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Expert in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Application and Development of NMR Technology and Analytical NMR Service

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Expert has applied the analysis technique of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to all industrial sectors. In the petroleum sector he has applied high resolution 1H and 13C NMR to refinery products and crude oils, establishing structure performance relationships that can be derived from the NMR. In the biotech industry he has provided commercial NMR services to chemists developing breakthrough molecules. In the petrochemical and dairy industries he has applied online NMR hardware to manufacturing issues utilizing high resolution and time-domain NMR technology. He has also worked with several NMR hardware companies to find applications in different markets for their products. He has his own NMR laboratory containing 300 and 200 MHz instrumentation for liquid and solid-state NMR analysis. He also has low field (time-domain) NMR spectrometers for relaxometry measurements and for process control applications. Finally he has two high resolution permanent magnet NMR systems operating at 60 MHz for real time analysis and process control applications.

He provides a full range of NMR analytical testing services on his own instrumentation. He also develops specific test methods for industrial customers. He provides NMR testing following ASTM, ISO, AOCS and USP methods. He has worked with several NMR hardware manufacturers to develop NMR applications and marketing strategies for their NMR instrumentation such that it can approach the laboratory and automated analysis arenas in several different industry sectors. He has a broad based exposure to general analytical chemistry applied to hydrocarbons, polymers, foods, oils, petroleum, catalysis, materials, and specialty chemicals.

He has a decade of experience of applying high resolution NMR technology to chemical process control. Applications have included crude, gasoline, diesel, and biodiesel blending. Control of refinery CDU, Reformer, Platformer, FCCU, RCCU units through chemometric based modelling of NMR hydrocarbon analysis with chemical and physical properties utilized for control of product quality. Both feed forward and feedback control has been utilized. Naphtha cracker furnace control has also been developed based on naphtha feed characteristics observed by online NMR. He also has experience of applying NIR spectroscopy to laboratory and on-line applications.

He has developed a deep understanding a large number of NMR based quality factors that relate the quality of fossil fuels and petroleum products to the detailed chemistry of the material.

As with fossil fuels, he has developed large databases of NMR data that correlates hydrocarbon physical and chemical properties with the detailed chemistry observed in 13C and 1H NMR. These databases can be used to predict the quality of unknown samples in a laboratory or process control NMR system.

Visited customers facility, discussed manufacturing problem they were experiencing, discussed NMR technology and it's application to their problem. Deduced a path forward including sampling, analyses to be performed and expected outcomes. Gave NMR technology seminar to entire technical staff (8 chemists and engineers), and discussed application of NMR to issues that the chemists were dealing with beyond the problem discussed earlier in the visit. Follow up by these chemists led to other NMR applications and trouble shooting.Customer of adhesives wished to develop the ability to reverse engineer his competitors products. He provided a large database of "know" standard samples and a number of unknown samples. The Known samples were used to create a database by which the unknown samples were quantitatively deconstructed by liquid-state NMR. This has now led to another project where the database will be created and the analysis will be performed within a software package developed by another vendor.Two days of meeting at a clients site were utilized for them to demonstrate their new technology, the potential application and markets for the technology were discussed along with pricing and support issues. The sessions were used to develop a technology and marketing strategy for a new NMR product.Polymer development companies have invited him to discuss the potential of low field NMR to crystallization and setting/cure studies. Seminar and discussion.

Recognized as world leading expert in online and laboratory industrial applications for bench-top NMR systems. Owner of dynamic liquid and solid-state NMR laboratory providing analysis services and consulting.

Doctorate and 30+ years of industrial, technical, and business experience in the field of analytical NMR and process NMR applied to petroleum, petrochemical, biochemical, food and beverage, consumer products, biotechnology, specialty polymers/materials, pharmaceutical, and chemical R&D and manufacturing.

Principal of an LLC– established in 1997. The only process NMR applications consultancy operating in the world. Currently operating a commercial NMR analysis service with over 300 commercial customers in the petroleum, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food processing, alternative-energy, petrochemical, polymer, ceramics, catalyst and electronics industries. Developed new NMR technologies for process control and the laboratory, through relationships with other vendors. Consulted on application of new NMR technologies. Developed quantitative NMR applications for application in chemical purity analysis, complex mixture chemical analysis, adulteration and food fraud, truth in labeling claims for herbal supplements, pure herbal raw materials, additives and preservatives, and pharmaceutical API and excipients. Currently working as an expert with USP and others to bring qNMR into the analytical routine testing arena.

Applied chemometric techniques to complex NMR analyses that yielded predictive models for 40+ refinery applications using NMR as an on-line process analyzer/controller. Acknowledged as a world leader in the application of multivariate analysis to NMR spectroscopy.

Maintained and operated the only NMR facility within Texaco Inc. Provided all NMR spectroscopic services (liquid-state, solid-state, multidimensional, multinuclear), including all data interpretation, for all areas of Texaco’s research efforts in both upstream and downstream areas. Coordinated compositional work related to business unit processing problems - MTBE plant, various refinery operations, product blending operations, used-oil recycling plant, paper recycling plant, plastics/coal gasification plant. Participated as team member on projects associated with competitive analysis, product quality monitoring, environmental liability, field problem sample analysis, engine test sample analysis.

Published and presented over 170 papers in various technical journals, symposia, and national meetings.
Inventor - 3 Patents for a process analytical NMR probe and refinery process control by NMR.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: New York, New York - Yonkers, New York - Newark, New Jersey - Jersey City, New Jersey - Paterson, New Jersey - Elizabeth, New Jersey - Bridgeport, Connecticut - New Haven, Connecticut - Hartford, Connecticut - Springfield, Massachusetts

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1990 Degree: Ph.D. Subject: Physical Chemistry Institution: University of South Carolina
Year: 1986 Degree: B.Sc. Subject: Chemistry Institution: University of Durham, UK

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2003 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Manager - Analytical and Process NMR Services Department: NMR Analysis and Consulting Responsibilities: Responsible for liquid and solid-state NMR services and consulting on companies 200 and 300 MHz NMR spectrometers. Responsible for marketing of companies low-resolution NMR products. Application support of on-line process NMR instrumentation. Development of new NMR instrumentation and applications. Provides chemometric and chemistry support for on-line process analytical projects.

 Developed many new NMR analyses for identification and quantification of pure chemicals or complex mixtures in herbal supplements, pharmaceutical API and excipients, food and beverage products, food and cosmetic additives, nutritional supplements.
 Recognized as world leading expert in the area of application development for bench-top NMR systems. Acknowledged as industrial NMR automated application development leader.
 Enabled expansion of analytical NMR services to current customer level of over 300 companies spanning all industry sectors. Current facility houses 2 x 300 MHz Varian Mercury superconducting NMR systems, 1 x 200 MHz Varian UnityPlus equipped for MAS solid-state NMR experiments, 3 x 60 MHz high resolution NMR spectrometers, 4 x 20 MHz TD-NMR systems (10mm, 20mm, 40mm, Single-sided), Shimadzu, GC, Micros-ESR, FTIR-ATR, KF-Moisture, Virtis K freeze dryer.
 Developed business connections for new NMR and FTIR-ATR instrumentation lines and applications for instrument company Cosa-Xentaur and Aspect Imaging. New line of high, mid and low field NMR instruments will revolutionize the application of NMR in the industrial marketplace.
 Developed Markets and Sales for Resonance Systems Spin Track TD-NMR Spectrometers and Applications. Also developed applications for hardware platforms spanning 20, 43, 60, 80, 200 and 300 MHz.
 Co-Founded NMR Process Systems LLC - providing process/at-line NMR analyzers and other process analytical technology solutions to industry.
 Consultant on NMR methodologies to major petroleum companies including Sasol, SK Corporation, Petronas, Shell, Valero, Holly Refining, Schlumberger, Chevron, BP.
 Consultant to Benchtop and Online NMR Manufacturers and Distributors - Qualion, Aspect Imaging, Modcon, Leap Technologies, Cosa-Xentaur, Resonance Systems
 Affiliate Professor - Marist College - NMR Training and Undergraduate Research Projects (2003 – Present)
 Research Associate – State University of New York at New Paltz – 2003-2005
 Visiting Scientist in Chemistry– Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York – 2019-2020
Years: 1997 to 2003 Employer: Title: Owner and Manager Department: Process and Analytical NMR Responsibilities:  Co-founder and operator of Process NMR Associates, LLC. Acted as a contract process NMR application development specialist. Served as application development company and NMR consultants to Invensys, FoxboroNMR, and APV. Operated a high field analytical NMR laboratory.
 Acted as Technical Product Manager for the FoxboroNMR Ltd Process NMR Product.
 Served as Technical Sales Support on all aspects of the Process NMR business.
 Managed over 30 validation projects for the Foxboro process NMR business.
 Directly involved in development of NMR incorporated into closed loop control by APC and optimization packages
 Served as applications support and service coordinator for Foxboro Process NMR.
 Provided contract solid and liquid-state NMR support to major petroleum and chemical companies.
Years: 1990 to 1997 Employer: Texaco Inc. Title: Senior Research Chemist Department: Fuels and Lubricants Research Responsibilities: Responsible for corporate NMR analysis service and process analytical technology for refining sectors. Provided NMR support for fuels and lubricants division, refinery troubleshooting, exploration department projects, gasification projects, recycled oil facility support.

 Manager and sole-operator of all NMR services within Texaco Inc., providing solid and liquid-state NMR analyses for Texaco’s business units and business partners. Lab comprised: Varian NMR Systems: UnityPlus-300, UnityPlus-200, Unity-300WB, VXR-300S ; Elbit-ATI 55 MHz Process NMR Systems: 1 lab and 2 in-line refinery systems.
 Member of Process Analytical Technology team charged with providing process instrumentation and sensing to the refining business units and the Texaco fuel marketing company. Involved in online NMR and NIR projects, as well as a mobile FT-IR facility that monitored gasoline quality at Texaco gas stations.
 Developed chemometric models for application of process NMR technology to control and optimize refinery operations such as: alkylation, fluid catalytic cracking, reforming, hydrotreating, tank-farm inventory reduction, crude assay, and gasoline blending. Aided in development of the first two commercial NMR based refinery analyzers for fuel gas analysis and alkylation control at a Texaco refinery.
 Coordinated analytical work provided to Huntsman Corporation, DSM Copolymer, Ethyl Corp., First Brands, and various universities.
 Fouling team member and analytical coordinator for a 3,500 bpd used oil recycling plant.
 Strong supporting roles in gasoline and diesel fuel additive development, lubricant additive development, compositional analysis, heavy oil upgrading, and methane-to-liquids upgrading.
Years: 1990 to 1994 Employer: Texaco Research and Development Title: Project Chemist Department: Organic Spectroscopy, Compositional and Thermal Analysis Group Responsibilities:  Assumed partial responsibility for liquid-state NMR analysis as well as maintained full responsibility for solid-state NMR applications throughout Texaco. Areas of responsibility included all areas of Texaco’s upstream and downstream research efforts (polymers, catalysts, fuel/lubricant additives, complex mixture analysis, membranes, gasification, heavy oil upgrading, methane-to-liquids upgrading, competitive analysis, base oil, gasoline, diesel, crude composition, process failure analysis, and compositional analysis). Services supplied involved all experimental design, data collection, processing, and interpretation.
 Received Texaco’s Outstanding Contributor Award for advancing the understanding of the complex structure of combustion chamber and other engine deposits.
 Analytical representative on the Clean System-3 fuel additive development team.
 Justified the expansion of Texaco’s NMR capabilities from two spectrometers to four, and networked the system to allow home-access and control of the spectrometers.
 Expanded NMR domain within Texaco to include the exploration departments, in particular geochemical and log analysis areas.
 NMR spectroscopist responsible for all solid-state NMR analyses (wideline, CRAMPS, CP-MAS, nutation, 2-dimensional).
 Developed a large program to correlate fuel and fuel-additive chemistries with engine performance and engine deposit quantity and chemistry.
 Developed structure-reactivity relationships in catalyst systems utilizing multinuclear (1H, 2H, 27Al, 31P, 23Na, 133Cs, 13C, 29Si, 11B, 95Mo, 15N, 17O, 33S) solid-state NMR characterization. Catalyst systems included zeolites, clays, aluminophosphates, oxides, mixed oxides, oxide supported metals, modified buckminsterfullerenes, and carbons.
Years: 1986 to 1990 Employer: University of South Carolina Title: Research Assistant/ Teaching Assistant Department: Responsibilities: 1987-1990 Research Assistant - Chemistry Department, NMR Laboratory
1986-1987 Teaching Assistant - Chemistry Department, General Chemistry

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Member-American Chemical Society, Petroleum Chemistry and Fuel Chemistry Divisions
Mid-Hudson New York, ACS Section Secretary, Chair-Elect, Chair, Past Chair, Webmaster.
Other Memberships - AOAC, Society of Applied Spectroscopy, American Oil Chemists Society, American Herbal Products Association (Associate Member), AMPERE, Royal Society of Chemistry, International Society of Magnetic Resonance, MBAA - Master Brewers Association of Americas, ASBC – American Society of Brewing Chemists, BA – Brewers Association, American Botanical Council, United States Association of Cider Makers
Professional Appointments
Organizing Committee Member and Treasurer - Practical Applications of NMR in Industry Conference (PANIC)
Treasurer - PANIC NMR Association, Inc. - Non-Profit Scientific Conference Company
American Chemical Society – Chair, Committee Member, Webmaster - Mid-Hudson Section
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry – Wiley – Editor Special Issue dedicated to Benchtop NMR
Board of Directors and Treasurer - Crowd-Funding Research Experiences for Undergraduates (CREU)
Co-Chair of AOAC Group Developing Standard Method for Aloe Vera Identification and Quantification
IUPAC Group III (organic and biomolecular) Member of International NMR Expert Committee working on NMR Data Format Project
Member of qNMR Method Development Group formed by USP and CENAPT
Awards / Recognition
Texaco Research and Development Department: Outstanding Contributor Award
University of South Carolina: Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award
Peyton C. Teague Graduate Scholarship Award

Publications and Patents Summary
He has 28 publications, 2 book chapters, 2 patents, and 53 presentations at professional meetings.

Peer reviewed publications: 40
Presentations: 140
Book Chapters: 4
Patents: 4
Podcast Interviews: 2

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
He has worked on many litigation projects that required extensive NMR work in support of the clients defense. Three of the projects centered around patent infringement cases. The cases were all settled out of court and thus no depositions or hearings were required.
Training / Seminars
He has delivered training courses given on process NMR technology, process analytical technology, spectroscopy, and chemometrics development in support of online process control and optimization projects at refineries around the world. He is also a member of the ACS speaker service and has lectured extensively on the application of NMR technology to industrial processes.

Secondary Education: Thornleigh Salesian College, Bolton UK, 1983. 11 ‘O’ Levels, 5 ‘A’, 2 ‘S’ Levels 
Vendor Selection
Knowledgable in all NMR technology vendors currently doing business.
Marketing Experience
Since 1997 he has worked in a technical sales support role in the marketing of process NMR equipment into various industry sectors including, refining, food, pharmaceutical and petrochemicals. He is currently marketing a low field NMR instrument in the Americas. He has consulted with several NMR/MRI technology companies to determine product and marketing strategy of new instruments.

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Fields of Expertise

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