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Expert in Metal Can Manufacturing and Filling Problems, Printing, Anilox Rolls, Inks & Coatings, etc.

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Expert has over 20 years of experience in the metal container industry with specific emphasis in can manufacturing, R&D, interior and exterior can coatings, can evaluation, cost reduction analysis, chemical/ physical testing of can components and canned products, and can filling of beer, beverages, processed foods, aerosols, and paint. Expert can consult on can specifications, can filling, can troubleshooting, can defects, can manufacturing problems, filled can failure, can rusting/corrosion; can coating (including interior) failure, leakage problem in filled cans, analysis of metal pick up in beverage cans, corrosion inhibitors in canned food and beverage cans, tinplate specifications, three piece tinplate cans, two piece aluminum cans.

Expert is knowledgeable in the metal container technology, metal container manufacturing process, metal can manufacture and filling, aerosol can manufacture and filling, metal decoration, coating of metal surfaces, interior and exterior can coatings, and printing on tinplates and aluminum cans, draw-redraw, draw and iron metal cans, and beer and beverage two-piece aluminum cans.

Expert is an independent technical consultant in the metal container (cans) industry (including beer and beverage cans, sanitary cans, aerosol cans, paint cans, industrial products cans); the canning/filling of metal containers. He is also knowledgeable of can corrosion, can inhibitors, and can specifications test packs. Along with major can manufacturers, Expert has conducted lab and field tests on materials for metal containers. He is familiar with tinplates, aluminum can coatings (interior and exterior), varnishes, and inks for metal decorations. The testing also included instrumental (IR, AA, and GC) and chemical analysis.

Expert has designed and evaluated test packs using the above methods of analysis to determine shelf life of canned goods. Expert was in charge of specifying interior coatings and tinplate containers for packing various products such as beer and beverage; aerosol; fruit and vegetable; paint; industrial; and personal care products (e.g. shaving cream and deodorants). He has evaluated test packs and container-product compatibility. Expert has worked closely with suppliers of raw materials such as tinplate and coatings, production personnel and can fillers by conducting hands-on testing to evaluate, troubleshoot, and provide technical service to manufacturing. He developed over 40 analytical methods that include the use of IR, AA, GC, and corrosion testers for predicting the shelf life of the container. He prepared complete quality assurance/quality control manuals for can manufacturing and incorporated the use of the computer, when in its infant stage, in these areas. Additionally, he has ensured plant compliance with environmental regulations.

Having served as an expert witness, Expert has resolved customer claims valued at $0.5 to 1.0 million dollars, and defended his clients through the clients' attorneys. He has also approved raw material vendors of tinplate, coatings, and varnishes. Expert's hands-on experience includes interior/exterior coating recommendations and identifications, container-product compatibility, tinplate specifications, shelf-life evaluation, and determination of container failure for product improvement or litigation purposes. He has conducted corrosion studies on various products in tinplate containers using galvanic cell principles to estimate the shelf life of canned goods for warranty purposes. Expert has worked as a liaison between the container manufacturer and the container packers/fillers. The troubleshooting process involved investigating both the container and the product to determine the source of failure.

Experienced in flexo printing on corrugated boards and flexo ink formulation, Expert has recommended the best flexo ink, printing plate, and anilox roll to ensure best print quality. He has also helped customers comply with environmental issues related to solvents and inks. He has made improvements on existing ink formulas through testing and actual application using customer equipment. In order to help his customers improve print quality, Expert conducts training seminars at customer plants. The seminars cover flexo printing on corrugated board with bleached, mottled, and natural kraft liners. Additionally, the seminars address how to maintain presses and keep printing plates and anilox rolls in good condition.

Expert was responsible for performing test packs for aerosol cans stored at room temperature and elevated temperatures to evaluate the corrosivity of the product and make recommendations as to the best coating system and best tin plate compatible for that product. Corrosion testing was also incorporated to expedite the process of selecting the appropriate can specifications for that product. Corrosion test curves, corrosion currents, etc., were used to predict the corrosion potential of the product with the chosen product.

Working with the can manufacturing industry in the areas of resolving customer complaints, applied research, and research and development for 20 years, Expert obtained the needed analytical skills, knowledge, and experience to resolve complex field problems in the can manufacturing plants, and customers' filling plants. His expertise in these areas made him indispensable to his employers especially in the sales department. In addition, Expert helped many clients in the metal container industry in resolving complaints and working with the client attorney, and providing technical information to help clients in ongoing research projects.

Expert spent the first 13 years of his work career in the analytical chemistry field, the last four years of which he spent as analytical lab supervisor. He performed analysis on beer and beverage, fruit and vegetables, foodstuff, organic coatings such as epoxy, acrylic, phenolic, and vinyl coatings, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and carbon in pure chemicals, as well as other products such as petroleum and textile. In the process of the analysis, Expert used analytical instruments such as the atomic absorption, gas chromatograph, infrared spectrometers, and corrosion testing instruments, as well as wet chemical analysis.

While with Southern Can Company, Expert developed a new procedure to test the shelf life of numerous corrosive products such as oven cleaners, using corrosion testing instrumentations. The method reduced the testing period to few days instead of three, six, nine, and 12 months, at room temperature or elevated temperature storage. The method was considered a great success in the company and helped expedite approval of certain coating and tinplate combination with certain products, hence, promoted sales.

While working in the anilox roll industry, one of the methods recommended to clean the anilox rolls was the ultrasonic cleaning system. Expert worked with the customers to perfect the ultrasonic cleaning systems to avoid damaging the surface of the anilox roll. The setting on the equipment, solution alkalinity or acidity, temperature of the solution, speed, and duration of the cleaning cycle were very important factors to keep the system under control. Many a time, when some of the above conditions were not set right, the customer would end up damaging the anilox roll and submitting claim to the supplier of the anilox roll.

Expert helped a client win over half a million dollars in a lawsuit against his can supplier by proving that the interior enamel of the cans were inadequately applied. He provided another client with complete descriptions and illustrations of various can lines including two-piece aluminum cans, a peel-easy aluminum end line, a sanitary can production line, and a sanitary tinplate end line. Expert did consulting work for a client in a flexo printing box plant where he helped re-formulating and matching colors at the press side and assisted the press personnel in achieving the best print quality. The process lasted two months. The customer was completely satisfied for saving the account from going to a competitor. He made presentation to a customer on the manufacturing process of two-piece aluminum cans. Expert did consulting work for another customer in the flexo printing area where he determined the cause of score lines in the anilox roll and helped the client correct such condition, and identified the cause of poor printing and made the appropriate recommendations.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1976 Degree: M.B.A. Subject: Marketing and Administrative Policy Institution: Northwestern University
Year: 1970 Degree: M.S. Subject: Physical Chemistry Institution: DePaul University
Year: 1964 Degree: B.A. Subject: Chemistry and Mathematics Institution: Blackburn College

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1996 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Senior Director, Technical Services Department:
Having worked for the company for over eight years as their Sr. Director of Technical Services, Expert gained wide knowledge and experience in anilox roll production, surface analysis, care and maintenance, in addition to troubleshooting printing problems. He can advise on selection of anilox rolls for specific printing jobs, perform surface testing at press-side, determine cell volume, determine cause of score line problems, evaluate the condition of the anilox roll for wear and plugging; and advise on care and maintenance of the anilox roll. He was responsible for making technical presentations to national accounts corporate personnel and helped gaining contracts as well as maintained national accounts in providing technical support to the company's sales force as well as the customers' plants. He established one of the most accurate and modern methods in analyzing the anilox roll surface using the interferometric method along with replica tape (Micro-Fax) to determine cell volume & depth. He compiled all the data and surface images into one-page simple report that was greatly appreciated by both sales and customers alike. He can procure printers to print on various substrates for his clients.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1987 to 2004 Employer: J.M. Huber, Heritage International, and Ink/Anilox Roll Manufacturer (three separate companies) Title: Fine Graphic Specialist/Technical Director Department:
Main responsibility was to provide technical support to sales, manufacturing, and customers in the Flexographic industry. Having worked for 10 years with J.M.Huber/Heritage Ink, a flexographic ink company, Expert developed expertise in solving problems in the field of flexographic printing in the corrugated cardboard and web printing industry. He was responsible for ink formulation, color matching, and ink selection for printing jobs on corrugated boards with various linings. He conducted on-site technical training on flexographic printing on films, folding cartons, and auditing customer printing plants and made recommendations to improve print quality, and select the ink types. He audited corrugated plants and presented management with suggestions concerning the rotation of ink inventory and best practices to minimize waste and reduce cost. He made recommendation concerning the proper press maintenance procedure and the ink management. He conducted over 300 training seminars to press supervisors and press operators on the best printing practices for the best print quality, specifically to the corrugated box plants. He participated in fingerprinting presses, checking color intensity, and troubleshooting printing problems related to the ink and anilox rolls.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1982 to 1987 Employer: Southern Can Company Title: Director Department: Research and Development, Technical Services, and Quality Control
Expert was responsible for new product development, approval of raw materials such as tinplates, and interior and exterior coatings, in-process can inspection, Q.C. inspections of finished aerosol cans and metal lids, assisting customers in selecting container specifications so that the right can is matched with the right product, conducting test packs at RT and elevated temperatures, conducting instrumental analysis on organic coating, and performing electrochemical corrosion testing. He also provided technical support to sales, manufacturing, and customers.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1979 to 1982 Employer: Libby, McNeill & Libby, Container Division Title: Manager Department: Materials Specs, Technical Services, and R&D
He was responsible for new product development; approval of raw materials such as tinplates and interior and exterior coatings; in-process can inspection; and Q.C. inspections of finished sanitary cans for food, fruit, and vegetables, and metal lids. He assisted customers in selecting container specifications so that the right can was matched with the right product. He provided technical support to sales, manufacturing, and customer products, conducted test packs at RT and elevated temperatures, and conducted instrumental analysis on organic coating using IR spectrophotometers, and headspace analysis using gas chromatography.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1967 to 1978 Employer: National Can Corporation Title: Technical Services Lab Manager, Senior Research Chemist, Analytical Chemist Department:
Having worked for National Can over 12 years, Expert is knowledgeable in the metal container technology, metal can manufacturing and filling, aerosol cans manufacturing and filling, chemical and instrumental analysis, physical testing, metal decoration, interior and exterior can coatings, quality control and quality assurance in the manufacturing of metal cans and in printing on tinplates and aluminum cans, two-piece aluminum cans, draw and iron metal cans, beer and beverage two-piece aluminum cans, chemical analysis of food for metals, and color matching, and testing filled cans at room temperatures and elevated temperatures, he also was responsible for analytical method development where he developed over 46 methods for use in the Field Research labs and can plants.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1966 to 1967 Employer: Perkin-Elmer Title: Application Chemist Department: Coleman Instruments, Maywood, IL
Responsible for developing analytical procedures for the use of combustion instruments based on the Dumas method for analyzing samples for nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen in various chemicals and industrial products such as pure chemicals, as well as coal, petroleum, and textile. He assisted customers in the use of the combustion instruments. He wrote a technical paper in this field and presented it in the ACS Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 1990 to 1990 Country / Region: Costa Rica Summary: In the space of a week, Expert presented training seminars and conducted trial runs on the press side, and helped troubleshoot printing problems in box plants.
Years: 1991 to 1991 Country / Region: Guatemala Summary: He spent one week in Guatemala presenting training seminars and conducting trial runs on the press side, and helped troubleshoot printing problems in box plants.
Years: to Present Country / Region: Chile Summary: In the space of a week, Expert presented training seminars and conducted trial runs on the press side, and helped troubleshoot printing problems in box plants.
Years: 1992 to 1992 Country / Region: Brazil Summary: In the space of a week, Expert presented training seminars and conducted trial runs on the press side, and helped troubleshoot printing problems in box plants.
Years: 1995 to 1995 Country / Region: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan Summary: Expert spent one week in Egypt, one week in Saudi Arabia and one week in Jordan. He called on various accounts in these three countries and presented training seminars, conducted trial runs on the press side, and helped troubleshoot printing problems at newspaper and corrugated box plants.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Member: American Chemical Society (ACS), TAPPI, and FTA.
Awards / Recognition
He is listed in the Who's Who in America, Southwest, and Who’s Who in America, Southeast. He was twice on the Who’s Who in Flexography list, sponsored by the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA). He is a Fellow of the American Institutes for Chemists.
Publications and Patents Summary
Expert prepared technical bulletins in the metal container and printing industries. His research in the metal container industry resulted in 45 unpublished papers in analytical testing methods, cost reduction in the areas of tinplate basis weights, and interior and exterior organic coatings of metal containers. Expert published two technical papers in Flexo magazine on high and low pH of inks and cleaning solutions and their negative impact on the useful life of the anilox rollers.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Having served as an expert witness, Expert has resolved customer claims and defended his employer in court.
Training / Seminars
He conducts training seminars at customer plants. The seminars cover flexo printing on corrugated board with bleached, mottle, and natural kraft liners. Additionally, the seminars address how to maintain presses and keep printing plates and anilox rolls in good condition. Over a 10-year span while with an ink company, Expert presented over 300 well-planned training seminars in flexography to production personnel and their supervisors. Expert presented a paper on nitrogen analysis in chemicals, textile, coal, petroleum, and feed products using the Dumas method, at the ACS Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy.
Vendor Selection
Expert has experience locating vendors of the following products and services: metal container manufacturers, metal container testing equipment, analytical instruments, chemical analysis and environmental service labs, aerosol cans and related technology, corrosion testers and corrosion testing labs, tinplate for all types of metal containers, organic coatings and varnishes for metal container, lab equipment and supplies, and flexo inks for the corrugated boxes. In addition, Expert can procure printers on the various printing applications including corrugated paperboard and web printing, ink suppliers, and anilox roll suppliers. He has access to the following resources: printed materials, personal contacts, university library, and the Internet.
Marketing Experience
Expert holds an MBS degree from Northwestern University in Chicago with a major in marketing and administration policy.
Other Relevant Experience
Expert has helped the corrugated box industry resolve many printing problems and achieve best print quality. Expert conducted over 360 well-documented trial runs on the press side designed to evaluate new ink products, which resulted in substantial growth in his former employer's ink business. Expert was responsible for recommending can specifications for new products. While working for one of the largest can companies as an analytical chemist as his very first position, one of Expert' prime responsibilities was conducting test packs on beer and beverage metal cans and canned food for metallic pick-up such as iron, tin, aluminum, and lead, using the Perkin-Elmer atomic absorption spectrophotometer. His experience in this area lasted four years before he was promoted to lab supervisor in the same department.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
Arabic Able to speak, read, and write Arabic. He can translate Arabic into English and vice versa.

Fields of Expertise

aerosol can, can (container), can manufacturing, metal can, tin (element), aerosol technology, can corrosion, metal container, shelf life, canned food product, container handling, container industry, corrosion, exterior coating, food packaging process, flexographic ink, flexographic printing, paperboard flexographic printing, flexographic printing press, aerosol, container failure, chemical analysis, corrosion chemistry, ultrasonic cleaner, ultrasonic cleaning, anti-corrosive coating material, soft drink filling, hot tinning process, composite can, gas chromatography application, metal corrosion-resistant design, filling process, corrosion testing, moisture-barrier packaging process, vacuum leak detection, iron-alloy property, atomic absorption spectroscopy, air pollution control, vacuum measurement, dimensional measurement, iron corrosion, American Society for Testing and Materials material code, osmosis, oxygen, cellulose acetate, osmotic membrane, surface analysis, statistics, statistical data analysis, solution corrosion, pressure measurement, polymer coating material, physical chemistry, pH chemistry, metal flanging, metal drawing, metal degreasing, liquid packaging process, liquid coating material, lead, kraft paper, infrared absorption spectroscopy, heat treatment, gas chromatography, food canning, flexible package, electrolytic solution, electrochemistry, electrochemical analysis, electro-osmosis, corrosion prevention, container transportation, combustion chemistry, chromatography, cathodic protection, atmospheric corrosion, anodic protection, analytical chemistry, algebra, acidic corrosion, acid aerosol environmental effect, abrasive wear

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