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Expert has extensive experience in Software Project Management of over 20 years in federal and commercial sectors. He has managed projects involving application development, system integration that required integration of commercial software products (COTS) with application code, software conversion, and re-hosting existing application on a different technology platform. The projects involved a variety of applications, software technologies, and technology platforms including e-Business, e-commerce, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise resource Planning, Data Bases (Oracle, Sybase), C++, Java, Fortran, and Scripting languages.

Expert has applied his project management skills to successfully execute programs and projects in federal and commercial sectors to deliver intended results to sponsors. The largest program he managed had a duration of 2 1/2 years, peak staff of 150 professionals, and a budget of $50 million to implement a complex satellite ground data processing subsystem to support multiple satellites for NASA. He has also managed many small projects on fixed price contracts successfully, which involved short implementation cycles, high risk, and integration of cutting-edge technologies. For example, he proposed and managed a fixed price contract to implement a customer service application leveraging Internet technologies to server 16 million customers of Capital One in 4 months from concept to delivery. He was certified by the Project Management Institute as a Project Management professional in 1999. Based on his successes in achieving financial targets (P&L, revenue, delivery, and customer satisfaction), IBM Center of project Management Excellence certified him to manage large, complex projects during his employment with IBM. This certification went significantly beyond the PMI certification.

Expert applies his deep sills and broad experience in conducting project audits and assessments either as a routine best practice or as a fact-finding measure for turnaround of a troubled project. He was also trained in IBM in project assessment methodology. After his certification in Project management by the IBM Project Management Center of excellence, following PMI certification, he led an audit of a $10 million project in Newport News Shipbuilding as part of IBM's best practice. He also led the project assessment of three subsystems of a large $80 million ERP contract IBM had at Lockheed Martin in Atlanta which was in trouble and a risk of contract termination.

Expert has used and applied Earned Value System to plan and monitor Projects and Program progress since the 1980s. He was trained extensively in the use and application of Earned Value System when he was managing a $50 million NASA program as an employee of Hughes Information Technology Company. Large Federal contracts have a requirement to use, implement, and apply earned value system and demonstrate the discipline to auditors when requested. The NASA auditors audited his program and the $1 billion program of his employer. His program, staff, and the earned value system were rated very highly by the NASA auditors earning him a promotion and more responsibilities. He has applied the Earned value system as a Project Management Discipline on many projects at commercial clients even if it is not generally required in commercial sector clients.

Expert has applied risk identification, risk mitigation, and risk management techniques for his projects and the consulting engagements at his clients. He is trained in risk management at IBM and Accenture and has applied the techniques successfully to reduce or manage the risk for his clients. He has developed the course materials and conducted workshops at USDA Food and Nutrition Service to train their mid-level staff in managing risk on their contracts and initiatives.

Expert has applied different project planning techniques to different projects depending on whether it was a software project, business process improvement project, or business performance improvement project. However, there are some aspects that are common to any project planning. They include identification of all tasks, inter-task dependencies, resource and skill requirements, and risk profile of a project. Expert has considered these aspects for any project he plans or manages. This technique of project planning has served him and his clients well with an impressive track record of achievement, success, and delivery of intended business results.

Expert has extensive experience in writing proposals for Federal and commercial clients. He was trained in many courses on writing winning proposals during his employment with Hughes, Computer Sciences Corporation, IBM, and Accenture. He has led many small and large winning proposals. He led the preparation of the technical volume on a $300 million winning proposal Accenture submitted to the City of New York for the build-up, development, and operation of a citywide information assistance system (called 311 to offload call volume from 911 and 411). He led a winning proposal of $70 million as an executive (at Associate Partner Level) of Accenture for Siebel Implementation of Sales Automation. Since co-founding his company 5 years ago, he has written many winning proposals ranging from $50,000 for training to $500,000 project management support that led to a contract with a federal or commercial client. Over the course of his 20 plus years of experience, he has worked on many proposals that have taught him what works and what does not.

Expert has assisted clients to perform strategic planning during his employment at IBM and Accenture and more recently at clients for his own company- Dash group, Inc. For example, he led the strategic assessment of the technical infrastructure, business processes, organization, and staff skills at McGraw-Hill Education to determine the capability gaps that would have compromised the execution of key initiatives for business growth. Following this assessment with detailed planning, he developed a roadmap laying out strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and competitive threats. He developed a set of recommendations and initiatives for the client executives to consider and assisted them in developing implementation plans for the recommendations that were accepted. He performed similar work at Fleet/ Bank of Boston, and other clients of IBM and Accenture.

He has assisted the clients in improving the operations. He has identified the operational inefficiencies resulting from outdated business processes, poor management of quality, inefficient infrastructure, and inadequate internal controls. The improvements he suggested and implemented have benefited his clients including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and McGraw-Hill.

Expert has used project execution scheduling to facilitate the successful execution of a project or program. He takes into account the inter-task dependencies, resource constraints, resource smoothing considerations, risk profile, and unique constraints of cut-over or parallel operations to ensure that a well planned and a well implemented project does not get compromised due to inadequate execution planning. He has been using project execution planning on every assignment and more recently at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

He has assisted clients and his employers in improvement of business processes to reduce waste, improve internal controls, improve efficiency, and cut costs. He led a business process re-engineering initiate at Freddie Mac that automated the business process for financial reconciliation of receivables and invoices coming from vendors. He used a commercial product called "Check-Free" to automate the process. Successful implementation resulted in cost savings of over $250,000 on a monthly basis. He led other business process improvement initiatives at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae that reduced the cycle time and facilitated faster accounting close, resulted in significant cost savings, and/or improved compliance with required standards.

Project scheduling takes the project plans and applies detailed operational details to break the high level tasks into manageable small tasks that can be scheduled, managed, and tracked on a day-to-day level. He has strong experience in this aspect. Please see Project Management, Project Planning, and Project Execution Scheduling paragraphs for more details.

He has applied the concept of "Life-Cycle-Cost" in evaluating a product, planning a project, and performing trade-offs to determine business benefits of a proposed initiative for his clients or employers. He has used different models and techniques depending upon the product, project, or initiative at hand. He has been careful in estimating maintenance, licensing, and training costs that often get overlooked in life cycle cost calculations.

He advised and assisted the Senior Vice President of Product and Marketing technologies of McGraw-Hill Education in planning and managing an enterprise wide CRM and e-Business initiative to grow business. The business objectives were to grow online presence, increase revenues, and improve customer satisfaction across the enterprise from multiple product lines and business units by leveraging company assets and new technologies.

This was the first contract he won after co-founding Dash Group, Inc. The credibility and client relationships he established while at McGraw-Hill during his employment with Accenture helped him get this consulting assignment.

He assisted in the development of business case. He built consensus by conducting meetings with over 30 business executives from various business units on sticky issues such as pricing, sales credit, revenue credit, ownership of product lines, cross-selling protocols, etc. He planned the program, cost and resource estimates, and implementation strategy. He also assisted in technology selection to select e-Commerce platform and vendors (Blue martini, Oracle). He assisted in source selection by recommending a small list of potential integration vendors (IBM, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, etc.), led the development of the RFP, and assisted in the selection of the vendor. He set-up processes to make it easy to oversee the project. The business objectives were to grow online presence, increase revenues, and improve customer satisfaction across the enterprise from multiple product lines and business units.As a partner in the making for Accenture's CRM practice, he was sent to McGraw-Hill Education to smooth out the dissatisfaction of some McGraw-Hill executives with the Accenture team who was implementing an $87 million ERP project. He assessed the situation and convinced concerned client executives that Accenture solution and implementation strategy will support rather than restrict future e-Business Initiatives. He restored client relationship and in the process received more business for Accenture in the form of a small ($300 K) consulting engagement to assess e-Business Infrastructure and its ability to support strategic business initiatives. He managed the engagement successfully, which positioned Accenture to get multi-million dollar business prior to leaving the McGraw-Hill account.Within a month after joining Accenture as an executive (Associate Partner Level) he was sent to assist Champion International in Cincinnati. His mission was to assist the management of the company in assessing the technology strategy and plan the CRM/e-Business initiatives. In 6 weeks he accomplished the objective and sold the idea of giving Acecnture a $12 million contract for CRM implementation without having an open competition. In this role he made frequent presentations to the executives and the board. However, the project was put on hold when International Paper acquired the company a month after the project began.During his tenure in Accenture as an associate partner level executive he was sent to troubleshoot and fix many faltering Accenture consulting engagement that either had a client relationship problem or a technology implementation related problem. He came through each of the challenges with flying colors that restored the client relationship and/or brought the implementation on track but in many cases led to additional business for Accenture. Some of his consulting troubleshooting clients included, Fleet/Bank of Boston, Cablevision, Canadian National Railroad, etc. During his tenure in IBM Global Services, he was sent to lead or participate in Project and Contract Audits on strategic contracts that were in trouble. A couple of examples include the following: 1) He led the project audit at Newport News Shipbuilding, Norfolk where IBM had a multi-million consulting engagement for SAP implementation and training. 2) He participated in the project audit and led the work on 3 of the 6 systems at Lockheed Martin on an $80 million consulting contract IBM was executing.

The other success for him was at Capital One Financial Corporation in Richmond, where he was instrumental in getting the first consulting engagement for IBM in Capital One and establishing IBM there as a main services vendor. He managed the fixed price contract at Capital One successfully, met the client expectation, met the profit targets set at him at 30%, and built a solid client relationship which led to an additional $3 million business before he left the account to assume his new role of Principal. This role entailed business development and Profit and Loss responsibility for all work in the accounts assigned to him.

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Reading, Pennsylvania - Lancaster, Pennsylvania - Baltimore, Maryland - Frederick, Maryland - Gaithersburg, Maryland - Bowie, Maryland - Wilmington, Delaware - Vineland, New Jersey - Alexandria, Virginia

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1993 Degree: MBA Subject: General Management Institution: George Mason University
Year: 1983 Degree: MS Subject: Computer Science Institution: Johns Hopkins University
Year: 1977 Degree: MS Subject: Operations Research Institution: M.S. University, Baroda, India
Year: 1975 Degree: BS Subject: Statistics Institution: M.S. University, Baroda, India

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2002 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Vice President Department: . Responsibilities: He is responsible for day-to-day operations of this small start-up business he co-founded. Responsibilities include contract oversight, contract management, business development, marketing, and hiring. He won and managed five contracts to-date: 1. Corporate Governance related Project management oversight over IT and business teams for Earnings Restatement related projects involving Sarbanes-Oxley and improvement in internal controls, business process improvement, and faster processing by implementation of application software at Fannie Mae. 2. Program management consulting to assist the Sr. Vice President of Enterprise Oversight Office in executing key initiatives related to improving the effectiveness of operations through business process improvement, application development, and change management. 3. Project coordination contract in support of GSA'a Interagency Committee for Government Information. 4. Risk management training to mid-level staff at USDA Food and Nutrition Service. 5. Management consulting to the Senior Vice president of product and marketing technologies to conceptualize and execute an enterprise wide CRM and e-commerce initiative from business case development through design and implementation.
Years: 2000 to 2002 Employer: Accenture Title: Undisclosed Department: CRM Practice Responsibilities: Practice development, business development, management of consulting engagements, hiring, and mentoring of junior staff. Some successes include: 1) Turnaround of a troubled contract and management of a fixed price e-Business consulting engagement aimed at evaluating the company strategy and the adequacy of supporting infrastructure at McGraw-Hill. 2) Technology and source selection consulting engagement at Fleet/Bank of Boston based on the company's technology strategy. 3) Development of CRM based service offerings for Fortune 500 clients to reduce costs and increase revenue. 4) Directing the development of a service/product offering with Microsoft and Siebel as alliance partners. 5) Leading the technical side of a $300 winning proposal for the City of New York. 6) Leading a $70 million winning proposal for a CRM based implementation and integration with Siebel for Marriott International.
Years: 1997 to 2000 Employer: IBM Title: Undisclosed Department: Global Services Division Responsibilities: Management of consulting engagements including P&L in accounts assigned to him, assistance in business development, hiring, and mentoring. Some successes include: 1) Established service account for IBM Global services at Capital One Financial Corporation with a winning fixed price e-business proposal and successful management of the contract meeting the profit and customer satisfaction targets. 2) Key contribution on a winning $10 million consulting engagement at Sallie Mae and managing the initial phase of the contract. 3) Program and Contract evaluations and audits at Lockheed Martin and Newport Shipbuilding and recommendations for turnaround. 4) Contribution in the update of the project management and system integration methodology of IBM.
Years: 1993 to 1997 Employer: Undisclosed Title: Senior Development Manager Department: Undisclosed Responsibilities: Manage and oversee multiple system integration and software development projects in support of NASA with a responsibility to build and manage a line organization of 150 professionals with annual budget of $25 Million. Some successes include:
1) Successful implementation and installation of an infrastructure prototype at four NASA sites as part of the initial engineering release on a $800 million program.
2) Turnaround of a troubled contract at (Undisclosed) and positioning employer for subsequent business after successful building of client relationship and delivery of an enhanced finger-print identification system designed for use at 200 border patrol station.
3) Successful delivery of multiple software development projects in support of the scientific community in USA, Japan, and Europe engaged in conducting earth sciences research.
Years: 1983 to 1993 Employer: Undisclosed Title: Software Engineering Department Manager Department: Undisclosed Responsibilities: Manage and oversee multiple software development projects in support of NASA and NOAA, with a responsibility to manage a line organization of 50 and annual budget of $5 Million.
Years: 1982 to 1983 Employer: Undisclosed Title: Analyst Department: Undisclosed Responsibilities: Analysis of spacecraft data for quality assurance.
Years: 1977 to 1980 Employer: Proctor and Gamble Title: Undisclosed Department: Bombay, India subsidiary Responsibilities: Manage the production planning and inventory control operations of this factory that supplied ethical and over the counter drugs to India and South Asia.

Government Experience

Years Agency Role Description
Years: 2004 to 2005 Agency: USDA Role: Undisclosed Description: He wrote a proposal that was selected from 8 proposals to win the contract to develop and deliver a 1-day workshop for the mid-level staff of the Food and Nutrition Service at each of their regional centers around the country on Risk Taking to bring about organizational change. He led the preparation and delivery of the workshop in 8 regional centers around the country successfully.
Years: 2004 to 2005 Agency: General Services Administration Role: Undisclosed Description: He led the proposal response prepartion in response to a GSA MOBIS schedule RFQ, won the contract, and managed the contract that provided project administrative support to GSA's Interagency Committee for Government Information.
Years: 1980 to 1997 Agency: NASA Role: Undisclosed Description: He started as an analyst on NASA's Landsat program and rose through the ranks to become Software Development manager in 1986 and then became the Program/Project Manager and led the development of the Engineering Infrastructure in support of NASA's EOSDIS program on a $800 Million program that his employer won.
Years: 1987 to 1988 Agency: Jet Propulsion Lab/ NASA Role: Undisclosed Description: He assisted in Business Development and managed technical staff of 10 on a contract which was the first his employer (Computer Sciences Corp.) won in Jet Proulsion Lab. The goal set for him was to develop client relationship and showcase the first contract to get addditional business. He met the goal and returned to the East Coast for family Considerations.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 1997 to 1998 Country / Region: India - Mumbai (formerly Bombay) Summary: During his tenure in IBM, he was helping develop a software solution/product aimed at increasing the sales of IBM High-end commercial printers. He was leading this project from the technical side. Some work on the product/solution development was shipped to India to a subcontractor (a pre-cursor to what we now call outsourcing) by one of the start-up companies that IBM was working with. His experience included oversight of the work performed in offshore site and ensuring that the offshore team had understood objectives, schedules, and technical requirements and nothing was lost in translation from the business requirements by the offshore team.
Years: 1977 to 1979 Country / Region: India - Mumbai Summary: Full-time job with Proctor and Gamble's Indian Subsidiary as an Executive Trainee in the Factory on Materials Management and Production Planning side.
Years: 2000 to 2002 Country / Region: Low Labor Cost Regions - Thailand, Ireland Summary: During his Accenture employment as an executive at Associate partner Level in CRM practice, he assessed, visited, and took clients to potential and actual off-shore work locations in India, Thailand, Ireland to leverage the low-cost advantage on business opportunities. This was important as the technical bust of 2001-2002 was becoming evident and Accenture was losing business on account of price.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Membership with PMI under renewal
Licenses / Certifications
PMI certification in Project Management in 1999.
IBM certification to manage large, complex projects during his employment at IBM. PMI certification was a prerequisite for the IBM certification.
Awards / Recognition
Many NASA awards - Individual and for teams managed by him for Quality, outstanding acheivements.
Publications and Patents Summary
Honorarium Award from Computer Scoences Coproration for the co-authoring of a paper on techniques to improve software quality.

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
Risk Taking to Bring About Organizational Change - A 6-hour workshop developed for USDA Food and Nutrition Service managers and mid-level staff under a contract with USDA and conducted at each of the 8 regional centers in 2004-2005.
Vendor Selection
1. As a consultant to Corporate Planning Group of Fannie Mae, he managed an initiative to develop Strategic Roadmap to improve the corporate Planning and Forecasting process. As part of this initiative, he assisted in development of Request For Proposal (RFP), selection of vendors (Deloitte, IBM, Boutique consulting firms, etc.) to invite to bid on the initiative, analysis of vendor responses and presentations, and selection of a vendor to assist in the details and implementation using the Hyperion Corporate Performance Management software suite. 2. As part of an initiative to improve business process in accounts payable area that he directed at Freddie Mac, he assisted in the vendor (Check-free) selection. The Check-free product was used to automate the reconciliation of vendor invoices involving thousands of transactions with the transactions captured by the loan origination software. 3. While assisting Senior Vice President of McGraw-Hill Education as a consultant on an enterprise wide e-business unit spanning 12 business units, selected a small sample of companies to be invited to bid on a $15 million contract. Developed RFP, attended vendor presentations, analyzed vendor responses, and recommended a vendor. 4. As an Accenture executive, while on engagement at Bank of Boston/ Fleet, advised on vendor selection for enterprise customer relationship management software vendors
Marketing Experience
At Accenture, led the technical side of a market offering Accenture developed in a joint venture with Microsoft Avanade and Siebel to promote sales of Microsoft .net platform products to host Siebel.
Led and participated on multiple marketing and business development initiatives at Accenture, IB, and Dash Group, Inc.. A few examples include:
1. Technical volume of a winning $300 million bid with City of New York.
2. $70 million proposal for Marriott International which beat the competitions but was unfortunately put on hold during the Tech-Bust of 2001-2002 by Marriott.
3. Instrumental in establishing IBM Global Services as a vendor to Capital One Financial Corporation with a win of $2 million contract, managed it successfully, and received another $3 million contract.
4. Won many small contracts for Dash Group, Inc. - Prime contracts at GSA, USDA, and McGraw-Hill and subcontracts at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac during 2002-2007
5. Executive presentations to small and large audiences of corporate executives in Fortune 500 companies during his employment with Accenture, IBM, and Hughes.
Other Relevant Experience
High-end consulting experience during employment with Accenture and IBM at many Fortune 500 companies involving Strategic assessment, program/project evaluations and planning, Business Process re-engineering, Program Management, Technology insertion, and System Integration.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
Hindi The language is spoken in most of India and this capability is important given India's current position as the main offshore work performing country. He has studied it in school for 7 years and is proficient in reading and speaking. He can do acceptable business writing but is not proficient.
Marathi This language is spoken in and around Bombay (Mumbai) and Pune, which are two hot spots in terms of offshore work locations for US and European corporations. This is his mother tongue and he has studied it for 7 years in school.
Gujarati This language is spoken in the State of Gujarat, North of Bombay where many manufacturing companies from USA and Europe are setting up offshore capability. He is proficient in this language and was one of his optional languages to learn.

Fields of Expertise

software project management, information technology, information systems (discipline), project management, project assessment, project appraisal, risk management, project risk management, project planning, strategic planning, operations management, organizational transformation, technical management, technology operations management, business process re-engineering, Information technology outsourcing, Sarbanes-Oxley, corporate governance, hiring, internal controls, offshore operations, business analysis, enterprise risk management, contract service management, business process management, e-business process engineering, business development, business strategy, business operations, cross-functional team, mentoring, overall cycle time, project execution planning, team building, project review, business management, integrated product team, life-cycle cost, proposal writing, process planning, project scheduling software, Microsoft Project Manager, project cost management, project planning software, information technology management, value analysis program management, project cost control, project cost estimation, project cost engineering, operational auditing, strategic quality planning, business re-engineering, materials management, technology management, project management software selection, optimization, business system design, engineering management, quality management, quality engineering, project scheduling, production management, process optimization, planning, earned-value system

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