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Expert in Nutrients Absorption Through GI Tract-Interactions of Natural products of Bioactive Foods on Genomes

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Expert has done extensive work on mechanism of NSAIDs action in small intestine absorption and permeability both in human and animal models. His noninvasive technique has been published in peer reviewed journals and he is an expert in performing analyses of nutrients and its metabolites excretion in urine. His techniques also useful in assessing nutrient bioavailability noninvasively. His recent works on Natural Products interactions on Genome pave a new way for prescribing personalized nutrient therapy for cancer and other chronic illnesses. Expert is a pioneer in the field of interactions of dietary supplements on cancer chemotherapy.

He has established in devising a novel drug beta- CGRP that prevent the side effects of COX-2 inhibitors. This provides further support of use of COX-2 inhibitors in cancer and inflammation. His recent studies in dietary bioactive citrus compunds supports the prevention of NSAIDs induced hyperpermeability in intestinal epithelial cells. This is a more crucial step in preventing NSAIDs induced inflammation through dietary intervention.

Expert has done extensive work on mechanism of interactions of natural products on cancer chemotherapy in cell culture and animal models. His expertise in in the interactions of curcumin on breast cancer chemotherapy paves a new way in elucidating the interference of dietary supplements on chemotherapy. There are a lot of dietary supplements and dietary bio-active compounds need to be analyzed to prescribe an effective cancer therapy in future, This needs to analyze the bio-availability of bio-active compounds and genomic interactions of these bio-active molecules. He is an expert of both, He has established a novel noninvasive protocol to study the bio-availability and nutrition absorption in human.

Expert has done extensive research on the mechanism of action of aspirin for the intestinal inflammation.

Biochemical analyses of Madras pavilion Restaurants and advise the methods of nutrient stability at Sugar Land, TX.
A reviewer for the Book: Asian Crops and Human Dietetics by Expert. Usha Palaniswamy,Role of turmeric powder and other natural products from diets for the prevention of seasonal flu viral infections to University of Houston.Noninvasive screening methods for Colon cancer screening using nonmetabolizable FDA approved agent, VA hospital and Baylor College of medicine Houston.Identification of Sucrase and isomaltase deficiency in new born, toddlers and young adults by trade marketed noninvasive methods to Baylor College of Medicine, Houston.Consulting to develop novel cell phone diagnostics using noninvasive methods to CDC.Atlanta.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Houston, Texas - Pasadena, Texas - Beaumont, Texas - College Station, Texas - Baytown, Texas - Bryan, Texas - Sugar Land, Texas - Port Arthur, Texas - Galveston, Texas - Missouri City, Texas

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1985 Degree: PhD Subject: Biochemistry Institution: Madurai Kamaraj University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2002 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Associate Professor Department: STEM Responsibilities: Teaching Biology and research
Years: 2000 to 2002 Employer: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Title: Research Associate Department: Medicine Responsibilities: Performing research on Animal Models of breast cancer
Years: 1997 to 2000 Employer: University of Washington-Seattle Title: Senior Research Fellow Department: Surgery Responsibilities: Research conducted on Intestinal bile acid transporter gene expression and stem cells
Years: 1990 to 1997 Employer: Kings College Hospital, London, UK Title: Associate Clinical Biochemist Department: Clinical Biochemistry Responsibilities: Performing human intestinal permeability studies noninvasively and studying mechanism of NSAIDs induced enteropathy.
Years: 1985 to 1990 Employer: PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Title: Assistant and Associate Professor Department: Biochemistry Responsibilities: Teaching Biochemistry for Medical graduate students and research

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 1977 to 1990 Country / Region: India Summary: Expert has begun his career at India with the research on Medicinal foods for arthritis and diabetes. He has been awarded a national research gold medal for his clinical research on cotton seed aqueous extracts for diabetes (1979). He also received drug research award for withania somnifera for arthritis 1980.
Years: 1990 to 1997 Country / Region: United Kingdom Summary: Studied the mechanism of actions of the NSAIDs induced intestinal inflammation.Studied the noninvasive technique to monitor the human intestinal absorption and permeability in health and diseases like, cardiac pulmonary bypass patients, liver transplant patients, IBD patients, HIV patients, children and NSIADS induced enteropathy. Helped to develop GI toxic free new pharmaceutical products.
Years: 1997 to Present Country / Region: USA Summary: Studied intestinal bile acid transporter genes, intestinal stem cells at University of Washington Seattle.Studied the interactions of dietary supplement curcumin on human breast cancer at UNC- Chapel Hill.Studying the interactions of nutrients and chemotherapy for prostate and breast cancer. UH-Victoria.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
National Association of Biology Teachers
Professional Appointments
Editor for the multiple books and a paper.
Publications and Patents Summary
Expert. Expert has 36 publications and 2 books edited

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
NIH sponsored Inside Cancer workshop conducted for Science teachers
Vendor Selection
All Gym and workout clubs.
All restaurants
All yoga practices

All food industries
all pharmaceutical companies.
Dietary supplements health stores

Fruits and vegetable industries.

Hospitals who cares for different category of patients due to leaky gut syndromes.
Cancer chemotherapy and dietary supplements interactions.

GI inflammation screening by noninvasive technique.

Monitoring the non steroidal anti inflammatory agents users for the early onset of intestinal ulcer screening by noninvasive technique,

Colon cancer screening using FDA approved investigation agents by noninvasive techniques.
Marketing Experience
As a researcher Expert.. Expert had participated in the development of preclinical research in order to improve the marketability of their products.

Skills pertained to study the "Effect of Prostaglandins on small intestinal inflammation induced by NSAIDs" Searle, UK (1991-1992).

Skills pertained to study the "Effect of (Alpha -Trinisitol on indomethacin induced small intestinal permeability to 51Cr-EDTA and Calprotectin excretion in faeces". Prestorp Pharma, Sweden (1993-1995).

Skills pertained to study the "Effect of Nabumetone on rat small intestinal mitochondrial function". Smith Kline Beecham USA (1994-1996).

Skills pertained to study the "Effect of Cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor Nimesulide on pathogenesis of small intestinal inflammation". Helsinn Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland, May-December 1996.

Skills pertained to study the "Present investigation of combination of proteosome inhibitor 341 and Doxil on antitumor activity of BT-474 cells xenograft breast cancer model".Millennium Inc, MA
Other Relevant Experience
Present on going skills and services are provided to Baylor College of Medicine to screen sucrase and isomaltase deficiency children by a noninvasive method and try to correct them with appropriate intervention therapeutics.

Present on going services that include advice the clients with the types of nutrients present in vegetables and fruits and inform the specific drug interactions.

Present on going services include the advising the restaurants about the quality of food preparations and the stability of nutrients for a healthy life style.

Advising personalized diet for all especially the yoga practitioners using their genomic profiles for the healthy extension of life style.

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