.
Vendor Selection
Expert has on numerous occasions developed bid packages for local vendors in order to determine the cost for new machinery. Also, developed spreadsheets to easily compare data and determine machine costs. He has a good knowledge of local machine shops as he has direct personal experience with ordering and receiving parts from many of them.
Other Relevant Experience
Expert has excellent communication skills, and has often used his abilities in art photography and writing to develop training manuals and sales brochures.

Fields of Expertise

assembly machine design, automated electric component insertion, automated machine design, computer-aided design, conveyor design, electrical connector design, factory automation, high-speed mechanism design, high-speed spindle design, industrial robot design, machinery design, mechanical device design, precision machine design, automated machinery, cam design, noise vibration, instructional design, paper machine design, computer-aided manufacturing design, loudspeaker design, machine shop, automatic handling, automation, automation system, electrical machinery control, electrical machinery modeling, electrical machinery manufacturing, electrical machinery, fastener quality, precision machine tool, electric stepper motor design, instrument design, force ratio, computer-aided electronic packaging design, industrial design, bearing design, design for cost, hydraulics design, engineering design, automated test equipment design, roller screw, automated manufacturing, direct-current motor design, industrial machine design, machine design review, design review, special machine design, machine safety, device design, system design, electronic device design, dynamic balance, computer-aided integrated-circuit design, computer-aided circuit layout design, electric motor design, computer-aided mechanical design, threaded fastener testing machine design, machining jig design, machining fixture design, computer-aided design and manufacturing, tool design, machine design, geometric design, gear design, design process, machine, threaded fastener, microprocessor circuit, mechanical engineering, ergonomics, manufacturing automation, assembly machine

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