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Expert has worked in the development of commercial Ziegler-Natta catalysts since 1972, initially at Stauffer Chemical (now Akzo), and later at Amoco Chemical. He is the principal investigator in the commercialization of the CD catalyst. He led this effort from the initial idea through the pilot plant and plant scale-up. He worked closely with Catalyst Resources Inc., the vendor that built the CD production facility. For this work, Expert was presented Amoco Chemical's presidential award. He currently has extensive international contacts in the industry, and he is familiar with the methods of production and performance of all commercially available polypropylene catalysts. Since 1994, he has worked as a consultant to the polyolefins industry. Among his clients are several major polyolefin producers in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

Expert has extended his knowledge and experience of Ziegler-Natta catalysts into the area of metallocene-catalyzed olefin polymerizations. He has made a critical analysis of all available patents and publications in this field, through various direct reports to polyethylene/polypropylene producers. He has discussed developments and scientific/business approaches of utilizing this technology with major polyolefin producers who retain him as a consultant. Additionally, Expert is a co-instructor of the Metallocene short course offered in the USA and abroad.

Expert has experience in polypropylene catalysis, processes, and products. He led the development of commercial catalysts from laboratory to pilot plant and plant, was involved in studies of waste minimization during catalyst production, and participated in new catalyst pilot plant and plant design efforts. He worked on improving the gas-phase process and suggested various approaches of producing copolymers. Expert has studied and is familiar with all the available commercial polypropylene processes and their unique advantages. The CD catalyst he helped develop produces the best available impact copolymer in the market, along with other advanced products.

A main area of Expert's expertise is in horizontal gas-phase reactors used in polypropylene and copolymer manufacturing. He is also familiar with all other processes for the manufacturing of polyethylene and polypropylene products such as fluid-bed gas-phase, bulk, slurry, and solution processes. Polyolefin manufacturing is also discussed in Expert's short course.

Expert is familiar with the commercial production and application of these copolymers, particularly the effects of catalyst and process relative to the polymer quality and properties. He has discussed copolymer property enhancements through the use of metallocene catalysts in his short course and in several commissioned reports to polyolefin producers. He has been a member of a task force for the production of advanced impact copolymers.

Manipulation of air sensitive compounds is a key ingredient of any research and development work in olefin polymerization. Use of glove boxes and nitrogen inert atmosphere is a must. Expert has solid experience in this area, which covers also the effects of impurities in the polymerization process. Aluminum alkyls are components of the polymerization catalyst system. The use of the right aluminum alkyl at the proper concentration, relative to the transition metal catalyst, along with a modifier, is a matter of utmost importance for pre- and polymerization processes. Expert has worked in this area for over two dozen years and has several patented inventions.

Expert has developed laboratory methods for the palladium catalyzed (cyclo)carbonylation of aromatic compounds (e.g., benzene and CO to benzophenone and anthraquinone). He also developed a process for the production of aniline from toluene (benzoic acid), which had been a candidate for scale-up. This is a transition metal catalyzed reaction, primarily with Cu++. The carbonylation and amination work is covered in several patents and academic publications, and has been cited frequently in the chemical literature.


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1979 Degree: MBA Subject: Business Institution: University of Connecticut
Year: 1964 Degree: PhD Subject: Inorganic Chemistry Institution: University of Stuttgart, Germany
Year: 1959 Degree: BS/MS Subject: Chemistry Institution: University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1994 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Intenational Consultant Department:
Clients include Exxon Chemical, DOW, Fina and PetroFina (now Total), Uniroyal, Engelhard, EKO
Chemicals (Greece), Samsung Chemical (Korea), LG Chemical (Korea),Catalyst Consultants.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1979 to 1994 Employer: OAKWOOD Consulting Title: Principal Department:
Active participation in almost every company project (list available). Collaboration with Xytel Co in the design and manufacture of Polyethylene/Polypropyle Pilot Plants. Expert Witness.
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1972 to 1979 Employer: STAUFFER CHEMICAL Title: Senior Research Chemist Department:
● Leader in the development and commercialization of the Amoco CD catalyst. Project team coordinator for
catalyst activity and morphology improvements.
● Conceived and developed a proprietary route to controlled-morphology supported polyolefin catalysts.
● Worked closely with outside company personnel to scale-up catalyst production in pilot plant and semiworks
● Based on these efforts a world-class multi-million catalyst plant was built in Texas now owned and operated
by BASF, to serve Amoco's (Ineos') and licensees' needs.
● Part of the invention was licensed by international companies for use in their catalyst manufacturing

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1969 to 1972 Employer: AMERICAN CYANAMID Title: Senior Research Chemist Department:
Senior Research Chemist
Conducted R&D in new catalytic processes involving aromatic hydrocarbons.
●Conceived and developed a novel catalytic process for the production of aniline via ammonolysis of benzoic
acid. Process highlighted by several publications and textbooks, discussed in a special report by Chem Systems.
Considered for commercialization, featured considerable capital cost savings.
● Introduced a method for tile preparation of anthraquinone via cyclocarbonylation of benzene.
●Successfully solved problems in metal-catalyzed oxidation, nitration, coupling and cyclization of aromatic
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1966 to 1969 Employer: MONSANTO Title: Research Chemist Department:
Research Chemist
Conducted R&D in electrocatalysis, bio-fuel cell.
●Increased the catalytic activity by an order of magnitude of several chelates and coordination compounds for
use in implantable artificial heart (NIH project).
Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1964 to 1966 Employer: MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Title: Post Doctoral Department:
●Pioneered work on a new class of organic peroxides, the trioxides.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Expert is a member of the American Chemical Society and Society of Plastics Engineers.
Awards / Recognition
He is listed in Who's Who in America.

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