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Expert in nano & advanced materials application in energy, LED/OLED, environ. tech, biotech & constructions

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Our focus in sustainable energy is on Thin Film Photovoltaics. We are currently conducting PV research on three TF technologies - amorphous silicon (a-Si), copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) and organic PV (OPV). Our research focuses on the fabrication of low-cost PV cell with optimized micro-structure, morphology, composition, and interface properties. Battery is a natural extension of PV technology for sustainable energy storage. We are planning to conduct projects in the areas of high capacity Cathode and Anode materials for Lithium Ion Battery (LIB).
Efficacy improvement and cost effective fabrication process development are the two main areas for LED development. We will focus on developing advanced materials for a more reliable LED device, novel and environmental friendly nano-phosphor/quantum dots for LED with better color and efficacy, and advanced LED packaging materials and technologies for a lower cost LED device. Specifically for OLED, development efforts will be devoted to high-efficiency materials and low-cost organic film processing utilizing solution processable electrode materials and functional organic semiconductors to achieve fully printable light-emitting devices.
Environmental technologies developed by our team cover broad application areas. Antibacterial coatings are applied in hospital, healthcare facilities and building surfaces in dense areas. Functional coatings and surface treatments utilize low cost methods like dipping/spraying and advanced materials like TiO2 and nano metal particles to achieve various properties such as reflectivity, anti-corrosive, and anti-scratch to be applied on consumer and industrial products. Novel bio materials as well as reaction and process technologies are being developed for industrial waste water treatment and large scale ambient air purification. Novel reactor designs as well as overall treatment plant operation optimization further enhance the treatment capability.
We are planning to develop a cluster of smart and sustainable building products in four major categories - energy and maintenance for building envelope, and waste and noise reduction for internal building component. New materials and innovative products will be developed which include concrete with capabilities of self-healing, thermal and sound insulation, and glass/solar control film applications. Low cost and efficient sensor will be developed for structural monitoring to ensure the long term durability of construction structures.
Nanobiomaterials have recently become popular in bio/healthcare area. Fluorescence-based biolabels, fabricated from nanoparticle of natural biopolymer Chitosan, offer high sensitivity and board dynamic range at low cost. Microfluidic technologies are being developed for in vitro diagnostic devices such as Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC) that integrate all components into a single functional unit for diagnostic applications of both veterinary and human diseases.

We have engaged, some completed and some ongoing, over 50 applied research projects, many with industrial partners, in many areas including sustainable energy, display & solid state lighting, environmental technologies, building/construction materials, and bio/healthcare products.We are also available for consulting service. One example is technical due diligence evaluation. We are working with a venture capitalist company to evaluate several startup companies for investment purpose.We was also contracted to develop idea for patent application for an IP trading company.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1990 Degree: PhD Subject: Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science & Various Engineering Institution: Hong Kong, US, Canadian and UK Universities

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2006 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Technology Department: Responsibilities: Expert conducts market-driven, demand-led development of nanotechnology and advanced materials, and is also available for consulting services.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 2006 to Present Agency: Hong Kong Government Role: Expert's group is HK government funded to match with industrial spnsorship Description: Hong Kong government funded non profit company, tasked to collaborate with industrial partners to develop innovative products based on nano and advanced materials.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 2009 to Present Country / Region: USA Summary: III-V semiconductor on silicon research
Years: 2012 to Present Country / Region: USA Summary: Technical due diligence evaluation of startup company for US venture capitalist company
Years: 2011 to 2012 Country / Region: USA Summary: Contracted by a US IP trading company to develop ideas for patent application.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Our technical team members have membership is all major professional organizations including MRS, IEEE, ECS, AICHE and etc.
Licenses / Certifications
Over 50% of our technical staff have PhD degrees. The rest have either Master or Bachelor degrees.
Publications and Patents Summary
Over 10 publications and over 30 patent applications.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Deposited for major patent infringement trial between two semiconductor equipment company in the early 2000's.
Training / Seminars
Our management team and technical team are well trained in common technical, project management, and quality topics including but no limited to DOE, ISO and project/program management. Our technologists regularly attend up to date seminars and conferences. We are also organizes seminars and symposia on various technical topics including energy, LED/OLED, environmental technologies, building materials and bio/healthcare.
Vendor Selection
We source advanced materials and instrumentation from all over the world. Also we support scale up of lab processes to pilot manufacturing, it also sources low cost and relatively high volume nano and regular materials.
Marketing Experience
We are non-profit nano and advanced materials Expert with a mission to come up with innovative products that can be commercialized. Instead, we engage in applied research targeting market required demand led applications. With a vast network of industrial and academic affiliates, we are in an unique position to bridge state of the art applied research to market commercialization.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
Chinese - Mandarin
Chinese - Cantonese

Fields of Expertise

aerated concrete, amorphous silicon solar cell, anti-corrosive coating material, antimicrobial coating, bactericide, biomedical diagnostic instrumentation, building insulation material, cementitious material, concrete corrosion, electrolytic solution, environmental engineering, environmental science, fiber-reinforced concrete, film coating process, ink-jet printing ink, insulating concrete, light-emitting diode, lightweight concrete, lithium battery, lithium-ion battery, nanocomposite, nanomaterial, nanotechnology, organic light-emitting diode, photovoltaics, semiconductor device, solar energy, thin film, thin-film photovoltaic cell, titanium dioxide, cement chemistry, green concrete, medical diagnostic test, nanobiotechnology, concrete product, fire-resistant composite, nanocrystalline coating material, polymer thin film, nanoparticle, polymer light-emitting diode, nanostructure, nanowire, diamond-like carbon coating material, fiber-reinforced cement, nanofabrication, diagnosis, concrete coating material, dielectric coating, analyte, biocompatible coating material, fiber-reinforced composite bar, organic/inorganic sol-gel nanocomposite material, amorphous silicon, hard anodizing, rechargeable lithium battery, cement corrosion, food diagnostics, fire-resistant concrete, diagnostic instrument, materials science, binder (material), energy-efficient building insulation material, fiber-reinforced composite, deposition, antireflectance coating material, abrasion-resistant coating material, adhesive material, corrosion resistance, surface science, fire protection, biodegradable material, silicon chemistry, fluidized bed, precast concrete, polymer, polymer chemistry, optical thin film, metal-insulator semiconductor device, high-strength concrete, fly ash modified concrete, fire-resistant material, diagnostics, concrete structure, concrete, cement, cellular concrete, biocompatible material, architectural concrete, aluminum oxide, air-entrained concrete

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