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Expert in Ophthalmology, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Contact Lenses, Spectacles, Eye Disease, Oculoplastic Surgery

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As an active member of the Board of Trustees for the North Carolina Prevent Blindness Foundation, Expert is involved with several other community service projects. He donates time and equipment for projects that include screening migrant workers for correctable vision problems, participating in the annual glaucoma screenings in Raleigh, and assisting medical students and residents at Wake County Medical Center. He also donates stipends from his continuing lecture series on diabetes, glaucoma, and eye diseases to the Prevent Blindness North Carolina Foundation, and serves the state legislature and the North Carolina Medical Society as "Doctor of the Day."

In addition to being a recipient of the AMA Community Service Award, Expert received the Physician's Recognition Award in 1990 and 1995. In response to this recognition, particularly his most recent award, he said, "It was unexpected to receive this attention. I hope it raises awareness of physicians' commitment to community and the work they have always done in providing services to the poor." The goal of raising the public's awareness about community involvement by practicing physicians is one intent of the Community Service Award established by the AMA Young Physicians Section.

The series of community projects established by Expert has attracted statewide and national attention for both him and his colleagues. His medical associates have commented that such commitment seems more typical of the "old-time family doctor." Indeed, in all occupations today, not only medical practice, it is rare to see this level of kindness, generosity, and compassion extended without some type of tangible or financial reward. Recently, Expert was quoted as saying, "Simple, voluntary acts of kindness and charity are repaid ten times over, usually in unpredictable ways." He continues, "I was fortunate to find people at Wake Medical Center, Glaxo Wellcome, Durham Technical College, and Prevent Blindness North Carolina who still believe in this." Together, Expert believes, the synergy created by these groups allowed them to accomplish more than anyone could have imagined. This collaborative effort has resulted in medical care and services for many patients who otherwise would have gone untreated. In many instances, it has given patients the gift of sight, which may not have been possible without the work of Expert and his colleagues.



Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1985 Degree: M.D. Subject: Medicine Institution: University of North Carolina School of Medicine
Year: 1981 Degree: A.B. Subject: Chemistry Institution: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Work History

Years Employer Title Department
Years: 1989 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: President/Manager Department:
Available upon request.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
Fellow, American Academy of Ophthalmology; Prevent Blindness NC Board of Trustees; NC Medical Society; AMA; Wake County Medical Society.
Licenses / Certifications
NC Doctor of Medicine, DEA Registration, Ophthalmology Board Certification.
Medical / Professional
Ophthalmology Resident, U.T.M.B., Galveston, Texas (1989); Internal Medicine Resident, New Hannover Memorial Hospital, Wilmington, NC (1986)
Publications and Patents Summary
He has written articles in peer-reviewed journals, one book, and developed and delivered numerous presentations.

Fields of Expertise

advanced glycosylation end products, aniseikonia, artificial eye, artificial pupil, blepharoplasty, blepharospasm, blindness, cataract, cataract surgery, color blindness, color vision physiology, conjunctivitis, contact lens, converging lens, crystalline lens, epikeratophakia, eye care, eye enucleation, eye evisceration, eye injury, eye physiology, eyeglasses, filtering surgery, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, immunohistochemistry, infectious ocular disease, intraocular lens, intraocular lens implantation, iridectomy, keratotomy, laser ophthalmology, ocular disease, oculoplastic surgery, ophthalmic pharmaceutical product, ophthalmology, optometry, orbital evisceration, orthokeratology, trabeculoplasty, vision loss prevention, scleroplasty, light coagulation, sclerostomy, dacryocystostomy, keratoconjunctivitis sicca, ocular transplant, pediatric ophthalmology, active pharmaceutical ingredient, subluxation, visual wellness, orbital surgery, Food and Drug Administration laser safety regulation, color laser printer, eye safety, electromagnetic radiation detection, electronystagmography, laser focusing, eyewash solution, conjunctiva, Bacillus subtilis, adenovirus, chemical handling, cornea, goggles, facemask, alignment telescope, aiming beam, calcium fluoride, adsorption indicator, laser ablation, Bjerrum screen, alignment laser, aqueous humor, accessible radiation, absolute luminance threshold, head injury, human nutrition, fluorescein isothiocyanate, fluorescein, capsicum, fovea centralis, ophthalmic glass, field lens, focus, eyepiece, diopter, coherent radiation, binocular vision, binoculars, laser optics, laser operation, eye protective equipment, immunofluorescence laboratory blood analyzer, immunofluorescence, laser safety, flying-spot scanning, coherent laser, Doppler laser radar, eye drop solution, color, continuous wave laser, electromagnetic radiation, image analysis, choroid, eye function, eye, elastic property, surgery, laser, laser printer, laser alignment system, infrared laser, human health assessment, fluorescence, excimer laser, dye, coherent optics, blood flow

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