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- Background includes +15 yrs. project management, pipelines and facilities engineering with upstream and midstream experience (conventional developments as well as unconventional shale plays) in both gas/liquids process facilities, and pipeline systems both gathering and transmission, project delivery performance metrics, benchmarking & process improvement, working for several owner/operator companies as well as EPCM consulting engineering.
- Strengths include team work, communication skills, problem solving, project management fundamentals, with a focus on execution planning & project controls, technical analysis and data visualization and construction management & contractor oversight.
- Familiar with industry best practices & safety protocols, ISNetworld, DOT CFR-192 & 195, ASME B31.3, B31.4, B31.8, ANSI B16.5, API 650 & 653, USACE & USFWS regs, NFPA & Electrical Area Classification requirements, Air Quality & City / Municipalities and Utilities permitting, HCA (High Consequence Area) Studies & USA’s (Unusually Sensitive Area), T&E (Threated & Endangered) species & mitigation plans to ensure construction activities adhere to best practices & planning.

Project Management Fundamentals - Understanding each phase of the project lifecycle from initial planning and economic opportunity, project appraisal to scope definition and establishing project objectives. Developing the necessary FEL (Front-End Loading) and execution planning, engineering design and establishing fit-for-purpose process conditions and controls to achieve project delivery success (costs, schedule and operational functionality (with an emphasis on design and safety standards and continual safe use and ease of operation).

Technical Analysis - Strong background and experience with complex and new-build engineering systems demonstrating quick adaptability skills and the capacity to analyze and understand various systems, servicing upstream (high risk rig operations and drilling and completion activities as well as managing production well pad design system projects); further to that, a thorough history and in-depth knowledge with midstream pipeline and facilities projects (hydrocarbon transportation, processing, storage and distribution) for both liquids and gas (low pressure and high pressure lines).

Design and Detailed Engineering - Pump Stations and Storage Facilities, Compressor Stations (Types of Compressors, Thermodynamics and Gas/Liquid Properties). Experience with dry and wet gas (condensate production and processing), and engineering requirements for selection of vessel types, instrumentation and safety devices, e.g., Pressure Safety Valves, Surge Relief, Check Valves, Double Block & Bleed Valves (system isolation, LO/TO, Flow Metering, etc.

Risk Assessment - Conducted and supported numerous design studies, HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Study)/PHA (Process Safety Analysis) sessions in project design and detailed engineering both as a technical consulting engineer and operator company project manager. Familiar with MOC (Management of Change) requirements to understand impact to operating conditions and system functionality and evaluate any change in hazard potential.

Recently coordinated a system wide analysis for wet gas gathering field development with source points, delivery and processing and custody transfer facilities and pipelines, utilizing a risk assessment code matrix to understand probability or likelihood in relation to severity of potential hazards to establish mitigating design features and operating procedures.

Engineering Design, Drawings & Specifications Development - Familiar with engineering deliverables fit-for purpose project design requirements, PFD’s, P&ID’s, Alignment Sheets, E&S Plans, Piping Plan and Cross Sectional dwgs, 3D Models, Isometrics, and BOM’s), flow assurance and flow modeling, hydraulic and stress analysis calculations, MAOP calcs, equipment and material selection. Concerning gas transmission specifically, industry best practices of utilizing API 5L PSL-2 (Product Specification Level) carbon steel piping due to its higher yield strength and more stringent inspection and chemical composition requirements, to mitigate against possible fracture propagation should corrosion effects and wall loss becomes an issue.

Field Operations and Construction Activities - Working as a field engineer right out of engineering school showed just how dangerous working conditions can be and if the shortcuts are taken or safety protocols ignored. Proper training and induction or onboarding is crucial and safety measures should never be negated, including proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment…specifically leak detection monitoring in high risk areas: aging infrastructure and/or natural hydrocarbon seepage areas, Hydrogen Sulfide potential (H2S). Performed onsite project progress and safety inspection to give oversight and guidance during construction activities, in conjunction with full-time inspection crews to observe all construction activities are in compliance with construction code and safety standards and to authorize and give sign-off for all operations, e.g., Hot Work Permit, Hydrostatic Testing, Confined Space Entry, etc.

Industry Standards & Codes - Familiar with DOT CFR-192 & 195, ASME B31.3, B31.4, B31.8, ANSI B16.5, USACE & USFWS regs, Air Quality & City / Municipalities and Utilities permitting, High Consequence Area (HCA) Studies and Unusually Sensitive Area (USA) classifications; understanding of threated and endangered species and mitigation and safe work practices and planning.

Root Cause Analysis - Performed incident investigations and reporting to identify system failures or injury to personnel, analyzing system design and operation, change management, maintenance and environmental factors, actions or inactions, safety standards and precautionary measures along with various other measures (depending on the incident), to establish a timeline and sequence of events or event, with primary care of personnel injury and focus on corrective action(s) to prevent recurrence.

Safety and System Monitoring - Leak Detection – Prevention and pressure regulation, cathodic protection, sectors of isolation and safety planning, egress plans (direction of wind indication and topography assessment).

Project Controls (Team Integration and Project Status Visibility)
Not all suitable for various projects but guidelines:
▪ Stakeholder Analysis
▪ Project Proposal
▪ Project Charter
▪ Statement of Work
▪ Roles and Responsibilities
▪ Responsibility Matrix
▪ Communication Plan
▪ Definition Checklist
▪ Risk Analysis Template
▪ Risk Log
▪ Action Item Monitoring and Accountability
▪ Planning Checklist
▪ Task Assignment
▪ Issues Log
▪ Meeting Agenda
▪ Status Reporting – Dashboard Reporting
▪ Data Visualization
▪ Drawing Reviews
▪ Kickoff List
▪ Formal Change Order System
▪ Change Log
▪ Document Log
▪ Closure Report
▪ Lessons Learned

System Commencement and Troubleshooting - Pre-testing and inspection and final system checkout of control components and instrumentation, safety planning and startup sequential process planning. Formal documentation including operating procedures and a Pre-Start-up Safety Review (PSSR) and sign-off by operations and maintenance and engineering. Turn-over to ops.

Troubleshooting - Testing system functionality and, flow conditions and gas or liquids sampling (basic physical measurements, density, vapor pressure, and dew point) to ensure successful operability.

Project Manager Consultant - Pipelines & Facilities Engineering in Asset Development

Expert may consult nationally and internationally, and is also local to the following cities: Houston, Texas - Pasadena, Texas - Beaumont, Texas - College Station, Texas - Baytown, Texas - Bryan, Texas - Sugar Land, Texas - Port Arthur, Texas - Galveston, Texas - Missouri City, Texas

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Year Degree Subject Institution
Year: 2005 Degree: B.S. Subject: Petroleum Engineering Institution: Texas A&M University

Work History

Years Employer Title Department Responsibilities
Years: 2019 to 2020 Employer: Er-Con Technologies, LLC Title: Project Manager - Pipeline Remediation Engineering & Construction Services Department: Responsibilities: • Specialized in Pipeline Remediation & Technical support in offering turn-key engineering and construction services to address regulatory compliance and ensure safe operating standards. Acted as company representative to coordinate with pipeline client owner/operator companies & personnel in conjunction with internal engineering, environmental & filed crews – to offer fit-for-purpose long range corrective action and remediation solutions.
• Project attributes primarily consisted of pipeline exposures at creek/river or waterway crossings with design and onsite installation of an ABM (Articulating Block Mat) system with consideration to geomorphology & site specifics. Provided initial site assessment analysis along with directly conducting and/or overseeing topographical and GIS data collection engineering deliverables consisting of construction drawings & design features &overseeing construction execution & successful project delivery.
• Advanced Project Reporting and Site Survey procedure & documentation process, corresponding to use of RTK (Real Time Kinematic) satellite based positioning & receiver module to improve accuracy of data, allowing greater precision with project appraisal and proposal development.
Years: 2018 to 2019 Employer: EVX Midstream Partners, LLC Title: Asset Engineer - EVX EAGLEFORD AREA OF OPERATIONS Department: Responsibilities: • Asset Engineering in Produced Water/Salt Water Disposal Facilities managing Site Upgrades and Capital Developments Projects supporting Operations in the Eagleford Shale Play. Assignment consisted of acquisition sites upgrades/rebuilds (Storage Tank Clean-outs/Inspection & Construction) to increase capacity and address operability site specifics, improve system applications, implement ease of operations and meet safety/code standards with Mechanical improvements and I&E integration with Automation & Comms/Control & Safety Measures.
• Successfully performed and delivered projects with schedule aggressiveness and time constraints, correspondingly inherit with challenges/complexities, though understanding fundamentals of team integration and participation with project stakeholders and working closely with EVX Operations & Construction/Coordination personnel to see site recommissioning and return-to-service critical to meet commercial drivers.
• Applied Principles of Process Improvement and Engineering Best Practices/Lessons Learned (with previous post project outcome analytics experience) to address Engineering & Design requirements with fit-for-purpose considerations, System Configuration, Problem Identification, Project Objectives, and Scope Refinement to implement cost saving measures, constructability factors and ease of operations, safe work practices and work efficiency.
• Integral in project initiation phase and coordination of project execution planning with primary assignment in-the-field and on site to provide engineering and project management support to oversee project execution work activities and progress, providing real-time assessment and decision making. Established preferred vendor/service companies to see improved work performance, cost efficiency and meet project schedule commitments.
Years: 2018 to 2018 Employer: DCP Midstream (Contract - Warren Averett) Title: Project Manager/Project Engineer in NGL Division - Operations & Asset Engineering Department: Responsibilities: • Project Manager/Engineer in Operations & Asset Engineering and Capital Developments in the NGL (Natural Gas Liquids) Division; supported projects at the Marysville, MI NGL Storage Facility with upgrade and maintenance projects and facility operability improvement initiatives as well as long term capital business development planning and project appraisal assignments.
• Provided engineering expertise and direct guidance and coordination of tasks with Operations personnel as well as
engineering and team leads; role consisted of regular onsite support and developing project execution planning and giving recommendation on optimal design plan selection and industry best practices.
• Engineering and Operating systems consisted primarily of C3 & C4 NGL’s (Propane and Mixed & Normal Butane) Products transportation and storage corresponding to pipeline asset integrity, rail car and truck loading/unloading operations and field engineering support. Projects included Butane loading upgrade modifications to an existing load rack, compressor and vapor recovery equipment installs for railcar offloading time efficiency and added throughput, in addition to contributing to project appraisal activities and cost analysis for a major capital project for recommissioning of an out-of-service brine water pipeline system including cost reduction measures, new technology applications and a thorough project bid process & evaluation and associated contractor selection and vetting process.
Years: 2018 to 2018 Employer: ExxonMobil Pipeline Company (EMPCo) - Contract Title: HCA Field Engineer - Project Manger in Asset Integrity Department: Responsibilities: • Field Engineer - Project Manager assignment supporting EMPCo’s Integrity Management Program (IMP) in High
Consequence Areas (HCAs), responsible for planning, coordination, and safe execution of projects and program initiatives including pipeline and facility integrity assessments, pipeline In-Line Inspections (ILIs) or smart pigging, Hydrostatic Testing of pipelines, direct field assessment and onsite engineering support and management/oversight of work activities.
• Act as primary interface with Integrity and Corrosion Specialist Group and EMPCo Field Technicians/Operations and ILI Tool Vendors during Project Implementation and Planning phase to establish project objectives and assessment criteria in support of Gulf Coast Region area of operations consisting of approx. 8,000 miles of pipeline with source points, interconnects, and delivery points to storage and processing facilities for Crude Oil, Refined Products, Natural Gas as well as Chem Line Services such as Butane, Butadiene, Ethane, Ethylene, Propane, Propylene.
• Responsible for leading coordination of assignments and development of repair plans post inspection results, addressing any immediate or emergency repairs, developing a work flow and schedule in conjunction with capital utilization and resource loading. Critical job functions relate to real-time engineering support, onsite or on-location management, in locating anomaly features, evaluation via Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) with Ultrasonic measurement to verify anomaly classification and attributes, perform calculations to determine safe operating pressures and give determination on repair concept select and methodology. Repair types consist of In-Service Repairs such as Full Wrap Pressure Containing Sleeves (Type-B), Composite Wraps, Compression Sleeves along with Line Replacements, Casing Fills along with associated Equip. refurbishment and/or replacement and preventive maintenance initiatives.
• Serve as IMP steward to provide guidance with procedural development, project controls advisement and oversee work flow processes including project funding, AFE & MOC documentation ensure safe work practices are adhered to, with a focus on Loss Prevention Safety Initiatives and Operational Excellence.
Years: 2017 to 2018 Employer: STV Energy Services, Inc. - Consulting Contractor Title: Project Manger - Consulting Engineering Team Lead Department: Responsibilities: • Assigned senior leadership role in Project Management to support Midstream Pipeline & Facilities Owner/Operator
companies, to provide engineering and PM support responsible for coordination of Project Delivery (Full Lifecycle) from Project Initiation & Conceptual Development to overseeing Engr. & Design activities & Deliverables and Construction Implementation. Projects consisting of new build Capital Expansion projects, pump stations & distribution terminals, pipeline gathering and transmission lines for Petroleum Liquids (Crude Oil, Refined Products & NGL’s) as well as Asset Integrity & Maintenance Upgrade Projects.
• Provided expertise and advisement in core Project Management practices and Organizational Processes, holding paramount the delivery of quality work product and achieving project milestones and cost/schedule objectives. Crucial to project success, required consistent & hands-on engagement, communication and direction of task assignments and working collaboratively to establish a High-Performance Project Team, maintaining forward momentum and integrating planning and review processes with learning and constructive problem solving initiatives.
• Managed and supported projects including several new pump stations for added Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) capacity, a 24” approx. 2 mile pipeline segment with an HDD and pump system for Brine Water transfer for Crude Oil Storage (Salt Cvern Dome Storage), Pipeline Exposure & Line Lowering (Creek Crossing) with E&S mitigation. Additionally managed maintenance upgrade Program Project to bring tank outlet/rack line piping above-grade at a refined products terminal and supported a high-capital expansion Pipeline Crude Oil gathering system greenfield project in Big Spring, TX with numerous source points and lateral sections including new tank batteries and LACT units, intermediate tank storage and mainline pumps and metering.
Years: 2017 to 2017 Employer: Centurion Pipeline, L.P. Title: Project Manager - Pipelines & Facilities Engineering in Asset Integrity Department: Responsibilities: • Performed job function as a Project Manager in Pipeline Integrity Management (Engineering Services) for In-Service Repair Projects and DOT/PHMSA Compliance Programs for both gathering and transmission lines centered across the Permian Basin and extending to delivery destinations and market centers located in West Texas and Cushing Oklahoma.
• Managed projects from project initiation and scope development, preliminary engineering, planning and implementation activities to directing and overseeing execution of project objectives. Key focus areas consist of FEL (Front-End Loading), Project Framing and developing the scope, and identifying project drivers in conjunction with operating conditions, scheduling and project frequency, cost forecasting, risk assessment and thorough planning and procedural development.
• Provided expertise in pipeline and facilities engineering and Project Management knowledge to perform technical analysis, outline project controls and formal management practices including resource planning, cost control, contracting and supply chain strategies, performance monitoring and up-to-date status reporting and full lifecycle tracking.
• Tasked with critical role in process development to enhance Asset Integrity and Compliance Program FEL activates and Execution Planning. Contributions include dashboard reporting, identifying UDC (Unit Development Costs), benchmarking, action item reporting and team integration initiatives.
Years: 2013 to 2015 Employer: Statoil Title: Project Manager Department: Pipelines & Facilities Engineering in Asset Development Responsibilities: • Project management and engineering expertise in pipeline gas gathering system projects ranging in $50MM - $100MM in capital expenditure. Responsible for complete lifecycle of project planning, execution and operational commencement. Acted as team leader and coordinator for pipeline systems in conjunction with field development; advised and developed phased-based project planning.
• Developed significant improvement in project execution planning, process improvement and design standardization. Responsible for setting design and engineering standards for future asset development planning and project execution consisting of formal and fit-for-purpose processes, project controls and status reporting, dashboard reporting and data visualization, roles and responsibilities and project coordination efforts.
Years: 2012 to 2013 Employer: Hess Corporation Title: Project Engineer Department: Conceptual Engineering & Pre-Development Planning Responsibilities: • Performed a project management analyst role in analyzing the company’s effectiveness in Front-End-Loading effectiveness and project delivery performance; performed risk assessment and project portfolio analysis to improve organizational effectiveness.
• Assisted in organizational changes and process improvement initiatives to achieve improved project delivery planning and delivery performance.
Years: 2009 to 2012 Employer: Sun Engineering Services, Inc. Title: Project Engineer (EPCM Consulting Engineer) Department: Consulting Engineering - Client Contact Responsibilities: • Engaged with Client PM’s and Operational personnel to assist in project scope definition and execution planning. Interfaced with internal team personnel consisting of cross-functional engineers, PM’s, CAD designers and vendors to provide engineering deliverables as well as perform construction management and reporting.
• Engaged with Client PM’s and internal cross functional teams and disciplines to develop project deliverables and oversee project execution. Created and maintained successful business relationships with client project managers.
Years: 2007 to 2008 Employer: Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P. Title: Project Engineer Department: Facilities Engineering Project Manger Responsibilities: • Managed projects by overseeing and coordinating initial planning and scope definition, submitting cost forecasts and AFE requests and handling permitting requirements. Duties also included detailed engineering, material procurement, cost control and accrual reporting, project scheduling, construction management and project commencement.
• Completed Eugene, OR Terminal major expansion project ($3.5MM) with an accelerated schedule to comply with state mandated ethanol blending fuel requirements. Project consisted of load rack modifications and upgrades, storage tank conversion and fire protection system upgrades and
Years: 2005 to 2007 Employer: Halliburton Energy Services Group Title: Field Engineer Department: Reservoir Performance Monitoring & Completion Tools Responsibilities: • Deployed Fiber Optic Distributed Temperature Sensors for permanent and retrievable monitoring operations to gather down-hole information. Data uses included stimwatch, steamflood management, casing damage identification, fluid entry point identification, and per zone quantification.
• Operated pressure acquisition equipment to monitor bottom-hole pressure to understand production rates and fluid level determination for San Joaquin Valley operations.

Career Accomplishments

Associations / Societies
SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) - GCS (Gulf Coast Section) Scholarship Recipient
Society of Petroleum Engineers - 200x to present - Active Member.

Licenses / Certifications
CPWI - National Welding Inspection School - Plants & Pipelines - Expired
Awards / Recognition
Received 15 continuous years award with SPE

Additional Experience

Expert Witness Experience
Performed lead role for conducting fatality incident in the course of ROW tree clearing for pipeline construction. Corrective actions included enhanced training and additional safety inspection.

Conducted RCA on a fire incident on a vapor recovery unit, analyzing system functionality, maintenance operations and the sequence of events causing the incident.

Conducting RCA on personal injury - injury to the eye, took corrective action to enhance training and situational awareness.

Involved in numerous environmental remediation projects at terminals and facilities involving contaminated soil.
Training / Seminars
Microsoft Project Workshop (Advanced Training) - Schedule & Resource Allocation Planning.
SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) conferences.
ILTA (International Liquids Terminals Association) conferences.
Systek Technologies Liquid Pipeline Hydraulics Workshop - Pipeline Steady State Analysis, Transient/Surge Analysis and Fluid Properties Calculations.
FMC Technologies Metering Solutions Seminar for Custody Transfer Units
Western Valve's School - Fundamentals on DB&B (Double Block and Bleed Valve) Mechanics and Functionality
Kiefner Technical Hydrostatic Testing Workshop
CPWI - National Welding Inspection School - Plants & Pipelines

Project Management
i. Project Management Principles & Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide)
ii. Project Controls - Cost Control, Dashboard Reporting (Real-Time) & Data Visualization Expertise
iii. Project Execution Planning, Contingency Planning
iv. Piping Systems and Facilities Operations - Fundamentals & Safe Work Practices
v. Facilities & Pipeline Planning and Construction Best Practices
vi. Pipeline Integrity Management - Analysis and Line Repairs
vii. Petroleum Production Systems, Terminals, Pump Stations, SDW’s (Salt Water Disposal)

i. Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics and Statics
ii. Conservation Principles and the Structure of Engineering
iii. System/Production Optimization and Design Standardization
iv. Engr. Deliverables (Typ.) – PFD’s, P&ID’s, Plot Plan(s), One-Line Diagrams, Area Classification, Plan/Section, Isometrics, BoM
v. Properties of Petroleum Fluids & Engineering - Science of Thermal-Fluid Sciences
vi. Flow of Fluids through Valves Fittings and Pipe Hydraulic Analysis

Project Lifecycle & Workflow
i. Full Field Development Planning - Phased Based Project Planning & Execution
ii. Stage-Gated Work Processes and Project Risk Assessment (FEL1-3, FEED, Project Execution & Commissioning)
iii. Statistics for Project Performance Metrics & Progress Monitoring/Objective Achievement
iv. Procurement Management & Material Science and Engineering, Material Selection & Chemical Compatibility
Vendor Selection
Assisted in expanding contractor network to serve Statoil in consulting engineering and labor resources. Developed effective working relationships and teams to deliver projects. Acted as team leader for pipeline development projects to vet prospective contractors (engineering and labor resources) based on a specific set criteria points of their capabilities and safety standing utilizing ISNetworld (and a thorough review by Statoil’s HSE group:

▪ Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR)
▪ Total Nonfatal Recordable Incident Rate (Nonfatal TRIR)
▪ Lost Time Frequency (LTF)
▪ Total Number of Fatalities
Marketing Experience

Senior Project Manager at ... Engineering, Inc.

"I worked with Expert in California for several years. He managed capital projects for Kinder Morgan and Shell Oil Company. Expert's depth of experience served our Clients well, in a few instances when he recommended conceptual design changes to the Client's scope based on proven methodology that was derived from his previous experience, to the benefit of our Client and the project. Expert is well versed in Project Management, his full scope of knowledge includes developing the Front End Engineering Design package, throughout the entire gated project approval process, including detailed engineering, construction and start-up. Expert's personality and drive has allowed him to expand his knowledge base into the other petroleum market segments including, oil & gas production, pipelines, terminals and refining. Expert is personable, easy to work with, and he has always been a welcome addition to the professional engineering team."
May 4, 2016
Other Relevant Experience
His most recent experience has been with Statoil, in US Onshore - Marcellus/Utica Asset Development, managing several natural gas pipeline gathering system and facility projects in Ohio and West Virginia ranging in $50MM - $100MM in capital expenditure. In this role, he reached a senior level position within the Project Management team and provided guidance and mentoring to engineering team members and helped establish significant improvement in project execution planning. In addition, one of his primary assignments, he was responsible for developing design and operating standards to be adopted for all future development projects for the asset, an assignment that required substantial problem solving and meticulous technical analysis.

Prior to his position at Statoil, Expert worked as a Project Engineer with Hess Corporation working on a specialized team (Conceptual Engineering and Project Pre-Development Planning) performing an analysist role focusing on the company’s organizational structure.

The key project he was assigned and what he valued the most in learning was in the process of performing an analysis of project drivers post project outcome, with a focus on process improvement, analyzing critical issues of several project delivery failures looking at poor performing projects. Expert's objective was to understand and report such issues as ineffective Front-End-Loading and lack of proper planning and controls, misalignment and dysfunction with team integration, unrealistic and aggressive execution planning and schedule, high project manager and personnel turnover, late project scope changes, and operational issues.

The findings identified in this analysis served critical in assisting with undergoing organizational changes and process improvement to succeed in increased performance and delivering projects successfully. Critical steps in project initiation, planning and execution were implemented, including stakeholder analysis, project appraisal, establishing a project charter with clearly defined objectives, a further defined stage-gated work process, a structured communication plan with roles and responsibilities. Measures were established to give increased consideration to site-specific factors and involvement with operational and maintenance representatives, improved risk assessment and understanding of the potential for project variances, maintaining action item reporting and status reporting, formal change or corrective action planning and project closeout and documentation. Key project management fundamentals adding true value and success to the organization.

Language Skills

Language Proficiency
English Excellent Verbal and Reporting Communication

Fields of Expertise

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