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Expert has 20 + years of experience in technical and business aspects of nanomanufacturing.

He has been involved in the implementation of thin film technologies in various devices such as semiconductors, sensors, magnetic recording heads, displays (OLEDS,TFT),HB-LED, photovoltaics (CIGS,..) EUV etc. He has a good understanding of industry practices, and an extensive network of contacts.
He has a thorough understanding of unit processes ( PVD, MOCVD,PECVD,ALD, IBD,MBE,PLD,RIE,IBE, CMP, Litho,...) in terms of performance & limitations of commercially available equipment. He has also worked on process integration, and its implications for device performance, yield, uniformity, cost structure, equipment uptime, fab utilization etc,..

Expert has extensive experience working with industrial and financial actors concerning M&A and investment-related due diligence, technology roadmapping, evaluation of manufacturability of new devices ( assessment of business plan,IP evaluation), competitive benchmarking, development of an industrialization strategy, etc....

Expert worked on several aspects of ALD, including:

1) Equipment design : Expert has designed and simulated (CFD, thermal) several high throughput ALD reactors.
He has a thorough understanding of gas flow patterns, which leads him to propose innovative design features . He has a good understanding of the IP in the field (assessment of possible infringement) and has also created IP (see e.g. US patent 707118 B1). ALD equipment designed by expert has been in use for years in a leading high volume manufacturing environment.
Design of precursor trap to optimize pump lifetime.

2) Process Development & Continuous improvement :
Expert has been involved in process development & continuous improvement of ALD dielectrics, including electrical ( C-V probe), optical and structural characterization of films
Uniformity, throughput, step coverage micro contamination optimization.

3) Expert has been involved in business related subjects relative to ALD, including : marketing, sales support, technical due diligence, technology portfolio analysis, road-mapping, technology transfer. He has a good understanding of industry practices, and an extensive network of contacts.

Expert has 20+ years of experience in ion-based etching. Areas of expertise include:

1) Equipment Design and Operation
Expert has hands-on and managerial experience in ion source and ICP reactor design, operation and maintenance, gasbox design, in-situ metrology troubleshooting of equipment malfunction

2) Process Optimization
Expert has extensive hands-on and managerial experience with process qualification, advanced process control, uniformity, repeatability optimization, process integration in an industrial context

3) Physics of the sputtering process:
Sputter yields, halogen-surface interaction, damage, redeposition, reflected neutrals,..
Expert has performed extensive research on beam-surface interaction, Molecular dynamics modeling

4)Marketing, sales support, technical due diligence, technology portfolio analysis, roadmapping, technology transfer. He has a good understanding of industry practices, and an extensive network of contacts.

Expert has more than 15 years of experience and in-depth knowledge on metal and insulator deposition by sputter based deposition techniques. Areas of expertise include :

1)Development, of industrial PVD equipment, process engineering and continuous improvement for production-level applications in several industries such as semiconductor (Cu, Ta, TaN ) RF-MEMS & wireless ( AlN FBAR, Pt/Ti metallization for), data storage (GMR, TMR, high moment, Al2O3 etc), EUV, CIGS photovoltaics ( Mo, TCO,CIGS), etc.
Expert was leading development of the first generation GMR deposition tool and process for hard disk manufacturing at CVC products. This equipment took about 80 % marketshare in 18months, in an application that is generally considered to be one of the first industrial applications of nanotechnology (See e.g. 2007 Physics Nobelprize press release)

2)Thorough knowledge and modeling experience of fundamental physics of plasma formation, plasma surface interaction and film formation process ( 20 yrs experience ; 70+ publications including 16 invited reviews). Hands on experience with : Mass spectrometry, in-situ sensors,emission spectroscopy, Langmuir Probe, Molecular Dynamics, Particle In Cell, FEA,..

3)Extensive experience qualifying, troubleshooting and continuously improving PVD process in a manufacturing environment. Uniformity, repeatability, equipment malfunction, contamination, material property optimization,... etc. On-site crisis resolution (root cause analysis,...

4)Marketing, sales support, technical due diligence, technology portfolio analysis, road-mapping, technology transfer. He is well respected in industry, and has given several invited talks at leading conferences (SVC,AVS) on the subject.He has a good understanding of industry practices, and an extensive network of contacts.

Expert is recognized as one of the world leading experts in magnetic thin film processing:

1) Processing : Expert has been involved in industrial implementation of several magnetic thin film materials such as AMR, GMR,NOL-GMR, TMR, hard bias, high moment, for applications such as magnetic recording heads, magnetic field sensors, IC-integrated magnetic coils, MRAM. Every single hard disk head manufacturer uses or has used one or more magnetic film deposition or etch process to which expert has contributed.

2) Device Design : Expert has had several years experience performing electrical and magnetic device characterization, leading to IP generation ( several US patents on magnetic devices).

4) Science : Expert has been very active in the scientific community,with numerous papers and conference contributions.
Expert has thorough knowledge of preparation and metrology of magnetic thin films. He has thought a course on magnetic film processing at, web based training in association with Stanford.

Expert has been involved in the development and operation of high vacuum and ultra high vacuum systems for over 20 years, from hands on experience building R&D systems to management of an engineering team building industrial systems. Specific areas of expertise involve:

1) Design and Engineering of System :
Materials & components ( O-rings, valves, feedthroughs ..) pumping schemes ( cryo, turbo, ion, getter, water,..), bake-out procedures gauges(ion gauge, baratron(R), QMS,..) control systems ( PLC, profibus,..)

2) Implementation of (U)HV in a manufacturing environment : feasibility, best practices ( training of technicians ), comprehensive contamination control ( gas purification systems,..).

3) Computer aided design of gas injection systems and showerheads. (CFD, DSMC)

Expert has extensive experience modeling ballistic, rarefied and continuum gas transport using CFD Monte Carlo techniques.

He developed several Monte Carlo codes, including a 3D dsmc code on unstructured grids, fully compatible with CAD interfacing, specially adapted for the application on vacuum process equipment. He has a thorough hands-on knowledge of state of the art CFD ( finite volume techniques).

He has performed analysis and design of gas flow in many systems, including ALD, CVD, PVD, MBE,PLD,etc... He is well respected in industry, and has given several invited talks at leading conferences (SVC,AVS) on the subject.

A VC fund was considering an investment in a vacuum process equipment company and contacted the expert in their due diligence process. In a series of telephone conversations he provided a second opinion on the background of the principals, the market sizing, and the technical risks involved in the project. He also performed a critical assessment of relative strengths and weaknesses with respect to the competition.A manufacturer of electronic components received a new piece of manufacturing equipment. When installed in the fab, the equipment was not meeting its specs. After 3 weeks of trial and error no improvement was obtained. As the end of the quarter loomed, further delay of the acceptance would jeopardize quarterly revenue numbers for the supplier.
The expert starts working with the engineering staff to build a logical tree pointing to the root cause of the problem. This leads to a hypothesis being formulated within hours after contacting the expert. The expert travels to the customer site, and assist customer personnel to perform the tests that prove this hypothesis to be true, leading to immediate issue resolution and equipment sign off. Researchers at an independent research organization have made some basic discoveries that they consider to be of importance for future applications. Expert works with the technology valorization structure within the organization to : 1) Assist in generating a vision for industrial fabrication of the invention. Provide a second opinion on input of equipment suppliers. 2) Assist in generating a coherent IP portfolio 3) Identify gaps in the present state of knowledge and suggests paths to bridge these gaps.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1992 Degree: PhD Subject: Technical Physics Institution: Eindhoven University of Technology
Year: 1986 Degree: Masters Subject: Physics & Materials Science Institution: Antwerp University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2004 to 2007 Employer: In Silicio Title: co-founder, General Manager Department: Responsibilities:
Years: 1999 to 2004 Employer: Veeco Instruments Title: VP Technology / Sr Director Strategic Marketing / Senior Scientist Department: Process Equipment Division Responsibilities:
Years: 1997 to 1999 Employer: CVC Title: Director, PVD DATA STORAGE APPLICATIONS Department: Responsibilities:
Years: 1986 to 1997 Employer: Philips Title: Research Scientist Department: Research Responsibilities:

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 1986 to 1997 Country / Region: Netherlands Summary: Worked for 11 years at Philips Research in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Years: 1964 to 1997 Country / Region: Belgium Summary: Was born and grew up in Belgium
Years: 1997 to 2004 Country / Region: USA/ Silicon Valley Summary: Spend about 7 1/2 years in Silicon Valley. Extensive travel to APAC ( More than 30 trips )
Years: 2004 to Present Country / Region: France Summary: Now living in France for more than 3 years

Career Accomplishments

Professional Appointments
He served the data storage industry in the National Storage Industry Consortium board, the Data Storage Center at Carnegie-Mellon board, and the scientific committee of several conferences.
Publications and Patents Summary
He has more than 70 papers, including 16 invited reviews, as well as 10 US patents.

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
Member of faculty of ( web based learning in association with Stanford)

Internal training courses on PVD, thin film characterization magnetic head processing etc in Veeco

About 40 talks at scientific conferences, including invited presentations at : American Vacuum Society Society of Vacuum Coaters ( 2x), Intermag conference (2x), ICMTFS, ...

Seminars on advanced topics at Tohoku University ( 2x) Lawrence Livermore Labs ( 2x), UC Berkeley (2x), Columbia Univ(2x), Los Alamos,
Vendor Selection
Worked for more than 20 year as customer, competitor or supplier of different industrial actors in vacuum etch and deposition equipment industry ( ALD, CVD, IBE, IBD, MBE, PVD, RIE).
Thorough understanding of technical and business aspects.
Marketing Experience
10 years of strategic marketing technology roadmapping for vacuum etch and deposition equipment and processes. Industry analysis for Data Storage, specialty semiconductor / MEMS solid state lighting photovoltaic OLED, architectural glass

Extensive network (> 500 contacts) in semiconductor, data storage, photovoltaics industries,..
Other Relevant Experience
Due Diligence for Investors:
1) Involved in due diligence for M&A activities at Veeco
2) Entrepreneurial experience at In Silicio

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
Dutch Mother Tongue
English After more than 20 years of professional use, and more than 7 years living in the US, he is fluent in English.
French After growing up in bilingual Belgium, having a French spouse, and more than three years living in France, he is fluent in French.

Fields of Expertise

nanomanufacturing, semiconductor processing equipment, thin-film process development, thin-film technology, lift-off (semiconductor fabrication), micro electrical-mechanical system, microfabrication, organic light-emitting diode, thin-film photovoltaic cell, photovoltaic selenium cell, atomic layer deposition, ion etching, ion-beam etching, plasma etching, nonreactive ion etching, aluminum oxide etching, DC sputtering, tungsten sputtering, ion sputtering, titanium sputtering, sputter deposition, sputtering target, magnetron sputtering, radio-frequency sputtering, diode sputtering, chromium sputtering, copper sputtering, molybdenum sputtering, ferromagnetic film, magnetic thin film, magnetic film, ultra-high vacuum system, high vacuum, high vacuum system, vacuum outgassing, ultra-high vacuum, direct simulation monte carlo, computational fluid dynamics, fluid dynamics, fluid mechanics modeling, gas dynamics, helium mass spectrometry, particle formation, bilingual education, advanced process control, competitive benchmarking, magnetoresistive head, vacuum environment, technology trend, Apiezon grease, time-to-market, technology acquisition, technology search, competitive intelligence, etch rate, gold film, tin sputtering, aluminum sputtering, gold sputtering, coating technology, vacuum leak testing, diamond-like carbon, argon sputtering, finite element analysis software, finite element method, piezoelectric film, computational method, semiconductor wafer fabrication facility, Barkhausen effect, computation, semiconductor wafer processing, metal film, metallized film, magnetic disk drive, semiconductor wafer etching, planar magnetron, technology development, magnetic alloy, finite element modeling, semiconductor integrated processing, semiconductor cluster-tooling processing, finite-volume method, high-vacuum technology, foreign patent, competitive analysis, microfabrication plasma etching, technology evaluation, magnetic recording equipment, Monte Carlo method, nanotechnology, semiconductor material processing, computational physics, technology transfer, new technology business value measurement, semiconductor device manufacturing, due-diligence investigation, research and development, vacuum leak detection, reactive ion etching, light-emitting diode, vacuum measurement, encapsulation, computer simulation, ablation, photovoltaic effect, vacuum system, technology licensing, cathode, finite element analysis training, display process, technology, vacuum technology, titanium nitride film, thin film, thin-film conductor, photovoltaic cell, semiconductor metallizing, reactive sputtering, physics, photoresist, optical microlithography, magnetron, flat-panel display, finite element analysis, film, evaporation, evaporated film, diffusion pump, aluminum oxide

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