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Expert in New Product Development, Global & Cross-Functional Project Teams, Innovation, Observational Research

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Expert has worked with a variety of teams in different industries to understand their targeted consumers. In addition to traditional methods of research (e.g. focus groups, quantitative surveys) he has enabled companies to implement various team-based research techniques including one-on-one interviews and in-home observational research. Both product concepts and consumer "processes" have been analyzed. Companies using the latter methods have been able to develop very successful new products targeted specifically at unexpressed, unmet consumer needs.

Expert has worked with a variety of cross-functional, multi-cultural, integrated product teams across several different industries. Having led successful new product development teams himself, he brings 15 years of industry experience to his consulting practice. He understands that people must work together effectively in order to implement even the best of processes. Expert helps teams to understand individual roles and responsibilities, functional strengths, and perspectives, and enables them to focus on the common goals that will lead them to success.

Expert has worked in the new product development (NPD) field, both in industry and as a consultant, for nearly 20 years. The holder of six U.S. patents, Expert has been involved with all phases of NPD from the fuzzy front end through product launches. He has served in a variety of functions on NPD teams including engineering, marketing, and planning, and has led numerous teams (both large and small)to successful results. Expert has applied this experience to help diagnose problems within organizations such as excessive development times, lack of discipline, insufficient innovation, and poor teamwork. He has gone on to work with specific clients in overcoming these issues enabling them to optimize their processes and see dramatic improvements in their performance. He works with specific project teams and management groups in creating new processes and high-performance teams.

Expert has led numerous teams through projects ranging from small departmental, part-time groups to 40-person, fully dedicated international teams. He has worked with companies to help their project managers develop into project leaders. He has worked with both co-located teams as well as geographically dispersed teams. A strong believer in high-performance teaming, Expert places primary emphasis on getting the team "culture" right first in terms of understanding common goals, barriers, and success factors. He then focuses on providing the necessary "tools" to enable the team to succeed in achieving them.

Expert has developed a variety of customized stage gate processes for different clients. While there is always a degree of similarity between these, there are always subtle company-specific issues that must be addressed in order to have a successful process. Different companies have different priorities in regards to developing new products, be it innovation, speed, or cost. He typically works with people at a variety of levels and functions within a company to fully understand the needs that exist, and then creates a process which addresses each of these needs.

Expert worked with a cross-functional business team at Whirlpool to document consumer processes and discover unmet needs through observational research. Through the use of their unique innovation tools, he generated a variety of new product concepts targeted directly toward those newly exposed, unmet needs.He created, implemented, and trained personnel on a new, New Product Development process for Sunbeam Corporation. Expert led newly formed, global, cross-functional teams through a start-up phase where cultural and functional barriers were identified, addressed, and eliminated. This allowed the teams to start their projects in a much faster and more efficient manner.He assessed the current environment at a company where there was a stated concern regarding a lack of innovation and timely new product introduction. Expert recommended organizational changes and provided a new process to directly impact these issues. Upon implementation, the company noted a dramatic improvement. Expert worked with a company to identify a common, global product platform from which variances could be delivered to satisfy unique consumer requirements across different regions.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1988 Degree: M.B.A. Subject: Executive Institution: Ashland University
Year: 1983 Degree: B.S. Subject: Industrial Engineering Institution: Purdue University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1997 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: President Department:
Expert founded this company with the goal of enabling new product development teams to be more effective in identifying and achieving their goals.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1983 to 1997 Employer: Whirlpool Corporation Title: Director Department: Global Refrigeration
Expert worked in a variety of positions including industrial engineer, corporate planner, and product development manager before working with the global side of the business. Once there, he worked around the world in a product management postion. He then became a global mega-project leader where he directly supervised large teams around the world in the design and development of new products to be manufactured and sold globally.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: to Present Country / Region: Brazil Summary: Expert worked with global teams residing in Brazil on project kick-offs and ongoing effectiveness.
Years: 2000 to 2000 Country / Region: Mexico Summary: He worked with a global team residing in Mexico.
Years: 1999 to 1999 Country / Region: Italy Summary: Expert worked with a global team residing in Italy.
Years: 1996 to 1997 Country / Region: India Summary: He oversaw the design and development of a new line of refrigerators targeted toward the Indian market. He was responsible for the construction of a "greenfield" factory and all of the capital equpipment purchased where the new product was produced.
Years: 1994 to 1995 Country / Region: Southeast Asia Summary: Expert was responsible for the design and development of a new line of room air conditioners targeted specifically for the Southeast Asian market. He conducted extensive consumer studies to understand unique needs.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Expert is a member of the PDMA.
Publications and Patents Summary
He has six U.S. patents and one book, not yet published, on global project management.

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
Expert has made presentations on team based customer research, project leadership, and global project leadership.
Marketing Experience
He has led numerous project teams through the creation and development of new products, from concept through market launch, on both a domestic and an international basis.
Other Relevant Experience
Expert has done work in and travelled to 27 different countries. He has spoken to senior-level classes at various universities including the Kellogg School at Northwestern. Has made numerous presentations at various national conferences including the Product Development Management Association (PDMA), the Institute of Internation Research (IIR), the International Association of Product Development (IAPD), and The Management Roundtable (MRT).

Fields of Expertise

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