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Expert is a Clinical Trials manager in the National Health Service, UK; where she is involved in Stroke trials. She has had significant experience in the area of Tissue engineering and Stem cell biology for the last 5 1/2 years where she worked as a Senior Research Scientist in a biotechnology company. She has been instrumental in investigating and developing new and innovate ways to manage the growth, function and differentiation of cultured cells specifically in a 3-Dimensional environment. Therefore she has extensive experience in biocompatilibty testing, and biocompatibility materials.

She has had 12 peer reviewed experimental papers and two book chapters published in this field. Prior to that she has worked in the Medical Devices field where she was involved in an European Union Framework 6 project on Healthy Aims, which had over 16M Euro of funding over 4 years for the 26M Euro project. There were 26 partners, including 6 SMEs, across 9 EU countries. These partners worked together to develop a range of medical implants to help the aging population and those with disabilities. The project was funded under the IST Microsystem programme and combined experts from a wide range of disciplines. Therefore she has collaborated successfully with international partners and has specific understanding in chemical functionalization, biocompatibility testing, basic neurobiology and medical device implantation fouling.

Expert has a MSc in Applied Molecular Biology of Infectious diseases and a honours degree in Biomedical Sciences. She has had mini research projects on the Epstein Barr Virus and myocardial markers. She has worked in laboratories as a Research Associate in areas of Molecular biology, Virology and Clinical Trials. Therefore she has a multidisciplinary approach to projects and can apply herself to any problem.

British Council work: Expert has worked with the British Council for 4 years on various projects that promote international strategic partnerships in research and education. She is responsible for coordinating the review of research proposals. This involves liasing with a wide variety of scientists and specialists to ensure that research proposals are given the support they need in order for the success of projects. This has helped develop her communication and negotiation skills immensely.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2004 Degree: PhD Subject: Tissue Engineering Institution: Newcastle University
Year: 1996 Degree: MSc Subject: Applied Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases Institution: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Year: 1995 Degree: BSc Subject: Biomedical Sciences Institution: Westminster University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2010 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Undisclosed Department: Stroke Research Network Responsibilities: She will be member of the North East Stroke Research Network (NESRN) team and will be responsible for co-ordinating a portfolio of stroke clinical trials. As a Clinical Trials manager she will be responsible for the recruitment, education and monitoring of trial patients and the collection and documentation of accurate data. She will also be responsible for the complete co-ordination of trials, including submission of trials Trust R&D approval. She will liaise with Trust management where appropriate.

Clinical Professional and/or Technical Responsibilities

1. To work autonomously to manage his/her caseload of patients whilst working as part of a Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT). Maintain effective communication with patients, carers and professionals to ensure service delivery.

2. To attend MDT meetings, and appropriate clinics, and to operate as a research resource to the members of the MDT.

3. To ensure that the trial specific investigations are undertaken as required by the trial protocol, in order to establish eligibility and safety to enter the trial.

4. To act as a resource and support to patients and their significant others, explaining practical aspects of clinical trials. Work with clinical teams to map the patient pathway for each trial.

5. To arrange collection of blood samples required as part of the clinical trial and ensure safe and appropriate storage of specimens in conjunction with local nursing teams/phlebotomy/laboratory staff.

6. To maintain adequate patient records and ensure all relevant information is accurately documented in the patients’ medical and nursing notes.

7. To be responsible for accurate and timely completion of Clinical Report Forms (CRFs).

8. Monitor treatment toxicity/side effects and ensure changes to treatment as required by the protocol.

9. Record and report adverse events that occur whilst the patient is in the clinical trial in a timely manner to the relevant personnel and act as required.

10. Report and record serious adverse events that occur whilst the patient is in the clinical trial to the trial co-ordinator/PI and relevant local personnel/regulatory authorities within agreed timescales.

11. To provide ongoing follow-up care whilst the patient is in the clinical trial.

12. To maintain an up-to-date knowledge of stroke research related articles particularly related to clinical trials.

13. Continue your own professional development, keeping updated with current practice.

14. Maintain awareness of current advances in stroke treatments and research practice.

1. Act as a resource for colleagues in relation to clinical trials.

2. To ensure that all relevant health care professionals are educated and supported as required enabling them to care for clinical trial patients.

3. To keep all appropriate staff informed of the progress of clinical trials.

4. To maintain links with other Clinical Trial Officers, research personnel and Clinical Nurse Specialists across the network to share knowledge and to provide mutual support.

5. Attend national meetings in relation to clinical trials as appropriate and agreed with local training link and Research Network Manager.

6. Assist in the preparation of posters for meetings and conferences. Also circulate trial information and carry out presentations to promote trial activity locally.

7. To provide regular teaching across the Trust on the subject of clinical trials to promote clinical trial awareness.

Years: 2009 to 2010 Employer: Durham University Title: Undisclosed Department: Academic Support Office Responsibilities: Supporting the Chairs of Faculty Learning and Teaching Committees in the development, implementation and monitoring of the faculty’s learning and teaching strategy.
Servicing the Faculty Learning and Teaching Committees, and related sub-committees and working groups. This will involve duties managing committee business for the Chair including:
drafting agendas for approval by the Chair;
drafting papers for consideration by the Committee;
advising the Committee on University policy and procedures in learning and teaching;
minuting meetings, and liaising with academic and service departments to ensure that all necessary follow-up action is completed;
consideration and analysis of departmental policies in learning and teaching, as a basis for providing advice to the Chair.
c. Managing the processes for approval of undergraduate and taught postgraduate curriculum development. The postholder will:
provide information and guidance to departments both on these processes and on specific proposals;
advise the appropriate Faculty PVC/Deputy Head of Faculty on the processes and specific proposals;
ensuring that specific proposals comply with University polices and procedures;
ensure that accurate programme and module information for their faculty is maintained and published in the University Calendar, Faculty Handbook and Postgraduate Module Catalogue, and transmitted to Student Planning and Assessment to support such processes as registration and marks entry.
d. Managing the new programme approval process for undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes in the faculty
provide guidance and support to departments;
work with the Faculty PVC in respect of the resourcing issues associated with new programme proposals;
service new programme approval panels (including providing advice and guidance to the panel on University policy and procedure, and specific proposals).
Years: 2005 to 2009 Employer: Undisclosed Title: Senior Research Associate Department: Undisclosed Responsibilities: This project involved collaboration between Biology & Chemistry at Durham University to develop a scaffold for 3D tissue culture. The end goal of the project is to produce a product for commercialisation. The work was therefore focussed on producing the scientific evidence for commercialisation activities and gave Expert an enhanced appreciation of the interplay involved between the scientific and commercial worlds in product development.

• Setting up and planning biological experiments using the scaffold. Experiments designed to produce results to support commercialisation activity.
• Fabricate polymer architecture specific for generic cell growth. Support of generic cell growth is highly desirable in scaffold product seeking commercialisation.
• Develop methods to produce thin layer polymers with precision. Repeatable precision production is again highly desirable in a commercial product
• Image and statistical data analysis to produce evidence of the scaffolds suitability for various use cases and therefore potential commercialisation.
• Writing, managing and delivering scientific manuscripts for scientific publications.
Years: 2003 to 2005 Employer: Undisclosed Title: Research Associate Department: Undisclosed Responsibilities: This post involved working on an EU Framework VI project known as Healthy Aims. This project eventually will help develop a range of medical implants for visual, auditory and motor problems. The main objectives for this post were to develop effective electrophysiological coupling strategies for communication between biological and physical systems.

• Management and delivery of all necessary technical and financial reports on a quarterly basis.
• Managing the expenditure of the project to a successful conclusion, on time and to agreed targets
• Established the tissue culture and bio lab, sourced equipment and liaised with suppliers.
• Liaised and networked with collaborators within the Consortium.
• Conveyed findings in written and oral form to local and other members of the European project team, integrating feedback as appropriate.
• Managing the design and delivery of student projects.
• Involved in training PhD students & MSc students in biological techniques.
Years: 1999 to 2000 Employer: Edinburgh University Title: Undisclosed Department: Neurology Responsibilities: Researching the action of neurotransmitters and antidepressants on neurons on the hippocampus.
Years: 1998 to 1999 Employer: Edinburgh University Title: Undisclosed Department: Medical Virology Responsibilities: The post involved focussing on EBV infection and persistence in the immunocompromised host, particularly organ transplant recipients, where EBV-associated post transplant lymphoproliferative disease (PTLD) occurs in 1-10% and is fatal in around 50% of cases despite treatment.

Career Accomplishments

Licenses / Certifications
PRINCE 2 Foundation Project management certification; ILM Certification (Level 3).
Professional Appointments
Reviewer for Biomaterials and Biomacromolecular symposia journals.
Publications and Patents Summary
She has 12 publications.

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
She has trained a multitude of undergraduate and graduate students on various techiques such as Tissue cell culture. She has delivered seminars on her work at many conferences and in house training sessions.
Vendor Selection
She acts as a consultant to the British Council, whereby her expertise and sound communication skills are used to source reviewers for international projects and to act as specialists within their areas. She has acted as a consultant for the last 4 years.
Other Relevant Experience
Successful research career with numerous publications.
Set up successful collaborations, including sole responsibility for a collaboration with MIT which resulted in a joint scientific paper.
Member of the technical programme committee in reviewing manuscripts for Chemical engineering and Biology conferences.
Selected for the Annual Presentations by Britain’s Top Young Scientists at the House of Commons (March 2006).
Presented at numerous national and international conferences – received a prize for an international talk on her PhD work and its novelty.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
Arabic Expert has a basic grasp of speaking arabic. Her reading of Arabic is intermediate.
French Expert has intermediate experience in speaking, writing and reading French.

Fields of Expertise

applied molecular biology, autoclave, biochemistry, biocompatibility, biocompatibility testing, biocompatible material, biodegradation, biohazard management, biological cell differentiation, biological process, biology, bone, bone formation, bone mechanics, bone morphogenetic protein, bone structure, cell (biology), cell membrane, clinical diagnostics, clinical virology, cloning technique, cytology, embedding medium, Epstein Barr virus, eukaryote, extracellular matrix biology, fibroblast, Good Clinical Practice, HEPES, herpes simplex, herpes virus infection, herpesvirus, histological tissue engineering, histology, human biology, human development, immunosuppression, immunosuppressive drug, in vivo biodegradable polymer, medical science, molecular biochemistry, molecular biology, molecular virology, Northern blotting, nucleotide, polymer biocompatibility, polymer implantable device, polymerase chain reaction, public health, Southern blotting, tissue culture, tissue culture medium, tissue fixation, viral assay, viral culture, hairy cell leukemia, disease reservoirs, bone transplantation, hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, genotyping, ebola virus, cytopathology, immunization, human tissue repairing, ultrasound biological application, human T-cell lymphotropic virus type II, chronic disease, medical device coating material, biological virus production, Current Good Manufacturing Practice, xenograft, biodynamics, clinical study, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, encapsidating, foreign language, noninvasive diagnosis, biohazardous material, biological oxidation, biomedical application, plastic medical device, virucidal, biomechanical engineering, retinoic acid, clinical laboratory equipment, hospital equipment safety, medical device safety, stem cell, infection prevention, infectious disease treatment, infectious disease diagnosis, clinical pathology, clinical research, parasitology, molecular oncology, molecular immunology, molecular cytogenetics, brain tissue, ovulation, oogenesis, biomedical product development, biological safety, home health care, clinical engineering, biomedical device design review, genetic sequencing, immunohistochemistry, medical device sterilization, medical device design, bone marrow disease, gene expression regulation, molecular biology translation, molecular genetics, vascular graft, biomedicine, human immunodeficiency virus testing, retrovirus, infectious musculoskeletal disease, infection, tetanus, syphilis, streptococcal infection, smallpox virus, skin pigment production, Sindbis virus, septicemia, scabies, protein synthesis, prosthesis, peptide synthesis, pathology, neuroscience, neonatology, mumps virus, metabolism, meningitis, medical device, measles, influenza virus, infectious disease, genetic engineering, diagnostics, connective tissue, common cold, clinical trial, chickenpox virus, Chagas disease, blood cell, biomedical engineering, arthroscopy, antigen-antibody interaction, animal science, angiogenesis

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