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27 years in two leading petroleum multi-national organizations: 15 years with Mobil Oil in Egypt and 12 years with BPME in Dubai. Jobs have included extensive cross-functional and cross cultural dealings.
Bilingual English and Arabic training, teaching and lecturing for over three decades. Lubricant Technical, HSE & Sales Training, for 19 years, in addition to running in-house training, designed and delivered over 80 customers technical & HSE seminars plus numerous in-house workshops in the ME, Iran, Subcontinent & Ethiopia in both English & Arabic to audiences with extensively diversified educational backgrounds and cultures

Technical-sales for lubricants. Over three decades of experience and support including eight years of lubricant lab QC & UOA. Specializing in B2B/Commercial sales force support through product recommendations, optimisation, customer site visits and Used Oil Analysis programs. Agent and Distributor sales staff technical training & support. Direct sales experience to B2B segment in the Middle East. For three years, handled BPME's UAE sales to and coordinated regional relationships with Automotive OEMs & Franchised Workshops (FWS).

Purchaser, International and local. Seven years of negotiation and handling multi-million dollar purchases for Mobil Egypt and BP Middle East lubricants, lubricant additives and base oils.

Laboratory procedures and management. Eight years hands on experience in working and managing a lubricants lab. Handled lubricant formulating and testing, raw material and fresh oil QC and renovated Used Oil Analysis Programs. Provided technical support and coordinated with Plant Ops & Production in two Lube Oil Blending Plants.

Appointed Lubricants Technical Services consultant in Middle East for BP
Appointed Lubricants Technical Services consultant for Castrol Dist in Iran
Lubricant Laboratory setup and staff trainingAdvising or handling alternate formulating and raw material purchasingLubricant staff and customer trainer


Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1993 Degree: MBA Subject: Business Institution: American University in Cario
Year: 1977 Degree: BSc Subject: Chemistry Institution: American University in Cario

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2009 to Present Employer: Undisclosed Title: Consultant & Trainer Department: Consultancy Responsibilities: Owner and GM of a consultantcy based in Canada with a sister concern in the UAE.
Technical and Management consultant for Kimia Garan Sanat Rooz. Producers of water test kits and treatment chemicals and Metal Production Fluids.
Technical consultant for NetLube Automotive lubes division and distributors of the Castrol Brand, Iran.
Regional Technical consultant for BP Middle East Automotive lubes division, Dubai. Annual contract renewed for second time in mid-2010.
Public Speaker; invited on two occasions in 2009 to give management talks to the Dubai Community Development Authority once to selected staff and once at leadership retreat.
Years: 2000 to 2009 Employer: BP Middle East Regional Office –Dubai Title: B2B Sales and Technical Services Manager Department: Lubricant Sales Responsibilities: Directly handled sales into the OEM Franchise Workshops sector in UAE. 2007 doubled margins vs. ‘06 and in ‘08 redoubled the ’06 margins vs. 20% annual volume growth.
Trained Salesmen on Selling Benefits, Value Addition and Competing thru Quality.
Promoted, as value propositions, BP’s four brands & Services in regional customer visits.
Technical trouble-shooting and provided customers with practical/cost effective solutions.
Arranged, designed and ran technical, HSE and multi-brand promotional seminars.
Conducted lubricant technical applications & product training for BP Group in ME & Iran.
Set up, contracted trainers & coordinated third Party training courses.
Handled, Upgraded and re-launched the Lubricants’ Used Oil Analysis program, which assisted in securing several large customers as a marketing tool.
Took initiative and handled technical aspects of a BP Social Investment Program built around Road Safety based on Brake Fluid Testing. Worked with Dubai Traffic Dept.
Represented Lubricant Dept. on HSSE committee and responsible for plotting BPME’s Dubai Head Office Health map for 2008.
Years: 1998 to 1999 Employer: First Alex Title: Sales and Marketing Manager Department: Sales and Marketing Responsibilities: Lead Marketing & Sales function.
Introduced and sold several new product lines and handled sales-force training in company.
Provided consultancy for Universal Confectionery Company- Amroussi & Hofmann.
Consulted for Water Egypt on retainer basis, marketing & sales.
Technical bi-lingual seminars for BP Middle East - in the region on daily retainer basis.
Years: 1997 to 1998 Employer: First Alex Title: Deputy GM Department: Speciality Chemicals Responsibilities: Ran the Dubai office reporting to Obegi Chemical's Group's Managing Director in Brussels.
Managed the company's budget and product & market portfolios.
Surpassed set volume and margin targets for the year.
Directly marketed specialty chemicals to several of the company's larger customers.
Opened new markets in the region and grew customer base.
Successfully re-negotiated price agreements with all suppliers and company’s Head Office in Brussels for competitive purchase and transfer price levels and new products.
Years: 1996 to 1996 Employer: First Alex Title: Sales and Marketing Manager Department: Sales and Marketing Responsibilities: Set-up & managed the marketing function and handled sales force recruiting & training.
Acted as the Technical Consultant to Paramins (Esso Chemicals, automotive additive division) for sales into the Egyptian government sector on percentage basis.
Technical bi-lingual seminars for BP Middle East - in the region on daily retainer basis.
Years: 1993 to 1996 Employer: First Alex Title: Regional Technical Manager Department: Lubricants Responsibilities: Technical Lectures in over 40 major customer seminars in both English and Arabic to audiences with diverse backgrounds.
Held customer meetings in the Gulf countries aimed at promoting BP's products & services and enhancing BP's professional and customer-oriented image.
Guardian of Quality and responsible for formula updates and modifications.
Ran first regional additive tender and sourced additives internationally with positive effect on the bottom line of around 150K US$.
Introduced ISO Tank delivery to the plant after working out all HSE & Operational aspects.
Acted as Lube Oil Blending Plant HSE Auditor for over 18 months and handled all technical issues related to lubricant blending, storage & handling.
Advised on technically related operational plant issues.
Assisted in the Lab Attaining the ISO9000 certification and did internal auditing for 2 years.
Headed an in-house "Kaizen" team study, which lead to trimming and systematizing annual adjustments of the BPME product line.
Created BPME's "Used Oil Analysis Program" which since has been a marketing tool.
Represented BPME on the Dubai Quality Group.
Years: 1986 to 1993 Employer: Mobil Oil Egypt Title: Lube Oil Supply and Costing Supervisor Department: Commercal Sales Dept. & Training Specialist Responsibilities: Handled Mobil Oil Egypt’s raw materials, blending formulations and their updates.
Controlled 15MM$ inventory & order points of lubricant raw materials & imported products.
Costed additive package combinations to ensure optimum product cost for quality.
Handled and single handedly recommended 10MMUS$ of annual additive purchasing and negotiated their price and supply terms with international suppliers.
Represented Mobil in negotiations on base stock, foreign currency and additives & imported products Dollar quota allocations with the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation and in Mobil Europe’s annual additive purchasing meetings in the UK.
Conducted price studies & prepared documentation for the setup phase of Export Sales.
Represented the Marketing Department on the Company’s Export Quality Committee.
Prototyped Export shipments into various markets.
Computerised and connected sales, formulations, inventories and costs into a inter-related spreadsheet that was basis of a Linear Programming model that he ran and taught internally to decide on the ideal sales mix based on a Linear Programming model.
Schematized the Supply function of MOE for J.D.Edwards mainframe program upgrading.
Conducted a complete technical evaluation of slow moving & written-off raw materials and lubes resulting in the use of over 85% of these products & freeing of a large storage area.
Devised and computerized company sales & profitability management reports.
Organised, designed, delivered and evaluated the effectiveness of in-house programs for the Commercial Sales function on Salesmanship, Time Management, and Quality as a Competitive Tool, Communication & Presentation Skills, Salesmen Commercial Entry Level and several technical issues.
Devised and conducted customer and in-house technical lectures and seminars.
Years: 1977 to 1985 Employer: Mobil Oil Egypt Title: Chemist & Chief Chemist Department: Commercial Sales Dept. Responsibilities: Supervised and updated laboratory facilities and cut sample analysis time by 50%.
Solely computerized all the lab’s reporting and introduced computerized Used Oil Analysis.
Devised trouble free, economical standards and solvent system based on Jet A-1 fuel for use in Atomic Absorption. This was tested in Saudi and was approved and later used by the instrument producer, Perkin Elmer, in Egypt and the region. Same system became international years later.
Set-up QC procedures for bulk additive receipt & assisted LOBP Operations during receipt.
Analyzed raw materials and fresh & used lubricants using ASTM, IP and Mobil standards.
Introduced Mobil Egypt to computerized Infrared analysis and lubricant Atomic Absorption.

International Experience

Years Country / Region Summary
Years: 1993 to Present Country / Region: Extensive Coverage of Middle East Summary: Technical support and sales in the Middle East based in Dubai.

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Worked with a team of lawyers on the technical aspects of a 1ne million USD compensation case in which the quality of the lubricant and its performance were being blamed for the failure of a large rotary kiln in a state-owned factory in Syria. I managed to swing the case to the advantage of the defendant company by referring through the factory documents to handling and storage parameters which proved the accuser's operational fault rather than the oil quality. I received a symbolic spot bonus in recognition for the role I played.
Training / Seminars
a) Lubricant Technical, HSE & Sales Training, for 19 years, in addition to running in-house training, designed and delivered over 80 customers technical & HSE seminars plus numerous in-house workshops in the ME, Iran, Subcontinent & Ethiopia in both English & Arabic and through direct technical interpeters to audiences with extensively diversified educational backgrounds and cultures.
b) Management Training: organised, designed and delivered training in the fields of Commercial Sales, Presentation Skills, Quality, Selling Benefits and general soft skills courses.
c) Delivered tailor made corporate talks on Leadership and on Competing through Quality.
Vendor Selection
A corporate purchaser, International and local. Seven years of representing, negotiating and handling international multi-million dollar purchases for lubricant additives and base oils. for two multinational organizations selling lubricants.
Marketing Experience
Thirty three years of lubricant technical work inclusive of 17 years in the markets with salesforce and customers and five years of formulating and purchasing.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
Arabic Fluent. English and Arabic true bilingual

Fields of Expertise

additive, automotive lubricant, diesel truck synthetic liquid lubricant, extreme-pressure lubricant, gear lubricant, grease, heavy duty diesel truck liquid lubricant, heavy duty diesel truck lubricant, heavy duty diesel truck lubricant additive, heavy duty diesel truck lubricant selection, heavy duty diesel truck lubricating oil, heavy duty diesel truck petroleum lubricant, high-temperature lubricant, hydraulic oil, internal combustion engine lubricant, liquid lubricant, low-temperature lubricant, lubricant, lubricant additive, lubricant blending, lubricant corrosion, lubricant detection, lubricant dispensing, lubricant formulation, lubricant quality, lubricant selection, lubricant testing, lubricating oil, lubricating oil additive, motor oil, motor-oil additive, petroleum lubricant, wear-control lubricant, grease technology, lubricant manufacturing, metal forming lubricant, bearing lubricant, lubricant coating material, American Petroleum Institute, wire drawing lubricant, grease (lubricant) manufacturing, water-based lubricant, lubricant emulsifier, silicone grease, pour-point depressant additive, machine-tool lubricant, pneumatic tool lubricant, bearing lubrication, base oil, sulfonate lubricating oil additive, engine cooling system, machinery lubricant, mechanical chain lubricant, internal combustion engine lubrication system, gear lubrication process, mist lubricant, mold release agent, lubricity, sealing lubricant, gas lubricant, fire-resistant lubricant, corrosion inhibitor

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