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Expert in Phased Array and Antenna Systems, Multifunction Antennas, new business pursuits, proposals

Expert ID: 730383 Georgia, USA

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This expert’s 42-year career has primarily focused on a wide range of phased arrays including: linear,
planar, 3-D, multi-planar, conformal, adaptive, reflect-arrays, lens, multiple-beam, aperiodic, random, wide-
band, multi-band, multifunction, monopulse, wide-scan, limited-scan, low-sidelobe, frequency scanned,
arrays of subarrays, and scanning array-fed reflector antennas. He has worked on arrays for airborne,
space and ground applications.

Airborne Arrays: SATCOM, air-to-air and air-to-ground communication, data links, surveillance radar, anti-
jam arrays, radar warning systems, collection systems, and jammers.

Space Arrays: Small satellite K-band transmit array, launch vehicle SATCOM command and control
phased arrays, wideband signal systems, space-based radar, shuttle Ku/S band communication and
rendezvous radar, shuttle TDRSS arrays and several proprietary activities.

Ground Arrays: Ground to missile interceptor communication phased arrays, wideband multiplanar arrays
for ship data links and SATCOM, tower-mounted arrays, radar reflect-arrays, and nuclear hardened radar
phased arrays.

This expert has written hundreds of Mathcad workbooks for quick predictions of array performance over a
wide range of lattices, shapes, excitations, random and systematic errors, failures, and pattern types. He
has studied the reasons for continued high phased arrays costs documenting the array high cost pedigree,
blurred definition of low-cost, rapid technology growth, and the desire for the “best”.

Reporting to both engineering and business development directors, this expert has provided
customer briefings, tutorials, technical approach white papers, and technical proposals for many years.
He has provided customers (Army, Navy, Air Force, NASA, coast Guard, Homeland Security, airframe and
ship prime contractors, commercial ventures, and proprietary organizations) with antenna system
architectures and concepts.

Because of the complex nature of antenna and phased array systems, this expert has performed
typical systems engineering tasks including preliminary architectures and designs, trade studies, and
quick look analysis in support of pursuits, proposals, IRAD projects and program start-ups. The range of
system hardware hosts contains ships, fixed-ground, ground-mobile, manned and unmanned aircraft,
missiles, blimps, satellites, missiles and the space shuttle.
Other system engineering activities have included: requirements review and analysis, top-down
derivations of system architectures, specification review and development, Concept of Operation
(CONOPS) review and definition, link analysis - system noise temperature calculations, and concurrent

This expert has organized, written, edited, and contributed to more than four dozen technical
proposal volumes and technical white papers. He led successful proposals efforts for programs ranging
from studies to full-scale development with costs from $150K to $13M. Total awards exceed $40M.
He has assisted other proposal efforts on “black-hat” teams, red teams, and as a troubleshooter for
proposals in trouble.

Multifunction antennas are often required on new and updated host vehicles to reduce the number of
antennas, permit better antenna coverage and improve low observability (LO). They require a complex
balance among mission, time lines, frequency bands, coverage, and priorities for access to the antennas
while maintaining control of isolation between the functions. This expert has performed this trade study for
many different airborne and ship applications since

Signed a two week contract to help the creation of a white paper on an advanced near-field measurement facility for the Navy. Staring with no baseline and having little direct technical experience in the field helped organize baseline development, supported multiple customer telecons, created the white paper organization including themes, wrote the executive summary, and helped the authors focus their writing approach to the themes of the white paper.

First year at ViaSAT as a contract consultant. Changed to "casual employee" when corporation ended all contract relationships. While at Teledyne Brown Engineering, worked exclusively on a system engineering and technical assistance (SETAC) contract for the U.S. Army with specific tasks given by the Army. See work experience for details

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Atlanta, Georgia - Augusta, Georgia - Athens, Georgia - Macon, Georgia - Roswell, Georgia - Marietta, Georgia - Greenville, South Carolina

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 1974 Degree: MS Subject: Electrical Engineering Institution: Florida Institute of Technology
Year: 1969 Degree: BS Subject: Electrical Engineering Institution: Purdue University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2013 to 2014 Employer: Georgia Tech Research Institute Title: antenna systems engineer Department: Responsibilities: He was hired as a half-time technical consultant on antenna and array systems. He supported a study to upgrade the L-band SATCOM communications on C-5 aircraft. He developed simplified analysis models of offset Gregorian with near-field scanning arrays as feeds. In addition, he studied the use of random lattice arrays for test ranges and for unmanned deployment n the far side of the moon as well as randomly shutting off elements in the random lattice for peak side-lobe control.
Years: 2011 to 2011 Employer: MI Technologies Title: contract editor/writer Department: Responsibilities: Signed a two week contract to organize a Navy white paper response (pre-RFP), for a Navy test facility. Created themes, wrote the executive summary, and helped the authors focus their writing approach to the themes of the white paper.
Years: 2009 to 2011 Employer: ViaSAT Corporation Title: Contractor/Casual Employee Department: Antenna Systems Responsibilities: Contractor-consultant on phased array technologies to assist an IR&D effort to establish an active phased array capability. Specific design was a very large, very low-cost multi-band airborne SATCOM array defined as an array of sub-arrays of multi-element RF modules. Reviewed and updated the proposed architecture with trade studies of combined versus separate receive and transmit arrays and beam-former phase shifter/time delay configuration as a function of signal bandwidth.

Drafted the first descriptions of the system concept of operation, state transition diagrams, array requirements, built-in test and calibration approaches, maintenance and and repair baselines, reliability and failure definitions, developmental test model descriptions, and SATCOM operational certification options. These issues directly affect the life cycle costs of the array which is the real “cost” of a low-cost array.

Provided suggestions and commentary on projected schedule and cost estimates. Gave an introductory presentation on phased arrays to multiple levels of divisional and corporate management as well as technical staff members.

Developed the first versions of block diagrams, equipment trees, external and internal interface signal contents through the first four layers of the block diagrams. Created high resolution vector sum array analysis models including random errors effects at the element, RF module and subarray level.

Wrote the first external white paper of the array in response to an RFI for phased arrays for SATCOM command and control of launch vehicles.

Performed trade study of alternate array definitions for very high EIRP applications including mechanical, electrical, and hybrid scan approaches comparing element count, DC power requirements, and mechanical volumes.

Years: 1982 to 2009 Employer: Harris Corporation Title: Phased Array and Antenna System Engineer Department: Communication Systems, Airborne Systems Responsibilities: Upon returning to Harris CSD, became system engineer on a study to combine multiple avionics functions into a reduced number of antennas.  Responsibilities included technical management of all study tasks: customer, subcontractor, and co-contractor interfaces: and design team leader for the antenna apertures and RF electronics for the AMA demonstration.  Won a follow-on study to insert the technologies of MMIC and low observability.
Became part of an advanced programs staff supporting pursuits including missile and aircraft CNI systems and antennas, adaptive GPS antennas, radar warning antenna systems, LPI data links, and low observable antennas.  Responsibilities included traveling to customer facilities for briefings, writing white papers, and creating proposals.
Participated on a successful pursuit of multifunction antennas for tactical aircraft by supporting the DEM-VAL pursuit win, writing an FSD white paper, leading the successful FSD technical proposal, and acting as the transitional system engineer until the staff received security clearances.  Wrote a successful FSD proposal for the radar altimeter antenna for the same aircraft.
Performed a wide based technology survey for alternative array approaches including lenses, dome arrays, and various limited scan and wide scan architectures.  Developed antenna system concepts for very wideband phased arrays and wide scan reflector antennas with sophisticated array feeds.  Developed a unique beamformer that halved the number of required time delays in a wideband phased array. Worked on several activities using sparse array lattices and novel wideband array element approaches. 
Supported two Navy littoral mission activities: a SINCGARS networking study with concept trades of antenna relay platforms including balloons, aircraft, and towers and SAR oceanographic measurements to predict water and shoreline characteristics.
Was proposal leader and major contributor on a successful proposals for: photonic phased arrays merging Harris optics and DSCS know-how with its array experience, a multifunction ADM as subcontractor to TRW and an advanced GPS antenna system for missiles. This GPS win brought Harris back into the adaptive GPS business after an 8-10 year absence and was the starting point for multiple JDAM GPS contracts. Served as system engineer and tech prop book boss on a successful proposal to NASA Goddard for a 27 GHz transmit array.
Wrote white papers on multiple antenna concepts for space shuttle avionics upgrades, Ku-band phased arrays positioned under the shuttle tiles, multifunction antennas and resource controllers, voice recognition, video compression, digital beamforming, multifunction array controllers using artificial intelligence, transmit array high power non-coherent combining, and CNI technology forecasts.
Was one of the first engineers at Harris to advocate the executive summary and storyboard discipline in order to create winning proposals.  Recommended to management that an organization and facility devoted to proposal production was needed. Participated in several internal proposal process improvement projects
Last assignments at Harris included system architect and analyst on electrical, hybrid and mechanical scan SATCOM antenna systems for airborne platforms, ships and ground. Performed preliminary design and evaluation of missile defense ground-to-interceptor communication arrays, land based coastal surveillance systems, airborne LOS and air-to-ground communication arrays, helicopter high gain CDL array, and single and multi-band multifunction array systems. Performed trade studies on top level CONOPS issues and antenna architectures including hemispherical coverage antennas, scanning reflectors, and lens antennas. Performed link analysis and developed sensitivity studies between requirements and implementations supporting most of these activities.
Years: 1979 to 1982 Employer: Teledyne Brown Engineering Title: radar systems engineer Department: Responsibilities: While at Brown, worked on a SETAC contract for the U.S. Army BMDSCOM providing technical assistance and quick-look analysis for the MX terminal defense radar and interceptor offices.  Topics included radar timeline analysis, phased array subsystem design, radar/interceptor RF communications link interfaces, phased array nuclear hardness demonstration, and system/subsystem specification development.  Supported a solid fuel rocket plume RF attenuation test program start up and lead a design evaluation effort to postulate a responsive jammer threat to the proposed deployed ballistic missile defense system.  Other projects involved radar search energy and coverage comparisons among various radar/interceptor/MX deployment schemes, an antenna array element reduction study, a simplified statistical model for calculating radar detection probability in the presence of a random cloud of jammers, and an efficient method for calculating statistical antenna patterns for very large arrays.

Years: 1969 to 1979 Employer: Harris Corpoation/Radiation Incorporated Title: lead engineer Department: Antenna/Microwave Department Responsibilities: During the first tenure at Harris, worked in the Antenna/Microwave section and in the Phased Array Section.  Design experience included analysis and design of microwave components for antenna feeds and phased array subsystems including waveguide filters, stripline hybrids, and MMIC phase shifters, hybrids, true time delay lenses, and power dividers.  Wrote many FORTRAN software package including an exact waveguide filter synthesis and design using no low-pass or transmission line transformations.  Antenna and array experience included Rotman-Turner lens feeds for waveguide slot arrays, reflectarrays, high performance airborne arrays. Responsibility included specification development, scheduling and cost control, and technical development of the antennas.  Had design responsibility for an extremely broadband RF distribution and switching system for surveillance applications.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
IEEE (life member), Sigma Pi Sigma, Tau Beta Pi
Licenses / Certifications
SECURITY CLEARANCE: TOP SECRET/SBI eligibility Aug 29, 2007 Debriefed at Harris May 09.
Awards / Recognition
While at Harris he received eight commendations for excellence in new business and customer focus

Publications and Patents Summary
He has three published technical papers and several reports published by DoD organizations

Additional Experience

Training / Seminars
Gave several 1-3-hour presentations to internal and customer staff: Low-Cost Phased Arrays: an Oxymoron?, Basic Antenna Definitions, Phased Arrays for the Maxwellian Impaired, Critique of CDL Office Report on Phased Array Technologies, Scanning Reflectors, Multifunction Antennas, Lens Antennas

Other Relevant Experience
Reference library including over 230 antenna books, over 20 systems and system engineering books, approximately 120 technical reports, and three file cabinets of reference articles copies.
Hundreds of Mathcad workbooks and older FORTRAN codes on phased arrays; antennas; microwave circuit analysis, synthesis, and optimization; and radar timeline analysis.

Fields of Expertise

phased array, systems engineering, technical marketing, proposal writing, multi-function antenna, research writing, antenna development, communication system engineering, customer satisfaction, business development, command, control, communication and intelligence, multiple-beam antenna array, mobile satellite communication, microwave waveguide, aircraft antenna, electrically small antenna, radar scanning, microwave reflector antenna, antenna analysis, passive microwave device, MILSTAR satellite network, phased-array radar, thinned antenna array, microwave integrated circuit package, radio frequency circuit, report writing, monopulse direction finding, synthetic aperture radar, electronic counter-countermeasure, system analysis, phase shifter, passive microwave circuit, spacecraft antenna, satellite antenna, antenna illumination, receiving antenna, transmitting antenna, antenna design, military electronic equipment, military defense system, transmission-line circuit, satellite communication link analysis, satellite communication system evaluation, adaptive beamforming, feasibility study, electromagnetic lens, microwave circuit, microwave network noise characterization, system design, multiple-beam antenna, synthetic-aperture antenna, adaptive antenna array, national defense, radiator antenna, microwave frequency, communication system, communication satellite, transmission line, reflector antenna, array antenna, linear antenna, dipole antenna, far-field region, space communication link, satellite communication, radio antenna, radar interference, radar, preamplifier, paraboloidal reflector, omnidirectional antenna, mobile radio system, microwave passive component, microwave lens, microwave filter, microwave antenna, microstrip antenna, lens antenna, electronic warfare, directional antenna, cost engineering, controlled-polarization antenna, concurrent engineering, circular array, broadband communication, broadband antenna, antenna

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